ang nice place to visit but i wouldn't wanta live there.

did you know it is legal to carry a six shooter on your "person" there? the right to bare arms and arm bears. craziness i say.
Danny wide, middle america...all that land, so little there, it takes so long for the sun to cross, yet so few appreciate it 990209
jacob , don't mess with it. 990210
kirstin If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band. 990329
daxle ozzy pissed on the alamo, and I applaud him 990506
ivy is a scary place when you look anything but sparkling white.

having full lips and almond shaped eyes - i was called all sortsa nasty names and was refused service in more than one place. that is, until i told them i had nothing but time to waste in their *fine* establishment. (that's Denny's for you.)

makes me think of that South Park episode, "We don't take kindly to takin' kindly."

at least some decent music has come out of that cesspool. i don't mean the sxsw either.
Tess don't mess. 000114
3s0t3r1c man I used to live in texas
white proud old Austin
sidearms cowboy hats sixth street
college contamination from the young
early professional stride
mark my poetry not my individual
stroke deep down guadalupe into the
southeast side
where mexicanos play tejano
cultural context juxtaposed
my technique is intensity manifest
old hick Texas. From the word "tejas" which means "we just took your land." 000123
amy i love the "fuck the rest of the states" lonestar flag. 000210
typhoid where men are men.
and sheep are afraid.
birdmad and to think, i almost took the advice of all my relatives and moved out there.

for what it's worth, maybe i should have.
jamie Imoved here from the east coast. This state has all that any person can want:hills, oceans, praires and more. It truely has everthing that america has to offer in one place (Except WINTER that is) 000724
Brad I'm still alive and just in texas. My computer hasnt been hooked up yet. Too much other shit going on. More to come. 000828
splinken these boys i knew in high school went on a band trip to texas. they bought a bunch of bumper stickers that said "don't mess with texas."

they ripped the "don't" off of every sticker and put them on their cars when they got home.

"mess with texas."
datura you can carry a gun to church
in texas.
because george w. bush said so.
god http://www.slonet.org/~rloomis/shepchp.wav 001202
Rhin *pout*
Why does it have to
be so far from Indy?!
*cont. pouting*
Wiley Coyote I would have to say that all I really hold against Texas is that every year the love of my life goes there for a few weeks, leaving me alone in the cold midwest. 010105
MollyCule He tells me, don't worry, think about Texas. How good it's going to be for us in Texas. Little town, Port Aransas, a 42 hour drive from my front door. He tells me, you'll love Texas.

I hope I love Texas.
nocturnal showin her school spirit TEXAS TEXAS YEEHAW!!!

the eyes of texas are upon you, all the live long day
the eyes of texas are upon you, you cannot get away
do not think you can escape them, at night or early in the morn
the eyes of texas are upon you til gabriel blows his horn.
power through passion Not such a bad place to be. Somehow, by strange default I ended up there, in Austin, at least to pass a couple of years. I could definitely do a lot worse than this town.

And hey, they even shipped George W. out of here so that we can now enjoy Austin in peace.
absent but still present it feels like texas around here

my best friend here is from texas
Tot Who's got the herb? 010816
Ignoramus Don't you wish that Mexico would amass a large enough army to go to war with the US? They would invade and capture Texas, and then run out of resources. But then we all notice how much better off we are without Texas that the US forgives Mexico, and we thank them for taking Texas.

Me too!
Timmy Mexico couldn't amass a large enough army to invade Texas itself. Our militia is larger amd more powerful than their entire military. I wish we'd just go ahead and secede. It'd be a much better place. 010816
mexico It's not an issue of whether or not we want it (we don't really)

America doesn't want it, we don't want it...i say nuke it.
kingsuperspecial irony comes in so many delicious forms, and here we have a texas sized example.

go ahead an secede, kids. we ain't stopping ya'll.
thetuvix At least it's not Utah. 011014
anti-social butterfly rednecks, southern accents galore, death penalty, white republican supremists, very biased newspapers, narrow-mindedness, ugly, no trees, hot, bad roads, scorpions, george w bush, need i say more? and you have to drive all the way through just to get to mexico. dammit. i hate texas. 011031

there's lots of trees.
anti-social butterfly sorry, don't mean to offend. i just had a really bad experience with texas. and i drove through it all the way to mexico and stayed in a couple of cities, and i saw no trees. everything was dead where i was. i guess that's good if there are places with trees. 011031
Teenage Jesus Dallas, Texas where they teach `em to shoot at presidents and at those who shoot at presidents. 011031
nocturnal no offense taken. I'm not even from here, I don't care. the part about the trees was the only thing you got wrong. course, I'm in austin. all the shitty hick towns that make up most of the state are probably quite different from the capital. 011031
Rae this is the one place that i don't belong. i know. this is the place that i will die if i stay here. because here i am not me. here i am Denise's twin sister. 020810
screwing for virginity i love texas. nice and warm in the summer (only gets to about 110) and not to bad in the winter (it is freezes only a few days every year). also most anything wrong with this state was bushes fault, and now that the rest of yall have to put up with him you can understand any downfalls we have.

and it is the home of the kerrville_folk_festival so has to kick ass
minnesota_chris currently killing crazy people 021105
Saint i was born near Robstown and i'm not a steer, but you already knew that...

girl_jane I was born there but moved to Iowa when I was still young. I remember-when I was little, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader...

hahaha-that makes me laugh.
nocturnal WOOHOO! hook 'em, baby! we totally killed a&m today, and I know y'all don't care...and honestly, I don't so much either. I didn't even make it through the whole game. but even though my school spirit has morphed into cold, hard texas cynicism, I still love winning in all forms. so go horns! 021129
it came from the valley aggie jokes flyin' fast and furious through the air tonight, eh? 021129
killtheemporer I live in Texas - the environment is very nice, as well as the weather. It's the people, though, especially the white people that suck ass. Did you know why there are so many blondes in texas? Because there is such a stigma associated with being of Mexican decent that brunettes often dye their hair blonde to avoid the confusion. Moved here from the east coast - getting out ASAP. 030226
ray I grew up in a different state. Texas used to cherish individuality. Look at LBJ, that was a character, and he was loved and hated by all. But that has changed, now we have George W. Not a flamboyant individualist, but a person who pushes us all to conform. Those who criticize his policies, he has his minions denounce. This attitude seems to permiate texas now. 030424
Rotten77 my aunt and uncle lived in texas for a long time and they r hella conservative and think that anyone liberal is of the devil. then i met this guy from texas that has a huge hick accent, a texas flag on his wall, and collects pick-up trucks. everyone i've ever met from texas has been a flag-flying, country-worshipping, "you're not patriotic if you don't agree with the status quo", conservative, ignorant ass. which is not to say that there rn't people there that don't fit into that mold, but it sure seems like there r a lot that do. the shittiest thing about it is that now one of them is supposed to be representative of our entire country. i went there once. i will say that fort worth has a nice zoo. and the fireflies were cool. i didn't really see anything to live up to the hype that texans generate about their precious state. i have heard that austen is sort of a beacon of hope, though. a diamond in the rough. lol. but what the hell am i talking about, i live in utah (not by choice, though, mind u)and we have our share of ignorant assholes here, too. 030424
cube I guess only the far_left has attained enlightenment.
Rotten77 hmm yes i c what u r getting at. i don't really c a problem with the right in and of itself, but when it gets grouped with all those other things.... conservative people r just fine with me as long as they have tried to look at all sides of the issues and make an informed decision about what they think is the best way to handle things. i guess the thing i have a problem with is conservatism as a result of ignorance. but point taken 030425
celestias shadow I'm so, so sorry for you. All of you. Any place that can breed a *bleeped out words* like our current illustrious president must be intolerable. I'm so sorry for the 20 or so awesome people that probably live in Texas. 030629
elimeny i think it really depends on where you are in texas... im from east texas, from dallas and houston, and its VERY different there than it is in west texas... and not just the environment or the climate. the people are different. when i lived in dallas, as much as i hated that city for other personal reasons, i never met a person who wasnt very openminded. maybe it was the people i hung out with, who knows. but the drive from dallas to houston is riddles with hicks and cows and shotguns.

my brother is a crazy texan. he used to carry a shotgun in his truck, and would aim it at tailgaters. one time my sister was tailgating him, and he almost shot her before he realized it was his sister. i thought that was the funniest thing ever.. my brother is such a coonass.

and hey! i just recently learned how to drive with shoes on!

seriously though, texas isnt so bad... it really depends on where you are. there are huge cities and there are huge areas of nothing. and i find the midwest to be SOO much more racist.

although my family still gives me a really hard time about my newfound yankee status.
Mandijabster ok, i'm a very sarcastic person..read sarcasm if you care that much..but yea, let's discuss a little bit about Texas.

I went on a trip to Washington before, and I met the raddest bunch of people from Texas. I mean they were the COOLEST!

Then, online, I've met the most annoying people and chances are, they were all from Texas. Everyone online in thos chatrooms is from texas. So yea..

One Texan, is a religious texan. He thinks sarcasm is a person, doesn't know what a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) is, but ok, it's hot..he has no use for it. And he has no clue what lipgloss is. Isn't it interesting. I think it is.

The other is a political debating Texan. If you don't wanna talk politics..leave him alone. And the best part is, he is not in love with George Bush, which makes him even more amusing.

It just amuses me...most people amuse me. Chances are if you sat next to me, you'd amuse me.
JD We're TEXAS, if you want to visit, come on down, but if you want to move here, STAY THE FUCK OUT. Especially Yankees. We are THE FUCKING BEST country here so if you don't like us, we really don't give a damn. 031008
screwing for virginity that was great. why yoi ask? because that is the general attidue down here (mine too, but to a lesser degree). alose because my grandpa is named JD and that is him to a t.

and the worst thing in the world is a winter texan who thinks he isnt a yankee.
Mandijabster That was...amusing

Sarcasm is not a person...
paranoid martyr onward on foot, til you see the rise of the texas sun! my sun!!!

lift to experience's texas/jerusalem crossroads

cj gas-guzzling



how should I know? I've never been there.
smurfus rex I miss Texas.

was born in the panhandle...we moved when I was 7. Oklahoma's not much better, especially when OU's football team is winning. People in Denver think I have an accent, which I never really considered, but if that's the worst thing that could make me distinctive from everyone else, then I guess I'm doing alright.

I still like the Dallas Cowboys, no matter what their win-loss record is.
falling_alone "let's have an intellectual conversation"

silence ensues for a few moments before i speak up again.

"you think bush will be re-elected?"

our conversation only lasted a few minutes after me saying i'd rather him stay in only for the sake of finishing what he started. then we started talking about the texan mandijabster mentions above and how he continues to be proud of how texas is the biggest state.

january-"but alaska is the biggest state...he doesnt listen"

me-"alaska? oooooo yeah, i forgot about them, cuz they're not connected with us. YEAH! they're as big as america. y did he think texas was the biggest?"

january shrugs.

and there was our semi-intellectual conversation that went on for a few more minutes of nonesense and an innuendo i cant recall the exact wording of. janvier knows what i'm talking aboot.
Texan Foolish yankee-californians. You'll never understand Texas. This state is glorious. We did not steal it - ask Juan Seguín, or Jose Antonio Navarro. White people did not make this state, Texans did, of all stripes and colors. Our revolution was more egalitarian that yall's...foolish foolish yankees. I pity your envy. 040227
clementine he is texas for me. and i secretly love it. although i swore off those southern preppy boys long ago. but then he picks me up and kisses me and i lose myself again. literally lose myself, because with him i am not me. i am what i think he wants me to be. and he is in and out, and hot and cold. and over and over again i tell myself no more. but then he calls and i hear his texan accent and yes is the only word out of my mouth. yes yes yes. more. don't stop. but i have to stop. this. because in the end. i am still alone. and he is wearing cowboy boots while i run barefoot in circles. 040511
BAJ i live in south, south texas and althought i do have a VERY texan accent i love bein from this state and all you yankees jus kiss my southern redneck ass! 040707
metamantrg my home state
I have traveled all over the U.S and out of the country to Europe/Beijing
and Ghana but always return here
there is beauitiful places all over the world that I have seen ........

TEXAS is the only place for me
giff i was never much into cowboys. but i met this guy from texas and he was totally hot!! no hat, no country music, no cows. just gorgeous piece of southern man. 040830
hsg should i stay or should i move to texas?
do you have raves in texas? um around plano?
elimeny i used to live in plano!

and yes, there are raves - but not really so much in plano, you would need to head downtown, probably near Deep Ellum..
u24 what IS the deal with the flag? 041129
flat and boring 041129
fix 041129
9222005 1 hour ago: Texans Flee 050922
Rita Rita for Major Traffic Jams 050922
Rita for Major Traffic Jams 050922
9232005 Texas is set to feel the full force of Hurricane Rita... 050923
in the coming hours 050923
nr i'd never really been but now i've been three times this year. only to austin. but in texas people from texas talk to people not from texas about texans and their history. it's so different than anything i've ever experienced. it's intriguing. which is too bad, because i may not go back there much again. 190630
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