gots to know one song is not enough.

what songs would you put on a disc to be the background music for a special moment?
unhinged the album grace by jeff buckley

i don't want to start talking about it because it was really beyond words.
distorted tendencies well um... i don't know. I think a nice mis of techno/porn would do it pretty damn well. And some Marilyn Manson most definately. Something along the lines of that. If I'm in a really simple mood something like bjork, portishead, tricky, or lamb. Nevermind, how about all of the above? Sounds great. 010824
Madame Justine My make out CD would be:
1. Perfect Day by Lou Reed
2. Rock'n'Roll Suicide by David Bowie
3. Heroine by Rachel Stamp
4. Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno
5. Stairway To Heaven by Led Zepellin

I could go on. I'd probably throw some Kiss into the bag if I was feeling energetic. Tonight I amn't. I just want to be with Joey.

Excuse me whilst I break down and cry...
psychobabe i'd also make a good cd of songs i like

1. Silverchair-abuse me
2. typeonegative-love you to death
3. silverchair-freak
4. manson-tourniquet
5. tool-parabol/parabola
6. drowning pool-bodies
7. korn-ADIDAS
8. korn-for you
9. slipknot-gently
10. manson-man that you fear
11. manson-superstar
12. sex pistols-anarchy in the uk
13. bush-letting the cables sleep
14. typeonegative-red water
15. any ani defranco songs
16. system of a down-chop suey
17. manson-diary of a dope fiend
18. kidney knives-crazy
19. adema-giveing in
20. Staind-home

good cd to my standards
lost hell yeah thats a bad ass cd. except i dont like marylin manson much. 011007
silentbob u2 - with or without you
peter gabrial - in your eyes
led zeppelin - thast the way
saves the day - rocks tonic juice magic
alkaline trio - bleeder
dashboard confessinoal - so long sweet summer
get up kids - valentine
bouncing souls - Joe lies
sublime - 40 oz to freedom
Nine inch nails - closer
nirvana - love buzz
hum - stars
weezer - only in dreams
alkaline trio - You've Got So Far To Go
saves the day - Jesse and my whetstone
dashboard confessional - Swiss Army Romance
get up kids - don't worry, i'll catch you

notice that in the middle it gets really hard and funky and sexual, then it kind of winds down, and cools off. nice?
psychobabe alright alright i decided to remake my cd cuz yea i kinda agree the manson may be abit to much :s so here is my new one

1. Silverchair-abuse me
2. typeonegative-love you to death
3. silverchair-freak
4. NIN-perfect drug
5. tool-parabol/parabola
6. drowning pool-bodies
7. korn-ADIDAS
8. korn-for you
9. slipknot-gently
10. spoilcane-breath & Tear
11. any machine head songs
12. sex pistols-anarchy in the uk
13. NIN-closer *bobbo good choice*
14. typeonegative-red water
15. any ani defranco songs
16. system of a down-chop suey
17. any boy hits car songs
18. kidney knives-crazy
19. adema-giveing in
20. Staind-home

the new improved cd of mind =:)
nocturnal I must say, you did a DAMN good job, bobby. I might have to make my own copy and try it out. but with whom? 011008
Casey now who would make out with a CD? I know a boy who says he can fit his penis through a CD hole.

Give me some time, the issue of a makeout cd has never poped into my mind, give moe some times
mister mourning ^AFI-clove smoke catharsis

^John Coltrane -Ruby my dear

^Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- Do You Love Me

^Elvis Costello - My Dark Life

^Mike Ness(or Bob Dylan) - Dont_think_twice

^Pink Floyd - One of my tunes

^Alkaline Trio - Private Eye

^NIN - Physical

^U2 - if god would send his angels

^Depeche Mode - it_doesn't_matter

^The Cure - the_perfect_girl

^Clash - train_in_vain

^Marilyn Manson - I put a spell on you

^Danzig - Anythng

^Beethoven - moonlight sonata

^amoebaassassin - piledriver (the oakenfold/perfecto mix)

^The Damned - Alone_again_or
Niki these are the only ones i could think of right now...
1. Babe i'm gonna Leave you- Led Zeppelin (just thinking abou it gets me excited)
2.Wish you were Here- incubus
3.Mexico- incubus
4.Wild Horses- Rolling Stones
6.Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley (not appropriate lyrics but nice flow of music
7.Adagio for Strings- Samuel Barber
silentbob mister mourning

you're my new best friend

casey: Who said that??/
psychobabe i'm likeing peoples choices in music, veeeeery good *mwa* 011009
Toxic_Kisses ~On the sperr of the moment and in no real order~
Supernova -- Liz Phair
Sweet Dreams -- Marilyn Manson
Behind Every Good Woman -- Tracy Bonham
Discovery Channel -- Bloodhound Gang
This Kiss (mix)-- Faith Hill
Amazing Grace -- Ani DiFranco
Will you be my Vibrator -- (Forgot who it iz by)
and anything w/ a good loud rythmic drum beat, like trible stuff, no real music besides the drums.
silentbob You honestly want to make out to amazing grace? 011010
Toxic_Kisses Obviously you haven’t herd the song the way Ani DiFranco does it, give it a listen, trust me I wouldn’t want to make out to Amazing Grace if any one besides Ani DiFranco did it. 011010
niki amen toxic 011010
bijou screeching weasel - my brain hurts.
it's just a coincidence, really. it's not because it is romantic or appropriate. it just happens to be on at times like these.
lost break the cycle by StainD. or either Godsmack cd. my girlfriend and i both like StainD and Godsmack. we like pretty much all the same music. we just end up making out more often listening to these. 011010
bono in lingerie I made it onto a few people's tracklists! YES!!! 011012
psychobabe yea godsmack would be a good one, and so would staind, good choices lost 011012
Dafremen Weird Al Yankovic - Even Worse
in particular the song: You Make Me
lost hehe i like the song jerrry springer off his latest cd. it's a parody of one week by bare naked ladies it's soo funny. 011012
translucent I always wanted to fuck to the song ultra by kmfdm 011012
distorted tendencies Consider your wish granted. 011012
psychobabe :D hell yyea! you like kmfdm? heh there arent that many out there that i have found, thats some kool stuff right there 011012
ilovepatsajak spooky - dusty springfield
letting the cables sleep - bush
young americans - david bowie
glass vase cello case - tattle tale
swiss army romance - dashboard confessional
the sweetest thing - U2
to you i bestow - mundy
kiss me deadly - generation x
invalid litter dept. - at the drive-in
scarlet begonias - sublime
break on through - the doors
little star - stina nordenstam
talk show host - radiohead
take everything - mazzy star
so real - jeff buckley
she makes me wanna die - tricky
save me - aimee mann
friday i'm in love - the cure
rock 'n roll - velvet underground
just what i needed - jughead's revenge
ilovepatsajak whoa that's long 011013
silentbob dear toxic kisses
i have heard the way ani difranco does amazing grace, i heard it like a year and a half ago, and i simply can't get past the fact that its about god.
When i hear "Lord I Lift Your Name On High" it turns me off. Not on.
Anything else ani difranco does makes out. Granted, if i had to listen to any version of amazing grace it would be hers just cuz she brings down the house, but i don't understand why she plays that considering she's a self proclaimed atheist. it makes little sense to me.
burden 1. Would I Lie to You? - Charles and Eddie
2. Vinegar & Salt - Hooverphonic
3. Sleep the Clock Around - Belle & Sebastian
4. Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor
5. Bobby Brown - Frank Zappa
6. Dreamweaver - Gary Wright
7. November Rain - Guns n' Roses
8. River - Joni Mitchell
9. The Boomerang - Wesley Willis
10. The Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog
11. Teenage Lust - The MC5
12. Hard to Explain - The Strokes
13. Theme from (insert some bloody italicizing here) The NeverEnding Story - Limahl
14. Baseball - Ozma
15. The Promise - Tracy Chapman
16. Raum Der Zeit - Wizo
17. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
18. Only in Dreams - Weezer
19. Only in Dreams - Weezer
20. Only in Dreams - Weezer
burden Who listens to the lyrics during ecstasy? I just like stuff that sounds makeouty. 011203
ever dumbening silentbob,
regarding ani d singing amazing graze. there's a special on pbs this month about the song and it's history, and apparently it was written by a slave trader. thought you might trip off that one.
birdmad 1.) Al_Green - here i am
2.) D'Angelo - untitled (how does it feel?)
3.) Depeche Mode - i want you now
4.) New_order - thieves like us (instrumental)
5.) The_cure - if only tonight we could sleep
6.) Prince & The Revolution - the beautiful ones
7.) David Bowie - let's dance
8.) Marvin Gaye - let's get it on
9.) Barry White - never gonna give you up
10.) Siouxsie & the Banshees -trust in me
11.) Dead Can Dance - the host of the seraphim
12.) The Doors - the crystal ship
13.) The Cult - spiritwalker
14.) Smashing_Pumpkins - cherub rock
15.) NIN - la mer
16.) U2 - Unchained Melody
17.) Sade - is it a crime?
18.) Billie Holiday - night and day
19.) Photek - mine to give
20.) Bob Marley & The Wailers - is this love?
silentbob le gasp! 011204
yoink beethoven's 6th 011214
donaldson anything by Miles... 020309
lycanthrope 1.)the phantom forest nobuo uematsu
2.)celes theme nobuo uematsu
3.)beethoven's 9th symphony
4.)muzetta's waltz by puchini
5.)beast of burden by the stones
6.)kiss you all over by ?
7.)sexual healing by marvin gaye
8.)take on me by aha
9.)that crazy hamster techno song
10.)the william tell overture
11.)by your side by sade
12.)rainbow connection by kermit
13.)wild thing by the troggs
14.) great ball of fire by jerry lee lewis
15.) words of love by buddy holly
16.)a kiss to build a dream on by louis armstrong
17.)angel by jimi hendrix
18.)little wing as played by stevie ray vaughn
19.) lighting crashes by live
20.)today by smashing pumpkins

i want to make another one
lycanthrope oh...and sorry...but could you be loved by robert marley and his wailers should be on there too 020309
werewolf good vibrations by marky mark and his bunch that is funky
shoop by salt and pepa
that techno sway song
can't get you out of my head (that lalala song)
boys boys from ddr
the irish washerwoman
i believe in miracles you sexy thing by hot chocolate
the stripper by ?
america the beautiful (instrumental)
sakura (on the koto)
regulators by warren g...and nate dog
my name is nobody by the ned nash orhestra
raglan road by van morrison
brown eyed girl by van morrison
celia by simon and garfunkel
lay lady lay by bob dylan
summertime by jerry and mungo?
sweet city woman by ?
freaks of the industry
and the peanuts theme
maybe the jeopardy theme...
bonus track...fade to gray by ?
indie.chickadee 1. Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest by Deee-Lite
2. All I Need by Air
3. Anywayz by Esthero
4. Superheroes by Esthero
5. Ooh It's Kinda Crazy by soulDecision
6. A Tree Never Grown by J-Live/Invincible/Rubix/Mos Def
7. Love is Everything by Deee-Lite
8. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by PM Dawn
9. If Ever I Fall (Part 2) by Ivana Santilli
10. Always Be There by Basement Jaxx/Monday Michiru
11. Debra by Beck
12. Once Around The Block by Badly Drawn Boy
13. Trouble by Coldplay
14. Nice & Slow by Usher
15. Find a Way by Phatt Pussycat
16. Picnic in the Summertime by Deee-Lite
17. Tsunami by Res
18. How Deep is Your Love? by Dru Hill
kill rhythm well, sorry bobby, but we are gonna have some of the same songs here...

(in no particular order)

peter gabriel - in_your_eyes
dashboard_confessional - drowning
unwritten_law - seein red
for squirrels - van_gogh
beethoven's 9th
beethoven's moonlight sonata
the_weakerthans - my_favorite_chords
the_catherine_wheel - black_metallic
theme from requiem_for_a_dream - lux aeterna
eddie money - take me home tonight (hehe i like that one)
edwin mccain - i could not ask for more
goo goo dolls - black_balloon
jimmy_eat_world - thinking, thats all
love_spit_love - am_i_wrong?
michelle branch - all you wanted
pearl_jam - daughter
rufus wainwright - hallelujah
seal - kiss from a rose
stone_temple_pilots - sourgirl
sunny_day_real_estate - guitar_and_video_games
the juliana_theory - emotion_is_dead part 2
the_weakerthans - left_and_leaving
weezer - butterfly

ok ok i know its a lot but i didnt want to narrow it down at all
kerry stay gold, ponyboy- get up kids
the great indoors- john mayer
body parts- jump, little children
jamie- weezer
shoulder to the wheel- saves the day
jukebox breakdown- saves the day
bleed american- jimmy eat world
please slow down- braid
all ears- new amsterdams
oh my golly!- the pixies
initiation- at the drive in
how it feels to be something on- sunny day real estate
rape me- nirvana
my guitar- jump little children
london calling- the clash
say it ain't so- weezer
stork daddy i think mine's gonna be a five cd set 020509
blown cherry I've actually got a cd titled
"Music You Can Dance Naked To"

(cover excerpt by Nicole Fossati - Alchemy and JJJ)
"Is there a chord in sex major?
Is there a kink sharp?
...Can we coat ourselves in music and roll around on the rug, on the woven pastiche of exotic percussion, toasty breaks and butterfly-kissed, bass laden house?
The selections on Groove 4 are not just tunes you CAN dance nkaed to, it's music you'll WANT to dance naked to.
I don't advise you do this alone"

stork daddy
This Velvet Glove by redhotchillipeppers
Show me a little shame? by Ben Harper
Words of Love by Buddy Holly
Untouchable Face by Ani Difranco
The Woman in You by Ben Harper
This Woman's Work by Maxwell
By Your side by Sade
Cupid De Locke by Smashing Pumpkins
Crucify by Tori Amos
Hold on by Tom Waits
Beast of Burden by the stones
Strange Currencies by R.E.M
Slave by David Garza
Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zepplin
Evil Night Together by Jill Tracy
Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins
Wigwam by Bob Dylan
Spoonful by Willie Dixon

Superhero Ani Difranco
Life in Mono by Mono
stork daddy and this is what all the art comes to, words a backbeat to the backbeat 020512
angie wow storkdaddy...i want to make out with you! 020512
stork daddy oh i'm probably a letdown compared to the music 020512
stork daddy then again...maybe i ain't 020512
angie well u never know...
i guess the music would make up for it if you in fact were.
lobsterman is schism by tool a bad song to put on a makeout album? 020516
lobsterman if you're happy and you know it...clap your hands? better? 020516
jane i like stork daddy & werewolf's cds
want to make out?
werewolf you've got to be kidding. but you can read whatever you'd like into this next one...i'm not sure who sings me if you know...but i think i'd add that song that goes...sweet sweet jane...and then all that guitar irridescence 020920
jane there are a few different songs like that

anyway, that was a little uncalled for, don't you agree?
stork daddy haha...oh hush...hmmm i think i need an angry_dry_humping_album 020923
jane why not go all_the_way and just have a sex/fuck/make_love [etc.] cd? 020923
stork daddy well aren't we jumpy. relax, we've got all night. 020923
jane do you like taking it slow? 020923
stork daddy haha...there's time for both fast and slow. 020923
jane do you have a preference? 020924
Destination? Hands Down, Mer De Noms, by A Perfect is raw but emotional...emphasis on 3 Libras...the time signature in that is great for having sex....try it, 020924
stork daddy i prefer an honest to the moment agreement 020925
jane and how is that working out for you? 020925
celestias shadow 3 libras is an AMAZING song.....pretty much anything by APC is great. these are all pretty good songs/ideas here *mental note to self* 031030
big hands i know youre the one for those of us who aren't getting any lately and are hating it, i think we also need a soundtrack_for_sullen_lonely_masturbation 031031
Doar 1. principles of lust - Enigma
2. dogs of war - pink floyd
3. push it - garbage
4. amore - macy gray/santana
5. love & liberte - gypsy kings
6. shadowman - afro celt sound system
7. kidney thieves - crazy (remake)
8. eurotrash girl - cracker
9. the beast - concrete blonde
10. exploder - audioslave
11. forgotten sanity - curve
12. evolution revolution love - tricky
13. incantation - delerium
walking music encyclopedia ...
werewolf said: i'm not sure who sings me if you know...but i think i'd add that song that goes...sweet sweet jane...and then all that guitar irridescence


That was "Sweet Jane" by Cowboy Junkies
Excellent slow_dance/makeout_song
love & hate The only song needed would definately have to be:


Ultimate makeout song. Very kinky and exotic.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl the beginning of Slutgarden by Marilyn Manson sounds so kinky and sexy that it would have to be on the cd. That would be the dirty makeout cd, hehehe. 040509
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