dafremen (to all business, government and media "leaders")

So, how long? How long will you continue to use the "letter of the law" to justify your crimes against the society that produced and maintains you?

How long will you ignore that basic tenet of the social contract which compels all just leaders to at least acknowledge the humanity of those upon whose shoulders they are carried?

How long until you are "dropped" by a people tired of being viewed and exploited as mere resources?

If you cannot tend to and nurture your own personal humanity, then how dare you presume yourselves qualified to tend the needs of humanity at all?

Why are your words the words of slick-mouthed tricksters whose intellects are educated and honed to the task of camouflaging lack of substance with mental gymnastics?

Is that how you define leadership?

Because I've noticed that people who feel the need to lie or state half truths, or people that exert tight control over situations are always the most fearful people in the world.

They hide it behind a facade of intellect and calm control with no idea that inside, they are trembling. People like this need to know what's coming up. They like to be able to predict future events so that they can plan their next move. They don't live life, they plan it and manipulate others like chess pieces in order to bring their plans about. In psychology, they call these people sociopaths.

That's how you act. Control here...legislation there. Politic here..bribe there. You look someone in the eye and try to find just the right combination of words to get them to do what you want. Once you don't have to look them in the eye anymore, you stop. Then you just issue dictates that, to date, have failed to do anything but restrict the activities of and take income from the very people that make it all happen for you everyday.

We have a government to protect our freedoms, but we are less free on average.

We have a media to keep us informed, but we are less informed on average.

We have a business sector to produce so that we all gain, but are comparatively more broke than ever.

All thanks to our faith and reliance on you, our "leaders."

Here you are, living lives of great privilege in comparison to the 99-cent-burger-eating rest of us..and that's fine. You get more, better and faster than us, treat it as an entitlement and again, that's's tolerable. In fact, that's the "American Way."

But then you take our dignity from us. Then you started numbering us. Then you made your profits and power an absolute priority over our welfare and expect us to continue carrying you on our shoulders.

Your response to our complaints of poor treatment and over-exploitation? You throw the same money that you snake-oiled us out of back in our direction to try and make the problem go away. But see, the problem is you.

The problem is that you're not qualified to lead. Oh you may be great at running a business, and awesome at shaking hands and working deals. You may be able to write the most sensationally titillating teaser line in the world. But you're too selfish to be good leaders.

You're too self-indulgent to be good leaders. Just as a leader's welfare should be the concern of all, so should the welfare of all be the primary concern of their leader. True leaders don't worry about their own interests over those of their people.

You're too clinical, detached and pushy to be good leaders, and you demonstrate it through brutal acts against your own people, be they legal maneuvers or physical brutality. Warranted or not, it's your response which matters..that we watch. You demonstrate that you believe problems are to be solved by physical force. We could've learned that from watching animals. How does a great human leader respond? Like Ghandi? Like Dr.King? Like Cesar Chavez? Or like you?

Seems to me that if I followed the example of leaders like you, I might become greedier and more self indulgent myself. I might tend to care less about others around me, like you do. I might get more paranoid and maybe even start acting out you do.

Perhaps, if everyone followed the example of leaders like you, our whole society might become that way..who knows?

I had so much more to say, but we both know that it's a waste of my time. You're not going to hear me, and I'm the sort of American that doesn't really care if you do anymore.

If you weren't such a rude and persistent intruder upon our lives and affairs, I'd certainly ignore you. But you won't have that, now will you? You'll address the dissatisfaction of the people each time they start to reach that critical mass which would cause them to turn away from you and ignore your authority.

Like some sort of wife beater, you'll say what we want to hear until we calm down; then go back to abusing us if you'd ever stop.
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. daf that was one of your best posts ever 071127
otherwise UB kx21 stop bitchin' about it and do something about it. 071127
daf =) What do you think this letter is? Just because your writing talents have dwindled down to cut and paste, and the occasional dafremen impersonation, is no reason to assume that writing isn't a very powerful tool for "doing something about it."

see also:

Now, having delivered the attention you appear to need tonight..I'd like to get back to that fat bowl of sh*ts and stars I was about to dig into.
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i love your straw men and ad hominems. so classically daffy.
dafremen I tried to get all of the leaders gathered together in one place so I could tell them in person, but it didn't work out and so I had to settle for the straw ones.

A brother does what he can.
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dafremen see also: merchants_suck 080423
Lemon_Soda Daf = unrealized worlds best litigation lawyer 080424
Funky Dear Walmartifoxica,

I know you result from a nonpersonal economic process and not the deliberate malice of a sinister elite, but nevertheless you are pissing me off. Please stop. Thanks.

Your friend,
dafremen If only there was a sinister elite.

Our elite is just indifferent and thinks that it's alright to treat people like resources. They think they are doing well..promoting the "good life" and being ambitious.

There is nothing ambitious about burying a society in misery, poverty and self-indulgent behavior..

Greed needs a governor installed in it's engine. A pissed off people just might fit the bill.
dafremen I guess indifferent and impersonal are practically the same thing. So why use the phrase "just an impersonal process" when we are talking about society here?

Society should always be personal in at least its treatment of its own members.

When it ceases to be, it becomes incapable of serving them properly and is a nuisance...parasitic and diseased in its actions.
e_o_i Walmartifoxica
sounds quite exotic. A
word to exude on, elude,

A dropped fox stole;
a backwards glance with kohl-
rimmed eyes.
A flirtatious disaster.

Dear Walmartifact,
No, I do not love you anymore.
Stop the commercials. Please.
You have no right to
in my already sugar-clogged
ventricular cavity. Please.

-There is poetry in everything.-
Funky Fran Says: "Read carefully! I used the word 'nonpersonal' deliberately. I specifically avoided using 'impersonal'." 080426
dafremen From

nonpersonal: lacking personality; "nonpersonal forces"

impersonal: having no personality; devoid of human character or traits: an impersonal deity.

You might want to be even MORE careful with your choice of words next time when you have distinguishing to do.

Just a thought.
Funky Fran Says: Daf, it is you whom must learn to take care... in your selection of dictionaries! As any English professor will tell you, "" carries no more weight among scholars than does "wikipedia". Now you can learn why!

From page 10,954 of the Oxford English Dictionary: NONPERSONAL ~ 1. Not personal. 2. Something that is not personal, or is NOT A PERSON.

And on page 7,393 :IMPERSONAL ~ 1. A term applied to verbs used only in the 3rd person singular[...]. 2. Having no personal reference or connexion; said of things. 3. Not possessing or endowed with personality.

HAH! I win!

In my first post, I was just having fun, but clearly that was lost on you. In my second post, I was correct in my assertions, but *still* you couldn't leave well enough alone. Now I find myself the triumphant Queen upon a trivial little throne, and from it I declare: "Daf, other people are sometimes right, too!"

In the future, you might want to research your rebuttals more carefully. Having encountered your words on many a blathe, I can't help but note you have a really bad habit of starting fights this way, then blaming the conflagration on the other person's ego.

Just a thought, you patronizing skunk.
dafremen Wow...the Oxford English dictionary only had one definition for "nonpersonal"?

I find that unbelievable. Do you mind?

Quoting half-truths to support a somewhat sloppy choice of words is an awful shady tactic. You sure you want to keep going?
dafremen P.S. You haven't been paying as close attention as you think you have. DannyH tried that same "implied name-calling" tactic on "what_is_art." As I stated there, when folks resort to usually indicates a weak argument. It's like leaving a trail of blood in the water. Tsk tsk.

Come to pater, baby..
dafremen Correction: two definitions in the Oxford dictionary. MY apologies for what you might consider an advantage in this discussion. 080428
Funky Fran Hah! I won this round and you know it. Sometimes it's tough to take you seriously. I never claimed to have read everything you've written so you're statement that I "haven't been paying as much attention as thought" carries no weight: I have seen enough out of you to know this is typical Daffy obfuscation of a point Daffy failed to carry. What's simply over the top is that first you quote as though it is authorative, and then avoid addressing the fact that the OED backs me instead, prefering to berate my offerance of five definitions to your paltry two.

But here's what takes the cake: I didn't try an "implied name calling" technique; I straight up called you a name. I called you a patronizing skunk, but I was wrong, you are an intellectual weasel. If you can't distinguish between a direct name calling and one which is merely implied, why on earth would I regard you as an arbiter of proper word usage? *rofl*.

Dude, all you'd have had to do was say, "Why, you're right. I see that you did choose your words carefully after all." Or you could've said nothing. Or you have a messianac_complex and cannot help yourself. I've begun to suspect the latter. Where's Stork Daddy when I need him?
dafremen Heheh..welcome back..sucker.

I've been conferring with the blather_scholars. They appreciated you using THEIR personal definition instead of the definition that the rest of the world relies upon.

(Course none of them were really paying much attention to this I tend to wonder how much mileage you got out of your effort..)

I imagine that Stork daddy has better things to do than waste his time being a treadmill for your ego and intellect.

I, on the other hand always enjoy a good net-ertainment. So go on. : )
Lemon_Soda *eats popcorn and reads* 080429
Innocent Bystander go! go! go!
fight! fight! fight!
Fran Yawns Most of the world uses the OED. Nice try, though.

Why not try addressing my points, instead of flailing about miserably? Re-read your words. You've said almost nothing. Also, you started this, which probably explains why you are having so much trouble ending it. *adjusts crown*
dafremen Wow...a self-impressed brain with staying power.. (How many of those have been batted around this place for kicks, I wonder?)

from: daffy's_astrology_test_for_skeptics
"The easiest way to coax out the sharks, the intellectual animals and the egotistical predators is with the right bait...nothing calls em in like a nice, fat, juicy wriggling EGO!

Ok folks, we caught us this brute...his name...usc something or other. Remember this. I can catch as many of these as you like.. To a big fat ego...there is nothing more irresistible to pounce on than another big fat ego. It's like blood to sharks... Heheh question IS. How long can I keep im on the line? You realize that all I have to do is brag and boast and start talking down to him like I think I'm some big shot and he'll come rippin itno me and then we'll even get to meet some others. That's how these animals work.

Well hi there! How are you? Would you like me to squeeze some more blood in the water? (I'm sharkproof baby. There hows that?)

see also: meet_the_beast

That concludes today's experiment in how ego attracts bigger egos.

Have a wonderful evening ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the show."
? "Why not try addressing my points, instead of flailing about miserably?" 080429
dafremen : ) and the beat goes on...
And the beat goes on...
daf Forgot the generation I am mostly addressing.

For clarification:

(Every show should have a
roger jr. oh, daffy, why do you still get a hard on over the same tired shit, year after year? 080429
daf It's an interesting way to get to know people.

Especially those whose intellects form a shield around their true natures..making them a bit combative.

I chose the word impersonal (ie. nonpersonal) as a soapbox to make a statement about society..because this is blather..and some of us express what a statemnt makes us think about..not to pick a fight.

Combative people choose the misunderstanding over the understanding ..also defensive people will appear combative quite often.

When the chance for something to be an insult pops out at them..they attack..a defensive move.

When I see that's time to start watching.

Folks practically BEG to be examined and understood when they display their neuroses so openly.

They aren't going to do it willingly. But that ol' intellectual champion of theirs will invariably jump in and give more information to go we can learn the nature of their combativeness, whether it be defensive or competitiveness.

I personally have fought too hard for free expression to just sit there when someone tries to attack me for speaking about society..assuming quite mistakenly that I was commenting on their choice of words..or engaging them in a debate, without wanting to know who this person is and how they tick.

So it's time to watch when a bulldog like that comes growling through the yard...pissing on legs for lack of comprehension or desire to engage in a pissing contest to advertise their dominance in the environment.

Or perhaps their unwillingness to take in online life what they take every day in real life..or did at one time.

Eventually everyone will tire of this nonsense over nothing (except probably me..besides learning about strangers..I use this as a preliminary to writing diatribes about the government. Had to put a positive spin on it. : ) ) and get on with their lives and start reading what's really going on around here.

Until then..I've never had a problem playing back and forth in my life. Dozens was all we did on the streets of S. Chicago.

So..let's get back to this.

(BAIT)This is blather..I'll express my thing the way I see fit. F--- you! (BAIT) (told you more would show up. Or maybe the same one..for my next trick..well I won't spoil the surprise..let's just say it involves a large quantity of hash..three pounds of feathers and some elmer's glue. Or maybe an armchair evaluation by one of tonight's surprise guests out of nowhere. Heheh..if I wasn't so full of it I'd laugh harder. : )

The day I have to do anything but listen to anonymous words in the wind is the day I might actually start engaging you. : ) For's just something simple that I've done for awhile..let words flow. Then...while my eyes are so engaged..I can let other things stew in another part of my head..a subconscious one..waiting to be put to pad when they are ready.

Oh yea...and your dictionary sucks..and it's YOU that can't admit that YOU are wrong. So there! Bitch slaps crown off of Queen Question Marks head and wears it as an armband.

loves you
what's it to you?
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