daf The Beast is a worldwide ecopolitical juggernaut that is no longer under anyone's ability to control or stop. It is the conditioning which current generations pass on to future generations as a result of past conditioning. The Beast teaches us to glorify the BEAST-LIKE side of the human condition: domination, material greed, violence, control, sexual appetite, consumption and preoccupation with the self. In response, we suppress the majority of our truly HUMAN traits in order to comply with the demands of the system.

Points of the Beast's Acts Against Humanity:

1. Teaching us to believe that we are individuals, separate from one another

2. Teaching us that the Creation is a lifeless "thing."

3. Teaching us that someone has to lose if someone is to gain.

4. Teaching us that material interests are more important than spiritual pursuits

5. Creating endless distractions and busy work to keep us from spiritual achievement

6. Teaching us to value territorialism and material possessions which promotes warfare, violence and division.

7. Teaching us to exchange dignity for material satisfaction, leading us to perform degrading and animalistic acts without hesitation, changing the way we view one another until we are treating each other like objects.

8. Teaching us that we must constantly plan for the future or remember the past..causing us to spend a majority of our waking hours thinking about these rather than observing what is going on around us right now.

9. Inventing rules, limitations and penalties in order to condition us to STAY IN OUR PLACE OR ELSE...furthering our tendency toward apathy.

10. Teaching us that the science of material senses holds the key to human evolution and understanding the nature of our existence

11. Teaching us that consumption is desirable and production is only useful if it relates to consumption/consumables.

12. Teaching us that life is cheap and common

13. Teaching us that domination, brute force, coercion and deception are necessary in order to "survive" in this world.
daf Now MEET_THE_ANTICHRIST, then FARE_THEE_WELL my friends. 050803
grendel i do this every time i lookin the mirror 050803
daf Ok, atit (ok that looks like "a tit", perhaps I shouldn't abbreviate in this case)...

Ok a thumble in time..the Beast is sort of defined up there. Really the best way I've found for distinguishing "beast-like" behavior is watching my dog's more selfish and disgusting habits. He is my buddy, but he is also an animal with very animal habits, likes and dislikes. One of the things that we learn early on in this life, is that pain hurts, and pleasure feels good. Much of our lives are spent avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

That is the motivation for most, if not all animal behavior.

There is a place in us that is more than animal. It is more than the material that makes up our bodies and our brains. We're different from the rest of the animals somehow. THAT is what this is all about. It's about finding the human BEING within the human animal, and allowing it to direct the actions of that animal.

This is the purpose of so-called morality in the various Paths. It isn't about sin. Sin is practically synonymous for animalistic behavior: materialism, domination and manipulation =
greed, violence and lies.

What "morality" is really about is teaching the animal self who is boss. That INCLUDES the material brain and the ego that it has a tendency to produce as a side effect.

The name of the evolutionary game at this point is self-control. The name of the evolutionary game at this point is selflessness. The name of the evolutionary game at this point is compassion.

As you can probably see, current trends in advertising, parenting, politicking...(the list really does go on and on) have us LOSING the evolutionary game.

We may be winning the ANIMAL game, but in the end, that's pretty piss-poor performance when you take into acount what we're SUPPOSED to be doing and what we're REALLY capable of.

The rules are simple. They aren't designed to control you, but rather to provide you with a guide. The Ten Commandments are one possible interpretation of that list of steps to human evolution. (Calling them COMMANDMENTS had to be one of the stupidest marketing blunders of all time.)

As for the Beast, the Beast is our combined efforts as a race to propagate the behaviors of our ANIMAL heritage. This is why we fight and steal and control and manipulate and exploit. It's why we spend our lives going around in circles, while the BIG animals in the food chain sit around counting their money (read meat-covered bone.) The Beast is the why behind all of the other stupid things we do to one another. And the Beast lives on because we keep teaching our children that to surive...they have to do these stupid things too.

The Beast will be around for as long as people teach children to lie because society doesn't find certain things acceptable to discuss (like Aunt Edna's crappy sweater making skills.)

The Beast will be around for as long as people teach children to "egg on" their appetitites rather than teaching them to reign in and channel those urges.

The Beast will be around for as long as people teach children that survival is more important than integrity. (Now they may say something different, but watch them when you drop out of society because you don't believe in what it's doing anymore. Suddenly most will wonder why you're embracing your integrity so tightly. Guaranteed.)

The Beast will be around for as long as "you" and "I" means that "we are two separate entities" instead of "we are here alive together!" For as long as perceived division exists, actual invented divisions can't be far off. Once we feel separate from one another, it becomes easier to treat one another with things. (You can see the animal result of this "we are separate" thing: give ONE meat covered bone to two dogs.)

You can go down the list up above. Each of those things, is something that we are taught from the time we are children. Either explicitly, or implicitly, we are taught these things. They are fallacies that promote animal behavior in the people that believe them.

There is a scene very early in the book Dune by Frank Herbert that I feel helps illustrates the difference between a human animal and a human being. Here it is:

The Reverend Mother holds up a green metal cube.

REVEREND MOTHER: See this... Put your right hand in the box.

Paul stares at the hole in the box.

PAUL: What's in the box?


Just then, she raises one hand to his neck. Paul sees a glint of metal. He tries to back away.

REVEREND MOTHER: STOP! Put your hand in the box.

Paul's hand goes in. Fear passes over his face.

REVEREND MOTHER: I hold at your neck the gom jabbar. Don't pull away or you'll feel that poison. A Duke's son must know about many poisons -- this one kills only animals.

PAUL: Are you suggesting a Duke's son is an animal?

REVEREND MOTHER: Let us say I suggest you may be human. Your awareness may be powerful enough to control your instincts. Your instincts will be to remove your hand from the box. If you do so you will die. You will feel an itching -- there... see? Now the itching becomes burning... heat, upon heat, upon heat.

PAUL: (whispering)It burns.


PAUL: (inner voice)(struggling to compose himself)I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear... I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

The Reverend Mother moves her face up to his. Her ancient face with its metal teeth gleaming inches away breathes hotly. She is smiling.

REVEREND MOTHER: You feel the flesh crisping?

Paul's inner mind sees his hand on fire with all sorts of sores. The skin is bubbling.

REVEREND MOTHER: Flesh dropping off.

He pictures this. The destruction of his hand is complete -- now only blood spurts out and burns.

Paul's face registers extreme pain.

PAUL: (cannot help the explosion)THE PAIN!

REVEREND MOTHER: NO!! ENOUGH!! Kull wahad! No woman child ever withstood that much. I must have wanted you to fail. Take your hand out of the box and look at it, young human.... Do it!

Paul pulls his hand out of the box. No sign of anything wrong. He turns his hand, flexes his fingers. He looks to the Reverend Mother.

REVEREND MOTHER(explaining): Pain by nerve induction... A human can resist any pain. Our test is crisis and observation.

PAUL: I see the truth of it.

The question is...can WE?
a thimble in time If it wasn't for man's "beast-like" qualities, humans would never marry, have children, work, or compete. 050825
daf True on at least one point, untrue on some others.

The idea isn't to obliterate our animal side. (At least not in this stage in our development.) However neither is it to allow the dynamic duo of animal body and brain to dictate our actions.

Whereas perhaps it MIGHT be true that people wouldn't marry (I couldn't say. That is outside the scope of the information that's come my way thus far)still the compulsion wouldn't be to be philandering dogs either. Two people that were meant to be together, would just...know that they were meant to be together. Why? Because their choice to be together would have been made by two humans with complete control over their animal reasons for doing things.

Absolutely people would continue to have children. But they would have children because they wanted children. Not because they had sexual urges. Not because they were insecure in their relationship and wanted to try to "trap" a person in that relationship. Not because they hadn't really thought about it and just wanted to please him so he wouldn't leave. Human beings do not make decisions based on fear and urge. Human beings make decisions based on love, compassion and a clear idea of what is going on both outside of them, and within them. Human beings do not respond to waves in their lives by making more waves.

We would work because work needed to be done, and our children's bellies would want filling. But we would never feel so compelled by our hungers, physical or mental that we would hurt one another. Slacking and lying around is what human animals do. Human beings are movers, and shakers that follow life wherever it leads them and accomplish what they can to the benefit of those around them primarily. A human being puts their own material welfare second to that of those around them.

Finally, you're probably right. We wouldn't compete. Not against each other anyhow. Not the way we do now. Not in this domination-spirited manner that we've become accustomed to. No we probably would not. We would compete against ourselves, most certainly, because that is TRULY part of the human condition. We would compete against the challenges that we met, and with the adventures that we faced. And perhaps, once we'd healed the rifts between us and could view one another without judgement, we might compete against each other. But you're right...probably NOT the way we do now. Where the object is to put another in his place in order to establish our own. No. probably not.

All of that aside, you are exploring the possibilities! : ) This is the best of things. For as long as we don't feel that it's worth getting into, we're trapped. But when you begin to explore something, THEN, whatever decision you make about it, you'll know it was your own.

Hopefully you find the answers that you're looking for. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
ILove You said that the "beast" has been around since biblical days, but soo much of what is tangible today did not exsist in that era. Everything you said is of man, so to get to the heart of the matter, the "beast" is of you, I, everyone, mankind. I see the beast as you, I, everyone. Yes, it seems we are un-stoppable.

I also made a statement on your essay, crisis and observation, that I get up everyday trying to show and love(if being love is possible?). And that I still fail. We talk of free will, but my free will says one thing and does another. It seems I am un-stoppable. You say sin is almost synomous with mans state. Have you ever wondered why it is we seem to be un-stoppable? I do, especially when I wake up with good intentions, and it turns upside down. It is not as if I don't try. How about you daf? I am not trying to attack you, I am just trying to understand it all. I can not seem to help myself at all times. Can you help me? Can you help yourself? Love to you.
daf No. I cannot help myself. Nor can you help yourself. We can simply open ourselves to the notion that everything is taken care of, and that all will work out for the best in the end.

I can do what I can to promote that feeling within my heart, and that is what I am capable of, no more. The universe will do the rest.

Will I walk with you? Certainly. I have been walking with all of you for a very long time. You have also been walking with me, through the kindness of strangers and friends alike. Through random acts of compassion, tenderness, and empathy, I have seen hope in your mercies and have found there the strength to allow hope to continue to reside in my heart.

You are all loved.

Man isn't the beast, for he is both spiritual and animal in nature, and the beast? The beast is a pure brute, unconcerned, for it lacks sentience, it lacks soul. It is a mechanism, an anomaly in the evolutionary process, nothing more.

Yes, you are unstoppable, but not because of any act of your own will. You are unstoppable for you are the conduit of the universe's own becoming, and it will not be stopped.

You have a brother, in me. I have a sister in you, and if you look around this place, or the one in which you are seated right will learn that there are many more who feel the same way about you.

Be well. The confusion will settle. Then, whatever path you choose, for as long as it is born of hope, faith and love rather than despair, doubt and fear, you will know it is the right one for you.
Christ without the cross I feel a passion burning inside me. At times it is unbearable and at other times it is easier to manage. At times it drives me to do amazing things and grow unimagineably and at other times it is merely a dream that i am too weak to accomplish. i understand your words daf because i feel the beast within me. I understand your words, brother, because i also feel something else burn within, a deep desire, an impossible strenght. Even though it alludes me at times it still remains within and i know that i am on its heels. I cannot seem to get out of the fear that paralyzes me. I cannot seem to break free. But there is one thing that i know. I feel that fire now. i feel it so many times throughout the day. And if i could dare, for the rest of my life to fan that fire into an explosion i know that i would have created a new universe within myself, a new way, a new force, immense and unstoppable. I have met the beast. I have met him and he has lived with me and has overpowered me many times. but i can feel another presence. It is the the presence of God. It is a presence that calls to me and begs to be known, used, amplified. It is a presence so incredible that it could cause a butterfly effect, a world wind of change. And i know that it is in everyone of us. And I know it is love. And i know it is everything.

I know that it is within me that it dwells.
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