menstrual cramp manna for white trash 000125
nameless shitbull 000204
old hick The source of everyday troubles, but also the source of psilocybe cubensis. It's a give and take. 000209
andrea i think it's shitty of you
if that was aimed towards me
amazing how quick we can forget
the feelings of others
how fast we put aside the thought
of stepping into another's shoes
i've done this
and felt the anger and confusion
towards myself and my actions
but i refuse to apologize
because i made no promises
most things shared were done
through electronics not voices
no game was played unless it
was merely the game of life
cruel of you to think i may find
some sort of satisfaction or joy
in all that has happened
if that's the sort of person
you believe i am,
then it definitely should have
never even began in the first place

copyright 2000
MollyGoLightly These things people tell you as soon as you're old enough to understand them:
Be honest. Hold still. Pay attention. Work. And work. And work. Wash all make-up off your face before bed for a clear complexion. 200 crunches per week for a flat stomach. Read Shakespeare. Love Shakespeare. Read Dante. Love Dante. Love God. Hate God. There is no God. He is everywhere.
And you really can't ignore any of it.
daxle the insult that makes everyone's eyes squint into a "fuck you" formation 000403
WoNDERGIRL your bullshit
is more than I can take today
kindly take your fake smile
and let the door hit your ass
Silent Bob i tend to think that everything we've ever been taught......how do we know its right? What if its all bullshit? There's no way for us to know. so we can't take anything too seriously, except what we know. that love is true, that coke tastes good, and that Kevin Smith is a funny funny guy. 000613
psycho insomniac when a bull stops to take a shit in the middle of a bull fight... maybe. 000829
psycho insomniac now your in deep... you come home, and expect me to eat all the bullshit your feeding me. you think i'm stupid. i know what you do all night...i know who your with. but you can keep all your bullshit lies... and shove it all back in your ass! 000830
gwyllynne (pardon me for this I am venting)

what I've been putting up with now for 7 months.....ex-live-in lover decides to fuck around with somebody else behind my back (why he had to lie about it I do not know, I probably would've opened my bed to her, whatever) and he does some really bad things (physically puts me in danger in several ways) so out the door he goes, yay! Well this naive thing he slept around with then proceeds to make it look like I was the other woman and tell eveyrbody (bouncers, bartenders, her friends, my friends) that I am gonna kick her arse. (which believe me I had no intention of doing, but well now it is a different story) so for 7 months I have been tapped on the shoulder everywhere I go and told by mister bouncer man that I was only there to start trouble and I should leave, then she started telling bouncers, etc, that I am underage (which I am not and anywaay they do check i.d. at the door) all in an attempt to show me how much better she is than me........I didn't even have to deal with this shit in highschool.....meanwhile I am dealing with real-life bullshit like umm say my father's death....but that is besides the point.

when the college you are going to conveniently looses your grant paperwork and neglects to inform you of it until 2 weeks before the semester starts ....causing you to beg, borrow and steal in order to pay for tuition.....then when you get to school youare marked down as being deceased on the roster

delivering cakes for a company, somebody smashes in your side view mirror, said company refuses to compensate you for it

heh heh heh I could go on and on and on on this topic, needless to say I am pretty derned near my breaking point.
psycho insomniac dont let anyone break you down to the point of breaking down. no one is worth it. i've been through alot, too. and i used to be so depressed. i used to wish i could have the gutts to press harder when i held that damn knife up to my wrist...and then i thought "what the hell am i doing?" and i sat there and cried for days. i was on so much medication that altered my mind i thought i was a zombie, and my world would spin around me until i fell off my feet.but i realized i had a right to be happy... and i wasnt gonna let anyone fuck around with me and play mind games anymore. no one is worth the pain. you will survive. 000902
gwyllynne hey there psycho insomniac, thank you for the understanding :) 001017
danielle bullshit :

your feelings for me
raechel Everything all around, never-ending sadness, fucked-upness, school, parents, new boyfriends, old boyfriends, dreams, lies, missed periods, hate, people at school. Everything all around....me. 010211
florescent light humans
...need I say more?
kx21 Art of Enlightenment... 010211
kx21 Science of SHIT... 010212
chanaka a word of black and white (and brown)
good when professors want your "thoughts and feelings on the etiology of blah blah"
i can create a whole page of bullshit from one sentance.
bad when people try to bullshit out of situations
i'm not stupid. why do you bother trying?
would you like a shovel to scoop that shit from your mouth?
kx21 New definition:

Bullshit is an act to scoop the shit from Mouth, instead from ANUS.

Shit: Excrement, i.e. waste material, particularly feces, discharged from the body...
kx21 It should be

Bullshit is an act to scoop the SHIT from Mouth, instead from other parts of the Body such as ANUS...
common dont give me no bullshit. 010215
kx21 It is best described as

Bullshit is an Art to scoop the SHIT from Mouth, instead from other part of Body such as Anus, Ears, Nose etc..., where applicable.
mikey i think kx21 is funny as hell.
who else could debate and define and research a word such as shit or bullshit? i think its so cool.
unhinged i was honest with you. i never had to admit anything to you. but now you throw that in my face every chance you get. i think that is bullshit. i gave you the biggest gift and all i get in return is being shunned. i'm sorry that a near-death experience changed me in a different way than it changed you. the whole accident just showed me that i have more important things to do with my time than endure your bullshit. 010311
mikey hugs . seems im giving you hugs often. hope they help hope you need them. if not just ignore me! 010311
kx21 It can be generalised as

Bullshit is an Art to scoop the SHIT from Mouth or Mind, instead from other part of Body such as Anus, Ears, Nose etc..., where applicable.
Kbomb What is going on in here
Its a maze
I cannot find my way out
Somethings making me stay here
ass facely new 010509
dung-beetle me..............i...........like.............. 010714
kx21 Is this the Final Answer?

Bullshit is an Art to scoop the SHIT out from the Hole of one's Mind, instead from other part of Body such as Anus, Ears, Nose and everywhere else, where applicable...
kx21 State of Supreme_enlightenment in Virtual_Universe:-

Bullshit is an Art to scoop the SHIT out from Soul, instead from other part of Body such as Mind, Mouth, Anus, Ears, Nose and everywhere else, where applicable...
kx21 A flavor of Man_Talk... 010731
kx21 Founder Blather Space, Kx21_Holy_Book, The_Teaching_of_All_Beings, etc... 010801
matt bullshitted is how I feel right now...why can't anyone ever tell me the truth? You love me or you don't, I don't care anymore 011008
unhinged he reminded me of it. the two times i had stepped out of my body in my life and started talking about pyschic this pyschic that but i believed it. most people write that off as crazy talk but if it happens to you there really is no other way to explain it. why am i so afraid that i will get hit by a car when i cross the street? why do i get deja vu in a place i know that i have never been before? why was i awake and seeing all these visions flashing before my eyes like i myself was some kind of light? he said i could practice. i could do that all the time if i wanted to. sometimes i forget how full of shit steve is. somehow, i believe it. 011109
ear parcel mmm. smells like compost. 020218
... .... 020603
Shane I use it to try to impress people sometimes. I wish I didn't. 020920
kx21 M_Bubble(s)... 020921
JMC bullshit ........
itz not whats for dinner
soup for the poor YOUR LIES
Dustin* he was full of bullshit...to think that i would just sut there and take his shit..* 030619
Dustin* he was full of bullshit...to think that i would just sit there and take his shit..* 030619
crimson we have been trained to turn off our bullshit-o-meters. bullshit surrounds us. every day bullshit is fed into our mouths. i wish we would all stop swallowing. 030722
the game My very being here today is BULLSHIT! 030730
Squantar If something smells like shit, it's because some jerk pulled it out of his ass instead of doing his job. 030826
shivers i only wish i could see through all the bullshit that surrounds u.
to see want it really there that u dont seem to want to show me.
its ok, i can wait
phil spending all eternity holding the ropes of a crushing stone above everything you belive in. 031011
ferret this is FUCKING BULLSHIT 031011
nomatter bullcrap 031011
thespacebetween i deal with it everyday.
so do you
its a way of life
as pathetic as that may seem. I am so constantly desperate to be in love,to be loved
but instead all i get is his bullshit excuses
why hes not ready
why im not the one
i cant take it anymore...
in groups perhaps we are to use the communion of the sacrifice as manure.

mushroom compost, even.
dudeinanigloo Want a good bullshit story?
Go to www.raptureready.com!
SDA ZRUOP 040917
phil complete and total lack of any bull, entirely the shit left behind by the bull. 050105
Dan Moyer The disgust of a thousand faces all mouthing the same word as if it were a virus saying nothing the same. Cries for help from a million sinking ships all worlds apart. Long live an aimless desire for self-inflicted reminders of vile weapons forgotten much as a satellite would slowly degrade it's orbit.
The same creature a million times over screaming a different pitch dampened by their own, custom-made, glass boxes; stylized by their television, wrought with a pornographic hook stuck through a hole in perhaps an ear, or maybe you prefer something more promiscuous? We are all no more than prostitutes, pimped out by the past we don't want to forget remembering.
It can only be said so long before it must be action, and it can only be acted so long as it must be spoken. Your struggle is not as it would be expression, for you expression is as much an escape as a bottle, a pill, or a line of snow;
you need to deal with it and perhaps stop bragging of it.
We all see your pain and are sickened by it,
you too must feel that as well some day lest you will always be dead.
belly fire such is friendship
an oozing sort of bullshit
quotree try_to_believe 050720
akuma aoi (number one in the Hood...G) DR WEIRD: WHO STOLE IT?!?!?!

STEVE: What?




STEVE: It's right there
[pause] On your head.

[DR WEIRD pauses, looks around]

mt i heart dr weird. 050722
Tedwood Richard Strong II is aimlessly trying to be artistic and intuitive on the internet. 050907
Akashari stupid_bitch 070621
wish bone hmmmmmmm..... my phone doen't work you bitch, and when i do a job i do it properly then i have lunch.

whats your problem, my Mum is a pack of nerves worrying about me and my brother, her whole life is about looking after us, it's her job and she always wished she had done something more, how could you want more than looking after your own children? it's the best job anyone could wish for.

my bro and i love my Mummy to the bone !

why are you such a control freak ? why are you a bitch ?
no reason so tired of putting up with people's bullshit
and wishing i had something else to do
Lemon_Soda I. AM. FULL OF IT.

Differance being I tend to believe it, which means it isn't bullshit to me.

Logical thinkers really grind my gears.
hsg when logic gets old and wise, he becomes fuzzy. 081130
sda sda 101005
re_alisma hey, well, i'm telling it to you straight. 101222
lostgirl the real truth of the matter is that you lied to me from day one....

and then,

what's it to you?
who go