Annie111 Wake up tomorrow morning (or at least try). 020122
paste! take the alaskan salmon out of the fax machine. (it doesn't work that way) 020122
SuicidalAngel Pay parking tickets 020122
ClairE Relax. The money is buried under your parents' porch. Don't refreeze turkey after it has defrosted. Be gentler. Find out how much Sarah's text costs. Call back. Call your parents. Eat. Class is at eleven. Go to work tomorrow morning. See your advisor at noon. Don't forget any of this. 020123
unhinged stop making an ass of yourself with attractive guitar players at the plaza cafe when you are drunk

ClairE Take your pill at ten_twenty. Do not forget, or you are fucked. 020123
unhinged let_go 020820
jane i always give myself notes in my head

note_to_self :
you have a doctor's appointment at 11:oo a.m., 2:3o p.m., and 4:oo p.m.
josie remember this song!

Don't call me your Granny smith
cause apples are good for you.

I'm not green, I don't have a core.
I'm not tasty, i'm such a bore.
I'm not juicy, and i suck for sure.
Won't make you happy, so dont ask for more.

You chew me up then left me out and now that i've turned brown.
You can't eat me cause i'm mouldy and you throw me to the ground.

Don't call me your Granny smith
cause apples are good for you.
Nathan88 defensive should from now on be used minimally in conversations 021228
Rhin return matt's call.
book blues alley for danny (cd release date = april).
book thunder for danny (april).
send danny's web.
jump john's ass for his lack of haikuity.
michael - journal deadline.
apologize to bry for blowing him off last night and telling him to go fuck kim basinger.
return call to home depot - carpet installation...ASAP!
write chris back! (sorry!!!)
car shopping with amy.
remember checkerboard wall in l. room.
buy kayla round, red t.v. for her birthday. (target or circuit city?).
check on craig because he hasn't harrassed me in a while...he's pulling 80's again!
acquire a rabbit!
check on the shipment of my honer replacement and my new reeds.
send out new cell #.
fuck! i forgot my property taxes! call monday and grovel and/or swallow deeply before they tell me how much i owe in late charges! fuck!!!
go to work, because i'm fucking late!
jane _r__e__l__a__x_ 021228
megan write something worth reading. 021228
p2 chocolate and sprite:
never again
hey megan good idea 021231
screwing for virginity dont do anything stupid! 021231
scuzz note_to_self:

Wish her luck on tomorrow's game.
Sleep in at least past 6! Come on scuzz, you're slackin!
Eat the rest of the corndogs with plenty of mustard.
Enjoy tomorrow.
Hug Jaina; she needed it forever ago.
Listen to new Taiko CD.
Read Blather posts; my entertainment level depends on it.
Feed the goats.
Beat the mission and get to the third city without cheating. ;-)
Read because my dad would appreciate not forcing me to for once.
Buy goats.
Dream and scream some.
Remember--All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.
Call Mom. She misses me.
Buy goat food. (PetCo maybe?)
Say goodbye just in case of chaotic traffic.
Reconsider the whole goat thing.
p2 whoohooo!

i was eating a chocolate orange for breakfast
on my way to the kitchen for some sprite
when i remembered this page!
Rhin stop being so sentimental!
you make me sick!!
ferret stop called rika riku
stop playing phantasia ultimate you slob
play runescape
eat (maybe)
go to bathroom periodically
go to bed
amazed_by_Effie shop for a genuine clown-suit...god
knows she's earned it.
distorted tendencies Never wake up boyfriend in the middle of the night especially when he's been drinking. 030104
distorted tendencies ESPECIALLY when he's screaming: "THE BLOOD BLOOD THE BLOOD" 030104
mr_jones take off the fish eye lense 030104
x never count on him 030112
*nat* start yoga again 030113
human don't be less that perfect 030113
niska find someone to share love with.

hmm... i can do this later.

*sticks it to the fridge*
ferret urgh, my mom is irritating, the way she just hovers over me reading everything i write and trying unsuccesfully to be inconspicuous. 030518
kss when you're drunk friend becomes a complete asshole and verbally attacks your girlfriend, expect that the situation will come to blows, and you'll have to go back later to collect your blender. 030518
kss also, no apostrophe needed if trying to use the possessive form of you. and stop bring knives to gun fights. 030518
kss oh, yeah - and kittens are cute. 030518
sylphide humiliate Alex at the point of complete embarrassment. 030518
cube Stop blathing and get back to work.
i_o (red) trim fingernails while there is still unbroken skin on palms 030518
/anon don't try to fix it just dwell on it

like i've always done
x walk away 030519
jane put up your walls now before it's too late 030519
wednesday No matter how good everything in life seems, it can and will always get worse when you least expect it. 030519
Strideo don't look down!

TK rember
dont ever forget

... You MUST save the world!
after all your the olny one who seems to care, so go out there and DO something constructive!
User24 pay water bill(s) 030522
bc Linked:
Oh my god are you serious? Its stupid to try to compare relationships, but you've easily surpassed her as a girlfriend! You're so much more loving...Eas

y to just spend time with without needing a reason. I don't know how one measures love, but I know I love you now, and I don't love her, so why should sh

e matter. My friends like you- you know that. And regardless of the time it took me to get over her, I remember girls like ____ and ______ with so much

More affection becuase they were good people. _____ was a bitch to me, so it hurt forlonger, thats all. As disdainful as you are for niceness, you're a

good person. If this ended right now, i'd remember you with more love than _____, no question.
leuka find them all of them and do something to their orifices that is not nice or wholesome 030719
a dumb guy keep defenses high
keep heart in check
trust no one
misstree stop worrying about it. you've got this nailed down, all you have to do is wait. so be patient for once, you dizzy bitch. 030904
pipedream do not feel watery inside so much.
do not expect to be read like a book.
do not want to be grabbed and twirled around and around.
do not get mad at politics.
do not not do cal homework.
User24 "die natter" massiv in Mensch 031002
sylverquiklight stop pushing people away, missed out on a couple of good friends that way. Have to stop associating intamacy with closeness. Not necessarily the same thing. Finish my book. Have to finish my book. Draw a little now and then, haven't in a while. Be happy alone, and stop pummeling myself because i am. 040107
Death of a Rose deposit expense check
pay credit card bill
pay gas bill
get a life (only if there is a sale)
why? irrational fear
churning, softened they glide
in one lobe and around the other
failed words
b sharp
opposites imagine assimilation
ice and death
burdens are heavy
sealed and stored
why? I ask. why?
and the traffic stopped
the little blue toyota sunk
maddening, breaking, screaching
chunks of cement crashing


reds, greens, white collide
screaming above
crushing blow below
I stare
I am scared
days and dreams and lovers
soprano, see?

limbs and lessons
rubber black stain
grass and oil
sunken lives
shattered annd scattered years
go by


he is gone
love's song is gone
only echoes remain
dissonance, cries and infantile dolce
where are the souls?

irrational fear castrato
Bob36452568039286 Self, Go to bed. Its almost 4:30 am. You dont sleep enough.
-Ya? Who are you to say its not enough?!
Self, when you start destroying a respectable place like blather by talking to yourself, you need sleep.
-Hrupmhf. Fine. I'll go to bed. Eventually.

I hate it when i talk back.
blah-ze (me) yo, remind me to put fuel in my car when i leave.

(other me) ok






(other me) you forgot to put fuel in your car, didn't you

(me) shutup, smartass
TheInventionsOfAKnight Stop laughing like a lunatic,
Quit being so happy, I'm starting to freak people out,
Never eat blue cheese when the moon is full,
Finish homework,
Remember everything else that I'm suposed to remember.....

I think thats about it....
why? don't post poetry on this page 040208
dudeinanigloo [Note from the future]

Note to self:

- Remodulate the coffee atomization synthesizer's neutrionic stabilizers to maximum efficiency

- Recalibrate the phase shift of the positronic crystals in the subspace radio-controlled automatic wakeup control time display module

- Repair the field harmonics generator on the airborne transportation device's graviton thruster

- Eliminate the organic residue in the collection device with the phase energy atomizer

{Back in time about 400 years...}

[Note from the present]

- Fix the coffee maker

- Fix the alarm clock

- Fix the flat tire

- Clean the eavestroughs
Strideo - wait untill later to kill the others.
smurfus rex shut the fuck up while you're still ahead.

shit...blew it again.
suicidalchinadoll never give old people mechanical pencils.
they can't see the lead
and can't hear it when it snaps
under their vice grip

and get angsty when they can't write with one.
god smoke more winston lights 041003
Note to self You cannot control others.
It is possible to influence, teach, and lead, maybe but things like manipulation, control, etc. only lead to rebellion. We must first liberate their spirits, rendering them ability to exercise their self-control and willingly choose to lay down their own lives for Him.
We are human, but we don't wage war with human plans and methods. We use God's mighty weapons, not mere worldly weapons, to knock down the Devil's strongholds. With these weapons we break down every proud argument that keeps people from knowing God. With these weapons we conquer their rebellious ideas, and we teach them to obey Christ. For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.
god eat more h 041109
once again an egg will explode after about six minutes in the microwave. 041109
same dumb guy as before keep defenses high
keep heart under heavy guard
trust absolutely no one
smurfus rex Need:
-duct tape (2 rolls)
-garbage bags (contractor grade)
-fillet knife (maybe hacksaw also)
-plastic sheeting
-ammonia solution

Remember to pay IN CASH - no record
acidshank note to self i miss you terribly
this is what they call a tragedy.
pretty good song
note to me however is DONT FUCK THIS UP AND GO TO FAST
Lemon_Soda see: note_to_god 041122
Farool Books to read: A Clockwork Orange, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Lord of the Flies, Fight Club, Guts_, Lullaby, Choke, A Canticle for Leibowitz, and the Tao te Chiang.

To Gary, you rock.
oren Make a difference. 051223
grendel "next time, resist the urge to completely get rid of your beard, fat-man" 051223
what's it to you?
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