jennifer big_brother 000504
Philifledermaus beep, beep, beep. beep beep beeeeep beeeep beep beep bebeeep.

(Van Halen - Jump)

sorry, had to be done :)
andrea i was 4 yrs old 000506
Brad I was 4, too. I bet orwell's book would have been much more frightening if i was able to read a novel with such depth at that age. hehe. Especially if i read it while listening to Van Halen's "jump" 000506
MollyGoLightly I thought david lee roth was cool back in the day...when i was four... 000506
birdmad daaaaamn, make me feel old why don't you?

I was twelve.

and frankly, I thought it was Van Halen's last really good album.
perspie come-a chameleon and what's love cocka-doodle doo 000507
silentbob Now it is 1984
are you ready for the third world war?
You too will meet the secret police
they'll draft you and they'll jail your niece
You'll go quietly to boot camp
They'll shoot you dead, make you man
Don't you worry, it's for a cause

i dont know the rest
Barrett I was 10.
I consider it one of the best years in my lifetime.(Def Leppard, Crue...) Damn, I'm old!
Hagar sucks!!!
klarchen At the age of four I liked to pour milk and sugar into the snow and pretend it was ice-kream. 000729
erin i was in the play 1894
our director was the extremely neurotic
drama teacher. mr wilkinson.

he would smoke an entire pack of cigarettes a day and down two 4 packs of starbucks frappuccinos.
he was thin white duke looking with a peachy grey tone to his skin, and shock-red hair.

wilkie was in a band in the year 1984, when most of us were still learning how to walk. it was a new wave band replete with flock of seagulls hair and boy george makeup. the cast party was at his house. we got to see his 80's videos that aired on MTV. it was definitely him, running around in a loincloth with models.

our production of 1984 was slick and edgy for a motley crew of high schoolers.
he made us take things seriously.
set design, effects...motivation and character.
he just believed in the whole damn thing
so we had a good and open time. he swore in front of us. my friend andy smoked out with him. it was all very cool.

unfortunately for pretty much everyone involved, some parents found out that wilkie let kids drink in his house. i never saw him after that year, but i know he thinks it's bullshit. and he's right.
grendel Orwell had it wrong

won't be a public
government entity

it will be a corporation

viva blathster!
stan Orwell was right about nearly everything, but he vastly underestimated the power of an atom bomb. He even saw how they would control us little sheep with lotteries. But of all the futuristic novels, perhaps A Clockwork Orange comes closest to the mark. 000731
Aaron i love clock work orange. in 1984 i was 3. that's the year i had my accident. i went eather through or out of a window of a car. they searched for 2 or 3 hours for my body. they flew me to johnson memorial and i was in icu for a long time. i was in a full body cast. i think i was saposed to die that day. my whole life has been a bunch of mistakes. but Jesus smiled down upon me and i'm still here today. just a little disturbed though. see also: Aaron Rinne heartbreak jesus vacation. 000816
splinken the year the dog ate all my easter eggs. i searched for the eggs that weren't there while my parents scurried around frantically, hiding plastic eggs behind my back.

i knew what had happened, i just pretended not to for their sakes. because i was the only child, the best thing, and my anger killed them when it surfaced.
jimPain I was in the fourth grade and my teacher was a complete witch. Mrs. Brandell was her name. She had greasy black hair and tits down to her belly button. I wanted to kill my self instead of go to her class. I spent many days at home faking illnesses. I hated that year of my life 000924
j_blue i was in the 5th grade when i read that book. it was great. until then i hadnt realized other minds existed. i was 6 in '84. it was one of those books who would become permanently etched into my mind's architecture. lessons incorporated into the personality. 000925
j_blue Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows 000929
Yogijinn I hate that he gives up. I hate that he loves big brother. 001210
sabbie "He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear. But as long as he uttered it, in some obscure way the continuity was not broken. It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on..." (Orwell, George, '1984' p. 26)

it was the 1984 quote i used in my thesis. i used it in reference to my art, but it can be applied to blathers too.

"...It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on..." i really like it.
j_blue i have found that sanity is a word whose meaning you can no longer resolve when you focus on it for to long.

like when you say a word over and over, and after a while, you arent even sure how the word is supposed to be pronounced, let alone if you are saying it correctly.

so in the end, you decide that you are sane, that sanity is your default setting, and that worrying about it can only make you unsure about your sanity.

this, even if your default setting is insanity. i wonder if thats what happened to poor old winston.

1984 taught me not to beleive in justice as any kind of right, or natural phenomenon. its as man made as hostess twinkies, and in no way "necessary".

(sorry, i hate being way wordy, so i addressed 2 things too fast, but oh well)
god rats 010219
elana best book. scary.... but cool. read it. by ORWELL. read it in 8th grade..
always think about it...
caroline That's when I was born. Heehee. 010502
j_blue hm 010502
Casey I was born too. And just look at how far I've gone. ( Sarcastic laugh ) 010503
claudia i was -1.
i wanna be on top.
i wanna be disciplined.
i wanna start and finish my own wars.
i wanna change the past.
i wanna be the future.
i wanna watch you.
i wanna be an idol.
i wanna be god.
i wanna be like Big fucken Brother.

i wanna wait for totalitarian rule.
j_blue i wanna cease to exist without dying

i know, i'm a pussy
the nemesis of big brother, antithesis and destroyer of thoughtcrime, never more while freedom of thought and expression can be freely garnered to the select thoughtful and complex minded few that wish it, its not about mass values, its about the individual
zero 17 years ago....forget the past.....die in the future....live in the future....die in the past....live in the now...live forever.... 010818
distorted tendencies Feed me to the rats, I've committed a crime against the thought police. 020301
yummyC i wouldn't know... 020302
Tay Parker I was born in 1984... on August 28, to be exact. 030112
screwing for virginity born august 21, 1984.

that was my favorite book af all time till i read clockwork orange (i bought both of them at the same time, but read clockwork a few months later). and even now, 5 years later, it still ranks way up there on the list.

but i need to reread it, cause i was in 7th grade, so i think i missed some improtant messages.
god i was 14. 030113
Gho$t I was born on February 13th 1984, a world i did not ask to come into. 030124
paranoid martyr 30th june, 1984.

war is peace.
freedom is slavery.
ignorance is strenght.
pat sajak please, no more duran duran. i'd like to keep my lunch 030126

stephanie i will be born in 3 years.

13 of may
Sparticus busy being concieved in late april.

sorry 1984 -- missed ya by 28 days. . .
celestias shadow i will be born in 4 years. too late.

oh but Yogijinn, he has to love big brother. that's the point. you're supposed to hate it.

i would agree that clockwork orange is slightly better, if only because it is less.......not wordy, but somehow easier to plow through once you get the hang of the slang he uses. which is really fascinating on its own.
Cathexis June 29, 1984...

I was born five years later.
grendel feeling subversive revise that, it will be a corporately owned government 030801
User24 I second that, grendel 030814
misstree harrumph... i love 1984 and clockwork_orange both, but i think they have relatively different slants, and to say that one is better than the other is unfair to both.. clockwork orange addresses the moral implications of free will and the subverting of those implications, it's a study of human nature on a much smaller scale... 1984 studies human behavior on a larger scale, addressing mass media and conditioning and how to get along in a tightly controlled society... my father had me read 1984 when i was very young, telling me "this is what's happening today." it scared the piss out of me, but as i grow older i watch the thinly veiled machine telling us we are at war with eurasia, we have always been at war with eurasia, and big brother knows best, and to go against big brother is to go against the Good.

1984 was the biggest thing responsible for the years that i lived in deliberate ignorance of the world around me, because my mind couldn't take the horror of Seeing. i have changed, and seek out knowledge to some degree, with bullsh!t detectors firmly in place no matter what the outlet... and it still disgusts and terrifies me.
micky jo I have this old black and white copy of the original 1984 movie
they stopped making it because it was so controversial and all i guess
not at a lot of people own it or have even seen it
my government teacher in high school passed me with an a because i made him a copy
which was great because i forgot to do a final project
anyway it is one of the best things i have ever seen
but if you didn't read the book you wouldn't get it
superleni If you liked 1984 read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, which is toted to be its companion and is a fantastic book about another restrictive revolutionary distopia 040208
Peens Around the 6th best book ever.
Clockwork orange is 5th
Slaughterhouse Five is One
oldephebe I first read it in the eighth grade...i think i purchased it for pennies from the county book sale or something..none of my jr.high school teachers bothered to illuminate the conclusions of an ambitious if not misinformed 13year old when I'd informed a few that I was reading it and how it vaguely seemed to be a metaphore or something..i was really amused by the gyrations and manipulations of the pig (i think it was napolean..)I wasn't in the honors class or anything so I wasn't supposed to be musing upon those kinds of things i guess...they met my words and inquiries with thin lipped smiles of mild amusement mingled with distaste frosted at the edges of thier porcelian perfunctory smiles..later in a frosh english comp class a cigar smoking red headed english prof who wore sensible shoes and a lot of dingy green and taupe khaki with polo shirts of an indefinate hue took an inordinate interest in my reading habits and the primeval fires that had shaped my tastes, writing and persona at the time...you see, i've always been oldephebe since the age of 14 or so...so i guess not always but yeah..prematurely tweed and pipe and dusty jackets of gold embossed classics..yeah that was me even then..Giles! so anyway she gave me a few books from her collection and asked me to consider either changing my major to english or at least taking a few advanced classes..to ah polish my writing..great read the second time through and vastly more illuminating and disconcerting...orwell..brilliant..never read a clockwork orange though..i even had one of those odd mrs. robinson moments..um..i was to meet her in the english cottage..after all the other profs had left..to discuss what courses i should take the next year..i saw the color rush into her cherubic cheeks, the lascivious smile, the hint of passion flash in her usually cerebral gray eyes..i ah showed up 90 to 2 hours late..hoping she had left by then..she was there and a little subdued by my standoffish demeanor...after raving over my papers/essays...i wound up getting a C for the course..'cause i didn't play ball i guess...hell she was old enough to be my mOm..she smoked cigars (slender aromatic ones)and paid me waaaaay to much attention in front of my peers...she was an excellent instructor though..i still have one of the books she gave me...
the incontinense and mispellings are back....
oE should have said "they met my remarks with mildly amused smiles mingled with distaste frosted at the edges of their perfunctory face flexes.." 040212
falling_alone this blathe does not exist.
this blathe did not exist.
this blathe will never exist.
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl fuck it, blather is stalking me again

im reading this book
right now
i bet there is a hidden mike here.
or a camera.

freedom is the freeedom to say that two plus two make four.

iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl and to the person who said read the Handmaid's Tale - nice choice.

i read that book and liked it a lot.
i guess that's why im going to take english lit rather than english lang for A level - for A2 you get to study both these books.

i really like both these books.

you skites, you've got good taste.
reue i just finally got around to reading this one over christmas break. i'm almost through animal farm now too :)
i don't which is better though:
reading 1984 and experiencing it as the novel was written; then reading animal farm and giggleing throughout it to the allusions of the text from 1984. or alternatively reading animal farm first and then reading 1984.
i really enjoyed 1984's messages and the imagery painted by Orwell. i have been giving certain cultures a different look (which prompted to finally pick up the book) as of late and it helped clearify my stance.
realistic optimist i always wondered about the big brother program... DO THEY KNOW?! 050606
epitome of incomprehensibility 10+10=101
Did Orwell know binary?
-Enjoyed this book even though it was assigned in English class (grd 11)
It wasn't nearly as depressing as some people said it was, since it was so unrealistic; besides, there were quite a few funny lines. (Or maybe that's just me...big brother is still watching you, however...)
The scariest part was the complete obliteration of the past. That, and the rats.
They call me Truth I love this book!!! I am doing it for my senior thesis. 080908
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