dallas feel the rhythm and pretend that you no longer exist outside of the music. 980907
sarah in the rain at least once in yr lifetime. 981021
emily pure fluid motion. 990122
jen and we dance away 990215
a-team the pinnacle and grand finale of the high school social scene 990216
Rainer you're right caro, I cannot dance. Why only were I to depressed to tell you when you asked me. 990315
allie let your mind go & your body will follow 990411
groovinkim "music is essential to the rhythm of
life and dance is the embodiment of
music. throughout the ages music and
dance have played a vital role in our
society, both individually and as
a community. when we dance together,
we are as one together."
- from return to the source
valis " ... like nobody's watching." 991223
lion it will become you, eventually...this's tempo
is far too alluring
slave to evolution...and why not
for us, higher and higher...
but first,
you'll have to slow down
you can barely hear
the music-

BoofPixie only when i've been drinking, dear. 000312
Brad The place in junior high where i went to stand by myself and listen to bad music, feeling out of place and lost. I have so much more fun now that i've admitted to myself i'm a dork. 000312
MollyGoLightly essential. i want to go to a voodoo service, where they dance and dance til their minds collapse and allow the spirits to have a go at it. 000323
amy dance 000404
meghan with the music loud
and the parents gone
naked in the living room

the freedom of music
MollyGoLightly "Dancing Queen" by Abba.
Oh goodness!
gregg dAnSe LiKwId 000517
Betsy My arms around you, your body pressed against mine, softly singing in my ear.
Your breath against my cheek. I love dancing with you. It's like sex, only standing up and with all our clothes on. Oh, and of course the band is watching too.
I love you so very much. Dance with me forever and a month.
startfires if i had the chance i'd ask the world to dance
i'll be dancin with myself
d the sheep man says:

Dance, As long as the music plays
You gotta loosen what you have bolted down
you gotta dance to keep it spinning.
Meg Dance with someone or dance alone
Let your arms move to the music

I want to hear a comedy waltz tonight
a couple of beers and a comedy waltz tonight.
Small minded people at the place where I work
Small minded people all over the world
I want to hear a comedy waltz tonight
ass facely i like to dance without no pants 010105
La La Electrifying, sensual, encaptivating and embodying our soul!

I'll never forget seeing a boy I knew once dance...he flew majestically, he twisted and turned in an erratic, spastic fashion and he moved so quickly it was if he were a blur. It was a magical sight.
dancahill i wish i could dance...i play guitar. so ihave rythm....but your words are poetic...... thank you!gotta browse!! 010518
god i do a dance to control the ants 010518
casey I learned how in gym class, but no one has ever found me attractive enough for me to test my skills 010706
TaterHead ...twirling with your robes billowing around you, the silver bells on your ankles tinkling in excitement... 010804
ilovepatsajak i have a fear of dancing. it is impossible to get me to dance, but it's weird because i took dance classes for like 12 years. i guess i just can't do it without a routine. 010916
bit get happy and dance.... dance the night away..... hey... hey HEY! dance fucker dance! mew(the end) 011222
niki ilovepatsajak....i am the same way...i am on my 17th yearand pretty good but still do this "full body heave" when in club like atmospheres.

but anyway, i love dance so much that there is noo way to put it in words
birdmad "radio, live transmission..."

ellen cherry charles because sometimes, my body needs a voice of its own. 020131
brandi I want to learn how to belly dance. 020312
Mahayana repetitive, rhythmical movement was thought essential to build up to the moment of ecstatic union with the deity

:: just as ::

rhythmic sexual movements build up to orgasm

[{dance over my waters of chaos}]
:oh great deep: with rhythmic movements
[diakosmos][ diakosmos ][diakosmos]
building diakosmos within without
Emma Goldman If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution. 020316
HeatherBrock Please move away..and fly with the wind. 020507
moni i dance like a slut! YAY!!! 021011
minnesota_chris when people dance like sluts, they're so fun to watch. And I don't think it's slutty to dance like a slut!

I was assisting a classroom today, we were going over words, and then we put on a karaoke. One of the kids just had to dance, even though we kept telling him to sit down.

And you know what? He was a really good dancer, although his pants kept falling down. And he behaved really well the rest of the day. He just had to get the energy out I guess.
Ogri Dance IS Stravinsky!
(Okay, maybe a bit of Najinsky too).
Le Sacre du Printemps is one of the astounding ironies of music history in that during the premiere of The Rite of Spring, the orchestra was barely audible and was still able to cause a riot.
anj complete freedom
jordia sorry I hit you in the face with my shoulder, I didn't know you were following me down. Next time I'll follow you up. 030225
Eowithien Another beautiful expression of self. It is also something that I am working on because I am not that good. I prefer to listen to the music. 030225
Perspective_of_Soul Flowing through space without a movement. A sickly ballet with my skin the stage and rivers of crimson the warm performers. 030326
B.A.Dorman Dancing is as natural as sound
we hear and we react
we do without realisation
The only wrong dancing is suppressed dancing
pipedream something i haven't done in a while, but i think i'll go home and blast some good music and just go wild *hehe* 030409
gippa don all night long 030507
A KMFDM rocks to dance to 031203
randomly recent lots of types of dancing. how is it that one type fits certain music, but other types don't at all. imagine waltzing to alice cooper.

Shiloh Lives in the rain,
in the store,
in church,
in class,
in my room,
in the halls,
dance for joy,
dance for excitement,
dancing through the turmoil and the pain,
through the love and through the passion,
dancing through life
Racy move to music unconscious of the environment around you, dance like no bodies watching... 040208
jenny enny dots dance away the heartache 040208
jenny enny dots bomb ballerina a few more thoughts:

everyone knows how to dance, you just forget that you know

muscles have memory, so you can never forget the dance moves

in dance, you can find aspects of yourself that were previously hidden.

in my dance, i feel like an actress who becomes the role. i click the music at the moment.

it may be hard to find that deeper meaning when at a loud, crowded club (although it can be quite fun).

i am a disc jockey for a free form dancing group.

and of course, to dance is my passion.
i meant to say i click with the music at that moment. 040208
megan and the band played
songs that we had never heard
and we danced anyway
tr and it is weird, how I love when people watch me dance and then again I feel like stopping and not moving, because they stare at me and I don't wanna know their toughts...
isnt't it weird?
just dance, it's only you...
sameolme Dance is the space between your sole
and the sky.
oldephebe she dances on the edge of a rusty razor blade...

and why is it that she's never looked more beautiful....?
oldephebe a white swan pirrouetting perfectly on point upon the periphery,

when she gets desperately bored with it all she dashes for the premonitory

Oh Priscilla, you think no one gets you, but..I do..

while it's not quite like Spike and Dru

You, my lovely manic, diachotomous lithe limbed orchid of despair are never more beautiful than when your perfect ivory speckled with russet freckled face is full with sadness and ageless as Time, young and unknowable with this ancient whieght borne gracefully upon your brow, Oh daughter of deep shadowed whispering things when I catch you ungaurded looking up from the long deep valley of a kind of suffering only the most beautiful amongst us can know...and by beauty I do mean the bounty of Spirit, the nakedness and effulgence of it that bows the body with every be touched by everything and yet to be as voiceless as the midnight urchin whose mewling voice has been stolen by the keeper, the guardian of Isis sepulcre, the creature that has been given nine lives yet still takes more, so many more. I...SEE it in you, upon you all around you and I'm not afraid, I'm not looking for anything easy, I...know this world you live in. It's what I'm familiar with and if that's what it takes for you to ply your wild art upon my ear, upon the ruts and furrows of my heart then you really need to kow is it's okay. For me to see you like this it's OK. If this is what it takes for you to truthfully, honestly feel engaged in this life then I want no page torn out. I want it all, the whole story of you. You see because I'm a wreck, this is IT. Lift the lid and look in and see the remnants of what life and love and hate hath left breeding and brooding in my heart. I want the deep whadowed rapture of your not quite sincere embrace. And when your gurad falls I will see you in splendor and it will enough for me. Yeah. It will be enough.
oldephebe i want the deep shadowed rapture

and gurad should be guard

i'm sure there are many other spelling errors
snarl i dance in my kitchen with music blasting.
better than sliced bread.
ashes ashes... under the moonlight, the serious moonlight, and if you say run, I'll run with you, and if you say hide, we'll hide, becuuse my love for you would break my heart in two, if you should fall into my arms and tremble like a flower!

Put on your Red Shes and Dance!

jface one of the two times i actually enjoy getting sweaty. 050920
burn and with flames reaching for her knees i settle down and watch her dance and sing across the yellow floor and up against the yellow wall i smile and i clap and she dances like a maniac driven by some flames and singing words of pain she burns becuase its better to burn than it is to fade and she dances all her life away 060803
gja Right! so whos up for some.
Warm sun - sunday afternoon.
Maybe some Roy Ayres huh?
pete dinner and dance, i don't think i've had that much fun concentrated in such a small space of time and location with so many beautiful people. almost all my friends and favourite acquaintances together in one room, dancing up a storm. 070311
dance freak always the first person on the dance floor, and everyone looks at me funny. But hey....I'm the one having fun dancing like a maniac to the music!!! 070322
Truth the music brings you into the flow...

choice of music must depend on your mood...

not whether society thinks it is sad or not !

i don't always remember the names of DJs but i dance to it if it lifts me high.

take the piss if you want.
or choose to loose your ego.
gja dance like nobody is watching 070322
happy happy oh.

the world is looking quite cool these days, i wonder how that happened ?

oh well...

i'm not going to complain.

ner night.

looks quite fun actually.

yay... it's colour and music.
hsg in all u do

all ways
fuffle why do you put your flowers in the darkest corner of your house then ? were you doing an experiment, flowers don't blossom without light, i hope there is at least some life left in them. 070612
Ouroboros i would die if i could not 070612
B~R pour yourself into it
who cares if your hair goes curly
who cares if your mascara runs
the dark stops them seeing your soul through your eyes
so let them see it by the way you move
dance like there is no next hour
like there is no end
Talula_Rouge Dance
turn twist
move with me in slow smoothe steps around a lighted floor.
play a while with me and the beat on a midnight dance floor
Dance with me
whirl with me
a night of tango sensuality.
Emptyness_Alive I've danced, I've run,
I've flown and crawled
I saw the sun go down
And the moon fall

I held the stars
Let them go
Felt the darkness
Helped it grow

Alone I stand
A prepice before
To slip and fall
Dance again

Partnered we stand
Hand in hand
Facing the storms
Looking on

Turned your face
Your strength failed
I'll hold you forever
Never to see

Dawn has broke
I am gone
See you again
When weak you will be
what's it to you?
who go