vicious Unwisely , Santa offered a teddy bear to
James, unaware that he had been mauled
by a grizzly earlier that year.

--Tim Burton
dicole makes pefect emotional sense 000406
WoNDERGIRL you know I love you 000521
MollyGoLightly A very charming name for a girl. 000521
gregg i have a good friend named james, he's an amazing artist and one of the kindest people i know, he has a girl named Tara thats a bit kooky..she likes to mix prozac and lsd and then talk to roaches. 000521
silentbob i used to have a good friend named james. he was into peace and being friends with everyone. over time his heart grew cold and his personality a little volcanic. he shaved his head, whipped out all his Metallica t-shirts, stole stuff, drank, and now hates the world and the people in it.
i think he's going into the marines.
jennifer we're headed for the great smokey mountains to see the wild flowers bloom in spring
cause we've decided that there's no better place to be for two young people who just wanna do their thing in the spring
I know we're gonna be happy
cause James is a freedom fighter and he lives for the moment
his parents are hippies and he sees everything through a rainbow
he's never unhappy cause he never wears a watch
he lives on his mountain bike and he sees beauty in everyone

James says he's gonna change the world
James says that I am his flower girl and James and I we're gonna make a difference just wait and see we're gonna set the world free

it's two years later now and we're both out of college and we've decided to love one another for eternity
I've got a good job but James says no one understands him he's an artist he needs time to find out what that means

he answers to a higher calling the moon and the sun and the stars are falling through his time and his space and I'm lucky to be part of it all
he is bigger than life he sees things he knows things he is not like you and me

James finally found a steady job and now we're gonna settle down
he still loves his music but he knows where his priorities lie

he stepped on his dreams so many times and wore out the path he needed to take to find the life he thought would just happen to him like the changing of a season

~huffamoose (c)
splinken when a kid finishes their first henry james novel, the creepy feeling sets in.
the feeling that it's all true--everyone plots and no one can escape the plots. that we're all caught in this sticky-string web of everyone else's aspirations and manipulations. that we really aren't totally in control of our futures (scary thought--am i right, my fellow yanks?).

the creepy feeling stay with me long, but the idea has stuck around.

and i think it's lovely.
unique butterfly what a cool guy. i really like him. he doesn't know that. i think he likes a girl named kristin though. that sucks. he's still cool. i hope we're always friends. 010525
ever dumbening dooooood, no way, that's my name too
nocturnal and the giant peach.

roald dahl was a literary mastermind.
Kate Fletcher i call him jaimie 011124
Jo ...what a waste of time 020116
James yes? 020419
Qazual We peoples forever... pass the 'L' 020607
kerry best guy friend, i guess. i had a dream he was sitting on a frosty soccer field wearing a blue stocking cap and smoking a pipe.
jackie says he used to like me. i don't think i could ever feel that way about him. being his friend is so much worthwhile... no point in throwing it away.
freakizh james labrie.
maynard james keenan.
jim carry.
jim broadbent.
pajama jammy jam jam.
cheer-up-emo-kid Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stage
Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

Don't want to be a farmer working in the sun
Don't want to be an outlaw always on the run
Don't want to be a climber reaching for the top
Don't want to be anything where I don't know when to stop

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
GirlNamedLover ten minutes to downtown
is ten minutes too far

my friends all say Im crazy
maybe Im being selfish
maybe Im just scared
dont be gone when I get home
I need you there

if I had to explain it
I wouldnt know where to start

its like youre falling in love
while I just fall apart
phil my memories of james
make me feel
the same no matter where I am
waking up next to your best friend
a rush of love
in the middle of a long note
girlnamedlover and she said
"its ok boy cause you know we'll be good friends"
and I said
"I think I'll have myself a beer"
Lilac He's going to go to jail someday.......for child molestation. It wouldn't suprise me one bit. 021222
margadant11 I hope you don't mean me because I am a James... I don't want to go to jail... 030112
youre the only james yeah, she means you. 030112
*nat* Oh sit down Oh sit down
Sit down next to me.
Lilac No, I didn't mean you. I didn't mean anyone on blather. 030113
werewolf jimmy stills signs his papers with a james. 030113
nore i just sent james the link to this site. he's a hermit. 030127
nore james farted. shut up, james. 030319
wrappedinplastic His name is Eric but he'd rather be called James. Says 2 syllable names are just no good. Sometimes I think he's no good... but other times I think it's love. 030904
nomatter I wrote a poem called James one time. Just because I always loved the name, that and I was afraid to use his real one. But why is that? 030905
Mesdup james is a conspiracy

you know who you are!

james has three fingered bullets!
globalfruitbat I had my heart broken by him in february--he lives in England and we were doing the long distance thing. then he found out that his mum was really sick and wouldn't be able to come visit like we were planning. so we broke up-our, he broke up with me. any way, that was in february, and i never really let myself fall apart over it. then last night, I had too much to drink at the club and turned into "that girl", the one who starts crying (never done that before..not fun) and my friend showed me I really need to get some stuff off my chest. so i tried to send him the below, but his e-mail no longer exists. so here we are..who knows, maybe he'll stumble across it. doubtful

Dear James

I donít know if you even check this anymoreóI would like to assume for my egoís sake that you donít but Iím smarter than that. Right? Right.

I donít know a lot more than thatÖ and I wish I did. I donít know whether or not you made it into St. Martinís (not that I have any doubt in you but I donít know), I donít know how everything is going with your mum, I donít know how you are.

Goddamnit. That last e-mail I sent you? I think it was the one where I poured my heart out. And the other one, about not moving to Englandóor maybe they were the same one, I canít remember. The point is, Iím trying to figure out how to say what I need to without scaring you, which I am assuming I did with all the emotion. Not going to apologize, because I never lie to you, but Iíll try not to scare you, ok? Although, if you arenít going to reply anywayÖ (Yeah, slightly bitchy tonight. Not apologizing for that either. Iíll try to be nicer though.) But I needed to write youóitís ridiculous that we didnít stay in touch. And in the past six months, Iíve wanted to talk to you often, and itís really hurt not speaking to you or hearing from you, but I really thought that I was moving on (sorry.). Lucky me, I even got hurt by someone else! (Iím so smartÖ) And then last night, I went dancing (at the infamous Legendís, of course) and I looked fine, I might add, all new outfit and shoesÖ and there was a large amount of drink takenóand about midnight, BOOM. Memory of us in Camden Market, looking at those really big pants and tie-dyed tops and the pocket watches and whammoóthat big James hole in my life that I had pasted over is wide open and yawning again.

What, you are probably asking at this point, do I want? Weíve tried the long distance thing, didnít work, and no, Iím not asking to try again, cause for one I donít even know if you think about me ever and two, long distance sucks. If I was going to be in England anytime soon Iíd be thinking about looking you up, but itís too hard, having to keep pulling my heart back from the Midlands. What I want is just to be able to know whatís going on with youóI care about you and I always will. Who knows, one day we might even be on the same continent and we could, like, go out on a date or something and you could finally give me my Christmas present. (Ha!) But at this point, with the distance, etc, I just wanted to know how you are, and if you ever think of me.

I guess I could have just said that and not rambled, but well, then I wouldnít be me.

So if you still check this, write me. Let me know how you are. I think of you and I miss you.

hardcore The most beautiful name in the world. The name of an angel. My angel who i love so much and who i have hurt an incredible and almost unforgiving amount, so why do yo still want me? The day i told you that I had slept with someone else i thought i had lost you forever...for you to still want me that day was ironically one of the best days of my life. I will hold onto you forever...never want to lose you or let you go. 041130
ever dumbening I went into Cafe Intermezzoóa great college-town salad and sandwich joint on Telegraph with lots of beautiful ladies, young, but not so much so that I don't look at them with fondnessólast week to pick up a half bacon lettuce tomato and avocado sanwich (which comes on a fantastic honey-wheat bread) and mixed greens, poppy seed dressing of course. I said to the young lady with the nose ring, "Hi, I'm here to pick up a to-go order for James." I was not in a snarky mood, so when she asked if I was James, instead of giving the old Mad Magazine's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions response, I said, "I can do a James Dance for you to prove it." And as I spoke I started into a quick gleeful jig. I told her that, clearly, no one but a James would know how to do the James Dance. She concurred. She thought it strangely coincidental that my name was James, as her Ex-Boyfriend, too, was named Jamesóapparently the wounds were still a bit fresh. I assured her that not all James's were bad people and that I was here to raise the bar and to re-establish her faith in the community of James. I think I fulfilled my purpose, for when her co-worker walked by, she was quick to point out that she had just been given a James Dance. 051105
Piso Mojado master of flirtation 051111
jane em.. what happened to the girl with the flower in her hair we were going to seduce? 051111
ever dumbening the next time i went back, she wasn't there. 051113
Sintina aw man.
reciprocity's a bitch, but I want to.
i can't believe what you did for me,
that was so new.
so unlike you.
i keep looking for the angle.
i keep wondering what you'll get out of this.
i've got to get away from you,
and from him, you're like two halves to one whole and you drive me insane...
and you drive me...
yeah, that too.
**smiles at the thought of you**
**and him**
Sintina why always two halves to one whole?
It's never true! The two people are always so similar! Implying utter differences is just cliche! Usually it's just 1 or 2 issues they're really different on, sheesh.
See: overanalyzing

Instead of "two halves to one whole"
Insert: "two pieces of my soul"

"you're like two pieces of my soul
and you drive me insane...
and you drive me...
yeah that too."
etc. :)
ever dumbening the two times i happened to see "james" in the today side of the recent list, the words just to the right were "china" and then later "box_munching"

sounds about right
Ouroboros love you 070110
Star_Scribes_Sister Emily always tries to call me James, then I yutn into a girl. 080625
thes I once had a friend named james. We played swords against each other in the park. Died over a million times. Saved teh world even more. He moved to ames. Years later on my way through there I tracked him down at his work. He ran away, forgot how we had rescued earth so many times. 081230
jane thought of you today. 081231
hsg awe, thanks jane! 081231
Oh_So_Smelly So kind
In the right place
At the right time
Friendship and trust...
Well, I almost believed
karyn I think of you often. Do I matter? 100817
unhinged a lot of cool people i've known have come in james named packages

leahcar I finally saw you again after what must have been 8 years...
You were my first love. I carried a version of you in my heart for years. I...we never had closure.
For the first time in my life I looked at you and realized that I had moved on. I wasn't attracted. I didn't know you and you didn't know me. You were still caught up... I have no Idea what I did to make such a lasting impression on you.
I do love you, but I'm not in love with you, and I could never fall for you again. One day you will accept that, until then I've got to keep you at a distance.
Your chapter in my book is finally finished. What a relief.
ever dumbening chirp 100820
karyn still hard to talk to you. one of these days. 120521
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