silentbob do you feel like you're being heard? do you feel like you're talking to yourself? do you feel like it matters either way? 010422
pinkish in my own way I do 010422
psychobabe Its all in the sugar
muscles at your feet
were on the other side
the screen was us and were TV
Spread me open
sticking to my pointy ribs
are all your infants and abortions cribs
I was born into this
everything turns to shit
the boy that you loved is the man that you fear..
pray until your numb
asleep from all your pain
your apple has been rotting
tomorrows turn out dead
I havent an end
I have no choice but to
I'll make everyone pay and you will see
you can kill yourself now
because your dead in my mind
the boy that you loved is the monster you fear...
fear a full those eyes
crawl into the dark
you poison all your children
to camoflague those scars
pray unto the splintered
pray unto your fears
pray your live was just a dream
the cut that never heals
pray now baby pray your life was just a dream...just a dream
I am so tangeled in my sins that i can not escape
I am to tangeled in my sins that i can not escape
things that left me off
caress me like a weed
someone had to go this far
I was born into this everything turns to shit
the boy that you loved is the man that you fear...
peel off all those eyes
crawl into the dark
you poinsoned all your children
to campflague all your scars
pray unto the splintered
pray unto your fear
pray your life was just a dream
the cut that never heals
pray now baby, pray your life was just a dream...just a dream
the world in miles has no one left to hear you scream...
no one left for you
kx21 to speak to God, a deity, a saint, or other being, in order to give thanks, express regret, or ask for help... 010728
Norm The strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity to tell the difference.

sabbie when i pray for help,
sometimes the angels send hellions
chiefnewo pray?
i try not to
i feel like a hypocrite, praying to something i'm not even sure i believe in
but without something to believe in, how do i anchor myself?
i don't
cube "...praying to something i'm not even sure i believe in"

'tis the definition of faith...
The Heart of the Fire "Don't go wringing your hands together like that woman. Never, ever, ever. Keep your palms open," she says, holding my hands out, "and good fortune will fill them. Leave this wringing and praying and clasping of hands together for idiots and once-borns. 020817
toucan_samvritti ora proboscis
(pray through the nose)
Rotten77 i pray even though i'm not sure if there is anything to pray to. i guess i am hanging on to the hope that there is. i would like it if there was. 030424
god tuba!! 030624
dear-john for money, for peace, for rain, for love, for death; for all six of the numbers I saw in a dream to be drawn in the lucky lotto jackpot this sunday - 031122
Fierce Shut up and stop praying.
You're wasting your minds.
Might as well speak to a wall.
What's the point of that?
oldephebe Well,
I got ta say psychobabe
I read that prayer a your'n
and once my soul lapped up
it's crimson afterbirth
i felt sumpin' in me rear back
rear up and back like
an old nag scared a sumpin' she know
sumpin' that's from the old time
before the earth was scarred by men
sumpin' that could scare the black skin off'n
the darkest night
sumpin' that was made a the dark
read those words a your'n psychobabe
rolled around in the words
in those images
in the story a ya soul
some shining blade a truth
some bruise that taught ya some
bitter truth
an' i swear it felt like i was
there with ya, there with all
souls christened in the
crucible of the Flame
sound like a coyote
bayin' at hades shade
risin' up over the horizon
i wanta git outta this
place, this valley of ashes
i want it so bad ta git outta here
wanted it frantically
like a man skimmed down
to a skeleton covered in skin
skimming along the desert sands
towards that fountain a water
that dream fever done painted
right before his eyes
i guess i'll pray
for that well a livin'
water they keeps talkin'
'bout.. they say if ya
drink some 'a that
it'll change yer perception
give ya the power ta see things
a little different like
preacher man say ta me once
"don't you know God is in this place?
right here in hells's shadow
god is this place
ain't no place he can't go
ain't no place that can hide from his love son.."
think about that some times
when it gets real thick
when the darkest shade a night
kisses my ears wet with it's fear
i git so i can't breath sometimes
and then dem words that
preacher feller spoke to me
drift up and smooth out the wrinkles
in my spirit,
pulls the reins on my galloping heart
slow it down a bit
we can drink from all the
fountains in this here world
and never know peace
never know an end to thirst
but ah drink deeply a those words
from that livin' well
well sir, I'm okay then..
my soul is at rest within' me

dems some powerful words you wrote
oldephebe *aint no place that can hide YOU from his love..son* 040203
persnickity uh..yeah 040203
i was idealistic once Personally, I don't. Partly because I have no clear entity to aim it at, but also because I have tried. In desperation I have cried out for help yet all I have ever recieved is the echo of my own voice. Is there no god? Or maybe the God(s) is(are) deaf... Then again I might have finally lost the last memory of my former sanity. 040204
jenny enny dots i heard that people who say they are too busy to pray should do it somewhere like while driving. and i don't mean before you get into a wreck. i have a long boring commute and i talk to some unknown god/gods/goddess. sometimes i forget to pray. i think it's when i am afraid of happiness. because shortly after i pray, my wish is granted. 040204
oldephebe i guess for some folk prayer is something like going to the wishing well.. now i don't mean to disparage or negate another's definition and or concept of prayer..but if it's a relationship with the Source yer after, if it's a transcendant state of mind/spirit yer lookin' fer..well sir then learnin' ta moan out of yer spirit to the Source is a deeply intimate and invigoratin' irreplaceable aspect of ones' existence see... personally i kinda of am changed on the inside which enables me ta DEAL with the outside...
finalmirage "say you are sorry, if you truly are. pray for forgiveness", so father said.

but how could anyone ever forgive me?
a thimble in time There is a Hasidic teaching that says that one can only find God in those places where He is let in.

Prayer is one of the oldest and surest ways of splitting the Heavens, seizing its sanctity, and injecting it into our hearts. Indeed it is through prayer that God is most often let in.

Anyone who tells you that prayer is simply the recitation of certain prescribed words at certain prescribed times should be pitied because he feels the hollowness of his heart.

The act of prayer requires an
altering of normative consciousness, a heightening of awareness, a temporary disengagement from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

Many of us have been trained to say certain things and think about other things while residing in our respective places of worship. While these formula may be essential to organized communal prayer, inner prayer, personal prayer, is a completely different matter.

To start, true prayer rises up from the innermost parts, the very core of our being. Sometimes, we express our deepest feelings of dependency or fragility through song or psalm. Other times, we scream silently in order to pierce the heavens with our woes... our burdens...our sadnesses.

But all this I'm telling you, has come mostly from my own journeyings in prayer and has very little to do with what you'll experience if you venture out on your own.
oldephebe i got ta say a thimble in time - that uh i've experienced what you wrote about..think yer wisdom/experience/words are pretty applicable..least ta i unnerstan' it..take a holy moment and let it all hang out..let the whole of Heaven love ya in that moment... i git gits it...this worl here..seem like every strand of hair on mans head is divided agin' itself..i think whether your a atheist or what..if ya gotta soul ya NEED some time..some transcendant moment ta scour and make contact wif sumpin' beyond yaself..fer the atheists..mebbe there's some mantra or talismanic ritual or sumpin' that approaches ta pass ya'll all a plate of steamin' an' it goes wid out sayin', sumptuously seasoned, hoppin' john..a little comfort food..

prayah - yeah gits ya up an' out a' yerself fer a while..
oldephebe lift up whatever is ya..whatever is yo' talismanic invocation of POWER..
if your mad..lift it up in your heart
if your anxious lift it up in yer heart
if your narcotically euphoric lift it up in yer spirit to calm ya down
if the skin of your heart is bein' torn off like the scales of a fish by a lover lift that talisman UP in your spirit..

somebody said a long time ago "If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me"

i say if we lift up that thing in us that is most sacred..if we lift it up in US when we're tested or neglected it'll purchace our spirits some solid ground..

yes it will...
sameolme thanks for the reminder 040331
spirit child i wish someone would pray for me. i have been praying for myself, but i need a little bit more. i am praying that God will bring me closer to him, so that i will be free from the confusion that makes my life seem to fall apart. i will continue to pray, and from that source, my world evolves into greatness. 040403
oE Man. You just said a mouth full, a heart full. When we are up against an intractable reality, hands swollen and scarred from pelting sarte's wall, before hopes last dying echo can hurl us into it's ungiving, obliterating center, before we find ourselves impaled upon its piked gate, through the ice Love see's us. When we stop struggling and realize that He has never been far from us.

"They looked up and saw His face and they were MADE radiant."
drained All my words of sorry are no match for all my thoughts of hate. 040424
Oldephebe I pray. I pray so that my words become the tether that keeps me from running away from my life. I pray to keep this soul in my body. I pray to keep the chaos at bay. I pray just to DEAL with young men getting their heads chopped off, and knowing that this country is an agent of torture and abuse. I pray as encounter so very many miserable people in the whole minutia of day to day living. I pray basically to allerviate the overwhelming sense of loss I I hope that I will still be handsome whenever I do encounter someone to give my heart to, I mean it sounds all mixed up, to win someone's heart it should be my soul's flame burning pure, burning like a small sun..sure but I don't want to wait forever...seems like I've waited forever. I pray so that my heart will soften towards those that are the object of all my painful attachments. I truly want the egoless wisdom and countenance of that Gallilean carpenter. I want a heart of Grace. How quickly I abandon it. How quickly I hurl the shrine, the chalice the holy and yet evanescant place I shape in my being, I damn it to the dark so quickly. I pray to learn the secret of LETTING the Creator shape something holy and egoless and transfiuring in my heart..because God..I feel like I need to be restored every DAY sometimes. I pray for bravery and wisdom and gentleness. Dear God let that be the face that I show to the world. friend or foe. When I feel the sickness of malice curdling in my soul, the poison of envy, the pettiness of competition and avarice and ego clouding my judgement, darkening my heart, I want to just be released from this life to be near the Light that I love so much. There are things that burn in my soul that I know that would wither, would be turned to pillars of ash if I set it opensly before my God..and yet those things..some of those things..those things that burn in me..well enough humanity I pray for the remembrance of the spiritual ballast when my passions consume me. I pray and I pray and at times it is the sound of my own words whispered tearfully into a pillow or angrily into the dark cradle my soul and set my mind at ease. God I don't know what I'd do without it. I am not holy or righteous, and that's why I NEED that little haven, that space that I shape and open a conduit between my pain and joy and chaos and whater else and I bring it to God's heart, His ear, His heart and I let that reflection..that vantage point help to create a holy space or at least a quiet place in me. We spend so much time tearing ourselves down, it's okay to build yourself back up. Be good to your heart. Take it easy on yourselves. I say this to myself. Sometimes I forget just how wonderful the knowledge of that realization really is.

Zao Lithos Pray:

To communicate with God.
мٱѕѕٱөη&# Get down on your knees
and fight
like a man!
мٱѕѕٱөη&# Fear is a thing of the past 041110
мٱѕѕٱөηa& мٱѕѕٱөηaяγ 041110
Finnegans Wake I hardly do so anymore. 050913
Seraphmodel.03 everynightisayaprayerformyfriendwhoismessedupandfallingintounitentionalmasochism




ungreat I prayed last night for the first time in a very long time. and i said i was sorry over and over again. because i know God's punishing me and making me learn my lessons with lots of hard knocks. I asked him only that i would feel better and that some one may come into my life who's deserving and fantastic but that i didnt need it. and i said i was sorry again. and i asked to be strong. 070810
f what ?
do you think God is a wizard with a wond or something?

what is your concept of God?

all respect for what you believe, it just seems a little warped.
what's it to you?
who go