shiva uh huh. 010219
chiidi omnia_vincit_amor 010219
Dafremen Love is an emotion. Emotions rarely win. It is love tempered with a lot of respect and a rational mind that always win.

Pure love is a sobbing, giggly, chaotic mess that rarely leads to anything good in and of itself.
silentbob right now it's leading to a stomach full of problems 010219
unhinged love wins what?
a collection of broken hearts, broken minds, broken souls all tossed about in an eternity of pain. love is never hopeful. love is never sane. love is never what you want it to be from the people you want it from. i'd like to think that love is the motivation of the world but that's about as optimistic as i get. sex and money control the world, not love. love wins scars and lonely nights and drug addictions. love wins pain. oh how sweet.
dB Love is an emotional response that happens when you identify with someone and don't know what to think about them. It is a thing that humans create to justify the chrisitan perception that sex is bad. They say "sex is bad" and the human can respond "but I love them" and think that it is a valid response. Ask yourself why you feel anyry. Is it because you aren't in control of the sitiation? If so, the lack of control makes you insecure (another emotion). All emotions are based on the ability to control. When you lose that power, you lash out emotionally. Control your emotions and you will always be in control of whatever goes on around you. Feel nothing, because feelings don't matter anyway and are only a figment of your imagination. 010219
dB When you have finished asking youself why you are angry, and thinking about the whole control thing, as yourself, "why can't Declan type properly?". :-P 010219
jennifer because he cheats 010219
kx21 Love is implicit, different meanings to you & Everybody else.

Wins is explicit, same meaning to you & everybody else.

Thus, love_always_wins is as hard to understand as Love...
dB But it's is just different balances of chemicals in your head. Scientific fact. Means different things, different mixture. It all boils down to high scool chemistry, nothing more. Those who get intoxicated, and dare I say, ROMANTIC about love are just clouding their own abilities of perception. When you "fall in love" you are submitting yourself to the Hallmark fantasy and basically kicking yourself in the eyes. 010219
god lucifer_sam 010219
Dafremen Perhaps Db is as right as any of the rest. For if indeed you don't believe that reason must rule over emotion, then how can your reasoning be anything but suspect? Perhaps you let your emotions taint what you have written.

Db on the other hand has stated in clear terms that reason has priority over emotion, therefore, if indeed he practices what he preaches, his reasoning is probably correct.(Banning that is the unforseeable possibilty that he is a moron.)
dB Why would I say one thing and do another? if that is what you are implying. My reasoning is based on personal experience, and I do not speak for others, rather I just put forward observations. 010220
Dafremen It was a compliment. Just smile, nod and wave at the camera. 010221
dB What, like the queen? Me thinks not. 010221
Dafremen As you wish...your highness :) 010222
dB Hmm... I prefer diplomat, they have more power anyway. Give me your clothes. Good. Now dance for you diplomat, dance! :-) 010222
grendel love always wins, but generally leaves a swath of the beaten battered and broken in its wake

see: conquerors
Aimee except when it loses 010715
ncon love doesn't lose. people lose love. which is only a tragedy when both people do not lose love together.

it sucks to keep hanging on, or worse to play the fool when the one you love left long ago; but didn't bother to tell you. but ive kept others hanging on.

i admit it.
The Truth

Here is a true story.

All of my life I have believed that I would one day meet my Soulmate. The woman destined to be my wife, the perfect lover for me, all I want, all I need, all in one cute little package. No matter what happened, I never doubted it, I believed it so much that I was at "I just know it" status. I just waited patiently

Now, I had been in true love a couple of other times prior to getting married, each time was a very maturing experience. (You see, if you only chase after sex, you'll never develop the core, fundamental, mature charactaristics of being a Man). Being in love teaches (a man) commitment, responsibilty, communication, dedication, sacrifice, patience and humility through the sharing of each other's experiences, both good and bad.

I decided as a child that since I was going to have the girl of my dreams, I needed to be the kind of person that could attract such a mate. So I spent a portion of my childhood paying attention, I listened to all women everywhere, bitch about men, and talk about men, and I learned how to be and how not to be, according to what women said they wanted.
I know that there was a purpose for loving each of my past lovers, besides the fact that they told me, it was obvious that they all would have turned in the wrong direction if I hadn't been involved. They didn't have anyone else to express to them how much they meant. That kind of attention works wonders on a person's attitude. Sadly, many women are unaware of the elusive "real man", passing him off as myth, or even an elaborate hoax. Most of the women I dated believed "that's just how guys are" or "men are just pigs". Think of the trauma that is caused to a girl who is used by every guy she dates. That's why some women become pyscho_hose_beast s when they are in their prime. But young love (remember, love is giving) is very rewarding, and beneficial to both men and women. The satisfaction of knowing my girlfriend is well taken care of and happy about life because of my willingness to give and care, and care about giving, is much more meaningful to me than an impressive assortment of selfish flings with drunken strangers.

Anyway... Yes, it was sad when the relationships would end. I would cry, of course. But I would always look for the positives. I am still friends with everyone I've ever loved. If you completely irradicate the relationship once it ends, it was just a waste of time for both partners. Simply change the relationship to that of friends, after all, there is no reason to stop loving someone, ever, period. (I'm not say that love does't fade naturally, it does sometimes.)

So guess what eventually happened to me?

I met her. The one. I knew the first time I met her. I told everyone "I think she may be my soulmate." But in my mind, I KNEW she was my soulmate. I met her at a chance encounter, we both just happened to decide to smoke our cigarettes on the same patch of snowy mountain while snowboarding. All of the times I had fallen in love before seemed like nothing compared to this. I experienced new emotions that I didn't even know existed.

We were married 8 months later.

It turns out she, too, had always "knew" that she would someday meet the man of her dreams.

Love always wins.

So don't listen to people who tell you that love is anything less than extraordinary. They simply have not yet explored all of the possibilities of love. Believe, have faith that you will have true love with "the one" and you will! But, like all opportunities, they will not present themselves until you've prepared youselves.
Fire&Roses and so it does. TRUE love_always_wins. 010812
florescent light cigarettes, huh?
isn't there something in the bible forbidding that?
god, not only are you intensionally hurting yourself, but the innocent lives of others.
but I didn't come on this blathe to point out your hypocrisies.

what is true love? it is a romanticism, it is used in a literary sense, a poem. not to be taken literal. a romantic idealized version of finding a classic relationship.
it's what movies and happy endings are made of. it is artificial.
dB As always, florescent shows us the way.

I think I have experienced love. Either I love and hate all people equally, or no one at all.
I will not devide my affections (if I have any at all). but it's like a puddle in desert. there is a limited amount of water for a large amount of people, so to devide it up evenly means that everyone get's such a tiny amount of water that it makes no difference.
The fact that everyone receives so little makes no difference doesn't matter though. Because ALL see the puddle, and even though they don't get much from it, it brings the hope that maybe there is some more water out there somewhere.
dB dIvide god damn it! 010812
The Truth I assume your pebble throwing pitch-a-thon is aimed at me, florescent light?

I hope you and everyone else who may be warming up in the bull pen are listening because this may be the last time I waste my time defending myself.

Who said I was perfect? I am nowhere near the vicinity of perfection. I am a not any more worthy or valuable than any one of you.

Here, take these rocks. Aim carefully.

I am a hypocrite, I am a "sinner". Big surprise. I inhaled toxic smoke too. I did it to feel more comfortable in social situations, I only did it to fit in ok, let me be the first to admit it. I have lied, cheated, stolen, turned away from a needy friend, betrayed people's trust, squished bugs, talked behind people's backs, lusted after hotties, masturbated to porn, printed counterfiet money, sold drugs, bought drugs, taken drugs, I break the law everyday of my life by at least 25 miles per hour. I have made so many bad calls, mistakes. I have flipped out on my loved ones, I have said things to break people and I knew exactly what to say to hurt them the most. I have bragged, I have boasted. I have held grudges against people. I have acted greedily when I should have been generous. I have fornicated. I have had an orgy. I am lazy, I am weak. I've used people. I am worthless. I pick my nose. There...just did it again. I have judged people. I've taken the last slice of pizza on several occasions. And, that's not all.

Let it be known.

Have I ever breathed a blathe otherwise? I have not displayed a single syllable or utterance that even leans toward the concept of my prclaimation of perfection. Yet you act like I trying to preach that I am the messiah simply because I wont buckle to your pressure, and I never will. I would rather DIE at the stake than falsify or dampen my beliefs in order to appease your critical closed-mindedness to my faith.

I am just a guy who likes to write. I like astronomy, philosophy and theology. Blather is my canvas lately. not my first, not my last. I write for God, I write for me. I write for those of you who also enjoy discussing philosophy and logical theology without feeling the need to shake sticks at people for their contributions. I didn't think that If I wrote some poety that had to attach disclaimers and confessions that I was indeed a human being.

This recent outbreak of nerve_strikage is so indicative of many stereotypes that are fulfilled by some of you, yet I try my hardest not to point them out.

I apologize.
I lost control recently, and now.

I have allowed myself to be provoked into tell those of you who are pointing your fingers at me to "point that fucking finger up your ass."

That makes me even more of hypocrite because that's "against my religion"!!

[Sorry God.]


In the universe, world, and humanity:
There are the infinte variations of positive and negative:
There is good and bad

There is right and wrong.
There is yin and yang.
There is holy and wicked.
There is good and evil.
There is true and false.
There is light and dark.
There is love and hate.
There is reward and punishment.
There is beginning and end.
There is matter and antimatter.
There is order and chaos.
There is creation and destruction.
There is life and death.

There are the Truths...
... and there are the Lies.

... and I have not lied to you.
DannyH If The Truth didn't already exist I would have had to invent him. 010813
Tank is love a cripple..? in my expereince she always loses the race... 010813
The Truth Thank you, DannyH...(I think?) 010814
MollyCule love is an irrisistable desire to be irrisistably desired.
-Robert Frost
MollyCule for a long time the universe didn't want us to be together. but it is true, love always wins in the end. 010815
lovers lament love is a cancer
that infects all you believe in
a cumulus cloud on the horizon
whose beauty only fortells rain
it's a pain unlike any other
a migraine that pounds out reality
leaves room for deception
its a concept we all fall for
although experience intervenes
it's an addiction like any drug
crushing barriers unseen
it's a fucked up little fairy tale
of happily ever after
a false sense of safety
the ultimate satire
it's the touch of some desire
unknown to rationale
i've found in it enough heartache
to believe that this is hell
it's the way it fades so quickly
when it was promised to be forever
it's full of contradictions
and lies to make you bleed
love's a book but it's all fiction
i'll never again believe.
ClairE Even when it beats me. 011203
silentbob love always wins in a battle of emotion. You're trying not to fall for someone because you KNOW they wno't love you back. you're fightin you're fightin you'r fightin and then you lose and love wins and your friendship is doomed. 011203
shorlove narcissus, emoti'c'ons, helen of troy, fig trees or napoleon type'o'pickles? 030422
fall of a sparrow virtus. honor. imperium.
The three epithets of Venus Victrix.
makes you think. especially the Empire bit.
Fire&Roses I've changed my mind. I'd say that perhaps love it self always wins. But what is love without victims to inflict itself upon... They never win... They never wanted to love... They just wanted to be happie... they didn't want to have to work at it... they wanted perfection the way love is SUPPOSED to be, it isn't never will be God it's amazign what you do in_the_name_of_love. 030608
endless desire i suppose i have nothing
to say against love
because i am in love
and very happy.
though, i suppose this was a love
i did not want to have at first.
and tried to keep myself away from.
poking at any faults i could find. . .
covincing my love would not be returned. . .
constantly trying to push you out of my mind. . .
i tried so hard.
because of what a mess it would create
in my life and yours.
and because of how impossible it seemed.
but mostly because i thought i would be happier as just your friend and that i would ruin something by being more than that.

yet i took a chance.
and so did you.
and yes, "we will do wonderfully, you and i"
just as you said we would.
and just as we seem to be.
so maybe saying, love_always_wins
is quite the exaggeration
but to say that love_never_wins
is entirely false.
because love is winning this war,
and it trully is a war, you see.
so many are fighting against us.
oh please hopefully
-Jessica- unless resentment is in the picture 030609
unhinged ha hahaha

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