stupidpunkgirl fuck you! for using me
fuck YOU! for lying
i HATE YOU! i hate you.
you used me.
and now you won't talk to me.
fuck you.
silentbob Emily!
Is this the only thing going on in your life, in your mind that its the only stuff you can think to say?? please! go out and plant a garden or something, you'll feel tons better!
:) love ya
theghostofblatherpast Bobby,
let her vent. It's healthy.

stupidpunkgirl, Yeh! fuck his worthless ass!
Thyartshallshant Yeah! Fuck_Me! 001231
stupidpunkgirl it makes me feel better.
sorry, if i'm boring you.
i hate what happened.
so i need to write about it.
it's keeping me from being depressed about it.
i have to work it all out, and it takes me longer than others.
WingedSerpent i understand completely 010103
alkalinepixie. aurora. 010103
I walked into you with my best friend doing something I DIDNT WANT TO SEE!!!! WHILE YOU WERE STILL WITH ME!!!

psychobabe ...god i just need a big hug :*( 010501
Dafremen Heres the hug -(HUG)

He wasn't worth it and to tell you the truth, neither is she. Move on psychobabe chick person. Better people are waiting for you. No seriously life has taught me that they really ARE!

So cheer up.

8) Daffy
mm i likie to yell it a random times 010502
lost hehe... 2 wonderful words. I like using them in opposite tones so people are like is he coming on to me or is he pissed at me. Its funny to see the questioning look on their faces. 010502
startfires ...you took my only friend... 010502
kx21 Thank you / Bless you for giving such opportunity to... 010502
Eric Alexander yeah. fuck you. you fucking goddamn nazi whore. i hate you and i hate scott. i'm so glad you're fucking married. i hope to god one day you can feel what i've had to go through. 010502
psychobabe (siiigh) thanks dafreman 010503
melvinwang words only used when we mean it 010504
psychobabe fuuuuuuuuuuck him. He's an asshold, why did he do what he did? he fucking lied to me about so much shit. This page i guess is supposed to help vent anger in many ways, but right now i could not give a damn! i mean i am not sexist but hell from what i've delt with the whole fucking male race is fuuuuucking dumber than hell!

**no offence to you guys just to this certain one**

*siiiiigh* whats up with that? why do people use other people? how can we do this it hurts so much. Like there is no other pain worse than feeling used or not loved or wanted...it just hurts..:(
psychobabe fuck you to hell seriously you all need to stop bargeing into my life! how the hell are you seeing these people i see? god its fucking annoying i cant even explain 010920
Mahayana: Zakah: ... blue is *my* color
[[have been entwined within each other, for many years now]]
ClairE ...and your_momma too!

(It's so fun to say. It rhymes!)
oren ...and the horse you rode in on!

(It doesn't rhyme, but the visual is interesting.)
Mahayana: Zakah: psychobabe a present 4 you


waitiing inside the boX
if you happen to need them
they are just for you, with
bow ontop of boX and all

[if you ever can eXplain, im here 4 U]
Aimee sideways and up side down if there's time! 011229
cube I'll be checking in here periodically for CE (or anybody else) to say it to me ;-)
i ♥ my cock but not the horse you rode in on, 'cause i don't swing that way 021125
Nathan88 *na*
just fuck you, you try to slither silenty but your web of lies entangles yourself...did u ever try so hard to earn anyones elses respect? take what youve earned and shove it up your ass...so your educated, so you make a lot of money...what happened to your street smarts? what happened to your common sense? dwindling in your own confusion the consequeces have been paid...all the memories all the hard times, why? have you never had that done to you? why does it take it happenening to someone before they realize the agony it can cause? the rage is fueling inside me you better stay away...my thoughts are consumed by your actions...by what you have done to so rip apart peoples lives...how can you toy with it, its not a game its real life...GOD I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!think if your family knew...think of shanna...when i have to explain to her why it is i hate her dad? god damn you are so ignorant...what other secrets does your mind enclose, you must realize i am no longer afraid of you...your speechlessness pronounces your guilt, i am out of things to say without repeating myself but just remeber the last words spoken to you...
fuck you
0_negative you deserve it 030717
jane i would, but you don't put out
Glory Box for robbing me of this little bit of innocence.

didn't think i'd miss it.
you really do you suck 031121
Chaos you lied. you said you'd be there for me. you said you'd be a good father, too. she isnt even here yet, and you're as good as gone. i could easily ruin your life, too. but i wouldn't, because when i say i love you, it's not a lie. it's not so i can fuck you. you used me. and now that it's gotten this serious, you've booked. and i am gonna have a beautiful daughter with big pretty brown eyes, and neither one of us need you. you remember that one day when you come slitering back like the serpant you are "all i want is you, forever", forever was mighty short, wasn't it? you'll never see her, you'll miss the love in her eyes, or will you? will you find it in some whore's crotch the minute i take mine away? i hope you die. i hope you come back to me. 040107
shivers i hope you die. i hope you come back to me.

that seems to fit perfectly
Chaos thank you 040107
dudeinanigloo its what i yell at people who annoy me... 040121
karl the weed idiot. 040122
dudeinanigloo fuck you 040426
... Dear dudeinanigloo,

Is that a spice Man_Talk or

stuff of Woman_Nag?
dudeinanigloo Neither. I just said it because it fit in with the current topic. And I also apologize for the stupidity of the post before that. 040428
Syrope when you get two jobs. no, ok, just ONE job. when you get a boyfriend, well, wait, just friends in general. fuck, a friend. singular! when you start studying something that's actually demanding, well, when you start studying at all...research - you do and then you walk away. nothing follows you home, bitch. when you do at least one of those, THEN you can suggest to me that i clean off the goddamn table. i don't care if you ARE planning to clean tomorrow. if you're planning to clean, then you can clean up /all/ this shit. since it's so goddamn hard for you to open a cabinent door and put a dish up, are you sure you want to tackle something as fucking STRESSFUL as cleaning a whole room? i'm so HAPPY for you that you have nothing to do tomorrow. i'm THRILLED that you have no life. but if you EVER assume that you can act like my mother and start rattling of things for me to do again, god help me... 040928
BitterSweetDream Fuck you. And your untouchable face. You completely play me like I'm some kind of game. I can't believe I almost fell for this. I can't believe myself. Fuck you. 041124
BitterSweetDream Fuck you. And your untouchable face. You completely play me like I'm some kind of game. I can't believe I almost fell for this. I can't believe myself. Fuck you. 041124
Fucked Over. Fuck Me?!?!
Fuck You?!?!
nameless no, fuck you for being such a *loses words* just don't talk to me. I won't talk to you, i promise. And no, i don't have a crush on you, not at all. Go away. You can't manipulate me like that... You have friends to listen to your bullshit, yes? Go. Now. 050410
Zoe fuck you because all i ever did was love you and you've treated me like shit. i've paid for all of your food and clothes when we're together, i've over-drawn my account keeping you out of jail, i convinced my family to give you a christmas, i lied to my mom to spend time with you, i lied to my family so i could live with you this summer, i forgave you for: cheating on me, lieing to me, calling me a whore (i never cheated on you), threatening to kill me, telling me you hated me, never calling... the list goes on and on. all i ask is that you be responsible, you have a responsibility to your boss to show up to work (which you never do), you have a responsibility to get in contact with me (your girlfriend) once a day (you don't), and you have a responsibility to do what you say you're going to. damn you. fuck you. i know this relationship is over, but i have to live with you this summer, i don't have a choice. god, i hate you. 050411
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl yes.

you fucking prick
i haven't vented enough over this even though it happened last year.
you fucking used me.
i don't like being used you bastard manwhore.
i did it again.
i went along with what you wanted because i could.
because for once someone wanted me, and even though i didn't want you, i needed to feel needed.
again the fear of rejection.
i'm so afraid of rejection that i end up doing things i regret so much later.
with people that want me.

it's such a confidence boost.
you know i'm insecure about myself.
i can't see how anyone would want to be close, would ever want to do anything remotely sexual with me.
people think i'm being modest, but it's the truth, how i feel.
you said you wanted to hold my hand.
we did that.
it was a very weird sensation.
i've known you for years.
i've never felt anything in a romantic sense for you, but i did that thing that it appears seems to be such a turn on for all the guys i've done it to.
just being a bitch. a flirty bitch, but sarcastic and cynical and cutting.
with a bit of flirting thrown in.
i can't help it. some people just make me behave that way.
you were one of them.
but you followed the pattern like everyone else.
you began the hunt.
you said you'd liked me for years.
i found that flattering, how couldn't i.
how foolish of me.
and so i let myself go.
robotic actions, just going through the motions.
i don't feel for you, i never did.
mutual attraction never happens to me.
you know i had to get drunk before i let you touch me. every single time.
you drank too, but i don't know how you felt.
was i just another girl you wanted to fuck over, or just fuck?
either way, it doesn't matter.
i'm so glad i haven't seen you much since.
i want to avoid you forever.
we came so close.
i never stopped you, not once.
like a good submissive.
so fuck you, for using me.
fuck you for embarrassing me, before this whole thing, during it and certainly now, after it.
fuck you for knowing my weaknesses.
fuck you for exploiting them.
fuck you for cheating on your girlfriend, who still doesn't know.
fuck you for telling me you split up with her so that we could 'do things' (not be together though, because you only wanted me as a notch on the bedpost, another fucking conquest)
fuck you for lying. i saw you two together.
fuck you for cheating on your mistress with your ex.
fuck you for making me cry
fuck you for making me cut
fuck you for almost, just almost convincing me to submit fully to you.
fuck you you fucking asshole
i really really hate you
fuck you for making me feel conquered.
fuck you for making me your whore
because that's all it was
fuck you for everything you did
and fuck you.....

for smiling after you did it.
innocent insect fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
and fuck me
and fuck the world
and fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
. word up. 050513
Lemon_Soda Um...Grr?
How dare you do something that made me feel like letting go of my happiness so much that I did?


Trash talk on video games.
sab why dont you do somethng 061212
dos Great. Now I'm in a bad fucking mood. Thank you, you know who you are. 080828
puta poor you 080828
In_Bloom You said no one had ever said these words to you before. That's so hard difficult to believe but if true than I am deeply honored. 080828
ff just to jump to jump onto the tracks and get ripped to pieces buy a fast moving train is really quite appealing. YEAH


YEAH, yeah yeah yeah

that would be good yeah yeah yeah

someone would have to clean up the mess wouldn't they ha ha thats a good job
In_Bloom I had a cousin who liked to play on the tracks
Hell, most kids liked to play on the tracks
The fun was to light little firecrackers or lay down coins to be smashed flat
One day she didn't run fast enough and was sucked underneath and yeah, she got torn to pieces
Lots of pieces
Nine years old, it was a shame
Now kids tell ghost stories about her
ungreat I want to write it on my ribs just below my heart. I want you to see it every time you're on top. Because you won't say anything, just like the last time. Because you don't fuck me any more. Because you'd rather be with your queers at a bar. Because you fucking sulk all day until you go to Dave's. Because I'm not dumb. Fuck you. I want your fingers to trace the words on my chest I want you to push me away, hit me I don't care. Because you'll leave and this can be over and I can stop feeling like shit. Because you'll be gone I won't have to live like this wondering why you're in a mood or if I'm too much or if I'm irritating you. The answer is yes, and you won't fucking say it, so fuck you. Fuck you this is the last time I cry. 090731
. I'll_say_whatever_I_want 101205
. . 101205
Iren3_adler Irrationality. Racing heart. Sending her pictures of your face. Your new account. You didn't even fucking add me. Fuck you. Fuck her.

What is this sickness? I will NOT return to therapy. I will self heal and self teach and self soothe and manage this all consuming jealousy. What irony that I have now become a crazy ex girlfriend. What irony indeed.

The only safety is in removing myself before I lose myself. Before I lose myself in the jealousy and the sickness and the desperation. Before I lose myself in her. In you. In this.

Fuck you. This anger I have never known.

A betrayal over something so stupid.

Enjoy your ten seconds.
flowerock a strong phrase. I take it very pesonally and feel that it comes out of sincere anger and disgust. when I say it, I am sometimes immediately sorry that I did, am I really that upset? did you really do something hurtful wnough to be spoken to like that? probably not. When it is said to me it deels as hurtful as a punch in the face. heart_punch 140617
flowerock There a few people in my immediate life that I would say fuck you to with sincerity and passion. Among those are people who blow their cigarett smoke in my face, smoke over/next to/while holding their children, and people who theow shit at and harass cyclists who are biking within the law and respecting other vehicles amd pesestrians. to all of those people FUUUUCK YOOOOU! I angry_today I partially blame my uterus' shedding and partially my princess_bitch roomate who is actully cool sometimes but when she s not, I almost wanto say fuck you. also life is just a bith right now. the next asshole who blows smoke at me or wants to argue about moving two feet over to smoke down wind of me is getting security called on them or i will take their cigrett and throw it in the ground so i can spit on it and put it out. I d rather put it out on their forehead but I don t wanto lose my job. 140618
flowerock and fuck you iphone for having a hard to type with key pad so all my shit is misspelled and lame! 140618
apagate http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com/60086/dads-big-party/ 140618
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