p2 i, for one,
declare myself
an anti-fan

as for this "free open space" nonsense
there is no infinite hard drive
and you're not paying for it

consider a litterbug
dropping a candy wrapper on the floor
the earth's land surface area is
~150,000,000 km^2
and the candy wrapper is so small
what difference does it make?
Yahoo! Search New to Yahoo!?

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Goggle Search A Google approach to email.
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p2 goggle?

speaking of which
anyone want a gmail invite?
Google Search ... 041012
god i'd say he's got a large dumptruck full of stuff. bigger than mine even. what difference does any of it make?
maybe he ought to donate some dough to blather. maybe we should all be charged by the word.
. i like you better when you're giving kids leukemia, god. 041012
god sigh... i can't give EVERYBODY leukemia... or... 041012
kx21fan oh is it a candy wrapper littered?

you have used up 10% of your blather account.
p2 sorry
i wasn't paying attention
was there supposed to be an analogy
about yahoo and google
offering free space?
you know that it's not free
it may be free to you
but it's still not free
yahoo and google
make money
by drawing users to their sites
via these "free" services
they also make advertising revenue
from their "free" email accounts
yahoo and google
pass on the cost to advertisers
on the other hand
does not make any money off of blather
so they absorb the cost themselves

or maybe you weren't so stupid
as to try to make that analogy

who knows
:) Ban "No evil"?


kx21fan it was stupid of you to assume that's what i meant. i don't think what kx21 does is really just a candy wrapper on the ground. and if we are going to have limits, it'll be just like when they start erasing your e-mail, which is annoying :(, but is one way i guess newdream could control it. i think kx21 is neat. he's just spreading a "no evil" message. 041012
Oops... For instance,

Ban Ten_commandments_displays?

. in the eye of Beauty_of_Freedom_and_democracy in Human_spaces... 041012
a "M" Test The_beauty_of_freedom_and_democracy 041012
kx21fanfan it's great that kx21 is brave enough to take such a bold stance against evil.

something tells me that if Gandhi had the internet, he would have spent as much time copying and pasting online news wire stories as he did starving.

thank you, kx21fan. amen.
kx21fan i know! it's great and he doesn't have to starve! 041013
:) Starve "NO" evil?

Abosolutely_NOT, given
the_rule_of_law, instead of the_rule_of_Gun...

:) to_be_precise:-

Starve "NO" evil?

Abosolutely_NOT, given
the_rule_of_Law, instead of the_rule_of_'Gun'...

:) To_be_exact:-

Starve "NO" evil?

"Absolutely_NOT", given
the_rule_of_Law, instead of the_rule_of_'Gun'...

p2 and it was stupid of you
to assume i was talking to you
unless you are
Yahoo! Search and Google Search

i apologized because i had already addressed him/her
but thought perhaps i missed his/her point

and if you actually are this "Search" person
you should notice that i was making a supposition
i gave you the benefit of the doubt
that you had a point
other than adding more litter

as for your original comment
as "kx21fan"
"is it a candy wrapper littered"
doesn't even make sense
so i didn't bother to address it

as for the gandhi reference
that's bull
gandhi didn't impose on others
a hunger strike is self imposed

i don't have a problem
with some of kx21's stuff
like physics and metaphysics
but copy-pasting news
adds no value
to those of us
that already make an effort
to keep informed
p2 yes
so bold
to declare this war to be wrong
on a site where most people
already agree with him
p2 do you realize

1) kx21 already has his own website
so why does he copy-paste links in blather
if it is for archival purposes (as asserted elsewhere)
unless he's trying to spread a message

which brings me to

2) most blatherskites already agree with his message
i'd wager over 90%, in fact
so who is he trying to spread his message to
and wouldn't it be more effective
to go to a more
conservative-leaning site?
so why does he do it?

well there's the fact that

3) kx21's site links back to pages he made in blather
browse kx21's site
and you'll find many links to his blathes
this is his dumping ground
if he cared about spreading his message
he'd use proper sentences
instead of inane pseudo-formulaic constructions
are you telling me he wants to reach the uninformed
using a method that takes deep thought to understand?
anyone capable of that already agrees with him

i've said all this before
but i feel it should be in thekx21banclub as well
:) "Link" no Evil...

silentbob question:
is it for kx21?
or for blather?
that kx21 writes this
this = all those links and allusions to politics and philosophy and eastern religion
p2 i'm not calling for a ban
but if newdream decides to ban
i'd support it

the name is simply a play on
i felt the opposing view should be represented
a "point" The_Wisdom_of_all_Modes 041013
:) "Everything" is "wired / wireless" across_the_Universe...

. iLink:- wireless_networks 041013
kx21fan all i was saying is that it isn't litter, and i think how i said it made sense. he does keep me informed when i follow his links! just because you don't think it's good information doesn't mean i don't, or any of his other fans. you're mean. i'm glad you're not what blather is because you don't seem to add anything at all :(. and if gandhi wasn't imposing any thing on anyone, then how come it worked when he did it? i support you kx21! hugs! 041013
p2 "oh is it a candy wrapper littered"
does not equal
"it isn't litter"
and i don't see how anyone could make that jump

i'm mean
i'm a big poopy head
maybe you should try reading the news
instead of expecting to have it spoonfed to you

re: gandhi
he protested against his oppressors
for a comparison to be drawn with kx21
kx21 needs to be posting this crap on a conservative site
if he did that
then maybe
he could be called brave
he's working from his comfort zone
and it's no different
from not saying anything at all
p2 "you don't seem to add anything at all"

judge not, lest ye be judged

and you are...
silentbob it's not so much that he spoonfeeds it as he flings it all over the room and doesn't care whether or not you catch any in your mouth.
at least having it spoonfed would be something, but no, this ... this is nothing.
kx21fan i used to post here as cupcake. if you keep this up, pretty soon it will be just you here all by yourself. :(
maybe kx21 is looking for more than just us agreeing with him. maybe he wants us to do something about it, like he is doing something about it and knows we need more than just a sentence or something. maybe we need to be surrounded by it until we can't hide from it. and you're the one who judged someone first!
p2 cupcake
from your past blathes
you seem like a very nice person
so i'll lighten up on you
but if blather is your source of news
you really should reconsider
how you stay informed
will you be watching
presidential debates tonight?

as for being by myself
that doesn't bother me so much
what would bother me
is not saying anything
if i feel strongly about something
especially if it's the unpopular viewpoint
this is thekx21banclub
why would you want to be in it?

the only thing i'll argue with is
not adding anything to blather
i submit for your perusal
a few that i am particularly proud of:


perhaps they are not to your taste
but they're no copy_and_paste job
(not really anyway)
kx21fan i really like your poems! :) but i like kx21 too, so that's why i think you both should be here, just like me! you're just being nice to me cuz i'm a cupcake! lol. but it's ok. 041013
"kx21fanfan" i was being ironic, p2, with the gandhi comment. i actually agree with you. 041013
... ??? 041224
dafremen Perhaps I don't belong in this conversation. Perhaps I do. Perhaps I have nothing to say that is anything new.

Why is it, that when one uses their freedom of speech here to scream about how much they hate their life, or the world, or their parents noone calls it what it is?

The same repetitious "litter" that teens and young adults have been spewing for the last hundred years if not longer?

Why are there 50 people standing in line to defend their right to speak their mind and voice their feelings when it is negative sh*t or sexually oriented drivel?

It's not original. It's not thought provoking to talk about giving head or cutting yourself. It is sh*t.

But it is their sh*t. It is the sh*t they want to write, and I for one, as sick of that sh*t as I may be, believe they have as much right to speak their minds (empty though their heads may be) as I have to call it sh*t.

There you have it. A whole bunch of negative, meaningless, useless crap. And they add to it, and you defend their right to do so, and I add to it and defend my right to do so.

But kx21 wants to write about fighting against evil. He wants to write about eastern philosophy and love, and sh*t and stars. He wants to write about positive things, or the battling of negative things and here we find you, the defenders of sh*t literature bagging on his efforts. Trying to form some sort of coalition against words that don't fit your profile of "meaningful contributions."

The 1,000th time you hear a kid write about how noone cares or they hate their life, or they want to die, or they're so in love (or unbelieveably horny), the 10,000th time you read that sh*t, think about your "litter" metaphor.

It's almost ALL repetitious stupid, innane litter here at blather.

It's all garbage and only occasionally do we happen upon a gem in all of this knee-deep crap around here.

Now a little deeper with the addition of this blathe.
:) Historic_Trial?


One of two French journalists released from captivity in Iraq has said he saw other hostages who were later beheaded.
U.S. _'Loss_of_Optimism'_ 041225
* Osama's_historic_mission_111 * 041225
What Clinton said And_most_Americans_still_haven't_focused_on_this_... 041225
_ ***
* French_wine - a_wrong_war_in_21k
OOps... Peace_talk...

Is that the Final_answer?
monee i_love_you_kx21 041225
shhh while i'm not an advocate of banning, inane teenage ramblings are easily distinguishable from copied and pasted newslinks. both are numerous, both are in some sense unoriginal. however, the former are only comparably numerous in the sense that a lot of people write the same sort of thing. but many different people write the sort of teenage posts you don't like. conversely, only one person posts the newslinks that many dislike. one of the main reasons people don't like the newslinks is that there are so many of them posted by one person. the same cannot be said of the insipid teenage writing. if you insist on grouping all teens together and judging their work collectively, you must still concede that the teens in question are working independently. also, the unoriginality is of an entirely different character. while expressions of teen angst are not unique (but then, what is?), they are original in the sense that they are expressions of true thoughts and feelings experienced firsthand. some of the newslink poster's work, while still repetitive, is more original than cut and pasted newslinks. it is worth noting that when the newslink poster doesn't just cut and paste (and when his posts are less numerous), he receives fewer complaints.

additionally, it is not clear that writing about "fighting against evil" is more worthy or useful than "negative shit" or "sexually oriented drivel." the counterargument for your value judgment to the contrary is obvious: everyone already agrees that evil is bad, and negative shit and sex is part of growing up.

but keep in mind, since most people here already agree with the newslink poster's message, discussing said message's value is misleading as it diverts attention from the real reason why people have complained: the numerosity (and subsequent intrusiveness) of his copy-and-paste posts. were any particular writer of negative teenage sexshit drivel similarly copy-and-paste prolific, something tells me she'd receive just as many complaints.
dafremen There is little difference between one MASS literbug and many litterbugs operating "independently."

In the end, your streets are still covered with garbage in either instance. I say let them all litter as they please...that includes you...and that includes me.

Noone ever said freedom was going to be pretty...but at least it's free.

I remember before all of this terrorist nonsense became the big news story.

Back then, the big stories were about juvenile crime. Gangs of kids hitting liquor stores with their cars, Paduka Kentucky, Pearl Mississippi, Columbine Colorado.

The blathes around here reflected that, and there were news stories posted. It was a snapshot in time, a different time. These clippings and news articles links are more of the same...but they differ in this respect:

The innane ramblings of the teen population have not CHANGED in all of that time. It is still the same angst-filled, puppy-love driven drivel that it always was.

But the news stories have changed, and the "concerns" of the "population" have changed and these news links have changed right along with it.

They aren't least not to me, I'll grant you that, but they serve if nothing else, as an archival collage of this latest "big issue." No doubt a time will soon come when we move on from this crap and on to some other sensationalist sh*t designed to keep the American newsmongers fat, fed and happy.
shhh while you may argue that there is no moral difference between the mass and occasional litterbug, there is a practical difference worth noting. but i don't believe that matters here. i think the litterbug analogy is misleaading because the litterbug to whom this page is devoted was only deemed to be such because of the volume of his posts and the fact that they were largely copied and pasted directly from other sources--not simply because someone subjectively disliked the content of his posts. as stated, i believe kx21 has been deemed a litterbug because he posted so much and copied and pasted much of what he posted. so at least by that criteria, i don't believe the many lesser litterbugs are litterbugs at all. you may of course invoke your own criteria to find eqiuvalency between prosaic teenage writing and kx21's posts, but i just wanted to point out that kx21 detractors were using different criteria. i argue this to preserve what i believe is an important distinction that the litterbug analogy obscures. 041226
:) litter "NO Evil"...

dafremen Arguing with you is the last thing I think I would like to engage in since you would no doubt revel in the verbal gymnastics and I would quickly become bored.

This is what I am stating, in plain enough terms that even YOU won't be able to misconstrue the message:

I believe that the anti-kx21 group have, because of their disdain for his use of his freedom of expression, become little more than a self-righteous mob who follow a precendent set (although to a lesser extent) by the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials to name a few.

I furthermore believe that if someone else were to find rap lyrics or repetitious teen drivel disdainful and try to have it banned, this same misguided mob would be up in arms screaming: CENSORSHIP and quite possibly FASCISM as well.

Hypocrisy is, of course acceptable. IF you can live with being a fascist self-righteous censor.

You may have the last word, you've heard mine.
. how_to_keep_an_idiot_busy_for_hours_ 041227
p2 your picking on the word argue
makes me think you are the verbal gymnast
shhh's meaning is clear
but you focus on a single word
to ignore the message

your insistence to not repond
makes it pointless
to repond with all that i have to say
so i will keep it simple
as you have done for us

having kx21 keep his copy-pastes
in blathes that are related to his topic
is not censorship
blasting hiphop on a boombox
at an orchestral concert
is not exercising artistic freedom
nor is is blasting it at the local park
where others may want to enjoy other forms of music
it's being an ass
asking said ass to turn down his music is not censorship

tell me what bush_to_face_trial_in_saddam_city
has to do with paste_is_bald
* iLink: Freedom_and_Democracy 041227
1227 ... 041227
shhh i was already bored dafremen, but thanks for the random condescension. 041227
shhh and there's a difference between misconstruing an argument and reframing it. fyi. 041227
OOps... * passing_the_blame *

OReilly rake_her_through 041227
0^0 _'American_consciousness'_... 050107
i hate kx21 ...i really do 050428
DannyH I hate to say it, but he's the new Chrity. 050428
andru235 hmmm...i read the tete a tete back there with much interest...

i think to label teen angsty postings OR kx21 newslinking as 'drivel' is more a statement about one's personal tastes than anything else, and that is A-O-K, is it not?

but - and i must preface that i was previously unaware that kx21 was the hyperspeed newslinker - there is something to be said for clarity and something else for clutter.

i am relatively new to blather, but i have long since stopped paying attention to the newslink clutterage. is it wrong to be there? no, but it is rather lacking in ... what i find to be aesthetic. i have my own news sources.

when i open a blather page i increasingly brace myself: will this page be an interminable list of fragmentary references to someone else's thinking about something that happened 'one minute ago' when the post is a year old?

i, for my part, come to blather because it is so random. on the same page are thoughts deep and shallow, poems clever and crass, anecdotes, merriments and despairs, facts and fantasies, etc. and sometimes the newsposts really seem to add something.

on the other hand, if i went into 50 unrelated links posting merely a reference to something else (seemingly) entirely unrelated, i would a) expect to encounter disdain, and b) know better than to expect more than a handful of persons to read.

more than once i have been intrigued by a newslink; but there are *so many* links, half of which return a "page cannot be found", that if i do find myself interested, i visit news sources of my own choice for research.

and if the newslink spammer were to post something that i really ought to read, it is no longer probable that i will even notice it, for the sheer quantity of newsbabble has diluted its potency. its sort of like the boy who cried wolf, but only sort of.

as for the teen angstiness, et al, this is almost always posted by someone who is, at that moment, occupied with such considerations. the post is a relic of something that was very important to dismiss it all as shit seems hasty; do you consider your own youth, of which you are now a product, to be 'shit'? surely not. and additionally, these postings, for their similarities, are seldom identical; and if taken in context with the poster's other posts, can suddenly transform from dreck into diamond.

and i probably must concede that same point against myself, as pertains to the newslink madness, despite it's spamlike quality.

when i click on the word 'jisjfweiuhgas' (or whatever), i know that anything might be coming: jokes, insights, rantings, politics, science, religion, etymology, history, dream records, poems, lyrics, ascii-art, wisdom, idiocy, intelligence, foolishness, anger, sadness, ecstasy, delirium, brilliance, dullness,...etc.

i find it strangely exhilirating, and that perhaps makes me strange.

but the only big letdown comes when the page returns as a barrage of fragmented links to a fragmented array of pages. i don't mind gobbledeguk, but i do expect that someone has put themself *into* the gobbledeguk and not merely entered into a compulsive fit of pressing control-V.

kx21, when you post your thoughts directly, i almost always read them!!!

and as to rights? well, of course the news spammer has the right to do so: the rights of the center are protected by the rights of the extremes, never the reverse.

does one have the right to run down third avenue cussing loudly? yes! is it juvenille and annoying? yes!

does the strange man on the corner muttering unintelligibly know something valuable? yes! does he need to speak it directly if we are going to figure out what that is? yes!

[disclaimer applicable to everyone including myself: there is no limit to the number of considerations on a topic like this...and if someone's argument seems to miss a point, it does! to not miss a point would be impossible! entire books have been written on this stuff and no conclusion effectively reached, despite the authors' beliefs otherwise!]
* We_are_the_Universe...

Finger_and_Moon *
? phantom_words_and_other_curiosities... 050428
:) i_love_you_kx21 051115
meta meta 060313
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