Dafremen see also: Do0D 020615
oo repeat after me!," boob bood boop booq doob dood doop dooq poob pood poop pooq qoob qood qoop qooq " 031120
andru235 dood, i qoobed at "qoob", qooded at "qood", qooped at "qoop", and qooqed at "qooq".

now you must hire someone else.

i've tried to help, but i'm not here to do your dirty work ("poop") or get you laid ("boob"). however, if you can find some papers, i would gladly join you for a blather "doob".
permutant-X dood pood qood bood
doop poop qoop boop
dooq pooq qooq booq
doob poob qoob boob

Just to be on the safe side.
thy qbdpbdp! 120704
what's it to you?
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