j_blue its a funny word, almost dirty. a month ago, i committed capitalism for the first time. now i have a business card :( the sign of the devil... 001011
grendel welcome to the darkside 001011
datura i don't mind it. like i said.
it works.
tourist When you are young and moral and concerned for the welfare of your fellow man, You will no doubt see the beauty of communism. But as you age and become jaded and screwed over and played for a sucker, you begin to see that humans are basically opportunists and few will get off their butts to do anything that is not for their own benifit. That is when the logic of Capitalism sinks in.
Greed is a strong motivator. It sent mankind accross deserts and mountains risking loss of life on storm raveged seas. It is probablly what will ultimatly get us off planet and on to the next phase of our development.
I am waiting for the discovery of Gold in the asteroid belt, Sutter's Mill all over again.
Sonya freedom to prosper vs. freedom to plunder 011113
groucho marxist one person's prosperity usually results in or results from someone else's calamity

funny how it sometimes comes across like an exaggerated versionm of the food chain

i guess that's why the phrase "social darwinism" was invented
jestification icky.
has teeth dripping with blood.
is a rescue helicopter with few room for population--
will eat itself,
will take us down with it.
tempts people with comfort.
tempts institutions with fame.

what's the answer?
i've only been fed one. i've only been plugged in for 24 years.
where do i turn...
i start to turn...
and faces change shape.
and smiles become transparent.
it all becomes a see-thru buffet...

i have nowhere to hide.
i have few to turn to....
where infection doesn't reside.
ClairE Sure! 011205
ever dumbening capitalgism 011205
luvjunkie crime scene do not cross 020211
reitoei i just found out that some company thinks it owns hyperlinks and is trying to get roalties. that is messed up. are there no boundaries to human greed and desire? 020211
gerdle democracy 021012

(let's not let the capitalists have all the fun)
screwing for virginity "Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism the reverse is true."
John Kenneth Galbraith
quotree There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with free enterprise
Don't try to make me feel guilty
I'm so tired of hearing you cry

There's nothing wrong with making some profit
If you ask me I'll say it's just fine
There's nothing wrong with wanting to live nice
I'm so tired of hearing you whine
About the revolution
Bringin' down the rich
When was the last time you dug a ditch, baby!

If it ain't one thing
Then it's the other
Any cause that crosses your path
Your heart bleeds for anyone's brother
I've got to tell you you're a pain in the ass

You criticize with plenty of vigor
You rationalize everything that you do
With catchy phrases and heavy quotations
And everybody is crazy but you

You're just a middle class, socialist brat
From a suburban family and you never really had to work
And you tell me that we've got to get back
To the struggling masses (whoever they are)
You talk, talk, talk about suffering and pain
Your mouth is bigger than your entire brain
What the hell do you know about suffering and pain . . .

(Repeat first verse)

(Repeat chorus)

There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism

God I love Oingo Boingo.
Drake Dracoli I see.

Of course there is nothing wrong with capitalism to you. Absolutely nothing. You live in America or Europe. Capitalism was never a problem to you. It was how your system worked. You quickly grew into it. Like I said, you lived in America. You weren't raised in Indonesia, where you have worked in a Toys-R-Us factory since you were twelve. You've had the opportunity to go where you want, work where you want, and do what you want. Not everyone gets these opportunities. Not everyone likes to see the true face of capitalism. Your clothes and computer that you believe are the 'fruit of your labor' were not made by you. They were made by dirt poor farmers, and people who get paid in rice to assemble your stupid applets and clothing. How can you say this is the fruit of your labor? How does sitting around in a meeting equate to working in a cotton field for eight hours a day. It does not. You don't have to worry about these things because you are rich, opportunist, pricks, who sit around with your non-existant american problems like depression, and sadness. You think it's the end of your fucking world. Go live in Africa for a month. Let me about your problems then. You won't have to worry about your family problems because your family will either be shot, or starve to death. Capitalism won't seem so great when you're being marched into fields to fill your quota for the day, or when the CIA 'accidently' incinerates your village in panama. Tell me about Capitalism then.
yenaldlosi I had an old co-worker who escaped as a child from Stalin's Russia whose family was wiped out for being Jewish during the time of the purges. You'd never convince me of that communism is ny less cruel or bloody than capitalism from the things he told me.

An acquaintence from Ethiopia who saw the marxist government impede the ditribution of food supplied by international relief organizations during the famine of the 1980's to keep much of it for themselves

Don't try to sell me on an ideology that is just as stained in blood as any other in history

Tell me about the beauty and pastoral surroundings of the camps in North Korea where the occupants are subjected to chemical weapons tests, where the philosophy is not only to eliminate a dissident but to eliminate 3 generations of the dissident's family to make sure

Tell me that one is any better than the other.

I was born in America, but the part of it i was born in may as well have been the "third world."
I was born in the poorest part of the Apache reservation and grew up between there and the poorest part of the Navajo reservation. I had cousins and uncles who worked for near slave wages in the uranium mines in the 40's and 50's and who i never met because they died relatively young from the exposure. But I managed to make a better life for myself and my family through MY OWN determination, not the whim of what some political apparatus decided I should be.

You give humanity too much credit if you hink that such things as benevolent, enlightened despots still exist.

Marx's ideas are fine in principle, but let the fact of history prove to you that today's liberators tend to become tomorrow's tyrants

I met a Vietnamese woman once who lost many relatives in one village when they were killed by American bombs and whose adult relatives in another village were killed by NVA troops

So tell me again how one is better than the other
misstree yenaldlosi makes a good point. you show me a government and i will show you corruption. yes, part of capitalism is to exploit cheap labor where it can be found (outside the system), and to indoctrinate the people into a consumer system (i need things to be happy). But it's better than many others, and as long as i and others are pushing to make things better (boycotting companies that violate human rights, protest fighting a war for profit), don't tell me i'm capitalist scum. yes, people suffer all over the world. yes, the average american has it much much easier than the average citizen of any second or third world country. but we're also shafted in a lot of ways that other industrialized nations are not (not going to go into detail, it would take years), and to any person their problems are their Life. my cat is sitting at home having a nervous breakdown right now because there's no one there. i just lost my boyfriend and my two best friends moved out of town and i have no bed to sleep on. and that sucks. but i know that things can be worse, and have been worse. has any member of my family ever been killed for political reasons? no, thank god. but if you find me shivering on the streets begging for change for coffee, wondering when i'll eat and where i'll sleep and you try to use that to comfort me, i'll rip out your throat with my teeth.

i have the right to feel suffering, fucker. this is other issues besides capitalism coming out, but fuckit, when you've got a rant run with it. i don't care how shitty the rest of the world is, there's been this guy screaming in the back of my head for the past two weeks, and just in the past couple of days he's started sobbing and laughing occasionally. i have been tense as a bullet, my shoulders are in constant pain. this is not like me. i am getting through life by going through the motions and occasionally swimming upstream. i'm sorry if i don't have the time to give a shit that despots in other countries are fucking up their people's lives, would you like the profit-based war machine to come over and fix things? we'll put our own despots in power, that'll make everything right. and in the meantime my little man will still be screaming and i will still be snapping at shadows.

sheeit. yeah, take this, boil it down to three sentences, and think what you want. i need coffee and a cigarette.
Lucy Capitalism is what keeps a corrupt dictator lead a presently degenerating shitpile of a country to be that way... (Sound familiar?) 040208
see: psalms_of_profit 040209
seriously check it out psalms_of_profit 040210
bandersnatch fact: capitalism and comunism are economic systems, not political systems (i know those 2 are closly intertwined, but they are not the same).

opinion: one should not blaim the economic system of a country for any evils done by the military or individual polititions.

opinion: one should blaim the economic system for cronic starvation when the food is produced but not in the right place. do blaim the economic system when people in charge of factories work people to death for a wage they can not live on.

opinion: there are no true capitalistic countries left on earth (at least none with any power). i say this because true capitalism is simply people selling what they have to get what they dont have. it does not involve polititions messing with interest rates, giving copyrights, inspecting products, or any other such interference (although i am glad they do).

opinion: no comunistic countries have ever existed. russion, chinese, and north veitnamese comunism was not comunism, it was dictators screwing the populace out of goods, to make them and themselfs rich, in the name of liberating the world from capitalism.

fact: corruption, stupidity, and cold heartedness can happen in any governmet no matter what economic or political system it has (or claims to have).
bandersnatch fact: i can not spell 040210
red To violate human rights 040412
Alfred Recognize this: Capitalism is the great uniting force, the ligature that united and impeled an upstart nation that had a few hazy abstractions pilfered from french philosophers. Capitalism gave us cohesion, purpose, structure. Capitalism gave us an ethos to impart to our children. This is dynamic. This cannot be successfully refuted.
mr.quackums under capitalism man exploits man, under communism the reverse is true 040626
Alfred You don't believe your own words. Not really. 040627
funny begins with k holy yammering hackneyed yakov smirnoff! 040711
TrXtR Born and raised in a capatalist/communist country. Now were capatalist. Maybe it's not that communism seems better, but some of it that does, and allot of it that doesnt.

Maybe it is that the grass is always greener on the other side?

What bothers me, is that 2 ideaoligies that are obviously extremely flawed, and only one is questioned, because of wars won. Survival of the fittest. Capatalism being commercialized, advertised, and therefor was the fittest.

Be it capatalist, or communist...

All this time has widdled away
Like so many days in one
Back and forth the leaders sway
Backing it up with guns
Superpowers flex their wings
Hold the world on puppet strings
Egos will feed
While citizens bleed
It's always the way it goes

When will the world listen to reason
I have a feeling it'll be a long time
We will the truth be come into season
All they want is what they can defend
Before their time is up
Make the same mistakes again
Heard it all before
Superpowers flex their wings
Hold the world on puppet strings
Egos will feed
While citizens bleed
It's always the way it goes
Well if they'd try maybe they'd see
It would do a little good to let the world be free
Handshake and a smile gets you on through
Then turn it all around with the suicide move
But you know it's not foolin' anyone but me
You make yourself see what you wanna see
But you know it's not foolin' anyone but me
You gotta make yourself see what you wanna see
I see you
Super powers flex their wings
Hold the world on puppet strings
Eagles will feed
While citizens bleed
It's always the way it goes
andru235 capitalism is a bad idea,
and i'll tell you why ...

... for a price
mon uow hahaha. 050307
... Dollars_and_cents... 050307
Dianne Hensely If you only think in terms of dollars and cents, you limit your possibilities. 050307
andru235 "He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money."

--Benjamin Franklin
stork daddy kind of sad that a phrase glorifying money in popular culture is "it's all about the benjamins" 050308
andru235 good point, daddy! 050308
Clark Nova The argument that capitalism and communism are purely economic and not political is to impose a false dichotomy.

Politics and economics go hand in hand and always have.

Do the economists dictate the terms of a nation's economy and how it functions?

Are not both equally laden with political machinations and ramifications?

There are too many cases in this world of the inexperienced taking their textbooks for gospel or their gospels as textbooks.

It's all in the practicality.

And even then it's all subjective anyway.
milo fuck capitalism, fuck communism.
what we need is a center.

a balance – like in everything else.

we need to free some markets with the purpose of inducing and generate economic growth but we also need to monitor this growth and develop LIMITS as to how big it can get. obviously these limits will protect us from all the shit that will develop if capitalism is left unrestrained – like it has been.

it’s the giants we should go after and when we’re done with them –
our own greed.
the very seed
of our doom as a society.

It can be done.

sehrgut I told them God was a capitalist.
They gawked at me
like I had uttered a blasphemy
too black to be forgiven.


I always thought that
doing your work
and feeding your family
and taking responsibility
was what God and Capitalism
were all about.


They must have a different God
than I do.
ich will keine Engel seine capitalism, as practiced and observed by most, goes well beyond simply providing for your family. It has become synonymous with amassing wealth and the temporal power that such wealth can acquire.

[Matthew 19: 21-24]
tourist Capitalism:
Consumers Are Our
Most Important

Welcome To The Machine
z does not work efficiently with less than 6% unemployment. 080616
They call me Truth We have become numb and we don't even see our numbness. Any system should not just be accepted without question. Any system that results in the destruction of life should not be called "necessary." Capitalism and Communism are not polar opposites either. They are still systems, and they are not the only possible ones. Yet we fight and argue about which one is better. It really doesn't matter. Its more important to take responsibility for the atrocity that we have created and look for ways to solve those problems. Its about growth and the benefit of all, but selfishness isn't a new concept. It easy to say capitalism is great when you are reaping the benefits. But systems should always be challenged. It is a healthy process. Sometimes it takes revolutionizing the entire system , sometimes it may not. 080616
They call me Truth You are either a capitalist or a communist.

This is simply not accurate...
Al-Quenya i am against capitalism. unless while writing essays. also, i hate silly gimmicky jokes like this. just terrible. 080616