kaskarkamanski And he did: seizing the moment, he suddenly lifted the hook, pushed the door and--almost fell over the gentleman with crape on his hat.

Dostoevsky, "the eternal husband"

are always enlightening, and i always stand in front of the bookcase, close my eyes,...whirl.. (the book is random too) and try to divine something, anything, that help me sail to safe harbour, out of the storm.
kaskarkaminski "Why i said to myself rather drunkenly,
"those men are german soldiers. That is the enemy."

John Barth "The Floating Opera"
kaskarkaminski "My covenant will i not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips."

The Holy Bible; pslam 89, verse 34
kaskarkaminski "Now her insight into Eduard's frame of mind turned this suggestion into firm resolve. The more quickly this resolve hardened in the Baroness, the more eagerly did she appear to flatter Eduard's desires. No one better control of herself than this lady had,.... 000805
kaskarkaminski Woops!
Elective affinities...(Goethe)
the metaphysikion is not an anagram 000805
typhoid if you change one of the c's into an e you can anagramize it into amyosthenic
don't ask me what the fuck that means

poi 'poi n, pl poi or pois [Hawaiian & Samoan] : a Hawaiian food of taro root cooked, pounded, and kneaded to a paste and often allowed to ferment
Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary
typhoid "My dear, I'm working on the most marvelous invention... a boy who disappears as soon as you come leaving a smell of burning leaves and a sound effect of distant train whistles."
william s. burroughs, Naked Lunch
kaskarkaminski ich,Stan......comy
chancy to mis
my hot cis can
sich to many.....c
kaskarkaminski typhoid, that's what i like about words,
they're so malleable we can stretch that a little farther...amyous Gr. muscle a. lacking muscle or genuine strenth, the rest is easy, it sounds like lacking authentic strength...but better than fake strenth!
Thanks, ya made a new word
kaskarkaminski that's what i love about words, they're so malliable..we can stretch that a little more: amyous g muscle a. lacking muscle or genuine strenth...the rest is a cinch,,it sounds like authentic......lacking authentic strength (but better than the fake kind) Thanks typhoid!!!! you're the river king. Makes words without tryin!
(i've had some typos turn out pretty well that way)

kaskarkaminski "Draw the negative spaces of human figure..from a photograph..try to find a complex action pose....

Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain
Betty Edwards.
amy although i can't help but think something about the beliefs arising from my own operational modes (that is, AmyOS, haha) 000805
kaskarkaminski amy scores 100 stichomancy points without bothering to do stichomancy
(thank god she didn't, she would
have broken the house)
kaskarkaminski ....There was to be no thing as shop
talk, no such thing as my interest, and his interest. What one of us took seriously, both ought to be able to take seriously, and our relationship was first on the list,over any career, or ambition, or anything else. He told me that he would expect me to make the
same heavy demands on myself and on him
that he made on himself and would make
on me, and that they always had to be
the same demands."
kaskarkaminski Woops again!
The End Of The Road
by John Barth

an egregious error was also committed in failing to include the one word sentence beginning the next paragraph:
Kaskarkaminski "Philippa had grown into a handsome and well-esteemed lady. The roving eye of young Robert de Vere, however, was caught by the Bohemian girl who had come to England. His far from stable
affections seemed to have been suddenly and disastrously unsettled."

The Last Plantagenets
Thomas B. Costain
moonshine Flamingo had a black party last night-quite a crush;live models fist-fucked on platforms, pornographic movies on all the walls, and every leather queen in New York pissing on eachother in the backroom. Too decadent, n'este-ce pas? also too boring-I left before two. 000805
moonshine Dancer from the Dance _Andrew Holleran 000805
birdmad "LE BRET (amazed):
What? Is it possible?---

CYRANO (with a bitter smile):
For me to love?
(changing tone,seriously)
I love.

May i know? You have never said---

Whom I love? Think a moment. Think of me---
Me, whom the plainest woman would despise...
Whom should i love?
Why--of course--it must be the woman in the world most beautiful"

Edmond Rostand "Cyrano de Bergerac"

i took it a step further and held the book open face down before dropping nature a book will fall to its most frequently read pages when dropped face up
misstree Across the street beyond the inching wall of traffic was a movie theater painted pink to look like flesh. It grew weightless from the incandescent white sidewalk like a fantastic attraction in a pornographic Disneyland. The rose-colored some looked organic and alive, like an obscene monument fahioned from paper-mache by an evil child into a gigantic replication of the flushed and abused buttocks of an abused infant. The pink flesh-paint had peeled back in bed-sized sheets, revealing the previous color to have been a deep leperous yellow, like a gaudy underlayer of pus working beneath bubbling, tender skin. The dome teamed a rainbow of glittering gold-pink hues that arced above it, made luminous by the heat as they mixed with the sifting brown smog. he marquee was a sideways monolith tiled with a mouthful of dull plastic teeth, ajar as if smashed by a fist. Spelled out in candy0red building-block letters were the attractions offered inside: "Triple Feature! 24 Hours!... Body To BOdy... The Autopsy Feast... Lubejobber... Purified Air! Air Conditioning!" In the lower right hand corner, scrawled on butcher paper in black ant-sized letters and stuck to the sign with duct tape was another message: "Room for Rent--See Teller".

from "The Young Man That Hid His Body Inside A Horse, Or, My Vulvic Los Angeles", from _The Consumer_ by M. Gira
Kaskarkaminski And now, surrounded like the saint-like
personages of olden times, with a
radiant halo, that glorified him amid
this gloomy night of sin,--as if the
departed Governor had left him an inheritance of his glory, or as if he
had caught upon himself the distant shrine of the celestial city, while looking thitherward to see the triumphal pilgrim pass within the gates,--now, in short, good Father Wilson was moving homeward, aiding his
footsteps with a lighted lantern! The
glimmer of this luminary suggested the above conceits to Mr. Dimmesdale, who
smiled, --nay, almost laughed at him,--and then wondered if he were going mad.

The Scarlett Letter
Nathanial Hawthorne
Kaskarkaminski Come, go with us; speak fair: you may salve so,
Not what is dangerous present, but the loss of what is past.

Vol. I prithee now, my son, Go with them with this bonnet in thy hand;
And thus far having stretch'd it--here be it with them--
Thy knee bussing the stones--for in such business
Action is eloquence, and the eyes of the ignorant
More learned than the ears--waving thy head,
Which often , thus, correcting thy stout heart,
Now humble as the ripest mulberry
That will hold the handling: or say to
Thou art their soldier, and being bred in broils
Hast not the soft way which, thou dost
Were fit for thee to use as they claim,
In asking their good loves, but thou
wilt frame
Thyself, forsooth, hereafter theirs, so far
As thou hast power and person.
Kaskarkaminski woops again..

Kaskarkaminski A gift is a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: withersoever it turneth, it prospereth.

He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter seperateth very friends

A reproof entereth more into a wise man
than an hundred stripes a fool.

Ch. l7 8,9,10,11, and 12

An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

Let a bear robbed of her whelps meet a man, rather than a fool in his folly
Kaskarkaminski Our desires presage the capacities within us; they are hargingers of what we shall be able to accomplish. What we can do and want to do is projected through our imaginations, quite outside ourselves, and into the future. We are attracted to what is already ours in secret. Thus passionate anticipation transforms what is indeed possible into dreamt-for reality.

Goethe's world view
Kaskarkaminski shheeees, this page is getting pretty
long don't forget the rules to stichomancy,,,all entries must be random
to give them aid, would be to rob them their power (that is why metaphysians generally have meaningfull stichomancies) the less effort you put into finding it, the less it matters to
you, the more you are be the vehicle
splinken "The wings of different bird species have adapted to where and how they fly."

All About Mississippi Birds, Fred J. Alsop III
napoleon murphy brock what's happened to broadway? where's it gone, all the glitter? the heart. the soul. he patter. the pitter. 001119
caite-ee Then you wake,
and your fingers
fill with meanings.

from 'Body Intelligence' of a collection of Rumi
orbst "The ignorance theory is based on the quite literal interpretation of the minutes and reports of the period. Thus when someone announces that he wants to work in the big city, we take him to mean that he really did think working conditions were best for him there."

-- Olof Johannesson, "The Great Computer"
AzAbr "As it turned out, I'd met her before, about five or so months ago. It had actually been a little tricky. I was leering about, pretty obliterated in the arms of drink, hours of drink actually, feeling like days of drink, when this monsterous guy loomed up in front of me, grumblinginsensibly about bad behavior, something concerning too much talk with to much gesture, gestures towards her, that much of the grumble, the "her" bit, I understood."

So how does it show me the way? I'm unattached, so perhaps I should take up drinking to meet women with grumbling boyfriends.

By the way, don't try this with technical books. My first attempt was with Peter Norton's Assembly Language Book for the IBM PC.
misstree "The cigarette smoke chokes past teh point where my throat would close it out and sits thick in my chest. The caseworker folders document the stragglers. Survivor Retention Client Number Sixty-three, Biddy Patterson, age approximately twenty-nine, killed herself by ingesting cleaning solvent three days after the colony district incident."

-from _Survivor_ by Chuck pala... pela... lessee... Palahniuk
egger . 040121
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