joda There. 030511
girl_jane I'll take minutes of the meetings. 030511
jane how did i know? 030511
stork daddy oh gross...now he can say someone else started his...i had to start my own. oh well ces el vivero 030511
Dafremen A fan club of my very own?! Guys! You shouldn't have! Well, I'd like to let you know about some of the rewards of membership, and even though that might spoil my little game, regardless, you deserve to know. Let's just say, after joining the dafremen_fan_club, you will never be alone again. You will always have someone around who cares for you and wants the very best for you. Sometimes, when you aren't looking, I will think of you all as my little pollitos, all fuzzy and cute and so desperately in need of my affections and attentions. When you are funny, I will laugh. When you are sad, I will console you as best I can. I will put on a show for you, and you will know it is a show, because you are my fans and you know that my hand springs, rantings, flourishes and weeping are all done for you.

Then there are the PARTIES!!! Oh the parties we will have! See party_at_dafs_house for an example of one of the incredible shindigs that I've thrown around this place. The fan_club party will be even bigger, more extravagant and will make extensive use of bubble wrap and/or tictacs.

You will have access to me 365 days a year through dafremen@hotmail.com

Whether yer just bored passing time between things to do, or whether you need advice, or even if you just need someone to write you back because it's been so long since you got any email...I'll be here.

We will have a Christmas special and a Dog_boot_company day special. (June 5th)
And OF COURSE a special for each and every fan's birthday. (I'll let you folx decide how we're going to celebrate my birthday..confetti and beer are always nice. Just not together.)

Most of all, as a member of the dafremen_fan_club, you will receive the tro0est friend you ever had. Me.

Your bud,

: )Daf
stork daddy fan clubs are soooo last week 030512
stork daddy i think i'm going to be sick. dog boot company day sounds good though. 030512
Dafremen Digs digs digs. Must you? It really is beneath you and I mean that in a flattering sort of way. 030512
stork daddy is everything everyone says valid? sometimes in life, a position on any given thing automatically opposes another position. what should happen there? 030512
Dafremen We should present the opposing perspective with as much respect for others as we desire of them in return.

Belittling a man's opinion does not convince him. It only convinces him that you are not on his side and must therefore be wrong.

Trust me, I know.
stork daddy that's fine in the world of words, but in the world of actions? 030512
User24 how about in the action of wordWorlds? 030512
Dafremen Nice. I'll take a stab.
Paraphrased from "The Phantom Tollbooth." (Don't have a copy handy dammit.)

"The 'A's are particularly plump and juicy", he smiled, pinching a rather fat letter 'A'. With that, he picked up the 'A' and ate it.
jane so...can people be a member at both fan clubs? 030512
Dafremen I don't see why not. That's one of the rules in our clan regulations. You may belong to another group, but we'd just prefer you didn't sort of thing.

server at q2.fragzaintskillz.com:27910

see also: shameless_self_promotion
stork daddy well you certainly gained points in my estimation when i found out you live the life of a crazed video game mercenary. no sarcasm i mean it. besides, i'd hate to get uh...fragged. that fancy game of yours looks a little confusing though, i'll stick to my river city ransom. 030513
dB check it out man, I got the t-shirt, baseball cap (in blather blue and red), the bubble bath, the fishing net and the obligatory membership card. 030513
cube Just wait 'till you have to start paying membership dues. Let's see how many remain loyal after that.
Dafremen I would like to move we make Db treasurer. Him or TJ. 030513
Dafremen Course the dues are hereby waived until any of us has money to spare. Let's say until 2027? Anyone care to second the motion? 030513
cube Sounds like good politics to me.
stork daddy oh sure you're saying that now, but just wait till 2027. 030514
Dafremen I also move that we freeze the dues at whatever stork daddy thinks is a fair amount. 030514
stork daddy well let's see what i've got in my pocket...ah...75 cents. that's three games of ms. pacman. i offer it as my membership dues. i'll understand if we have to pay extra for the t-shirts and board game. 030514
Dafremen 75 cents it is. Starting in 2027.
I'll go take a few rooms off the condo blueprints right now.
endless desire because he's on my own top 10 favourite blatherskites list. and because he advertised for this one on mine. and because he is just plain awesome. oh and because he has someone going around who absolutely hates him (nemerfad, i do believe it is) and because he has kids. yeah. that's why i am part of the club. . .if i am allowed to be that is. 030627
Dafremen Wouldn't be much of a club withoutcha sistah. 030627
jane daf! did you suddenly turn into a fat black woman? are you one of the notoriously elusive fat_chicks_with_class ? what the hell? 030627
Dafremen No dear jane, I'm one of the fat_guys_with_class actually. You made a sudden appearance..have you been drinking Mountain Dew again? 030627
jane what?
one: i don't drink soda
two: what?
? 030627
dB check it out! only a month and a half after i sign up and they sent me the letter saying i'd signed up and a bumper sticker!
now all i need is a car to stick it on.
I can't be treasurer daff, I'm shit with money. Not even shit, at least shit would have the money stick to it.
jane i'm good with money 030627
endless desire hmmm if i had money, i think i'd be good with it. 030627
eyedream Who is dafremen?

I don't know users well enough


has a garbled voice
splat dB, you don't really have to start being treasurer until 2027, when members start paying their dues.

and since most of them won't pay anyway, no one will ever know if you lost the change on the way to the bank.
dB excellent. It is a lot of responsibility, but I think I can handle it. 030701
misstree I would join, but darling, I stand with Marx (Groucho, not Karl) in thinking that any club that would have me as a member isn't one I would want to belong to... But more importantly, the third fish on the right said that I can cause more trouble from outside the system in this case, so I shall affectionately abstain 'cause Dafremen already knows I'm a lil' fangirl, and it's easier to hurl golden apples into the mettings from out here. 030702
Aimee wow.... a daffy page I haven't blathed on... I don't need to sign up though... my membership is implied... anyways, hope you're doing well daffy... my e-mail address changed and I've been trying to remember to put it on here cause then if you need to, you can find me. Peace. 030703
ashmanzhou doth thou bathe in thy following?
doth thou hunt thy feeling in others?
and canst thou therefore dream for thyself?
or must thou hunger in thy isolation
and crave for community?
thy following aware! awake! aside they be
for it is all bar nothing that is here
and thou some see noting everything may be
Dafremen Oh dear, another armchair psychologist!! This one's got a pen and a thing about poetry!!! How many times must one suffer through the same analysis over and over and...HORK! 030705
ashmanzhou thou archair'd may i be still i fare
not to takest thou away in some assessment
for any would be flawed
simply i pose a question to thee
and anger i at thou response
for thou showst nothing but thy inside soul
and it is not that ugly field doth i wish to partake in
merely didst is wish to comment
on thy ability and thy self becoming
more and more like thy view of thyself
Dafremen Ok first of all. My view of myself:

I am a person who has much to offer but no ambition. I lack fire, plain and simple. I have been able to do anything I ever set out to do quite capably, but nothing seems worth the while. Often when the problem is solved in my head it is as good as solved and I feel my time is better spent thinking about other things. I want very badly to live the ideals that I was living not but 8 months ago, but my life changed and, being weak as I am, I am again fighting my weak will power and substance abuse problems in a battle for my very life and viability. I know that my dreams and everything that I ever wanted are right around the corner if I could only stop hiding from something that I used to embrace not but 8 months ago: life and love of everything around me.

That's what REALLY hurts. I was there. The further I went along the path, the stronger my intuitions became, the path began to lead me through my inutition, I could feel what was right and what was wrong, what was natural and what was unnatural for me. I was vegan for 2 months before several things triggered my fall back into this sick materialistic zombie existence.
I've BEEN on the path my swirly marble worded friend and it is, simply worded, true bliss and success in all things that you undertake.

I have no illusions as to how I am perceived here. A fool's twice the bungler that sees respect where there is none. Twice the twit for embracing adoration born aloft on the fickle fancies of the crowds. You are the third person who has assumed that your perception is more objective than my own, suggesting somehow that I am incapable of standing outside of myself from a hundred different perspectives. Have you read any of my poetry? All I do is jump into other perspectives. It is my nature to imagine how "so and so" must feel. Thanks for the concern, but understand that.."your concern is as appreciated as it is misguided."

Thanks also for the opportunity to play this fascinating game with a very different sort of blather_book_character. You.
endless desire is a fan of daf's poetry. poems_for_you 030706
ashmanzhou didst i offend thee?
thy has gained false opinion
for the senses to find perspective
is from seeing other perspective
justified and juxtaposed
in close relation to thy own
calm thy choler thy perspective will hold
true indeed thy poetry is just
for what it states parellels thy own perspective
as is obvious as is most obvious
but deeper just it falls from there
deeper doth it descend to show
more to others than thyself
thy hath perspective and it is
justified but narrowed alloweth more
to filter through thy thought
block not thy backward sense
find not faults where more than faults abound
instead search for thy meaning
and discover a perspective that doth
not bring others into play
dreamst not of bilous things
thinkst of the karst of faith
where thy is justice done
Dafremen Thou hast not offended me rather would said words engage thee in the game, that most enjoyed of past times. Our person finds thee most intriguing and mysteriously refreshing and thinks that a gentle spar in thine own way of discourse would be most mentally invigorating. How very perceptive to have seen into a heart through poetry and other written words. 'Tis a tricky business that. 030710
Doar I'm still waiting for the t-shirt. 050606
three words dafremen_fan_club
without_meeting_the_people it_isn't_about_you
Death of a Rose Hey, I paid my dues and still no t-shirt.

Oh well, still love ya daf.
ivyducktwilightseto yeah he's pretty cool. 060822
Lia It's a beautiful wonder to see
you making all of your
dreams come true.
Ah, and I see here
years ago,
a fainting heart and
thinking you had no Fire!
but an inner conflagration
whips in big and crazy ways
A Fire of the Soul,
smouldering, everlasting;
devoid of natals
and the trascient
monotonous ruler-measurement
of Time. :)

Dreams becoming Real,
as you well deserve,
All the happiness you deserve.


~your number one Fan

(and I really hate that word. ugh.
Only for you.)
Lemon_Soda Sign me up. 080725
Doar and myself, within reason DoOd.

what's it to you?
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