Q Rant on Blather as Boring Chatroom

See the first blathe on boring, by Shar.

Blather has become even worse than just mostly boring.

One reason for this is that fewer and fewer blatherers provide real e-mail addresses for themselves. As a result it has become almost impossible for a reader to follow up privately with the blatherer of the rare blathe the reader finds to be useful, interesting, insightful, or provocative.

Rare blathes like these seem to have become like scraps of bread for hungry, blathe-reading birds. Unfortunately for these birds, they have brains more sophisticated than typical birds' and sometimes would like to know how the bread was made and how it might be used other than simply to be tossed on the ground.

A reader snatching such a scrap might attempt a public dialogue on blather with the blatherer who baked the bread. Such dialogues, though, contribute even more to making blather into a quasi chatroom that is boring for most of the blather community.

Oh, for the old days - like, say, six months ago. LOL!

Whether the old days were good or not is a matter for the indivdual beholder's eyes.

However, blather then did function intriguingly as something between an e-list for word-play, in many different forms, and clubby chatroom with more to do with other kinds of play.

Now blather seems to have slipped as close as possible to a chatroom situation. But even if one is part of "the club," it is not a very good situation. This is because blather lacks the immediate interactivity that makes a real chatroom a good environment for a club where the play has little to do with words as words.

Maybe blather is boring even if you feel you are part of the club?
Brad Well, some of us find it possible to have fun with lighthearted blathing. We don't aim to exclude anyone or to "ruin" your environment. And contrary to what you seem to have rashly and innacurately assumed, we are actually very intelligent. Schlieffen Man, MollyGoLightly (aka Splinken) and myself are all honors college students at a large university, and all thrive on cultural stimulation, provocative books, philosophical discussion, and serious interaction when we deem necessary. We are all educated in the classics, the art, world culture and the great thinkers that have published books since the beginnings of civilization, and I for one find these things very interesting. Molly is one of the smartest and most independent people I have ever met, and Errol (Schlieffen Man) is a brilliant and equally intelligent computer-minded person. I am a very serious artist who is dedicated to his craft and sees fit once in a while to break away with some lighthearted kidding. Perhaps our mildly ridiculous behavior is a direct result of our diametric opposition to the pretentious, pseudo-intellectual drivel that seems so prevalent on this page. It is just this sort of masturbatory contrived 'depth' that makes it refreshing to read a post about something totally absurd. Instead of spewing vehement vituperation, we have chosen to peacefully generate our own style of blathing, rather than denouncing that of others. It almost seems as if some people here feel the need to reinforce their own securities by out-profounding one another. I'm sorry, but most things in the world just don't warrant that type of serious depth. Furthermore, treating everything with pseudo-profundity detracts from the proper treatment of those things which truly are profound. Something for you to ponder. My email address is 000620
Brad that was supposed to be "their own insecurities." my apologies for the typographical error. 000620
emily ....well put, brad.... 000620
whirligirl blather is many things, blather can be many things, blather changes, blather is primarily social, words are social, everyone here is intelligent. and to me, this is a learning experience, social gain and release. 000620
Q I haven't the vaguest idea what "insecurities" Brad refers to.

I did not imply that any blatherer was not smart and sincere. Certainly not Brad and his chums.

I did not imply that blather should not be a boring chatroom. I understand that blather inevitably changes and that those who blathe determine what blather is.

I observed that blather has become a boring chatroom, similar to innumerable others that are better suited technically for that purpose, and that I regret that.

Not surprisingly, those who groove on blather the way it is now neither regard it as boring nor regret that it is the way it is.

Brad Q:
Those things weren't stated outright... but in the real world there is something to be said for connotations.
miniver I don't imagine Q was making any implications of the sort, brad. He didn't suppose any change (for better or worse) at all in blathing matter, just in the means. (Although, for the record, I have to say that you three appear just as ridiculously pseudointellectual as I, or Q, or anyone else around here!) Q, if I may reinterpret, was referring to the manner by which interaction now occurs on blather, not the actual blathes blathed. So, aha -- 'tis true, no one need worry about who is more sincere, or lighthearted, or deep, or shallow, or fun, or crazy, or pious, or pedantic, or fat, or fecund, or who has eleven fingers and nine toes...umm, who is intellectual, who is pseudointellectual, absurd, abstinent, or who is spotted blue, etc.

(It's so so hard to sit quietly, though!

I will be indifferennnnnnnnnnnnnnt...

Splinken I don't mind that Brad mentioned me in the blathe. I like his blathe.

I never said I was not pseudointellectual. So no one bitch about me please. I have decided to stay out of this.

I am so fucking touchy.

Brad Hee Hee. I am forced to be amused at how seriously this is being taken. Case in point... lighten up folks! 000620
Splinken you took it pretty seriously.

*scroll up scroll up scroll up*

aw fuck. i'm stopping now.

*makes zipper motion over her lips*
Brad Oh, and jsut to set the record straight... it was the part about "having brains more sophisticated than the typical birds" that set me off. that seemed like a direct question of the intelligence or intellectual capacity of some of the people who post on blather. For those who wish to question my capacity, that's fine and dandy. I could really care less whether or not you think I am on an intellectual par with you... I am only slightly angered on the behalf of those blatherers whose posts I enjoy reading, and even more on behalf the two or three that I actually know in real life that I consider close personal friends. These are people of whom I think very highly. It's not fair to them to make any judgements on their character or intelligence when you have no possible way to comprehend their depth. 000620
Brad yeah i guess i did. hehe. I am amused at myself, too, then! Hey, i never pretended to make sense ;) 000620
Brad Hey here's an idea... blather is big enough for all of us. How about we just agree to disagree and avoid all the personal affronts. Sound fair? 000620
The Schleiffen Man i take affront to brad calling me brilliant... people, people, people.... for the last time... I AM A NORDIC GOD... if you can't get it through your skulls, i might smite you.... so watch your ass pal! 000620
Q Lest there be any misunderstanding, my reference to "typical birds'" in the phrase "brains more sophisticated than typical birds'" in my first blathe on "chatroom" was not to any human or group of humans. It was plainly to "typical birds," to wit, animals of of the taxonomic class "Aves" and only to such animals.

Humans are sometimes referred to as birds, as in the last two lines of e. e.
cummings' 1938 love poem "you shall above all things be glad and young":

"I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance."

In the paragraph of my first blathe on "chatroom" that includes the (to some) offending phrase "typical birds'", I had referred before that phrase to blatherers generally, not any subset of them, as "birds," meaning, of course, "humans," as decidedly all blatherers are human. Thus, the adjective "typical" was used to distinguish blatherers, having been referred to generally as "birds," from animals that are birds taxonomically and, as such, have small brains ("bird brains").

Now if this doesn't make all of you at least chuckle, I will need sadly to go out tonight and try to unteach ten thousand stars.
Brad *chuckle* 000621
BIRDMAD the "typical birds" reference was, i believe, leveled at me.

perhaps valid, perhaps not.
it's neither here nor there anymore.

i just know that if i wanted to spend every thought on self-defense i would just seek the company of the former friends who made homelessness seem like an attractive alternative a couple of years ago.

where you see "bird" in the name, then likely, there i am.

my email address is

if you would rather i left this place, say the word and i will crawl back under the banal, pedestrian rock where "typical birds" like me belong. I've had ample time and experience with the concept not being welcome.

excuse me all to Hell.

yard or meter
bird - fuckin - mad
xipe totec
(insert word here) -bird
Brad See? hurting feelings is mean. :( 000621
Splinken bird,

i honestly don't think he was talking about you.

vogel von der holle ~~~*holding up sign that reads: "Please don't spit, i can't swim"*~~~

up to that awkward explanation, one could have fooled me (and my bird brain)

^^^spontaneous avian combustion^^^
daxle wow
I'm suprised I didn't notice all this earlier
but I only have one thought about it
if molly, schleifen, brad and all could identify themselves as the people being talked about without being specifically referenced, it reinforces the point that you guys are forming a subsect for better or worse
so stop denying it damnit
MollyGoLightly *raises hand*

i participate. i don't deny it.

time for the chili dogs and cream soda.

want some?
birdmad i don't deny anything

but goddamn,
why do some people happen to get so butt_hurt over a bunch of people who share the same warped sense of humour

whatever you want to call it
our subsect, our cult...
we're less exclusionary than our detractors

might as well just say it.

i can hear it louder as this thread grows:

"there goes the neighbourhood"
finger man ''l' 000728
klarchen Each small task of everyday life is part of the total harmony of the universe.

Stop throwing water on little splecks of life, you are wasting the water that you could be giving some thirsty flowers.

Or as a late-night-chick might say,

MollyGoLightly if this entry gets infected again i am going to scream. what daxle said is true. and this site is a toy. and we can play with this toy however we want to.

everybody breathe.
klarchen I'm sorry.

I don't even know what I said.

And what is this klick anyways?

Oh, kool, I always wanted to belong to a really kool klick.

Perhaps I can join,

Only if I can survive initiation.

Ha hA.

The Schleiffen Man i admit it, i'm guilty as charged... i'm the mastermind behind the chatroom on blather, as well as mashed potatos AND sparkle wand firecrackers... so HA! 000728
tourist Frankly I wandered into this site by typing random words into the search engine and scrolling down the list checking out anything that caught my eye.I found it fun and entertaining so I keep comming back. As far as E mail goes I do most of my blathe (is that pronounced like take a bath? or like turn on a lathe? oh nevermind)from a company terminal and wouldn't dream of opening my self up to all that that might incur. But as for the format, well I've been in actual chatrooms and usually found them full of fasttyping children, or the desparate lonely.
When I came in here it was like walking around in an empty town, and finding notes and messages left laying around giving me a feel for the inhabitants.So I left a few scrawls likewise and continued to stroll, never seeing anyone else.When finally silentbob sneaked up on my trail, it kind of shocked me, but I'd read his words and rather liked the bloke so I did'nt bolt and run.I'm kind of curious if the creator(s) of this site are in our midst,because I have E-mailed them from the front page (us_) and have never received a reply. Thanks all for tolerating me, You got a wonderful site here. Really
Sintina Well I'll be... I found a place I truly belong. Where arguing is sweet, and those that do it are just as likely to turn their own argument against themselves and find their own hypocracies and laugh and laugh and laugh and get over it the next minute and forget what the argument was about the minute after that.
A chatroom is nothing like blather. the only way we blatherers resemble chatters is that we sometimes answer one another. A chatroom is often full of pointless dripple and people asking you to have sex with them via keyboard in a private room.
A chatroom is nice if it's only those that you know, but blather is not about chatting it is about words and writing. And i like it.
Anaesthetic The medium is the message. We're just servicing the architecture. 011109
dude you rock no, you do 011214
jenny enny dots is this a chatroom for writers/poets or something? 040116
you know who i am Somebody said:

A chatroom is nothing like blather. the only way we blatherers resemble chatters is that we sometimes answer one another.


That is an excellent truthful statement. Blather is both social and solitary. It is for those bubbly and reclusive (who are sometimes the same person)

oldephebe a chatroom resembles blather the way some creatures in a certain phylum/order vaguely resemble the other more evolved and or specialized distant cousines... 040316

i am looking for a chatroom to, well, chat and i remember back when i first got online a few years ago yahoo had a good service, so i go there and find none for my city and the closets big city is filled with people just looking for sex (either online, on the phone, or to meet). i have spent the last hour looking for one and found NOTHING.

i have a suspisions that the ppl looking for sex drove the non-horny population out of chatting and because of that there are no good chat services left.

dont get me wrong, i find nothing wrong with going into chatrooms looking to get some, its just that its extreamly rude to do it in the (for lack of a better word) "normal" chat rooms. any service has one or 2 rooms at least dedicated to that, and some sites are just about cybering. is it really neccissary to advertise in public?
Top Gun anyone here right now??? 040915
ninecat The non-horny population is probably more likely to be attracted to blathering. Not always, but, the thing is, I don't think you can very well do the cyber sex thing on blather, you know? 041203
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