silentbob falling in love is like falling asleep
but the sleep is so deep and its hard to wake
the happiness felt while in love
is like happiness you're dreaming of
in the arms of your loveer you are safe and sound
being apart is being underwater
wher eyou kick and drown
you said you won't forget me
when you're out ther ehaving fun
and even thought you are long gone
i know you were the one
but still i lie awake
screaming softly between sobs
all this hurt, all this pain
never happy, never sane
i bit my tongue and taste the salt
it's the only real thing left
birdmad is so hard on the knees 000709
amy generally speaking 010105
Quiggz The best or worst thing that will ever happen to you. Choose wisely. 010105
silentbob its hard to fight emotions when your heart chooses for you

quiggz, my boy, i like our opposing_viewpoints
lost yes it has been both for me. first the best then the worst. in that order. 011015
Sonya the sullen feline Falling in love is like falling off of a cliff. Initially you're standing on the edge hesitating whether to jump in hastily or crawl your way down slowly. And once you do decide to jump in the wind is sweeping against your body as you fall deeper and deeper. The passion burns up inside your body as you head further towards earth...or rather, happiness. And then you can either fall flat on your face, or into the arms of your beloved. 011015
unhinged i don't remember how. it used to consist of elementary school antics that developed into pained dichotomy but as much as i remember the old processes i don't think i'm capable of feeling them anymore. how did i get to this place? drugs and steel and rusty tears, the red-eyed porcelain of my innocence used to be cathartic but i lost that a long time ago. i get this odd feeling that i am squandering something very important and the only thing i am falling in love with is my violin. my final refuge i suppose. the thought that this feeling is just a memory makes my insides sick. 011015
sheryl with me, there is no falling_in_love
it is falling_into_dependancy

I'd rather not
petit potiron Doesn't it always go from the best thing you've ever experienced to something else? Either the joy fades (hope for this!) or it turns into hell on earth.

I know I'm not wrong about this. If joy didn't fade, we wouldn't have so many junkies.
Artemismagus Falling in love is not a sure thing and I dont think it ever will be. To bad really... One minute your ontop of the world and next thing you know WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAAM. It ends just like that. Well i have a solution to that problem, DONT FALL IN LOVE. 011017
bad_lyrics you used to be strong
but no it's oh baby please

cause falling in love
is so hard on the knees
blown cherry Falling in love, it seems, used to be a lot easier than this. In the old days all it would take was a nice boy, ok to look at, easy to talk to, and off I would go, in a happy smitten state.

Now it seems he has to be it. The be all and end all. Absolutely made for me to fall in love with.
I can only hope it doesn't stay like this. Can you imagine that? An empty loveless shell forever. A worse end I could not imagine.

I've met so many 'nice' boys lately, and they're interested, but I really can't give them anything back. I've lost my heart. It's grown so picky.
Old, shrivelled and bitter at the age of 23.

Maybe I'll grow out of it.

I don't like to feel like this.
Casey When you fall in love with someone it is like getting a rope tied around both you and the object or your desire. Everytime you see this person you can't seem to take your eyes off of them. You find yourself watching them and wanting to talk to them all the time. You watch what they do, what they like or don't like, and you do everything to make them happy. You want so badly to pull that rope and that person toward you, just so you can gaze into their eyes, wrap your arms around them, and kiss them so deeply. 020221
lost i have fallen in love... once again. i know how many times i have said that i wouldnt but i know her feelings are true. I know this because her friend gave me the address to her online journal. i would feel bad for reading if she hadnt asked me if i wanted to read it a while back. In her journal entries i can tell that her feelings for me are real. actually she feels exactly and i mean exactly the same way i feel about her. 020222
yummychuckle falling is so incredibly appropriate of an action. falling in love. I never stopped to appreciate the phrase until now. 020223
Mahayana [{as love is becoming me}]

each dream of the night,
each day of the dream,
every night dreaming of new days
:i am falling:
falling in love with you
and in falling in love with you
i have realized a love for a self
jessica fletcher when i first fell in love i lost myself and it was complete and utter . this second time hads lasted well as well as this blasted smile on my face. i am now a very happy . i hope it lasts until i am dirt or bird or something lovely and decomposed. 020515
Syrope i always fall...hard...none of that floating gently off a precipice for me. or easing down into it like off the side of a pool into the water because i'm not sure of the temperature. 020627
nightcrawler me too
once i see someone i like, that's it. no "well maybe..." or "i'm getting over him" or "i sort of like him but not enough to do anything about it."
none of that.
it's BAM! i'm in love. i'll admit it gladly at first but then, if nothing is happening, i start to retreat into myself, denying it but that makes it worse. i start to hate the person but ultimately end up loving them even more. one day i wake up and feel nothing.
gay gizmo I dont think I've ever been in love. If I had than I would sureley know. I've been in love with the idea of being inlove. But never actually in love. Maybe if it had continued a few more weeks I would have really fallen. He was my first kiss, he was what I fantasized about in highschool. He was that guy who was so sweet, who wanted to take me under his wings and show me what I had been missing out on. Hes the only reason I even came out when I did. and then he turned on me. called me a slut even though I'm prude and even though hes the one that dances for old men at a dirty bar. so he promised me the world and 2 weeks later told me he never wanted to speak to me again. and my heart sank, I cried. I wanted to throw up. I thought I was in love and I thought that my heart was broken. but that first bitter taste of relationships taught me alot. taught me why I shouldnt just give my trust away. why its important to earn it. anyways, I still carry resentment. does that mean I still care about him? Because I dont htink I do....well, if he's reading this (which I highly doubt he is) then fuck you and your ugly best friend :) HA!! 021001
blue star it's love and I hate it - Loudon Wainwright III 030122
zxc i think i am. and it is scary. 040613
puredream The whole idea of falling is really terrifying. I've had dreams where I fall and fall and fall...and I usually jump out of those dreams screaming and sweating. Yep. I'm pretty sure that falling in love would not be that great. I mean sure I'd love to be caught finally but now I'm envisioning falling in one of my dreams into a big vaught of like, jello goop? Love...the new age jello goop. 040613
lacunas coil trepidation, waking in the middle of the night covered in sweat trying to hold on to the edges of my bed to stop the sensation of falling. i breathe and realize that it was all a dream. all except the love. 040614
lovekilledlove [today i woke up with a desperate need to fall in love.]

last night my cousin invited me to her place for dinner. on my way there, amidst the rush hour traffic of people, cars, buses, and trainsi rode alonelike everyone else.
i got on the bus, crammed with people, and made my way to the back. there stood a girl whose eyes met mine, for a mere second it seemed we both found something neither of us understoodthen quickly looked our own ways. i pulled out a book and read, pretending not to notice her, she pulled out a book and readpretending not notice me. she did not appear good looking enough to me and i dismissed her off my mind, i began to read for real though it was evident i couldn’t concentrate; from time to time our stares will meet again. i could feel her thinking about me. words have never been so hard to utter: “ excuse me, do you know if this bus keeps going east, all the way to mount pleasant?” i only spoke to her because i knew that she wasn’t mytype”. my insecurities deemed that i needed a crazy girl, like me, she didn’t look crazy.
no. You have to take the 34 on the other side of the station.” her voice was soothing as i broke. “thanks.”

as everyone got up to leave at that very instant, she was first, ahead of me. she looked backi must have looked confused to her. outside of the bus she waited for me and said, “the bus you want it’s actually over there.”

on the other bus, alone, i didn’t think much about the whole thing, she wasn’t great, i didn’t like her, there’ll be others.

what if?
mikejohnson so, lovekilledlove, you are from toronto just like
mikejohnson so, lovekilledlove, you are in toronto just like
lovekilledlove yeap, toronto all the way, though i muss confess i'm having a hard time falling in love in toronto. i'd like to however. any girls in TO. that wanna fall in love with lovekilledlove, than maybe i can change my name to lovesavedlove. 050315
no reason this is all so very strange. 050315
mikejohnson you always say that!
chuckles for no reason.
who i am doesnt matter anymore whats the big hype anyway?

so ive fallin inlove once or twice. so i thought that was it, that i was done for.

and then i break a few hearts, move on, and fall right back inlove with being single.

but maybe my fallin inlove with u was a little more real, and im sure from the outside it seemed fake to everyone. i mean come on it sounds silly to me as well.

but with everyone else, whenever i decided to break it off was because i never saw a future with them, because it got to a point that felt like it would never grow or change and i didnt wanna be bored with it for the rest of my life.

so ive been with the druggie, ive been with the ex iraqi war hero, ive dabbled with a vampire, and ive seen a few others here and there.
hell im even engaged to a gay buy.
and ive loved it all.

you were different. you made me laugh, and i mean really laugh from the inside out.

that sets you apart.

im sure you remember what it was like

falling in love and all.

it happens to the best of us.
oren ♫ ... over again,
with you...
Foolish over you.
mockingbird my aunt always asks me at christmas if I've fallen in love yet

so far I've always had to say hehehe, no, but I laughingly told her she'd be the first to know
pete when santa was about to leave on christmas eve he looked at me (after asking my other siblings about their love lives) "now peter i'm not going to ask you how your love life is" half way out the door he turned and said "so how is it?" in the laughter that followed a slow witless moment the answer "in egypt" was muffled. 051226
Rise "Come, let us jump together into this pink pit...." 071119
pobodys nerfect ...sadly, always turns out to be a very pointless expenditure of both time and emotions for me. The intended goal is always just out of reach of my outstretched arm, and i'm at the point where i would rather lay on my bed curled up into a ball & have a good cry about it than let my heart get broken again.
*cries* I really really don't want to feel this way anymore...
How many "almost, but not quite" times can a person bear of this sort of thing?? =0(
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