john from michigan but lost in L.A. I promise to be me for a change and not the person I felt was someone special for so long. Way to much anamosity and not enough compassion. It's time to be me. 001231
birdmad to stop being this nice doormat i have been for the last four and a half years and go back to being the evil fuck i have mistakenly regretted being for so long

to act on my ambitions
to be mercenary in my motives

because i have decided that it is better to have no heart than to spend all my time trying to pick up the broken pieces

"i woke up and screamed 'fuck the world!'"
twiggie to say how i feel to the appropriate people.
to stop letting myself get hurt.
to stop biting my nails. (oh there that's a new one. maybe this year...)
Barrett Amen Birdmad,
Time to stop being the shittee and start being the shitter. Wow, and I thought i wouldnt have any resolutions this year...
Rhin *Rhin thinks for a moment*
*smacks forehead*
to make love on a lear jet!
Of course!
Megan to get over IT.
to start doing my homework.
to be nice to my mom.
cazzi I am going to get over my worst habits, and try being me for a change. 001231
Barrett I also resolve to grow out one big ass hairy beard. 001231
silentbob i can't think of anything.
help me.
misstree watch less tv. write more. read more. have hope again. fight bitterness. have fun. 010102
rolynd no more cancerization.. damn these coffin nails. To find true love? .. given that it exists. to work.. like i dont need money.. love... like ive never been hurt.. and dance... as if no one is looking 010103
j_blue to loose those damn pesky 10-15 pounds

be a more thoughtful boyfriend
silentbob i resolve to make no resolutions, to not decay myself with restrictions i can't meet, because of insecurties i don't care to fix 010103
Rhin Rolynd, I love that - work, love and dance... I second the resolution! 010103
stupidpunkgirl the drummer for rich's band made a new year's resolution to wear the same pair of sweat pants every day without washing them. it's been two weeks so far. and still going. he's odd, but fun when drunk. 010113
deb so sad
i never had the chance
to make one-
i fell asleep
on the floor
in andrew's room
next to charlie
around 10:30 or so,
new year's eve-
they were all loud at midnight
he said happy new year
gave me a kiss
and we fell asleep again-

last year it was
to stay alive all year.
did that. yay me.

hmmm... is it too late to make one?
sabbie i thought about making one
but when the time came
i was too busy
jumping in the bay
and shrieking at chill
of the cold water
on my bare legs
and laughing with joy
and splashing rach
and swimming on my back
and thinking about mermaids
and watching the fireworks
and waving at the boy on the shore
to think about commiting
to anything at all

and he said later
that we looked just like
two little girls
paddling about excitedly
in the belly-high water.
he told me how he stood on the shore
and smiled
as he listened
to our laughter
floating back to him on the wind
and we grinned
mad with delight
as we collected our clothes
and moved off into the dark night
and we never once thought again
about promising ourselves
things we never truly mean.
Tank well, i am 9 day's free of cigarettes now... 010114
tourist Go for it Tank!
It's a Triumph of The Will!
You'll Start to Taste Things Again
Like You Never Did Before, though in reality you will have only forgotten.
I personally make no resolutions,
I mearly try to do the right thing moment to moment, if I can pull that off I'm satisfied. With me plans are an invitation to failure. And failure is the doorway to disappointment , And I don't want to go there.
sabbie tourist

you sum things up so beautifully.

i so often find that, if i have had trouble expressing what i want to say to such a degree that i abandon my post,

you will say, so perfectly, what i wished to say, but could not, almost every time.

thank you.
deb hey tank,
how goes the
ciggie battle?
Shugarhi I make them and for a few days, I actually stick to them. Then I either forget or temptation sets in and I fail again. 010517
impatient virgin loose 100 lbs {trust me, I could do it and still be well above a healthy weight}

stop biting my nails {I did it before, I could do it again}

get a [first] job so I'm not so poor all the time {only bored and frustrated}

take school a little more seriously {else they kick me out of University and I have no place to go}

and get laid {even though I wouldn't be able to use this cool handle anymore... the prices we pay *wink*}
impatient virgin of course it occurs to me that making those resolutions basically means they won't happen at all...

damn I just fucked myself.

Oh well.

2003 has more promise.

This is going to be a rough year.
Mahayana: Zakah: well ... since you fucked yourself
technically ... [finger] speaking
are you still
[considering yourself a virgin]
*winks* im so teasing ya *tee-hee*
Mahayana: Zakah: [[[OH MAN]]]
that looked bad after i read it

i meant like: technically speaking
yet online you dont really speak
you type, so i dubbed the term,
finger speaking but ... within the
context of the topic ... it looked
like my mind had slipped into the gutters, & oh oh oh i do appologize for that/ if it offends you /i didnt mean it *that* way, although ironically its kind of a phunny pun
impatient virgin I was actually wondering if anyone got the "fucked myself" irony but me...

yeah the finger thing...

you're funny. But mostly because you really did it on accident.

Mahayana: Zakah: + 2 be more compassionate
+ to love more
+ to live more
+ 2 cont. 2 share good fortunes w/others
+ to grow/expand/reach out in each day
+ to oVer come depression, so that i may support others in their overcoming
+ 2 be more patient & understanding
+ to continue to see beauty in mundaness
+ to forgive more
+ 2 want less, yet offer, even more
+ to be thankful for all that i have, no matter how little, as well as during times that i deem myself as having nothing, for i shall always have something
+ to strive 2 be impecible with my words
+ 2 not take things personally
+ to compose more hand written letters

[realize this list is ever X-panding]
ClairE Je refuse. 011231
kerry to be a little more laid-back, not be so quick to take things personally and jump all over people...

true love would be nice but i won't count on it just so i won't get my hopes up...

to not look to others so much for so much support, to try to be independent and single minded, (or, more so)...

stop caring so much about stupid things, to be myself and actually find out who i am, be able to define myself... to be able to let myself go and be happy about it, just because i will be happy with myself.
ilovepatsajak great expectations 011231
reitoei noble goals these. how many will be achieved. or will they be forgotten and pushed away like a political campaign platform after an election. 011231
dB This year is going to be a very decisive year for humans. Things are still now and I'm waiting for the flame to hit the powder keg (said eyeing america and the mid east very suspiciously *no, really I don't trust you*).

I don't usually make resolutions. New year is like any other day, except people put off going on a diet in may because "they'll start one in the new year".

But this year I'd like to continue in the progress made last year. I'll try to be more peaceable, more personable. Less twisted adn save my anger for the times it can do good.
To continue trying to eat good food.
To try my best to be a good lover and a good 'boyfriend' (I still don't like that word).
To keep trying to fight the good fight.

*Peace Love & Noises of Destruction*
Aaron to get better mentaly
to find love with a woman i can appreciate
to make a better life for myself
to loose 20 lbs
ever dumbening more skiing
more sex
be present
Toxic_Kisses Like every new years resolution b4 this one
I will strive for perfection in myself
Keemeers To find love within myself. 011231
CelticMistress * to actually have a body by the time i can show it off
*actually have a tan by the time i can show it off
*not to let things get to me as much as they have in the past
*when all my friends go off to college, i will deal with it in a mature manor and know that i have a few friends staying behind with me
*when my boyfriend goes off to college, remember that he's a dick anyways and i can go have sex with him whenever he has weekend leave (from the Citadel)
kx21 SHE1, SHE2, SHE2,
SHE7, SHE8, SHE9 &
fill the Earth...
kx21 SHE1, SHE2, SHE3,
SHE7, SHE8, SHE9 &
fill the Earth...
ever dumbening i stayed a few nights at the mature manor, but the sex and the skiing weren't very good, like wrinkly dry grapes--uh, raisins 020101
anti-social butterfly i hate these. they are such bullshit. but i still find myself making the new year's resolutions. the ones i made for this year were:
no more smoking cigarettes ever
no more smoking weed
no more drinking
no more cutting
no more hooking up with boys for at least the rest of the school year

well, like every year, i already broke some of my resolutions within an hour or two after midnight. i got very drunk and cut myself five times. i thought i could quit. now i know i am hopeless. dammit. i pray i can at least stick to the others, especially to the one about not hooking up with any more of the evil boys at my school, especially not in my dorm anyway. i am not gonna do it. i swear.
Mahayana Be kinder and more patient, especially with myself. I will try to worry less about what others think of me, and concentrate on liking myself first. I shall try to be more secure and less sensitive in matters of love and being loved. I desire to spend less time by myself when I'm lonely and more time helping out and being with others, spending more time listening to the thoughts and stories of my younger brothers on a daily basis. 030109
Rhin i didn't make one this year... 030109
minnesota_chris me either. I do Lent sometimes, though. It's temporary, and ya got the whole God thing going for ya too.

One year I gave up electricity for Lent. No kidding.
elimeny i gave up sex for Lent last year.

Im not even Catholic.

You know, theres this loophole.. whatever you give up for lent, you can have on sundays.

sundays were naughty days.
minnesota_chris I don't subscribe to that policy. Did Noah have Sundays off during the flood? How about Jesus when he was tempted, did he say "oh wait, today's sunday... I think I'll go get a sandwich and a beer and see what Mary Magdalene is up to." 030110
p2 being atheist
i don't subscribe to the entire premise

everyday is a naughty day

my new year's resolutions:
1) do not do naughty things any more
2) do not do naughty things any less
minnesota_chris there is no God? That seems a pretty daring thought to me... 030110
MDogMA if I can ruin one persons day everyday for the entire year i think i'll have an accomplishment to boast 030114
Torch my new years resolution was to not spend as much at the bar but that only lasted 5 minutes 030114
blue star didn't make one this year.

I'm making a fresh_start
angie i didnt make one either
it kinda takes a lot of effort...
god don't pfotch 030622
tonightiscream To be strong enough to embrace apathy
But secure enough to remain faithful to what is important
User24 to do things I want to, and not be ruled by my laziness.

happy new year.
u24 13 days later, and I suppose I'm doing ok. smoking less w33d. getting up on time more frequently (I think I've been on time once this month. That's good for me.) Blathering a little less, doing (other things) instead. and making progress generally, so yeah. not good, not bad, but, more importantly, not the same. 031114
Shinequwa My new years resolution is to stop procrastinating 031227
reue to find my blue bird 031227
cocoon try not to be so quiet. actually talk to people.
im not sure if it'll actually work though,i dont particularly like any of my classmates. so what that should actually be is: find a hobby and make friends out of school.
minnesota_chris I had a good one, it was something like "say things in my ape voice more often" but I forgot it already. 040103
blown cherry not to cry over pathetic, weak-willed, self-centred bastards for as long as I can possibly hold out.
Not that I haven't come really close, but so far it's 9 days and counting, and not one tear caused by that cretin has crossed the threshold of my eyes.

allow myself to cry. I've wasted too much time already. Then and now.
not to waste anymore money on pot

notice i didn't say 'stop smoking pot'

i'm a schemer
even with myself
and i have a feeling this will be another short-lived resolution. last year's resolution was the only one that i ever kept. it's still going. should_i_call_him and break it?
what's it to you?
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