yummychuckle don't ask me.
I can only think of about 3 friends. everything else doesn't seem to help.
nocturnal curiosity about the future
wanting to meet the love of my life
good food
wanting to find what I'm good at
seeing bands I haven't seen yet
thinking about the faces of my family and friends if they heard I had died
lots of things.
dB Waiting for the answer to the question 'how can things possibbly get any worse?'. 010627
dB And the idea that one day I'll learn to type properly. That is on my list of things to do before I die. 010627
tears of the night i don't have any reasons to live anymore. every reason i had is leaving. Every reason that i had will be gone by next september. so whats the point of going on. 010627
pat sajak "the meaning of life" it's a movie by monty python 010627
Casey The only reason I have is because I'm looking for a reason 010627
DannyH Abject terror of death
Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce
"Return of the Black Regent" by Add N to X
MollyCule "I love Twinkies, and the reason I am saying that is we are all supposed to think of reasons_to_live."

Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
me dancing...pure and simple 010815
sweetheart of the song tra bong I haven't written that one perfect sentence yet, that one God would roll out of bed to read. 010816
baby satan i got one: being terrified of your own stupidity. as long as you can still scare the shit out of yourself occasionally, you must be doing something right! 010906
Ishtitoon Just like you need no reason to love, you dont need one to live. 010906
unhinged i'm living within the diseased parameters of this town
the death grip of a
cold-blooded reptile
constricting my chest
somehow i always managed to be more free
inside of my depression
anywhere else
watching her cry
him die
the barely functioning smokestacks
of a failed community
spewing out what little
pollution they have to offer
the bruise is forming in it's
regular place
and the street lights will only blink
in the cold gasps
of the crackheads sleeping on the park benches
he used to say that you are your environment
i feel my compassion leaving town for cheaper means of manufacture
the valley shrouded in grey
the clouds hard round edged steel
choking the life out of me
Pythagorus #1. Life is a Gift.
#2. You have a purpose.
#3. The world needs you.
#4. Once you understand why #3 is true, then #2 becomes Crystal Clear, then all at once, #1 seems painfully obvious, and you wonder why you never realized it before!
silentbob When the amount of reasons you have to live can be counted on one hand, it's time to do something different. 010907
for the masses everybody needs
some reason or other
you'll find a reason
when you discover...
silentbob play dough! 010907
lost my friend thy. maybe i will find someone that really cares. my gf and i broke up a couple days ago. it didnt hit me until last night that we would never be together again. i told her that if she wanted to i couldnt. i cant take it anymore. i love her but i can only take so much. well at least thy needs me. well he doesnt need me but we have helped eachother through hard times. given eachother advice to eachother. i have a couple friends who care.maybe. im not seeing to much to live for right now but thats the way i always see things. 010907
Dafremen (a little applause for Pythagoras!!)

Well said. To those of you who found something to live for...good for you. For those of you who counted ZERO reason to're right, there is nothing to live for, nothing to see here folx...keep moving along...adios...cya...wouldn't wanna be really I mean that..leave.

WAAAIT!! No wait....don't go...I THINK I've got a reason for you to LIVE. You've got to stick around to remind the rest of us how worthless life is. We might forget otherwise...
morning how can you even not have reasons to live? have we all lost that awareness that we had when we were three years old and everything was amazing and we just couldnt believe the things we saw? why do so many people lose that as they get older? if you lose that awareness, i think you lost the ability to live. waking up in the morning and looking at your window to see the sun rise...its a fucking star five bazillion miles away and it has the potential energy to kill us all. isnt that just fucking crazy? dont let depression block this out of you mind. soak it all in, i dont know why im here, ive been trying to figure it out, but its pointless to look. because its too frustrating, and one day, it will hit when youre least expecting it. and youll be so glad you understand the beauty of the life and all the love that surrounds us. hope is a hippy on a beach, (right kev?), and a 100 year old tree, and pausing upon your sip of coffee to thank whoever you may thank for the small joys in life. the awareness is inside of us all, just find it and you will know what i mean. 010907
Norm Good freinds, beer, and appreciation for all thats good. 010907
nocturnal this is what I told my friend last week:
if you kill yourself, you're not even giving yourself a chance to succeed or to find happiness. if you're still suicidal by 50, that's different, but then what's the point? you got that far...
distorted tendencies Alex and good lovin'.

And all the other awesome things I can do with my life.
mister mourning being a royal pain in the ass gives me great pleasure.

what a rush
Toxic_Kisses To prove them all fucking wrong! To have them bow before be in defeat and awe! That is my reason. 011009
ClairE There aren't any. You have to make your own. Once you do that, everything is a reason. 020102
Mahayana: Zakah: dont
preposition me
with towardness
of living

[give me the right fucking directions]
kerry to make everyone love you


of course, if they already do, you're definitely a lost cause in my book. ;)
Steve Martin "You have so many reasons to live!"
"Give me three"
"Alright then one!"
"Not dying! Not dying is something to live for!"

- The Lonely Man
Dafremen Because there are no reasons to die. You will return, you will be back, you will play a part. Escape if you can, only to find that escape is futile and eventually, no...CERTAINLY one of these times around, you will discover that escape is undesirable. Perfect paradise is all around you and you don't have to wait for's already waiting for you. 020618
blue star strawberries
good music
good books
the possibility of making it into the guinness book of world records for the longest kiss. (or anything else that tickles you)
sweet little kids
sweet old people
silent summer nights
full moons
loud summer nights
silent winter nights
getting mail that doesn't consist of bills or stupid credit card adverts
Dafremen Wise beyond your unknown number of years blue star. : ) 020619
reitoei ive heard it's "cool". its in to live right now, everyone's doing it.

now give me a good reason.
kerry things u haven't done... the thought of doing them. the thought of doing people you haven't done. hehe.
poems, love letters, old photographs, that "infinite" feeling you get when you're filled with boundless joy, stories you have yet to tell, people you have left to kiss. there are drinks to drink, songs to sing, secrets to share, lives to celebrate.
silent storm us
our life
our family

our love
melissah because i believe there is something better to be had in this life. 020811
screwing for virginity morning's post reminded me of a quote i once read (and copied):

"Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be unremarkable."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

if finding wonder in everyday items doesnt enspire you to live, nothing will
pushpins takes too much effort to die. that, and some other stuff. 021112
girlnamedlover I hate twinkies. 021112
silent storm sassafrass 021112
Mahayana [books from the library] 021112
Rhin i've not yet served my purpose to the fullest extent, hope, i would never want my mother to have to clean up the mess (she would consider it her responsibility), it would kill my mother, what if..., fearful of life going on without me, i wouldn't die in peace, and mostly because after all is said and done, i love my twisted little self. 021113
stork daddy if everyone killed themself...there'd be no one to read all the suicide notes. 021113
kss tomorrow 021113
Jeca for starters, i still have 42 big things on my list to accomplish first 021113
failing to make sense of it only fools_die 021114
splash of orange
relationships with amazing people
splash of orange reading
splash of orange traveling 021125
splash of orange home 021125
Mahayana my only one sarah 021229
xle you're not mine
haven't been for a long time
stork daddy not even after all we've been through together xle? 021229
xle oh You ARE my reason to live, don't worry

i was possibly talking to someone else
collection agency curiosity cigarettes terrified constricting depression functioning community painfully discover awareness frustrating happiness towardness directions certainly paradise strawberries everyone compliments photographs sassafrass tomorrow accomplish finishing amazing traveling starting together possibly 031031
phil overcoming fear, fighting pain 031031
wingedSerpent only because death, when i visited, was even more weird and stupid and fucked_up than living has been 031031
love & hate only one... my angel, my katie...... 040918
blondie to love and be loved 040918
god because i don't want to fuck my son's life up. 040918
who i am doesnt matter anymore because there is always a way to make things better. and everyday i strive to get to my 'better' place where one day i wont have to think things will get better because they already have. 051203
tricou i've emptied the hat.
the countdown begins.
Twitch how about to see who responds to this blathe next...

ok...lame reason..
no reason what if it's me? 051204
monkey out in space YOU. 051205
no reason uh...just to clarify, i meant "what if the next person to respond was me?"
not "what if a reason to live is me?"
k bye.
RoaulDuke ever expanding conciousness
twenty everything, everything, everything. 070702
jane !excitement! 070702
swears the misfortune getting laid, going out on joy rides, getting stoned, hanging in the woods. 070703
laced . 070913
Lemon_Soda Family
my dogs
computer games
perfect weather
perfect storms
gong fu
road trips
comfy couches
good books

gosh...theres just so many people and things I want to experience over and over...

Oh...and the most important...

ungreat because dying is too easy. because this life is unique and i plan to explore it to the fullest extent. because no day will be like today and bring what tomorrow may. i will get hurt over and over, i will cry, i will hate myself and every one else, but i will dance and smile and breathe and laugh, and fuck, and dream, and run, and kiss, and hug, and feel and see the most incredible things. thats why i choose to live every day. because tomorrow i could do so much more than i ever have before. 070913
camille Reasons to live

I’ve yet to hear of a cure for the world’s pain..

bloody red sunrise against a bruised blue sky
The sound of crickets harmonizing
(sipping on a cold glass of tea)
reciprocated love …mission … is it possible?
love cannot be measured.
children to teach
children to learn from
there’s people yet to read
on blather sunsets..

I continue to breath therefore I exist
Heart keeps rhythm to the second hand beat
me today
there are none
but you
and i dont want you to have
that kind of power.
lux reasons_to_die
your hair
past_place life
is reason enough
to live
what's it to you?
who go