sarah peppermint tea.
i'm so addicted.
amy is to bike as coffee is to car 981030
ang for two 981030
emily sweet tea.
three ice cubes.
lots of sugar not much tea.
big fucking glass.
Rainer Krauss I'm used to drink tea at the office...at least I think so. When I appear at the office in the mourning, I put a tea bag in my sky blue coffee mug with this batch man cartoon on it, fill it with boiling water, take it to my desk and the start working. Yunno, I can't drink extremely hot things and when it cooled off enough I'm deep into work, so I just have this sky blue mug with the tea bag in standing around on my desk the whole day long. 990208
OTK 30 grammes fennel seed
1000 millilitres water (hot)
one litre size "french press"

enjoy again and again
coldtea Sleepytime has a picture of a snuggly bear family on the box. That image is as good as the tea itself. 990517
uncle aussie Free refills forever! 990622
jennifer friends of mine, we go to village inn... and we all get a coffee and I get an ice tea to go with it.

we always ask for a bowl of cream and a bowl of sugar, and they laugh at us, but we use all of it up.

coffee: 5 creams, 4 sugars
tea: no cream, 11 sugars, no lemon

and deb is pretty much the same as me, but with no iced tea.

and the other jen just gets water.
valis i think it's about time people started using this as a euphemism for marijuana again. 991215
bryson mushroom tea
in the brightest
yellow mug you've ever heard
glad I woke up that day.
Brad I have 2 glasses of sweet tea at lunch every day. My friend brooke says i'm going to remove all the calcium from my bones by the time i'm 60. Oh well... it sure is tasty. 000331
Tank earl grey is THE definitive god_juice. 000623
klarchen tea:
a perplexed thought in perpetual motion
is always humbled and blurred by a sip of
Shigolch Earl of Grey,
one Saturday,
abandoned all hope--
let chips fall where they may.

"I never said sunshine
was something I'd confine
to the mis-tread corners of
my dungeon trap mind."

We left him alone
(skinned to the bone).
That's how he preferred it--
good worker bee drone.
tourist I have this theory that the British Empire spread around the world because of their addiction to caffine. 001106
rache Tea. Tea. Tea. Tea.

Tea is the best thing, it helps when you're cold, tired and stressed. When you're in shock, when you need a break. When you are thirsty, when you're not.

The british empire was Built on tea.

Remember that. It's very important.

And I don't care if you tell me I'm an old lady. because tea ROCKS. Yea, man. Yeah.

Don't drink alcohol! DRINK TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........it's just as good.
AND, you can make great hash tea tooo...now that's good, err...so i'm told. heh heh heh;)

My tea is ready...i'm off!
roz tonk rache! you listened when i told you bout the hash tea?!? aww...cute. i love tea, its good for my belly. one and a half sugars. always. makes me smile! 001205
Rhin I love exotica teas. China White, Golden Darjeeling, and Silver Jasmine are the best! 001205
twiggie my favourite kind right now is .+blackberry sage+. it's yummy.
in the morning i always have a cup of red rose tea with milk and sugar.
right now it's chilly in my house. i want to start a fire and sit in front of it and drink chamomile tea and read and write. but i have to do other things instead. maybe i'll make some tea anyway.
mmm i love my green tea, its the best 010402
lifeandlight Massala Tea, Massala Tea.........mmmmm.. 010403
Teenage Jesus Iced tea! It's 103 freaking degrees! I want some ICED TEA!! 010731
Gollum beers kinda like tea, I'll have a beer 010731
teasthepnlygoodleftforme Tea drinkin junkie, thats me...
cant wait to get up tomorrow, wait it is tomorrow, cant wait to get up later today, make a mug of Green tea( since I drank the last of the Chinese Fortune) and sit out by the pond and watch the ducks...its meh thinkin spot, perfect place to lose yourself in thought or meditation, and to smoke pot.
pee piss water 011104
distorted tendencies Hot tea with Honey. I have to constantly drink it to keep my coughing down. I have to pee every goddamn twenty minutes. Fuck this shit. 011105
anti-social butterfly i have a green tea obsession/addiction. 011105
whoknows i miss being able to go into a restaurant and order tea and then get back a sweet iced tea. they know what you mean in the south. i wanna go home. 011105
sphinxradio just for you, scott. earl grey.
i'll run and get the biscotti.
ellen cherry charles smile your little smile
drink some tea with me awhile
brush away that black cloud from your shoulder

jethro tull
[remy] clouds in my coffee,
rain in my tea.
little wonder when i first moved to connecticut, i was over at a new "friend's" house. she asked if i wanted some iced tea, so i said sure.
what she gave me tasted nothing at all like tea.
the iced tea in my previous experiences was freshly brewed with lemon...and no sugar.
this was made from water and powder.
i didn't know what to do
i was very confused
but i played along, trying not to look stupid in front of my new_friend.
reitoei chai. black tea with spices and milk. i used to drink coffee until i discovered chai. and arizona iced tea... 020310
angie damn...I don't know what my deal is with tea lately. I think it will make me a better person. I don't especially like the tastes of the teas ive tried. I liked one...but it was someone else's. I don't even remember what it was called. Maybe it is an acquired taste. See i have this thing...That because tea is supposed to be so good...it will make me good. Wow that is fucked up. 020310
teagirl i drink my tea from a mason jar, mostly because it's big (20 ounces!) but also because people look at me funny when they see me drinking out of a jar. i met some kids from the mid west once and they didn't really find it odd, apparently people drink moonshine out of mason jars there... 'm a big fan of tea. and i hate coffee. well, actually i just hate the way it tastes. i like the way it smells... but if you think about tuna fish while you open a bag of coffee, sometimes the coffee can smell like tuna fish! i worked at starbucks once - well, a few times - and now i'm black listed because i worked in too many different stores for not enough time and their computer hiring system has decided i'm a bad kid! gee, that sucks. 020416
girl_jane bliss 020604
eklektic today i had a friend and her boyfriend over. we were going out the front door to leave for the mall when i stopped because there was a brown package on the floor of the front door breezeway. i knew who it was from even though the address was facing down. i pushed my friends boyfriend out of the way - and almost down - and ripped it open right there. i smiled when i saw a box of Caffeine Free Kava Kava Tea Bags and a note. i read it to myself, stuck it back inside the torn brown packing and handed it to my mother. later when i got back home, i was reading the box and it said: "May cause drowsiness. Do not use when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery. Do not use if you are taking sedatives or tranquilizers without first consulting a health care professional. NOT FOR USE BY THOSE UNDER THE AGE OF 18." my mom looked at me like i was crazy and told me not to drink any until i knew what it would do to me. all i know is, is that it smelled really really strong. i cant wait to drink it. thanks Kate. 020706
kathy I am so addicted to tea I get the shakes when I am almost out and I drive my husband insain when iam out and he just bought me 2 big jars full of tea I love tea Iam addicted to tea I have to have tea all the time 020810
vette a cool afternoon
big warm cups
and amazing company.
DavesHeroinGirl I just thought that if heart and falling_asleep were on the list today that this should be here too. 030225
sirflaccid the best thing to drink when you are doing nothing but sitting around and touching yourself. 030225
celestias_shadow i love tea....omigosh i love it love it love it
words cannot possibly describe how many times it has saved my life
and it's yummy too
how much better does it get?
mr. tea i pity the fool who don't drink no tea. 030329
penny I feel like royalty 030329
god ha good un 030329
dave im drinking tea, if its good enough for me then its good enough for you, we can have tea for two, woo yeh 030408
Our Lady Dysentry is the greatest invention of human history.

Because I love it.

It is made from the fermented leaves of a shrub. It should taste horrible and it does, sortof.

I like it with milk, Americans don't know how to drink it and the best comes from Sri Lanka (though the prefer to package it as "ceylon").

The cornerstone of the British Empire.
pobodys nerfect Oh yummy. I love it,in all different kinds of flavours and types. I even collect teapots. And as a little girl,my favourite song to sing was "All the tea in China" by Susan Jacks.
I have an unbreakable bond with tea...
User24 I like peppermint, keemun, earl grey, green and breakfast tea. I haven't tried any others (except flavoured teas, like blackcurrent, etc, which I always find taste too 'thick') 030602
User24 oh, and also lemongrass, which is quite nice. 030602
jane she used to bring me tea in the morning

earl grey with vanilla cream

and after she left me
i wanted to swirl in that vanilla
until i got dizzy and passed
crimson jane, I am in love with what you wrote. yes. love love love.

He and I used to drink green tea on my bedroom floor. He was half-Japanese. I only ever used my microwave when he was over. My father hated him.
what happened next I used to be anti-tea. I only drank coffee, black, two sugars. it went with my black beer (tooheys old), and my refusal to have rasberry in it. But I started drinking chai tea because of my granmother. with milk and honey. I like to drink it out of bowls. that way, you get your hands warmed as you breathe in the spicy scent. 031023
lani and jesse sweet sweet tea....iced tea is above all superior to hot tea. Especially the sweet powdery stuff you make yourself. Tea fills me with glee!!!!!!!!!! 031227
Tea I like tea
it speaks to me
i drink tea
it's brown
but it's called green
i like tea
finngwen _early_morning_ 040525
lizbet ~Grin~

so delicious.....
elegance ICED TEA? What the hell are you talking about people? Iced tea isn't real tea. Take it from someone who knows. Iced-tea is a beverage. Real tea is sustenance and medcine. It's better than Rescue Remedy, it has milk in it (which means it has to be good for you.) It provides you with something to do when you're bored. It's a motivater when you're really stoned. It's the most fantastic end to a dinner, tea and a cigarette. A cup of tea lasts as long as your cigarette, and if you light the cigarette just as soon as you pour the tea, by the time you've smoked a little of it, the tea will be cool enough to drink. Pah! you can't do these things with prissy ICED TEA. Bloody Americans. Heh. 040615
dosquatch Iced tea is a beverage. Hot tea is an experience. The difference is, I appreciate both. Snobby Brits ;-) 040615
Nikoba It saved my life on a quest to cut caffine,made me quit smoking,get a yoga ball,and change careers - really! I now drink 8-10 cups a day, mostly Jasmine, but recently I have been mixing teas. Green with Jasmine, or Chrysanthamum (helps with this 116 degree weather today). Even in extreme heat, hot tea is my new religion. I can't honestly say enough, I feel like a born again :) 040811
;) TEA_123 040811
shower singer My favourite tea at the moment is gen mai cha.

Does anyone else think that the image of someone smoking and drinking tea at the same time is anything but elegant?
Splinty tea tastes metallic, coppery like blood. Milky swirled. makes my mouth taste like marmite. Tea inspires me 040816
(z) (ban cha please) 040816
magicforest tea is new!
hi tea!

tea is new!
tr black 050207
falling_alone a pound of jasmine leaves for $3.50
in a clear plastic bag
i thought it was a bit shady
but i'd love to hear the whispers from the dormroomgirls
of what is actually in the bag.
emmi k: what sort of tea is that?
e: um, i'm not really sure...
k: oh, THAT kind
e: well i remember i had it in a different packet and just put it into this container for jasmine tea, but i don't remember where i got it from.
k: but where is the actual tea from?
e: see, that's what i don't know.

e: i think i remember where i got this tea from.
k: turns out it's not really tea?
e: i'm not sure. i bought a little purse in nepal that had something inside it that looked like tea.
k: (laughs)
e: but i bought it just because i liked the purse. but the use-by date on the "tea" was in 1999.
k: (spits out tea)
e: but i figured, it's tea...tea doesn't go bad, does it?
matt cupoftea dot tv is me
i like cups of tea
but mostly i juggle
and take photos
and take photos of people juggling
and juggle cameras.
actually i don't juggle cameras
() ( see: go_drink_some_tea_whore ) 060420
() ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l1F6BmKbO0 ) 060421
when darkness falls i have 3 favorites: dragonwell (green), ti kwan yin (oolong), and pu-erh (black or a whole category in itself). i drink these in the morning, afternoon, and night, in any order depending when i have to get up. they're healthy. being a night_owl is good, it's great. and you don't need coffee to wake you up when you have strong tea in the morning. 061024
nom that was funny () 061024
Ptolemy DCLVIII Today I learned that what the_British lack in armaments and guns they make_up for in hot_cross_buns. (Thanks ().)

I'll be sure to enter this into the Histories.
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