jane your words are true, are real, i can feel them beat like a heart with every syllable...they are passionate & pure with the spice of sin

plus i enjoy them.
thank you
blah-ze jezabel-
just recieved back an ancient history paper today-yeah, i admit, im in high school. our class did jezabel as an elective. she actually wasn't half bad.

anyway, sorry about butting into your conversation. i have an after school class now, and i have to leave. now.

*waves like the bleeding git that he is*
shoccolo why do you apologize for being in high school?

just curious...

we all had to go through this - some now...
blah-ze didnt specifically apologise for being in high school (though it may be a good idea before the whole world knows) i think i only apologised for making a totally inappropriate comment on the blathe. i think.

god, have i offended some mysterious blather ettiquette and made a totally huge mistake? i feel like a git. (please don't respond to that, by the way)

bringing me to my next point, which just occurred to me. is there some kind of blathaquette (sounds like french hanggliding) or sumwhat? and more to the point, did i just bust open it. like, can you never contravene dafreman or oldphebe or jane or some other important signatory? or am i just babbling again.


oh... whoops

(side note)
and to my surprise, i actually passed that ancient history exam... and got equal top of the class. i'll just go look at my head in the mirror... just to make sure it ain't noticable...
misstree you make me blush to my bones, darlings. i speak with passion because that is what forms me; if some reaches through such placid blue to quicken your blood, it is a gift to both you and i--it is through sharing that one becomes More. i fear sometimes that the tight focus of my writings demeans them, but if i flower only in scarlet in such a vast garden, there are others who will provide the contrast.

and no worries about "interrupting"... all voices nourish, and all rules are meant to be challenged. i actually know very little about my namesake--care to share the fruits of your labors? and congratulations on doing well--our minds are all we have, especially in a meeting place such as this, so pride in its working is well deserved.
blah-ze if it happened to be directed at me

ferret oh yeah..... her 030819
the paint is flaking
to reveal

the girl beneath
oldephebe imminent signatory - come on you gotta be kidding me! take that tongue out of your cheek! You've got a great sense of humor chum - ha ha you can challenge and contravene or whatever however whenever man - you have got a finely honed mind, and ah congratulations on your ah test - holy alias blatherman! ok so ah fine then. Heed the words of mistree though, you mind her now ya hear? now who has got his tongue in his cheek?

jezbel - like a said - you gotta gift ..oh yes you do..

really though your imagery and is breathtaking - to think in such vivid colors - in such equisite verse - quintessence yep

oldephebe is not any kind of venerable personage, just a voice in the choir of babble

megan wiggle your hips a little
show some
raise your arms and
into laps of men
lapping you up
with tongues and eyes
of flesh.
burn your desire
bat your eyelids
oldephebe O

ladies, ladies, can we simmer down now? just a little?

remember the old sat nite lve skit?
simmah-dahn na

seriously though could you guys turn down the flame a little, I've got a meeting with a presbyterian ecclesiastical plenipotentiary this morning - gotta keep my presbyterian piety in tact - keep my mind scoured of all carnal digressions haha!
jezabel i will lick the thoughts from your salty skin, if you like. 030821
oldephebe is silly ((*Meep!*)) 030821
oldephebe wait i just read that again..

i will be over here studiously trying maintain my agarian and austere piety

seriously though you are an extremly talented provocateur - or whatever word that means intuitively gifted at evoking stark and yet intensly intimate and powerful images, palpable, almost..tactile

i wish i could ah conjure more than these ...congeries of crowded breaths
de * er the third has returned.

once banished,
once starved out of a comfortable niche,
again i can feel his hot breath
on my neck, feel hotter blood
coursing with mine.

this is a dangerous dance; lands such as his
can twist, can destroy...
but i am not a stranger to poisinous power,
and have reverence enough
not to relish it.

hunger turned inward
brought darker scarlet thoughts,
a hunting dog an act of despair and desire,
though the hunt will bring me to
forest fled long ago.

uneasy anticipation marks the
beginning of this foul partnership.
i am a single-minded creature, a creation. i am an aspect that has become a whole. i am the deadly shape of something that runs through dream's dark forests.

i am taut purose. i am fire and blood. i am the gleam in a dangerous eye. i am a serpent poised. i am hot, panting breath. i am hunger.

i am the instrument to freedom. i am rebirth. i am stabbing forward thrust. i am ignition.

i am pure scarlet words. i am bloody intent. i am ancient voice. i am isobel, i am eve, i am lilith, i am my own, i am jezabel.
oldephebe yes you are 030903
jane what do you think about
jezabel darling sweetmeat, if i didn't know better, i would think there were a story behind that question... but no matter... i have much to say, i must dive before i lose my path through this prickly maze...

what do i think of girls? the question leaves me chewing my lip while volumes flow through. there are as many flavors of girl meat as there are of boy meat... some insist that it doesn't matter, that the only difference is in the meat... but it isn't, is it?

the "fairer sex" blooms in a shadow, fairy tales and movie stars dancing our dreams for us. we are the other. we are the mystery. but because we are assumed to be so emotionally turgid, so inscrutable, we gain night's freedom--as long as we are quiet. many breeds are born under the moon's gaze.

myself, i am predator, i am seductress, i am brazen harlot. other predators and i hold each other in careful regard, sometimes growling and pissing on borders, sometimes sharing stories from fire-lit caves, sisters reunited for brief moments, bloody and grinning. predators are not well-liked by most others; we are threat, come to steal the prize of pairing; we are untamed, barking defiance at decorum and restraint. we are feral passion, and our restrained cousins are made uncomfortable by our heat.

some are creatures of strenth, refusing to yeild to simple boundaries of submission. some are willowy reflections, never having been taught the path to their own completion, breezes that need pillars to twine between to define themselves. some are fae creatures, bringing the joy of creation in laughing handfuls to any they cross. some are darkened jackals, their anger at their secondary status bringing them to seething hatred lurking in hardened eyes. some are fledgeling sparrows, still trying to define themselves.

of all these, rarely will i endure the company of another unless they be a predator of close kinship, or posessed by unusual strength, or the beginning blossoms of either. these latter i have been known to take under my wing, to teach the words of power, to show the movements of writhing hips.

but this is not what you were asking after, was it? you were asking after the taste of their flesh, not the shape of their soul.

i will be honest, as to be otherwise is unthinkable. women, all women, are sharp-eyed and cunning, the instincts of prey threaded through each aspect, reinforced with each leer and hidden thought from their eternal opposite. this delicately dressed power, this lack of vulnerability where normally i find throats ripe and bared, is very unsettling to me. when paired with the joyous worship of curves, of softness, of unchecked response, i find myself flustered. they are the one thing in the world that can scare me. the uncertainty is overwhelming.

but, do not think that this discourages me entirely. i revel in the forbidden thrill, and many goddesses coming into themselves have sought me out, pressed themselves against me as a way of asserting their newfound powers, allowed me to worship with gleaming eyes. i do not, can not, hunt women the way that i hunt men, but in turn i become the hunted, the flustered, the lost. i become transparent and powerless as women realize that my throat is bare to them. they laugh as they trip me up, the empress fallen grateful at their feet. they lift me up in soft and delicate hands, and draw from my lips musky scarlet secrets. they do to me what i do to men, and i, helpless, roll at their feet like the graceless pups i so disdain.

is that what you sought? or were you hoping to hear tales of the taste of seaweed slish, the indescribable yeilding fullness of a woman's cupped breast, the curves of waists my hands have roamed with jealous reverence, the difference in feeling lips small and soft beneath mine? those tales will remain mine alone. already i have told too much about my helplessness in their thrall, and must retreat to rebuild my unbreachable pride.
jane that was incredibly beautiful
thank you for your insights, i didn't expect such an encapturing diatribe
that night i almost typed
please tell me you're interested in women
in hopes of your affirmation & a place i could seek
i'll not aim my arrow
unless i am proved wrong
once more

love & gratitude
jane i didn't mean diatribe
i meant divulgence
oldephebe jeaebel, jane - anyone who thinks his heart is daed to passion need only to read this page and then if they are still staid and unstirred, it's time to take a premptive trip to your local undetaker..seriously

minnesota_chris Harlequin book writer, probably a 14 year old named Benjamin 030919
jezabel flash of hot anger
is followed by
warm, rotting breath
in low laughter.

let the jackal call the tiger a kitten.

i remain i.
Lemon_Soda It is rare for one to seek a simple pool of clear water to sip from and instead be met by a torrenting mountain stream that bathes the entire form. You were blessed, jane.

jezabel, you erased my blaise for the duration of your script. I am not brought to my emotional knees by words in print very often.

Consider it a compliment.
minnesota_chris I forgot to mention, you write well. 030919
jane and how 030919
oldephebe yep 030920
realistic optimist jezabel,
you tear from me
that which i would freely give
you grind your teeth
on my yeilding lips
you cast me out to sea
to see which way the tide flows
and i want more
beat me
tear me
grind me down
how else can i know
that i can still feel?
whats wrong with being dramatic? D!
just read RO's scorched lines.

and somewhere there's calvacade of moronic character dancing across the celluloid canvas and millions more swearing its the best tv or movie they've ever seen

not so in blather though huh?
minnesota_chris she's been thrown from her high place, and torn apart by dogs. 050707
... If ever a devil was born,
Without a pair of horns it was you,
Jezebel it was you.

If ever an angel fell, Jezebel,
It was you,
Jezebel it was you.

If ever a pair of eyes, promised me paradise
Decieving me, grieving me, leaving me blue
It was you,
Jezebel, it was you

If ever a devil's plan,
was made to torment man,
It was you,
Jezebel it was you.

Could be better had I never known,
A lover such as you,
Forsaking dreams and all,
For the siren call of your arms.

Like a demon love possessed me,
you upset me constantly,
What evil star is mine,
That my fate's design should be.

If ever a pair of eyes,
Promised me paradise,
Deceiving, believing, believing you
It was you,
Jezebel, it was you.

If ever a devil was born,
Without a pair of horns it was you,
Night and day,
Every way,
Jezebel, Jezebel, Jezebel!
quote source reverend_horton_heat 060721
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