aeiou is a funky, cool chick 000325
girl i lived u.
i trusted u.
u betrayed me.
i see that my love really meant alot to u.
girl all the times i defended you and saved your ass mean nothing anymore

you are not the victim
and when its finished you will be alone
gregg lauren is a luscious little girl,
composition of two souls,
the definition of beauty
a girl i desire to eye gaze with
hold her hand and possibly never see again...
she is the garden of eden
chanaka wow....look! it's my name! do all names have characteristics attatched to them? for instance....are all laurens short? 010115
carden lauren loves boots
lauren takes trips
lauren is groovy
yoink i still can't get over
seeing her hanging out of the car

genuinely snobbish

she changed. she definitely changed
yoink Swiss Ton.

now great without metal

so chewy and delicious

stop lusting, boy!
burden You're feeling the pull to the former half-butter. Of course, the newly appliance-free boca was infected by a bass player's sib. She has skittles under the cotton when the mercury drops. 010526
yoink a long enough time has passed for the beauty to be purified...let the mercury drop, oh, let it drop 010526
micro my dream
my eyes
my life
i don't know where do i stand
it's just you
you who are not
and i can't be me
Dafremen Puff the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
He frollicked in
The autumn mist
Until he had to pea

Puff the Magic Dragon
Whipped his pecker out
Proceeded to shoot half piss, half flames
Then shook it with a shout

Little Jackie Paper
Screamed with all he had
I brought you strings and sealing wax
For that you burned my Dad?

Puff the Magic Dragon
Knew just what to do
He said, "Ain't that what Paper's for?"
Then pissed on Jackie too.

by ME
yoink at pap's
fresh and inviting for him, not me.

i could have, would have, should have.

oops...i forgot the diet coke

we only serve pepsi products now
casey I knew this girl names lauren once. Everytime i tried to talk to her she would turn me away. so i gave up on trying to be her friend 010706
yoink space
yoink cold
mary jane
live with me on Jupiter.
jane can't get you out of my head 021204
no reason i miss you.
i love your voice.
werewolf stop trying 021204
jane why is that? 021204
p2 if lauren bacall
ralph lauren
she would be
lauren lauren?
jane she has green eyes
beyond compare
the kind of eyes you can fall into
but you never land
not in these eyes

her hair is black now
some would argue dark brown
but i say it's as black as the night
the raven,
the coal in her stocking

she doesn't give up for anyone
she'll never make herself vulnerable
even if it's in her best interest
she'd rather be hurt and do it herself
sometimes she'd rather be hurt
sometimes she likes to be talked to real pretty
sometimes she'll stare at the sun for no apparent reason
but she's got it all worked out in her head

you'll never work her out
she's a knot
a timeless knot
and even if you understand
how to tie it
you'll never get it undone

she'll never come undone
not for anyone

she'll never give up
but sometimes she's the most selfless person i know
being the strong one to give up so much for someone else

but no one else sees what she sacrifices
stork daddy a poor wayfaring stranger. 030428
j you're one to talk 030428
jane doesn't want to see you today
she's busy being lonely
Death of a Rose Haven't known a Lauren yet,
Hope I get to.

And she'll have to be everything everyone has said on this page or I'll be very upset.
jane is my real name
never really felt like a lauren though
misstree is lending me henry_rollins spoken word.
she also gave me a couch, loveseat, and recliner.
she's nifty besides all that as well.
x twisted x i agree with jane. my name is lauren too. and i wish it was something else. something with more character. my name just seems so boring to me. its so common. maybe ill change my name someday. no....probably not. 040319
nocturnal on very thin ice. if she fell through and I passed by in my car, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't give her a ride to the hospital, since I'm such a horrible driver and all.

nocturnal sorry about saturday, I shouldn't have been so difficult

well, there are activities some friends shouldn't do together. for us, that's driving.

I just get frustrated when I don't know where I'm going, sorry.

yeah, well.

you're right about that thing about certain activities friends shouldn't do together, but I'm thinking for you and me, that's being friends. uptight, self-righteous bitch.
tony that's my ex girlfriend's name 060125
Tony Yeah, the thing is, I wish she still was. 060130
Tony Yeah, the thing is, I wish she still was. 060130
DannyH She's asleep on my lap right now, blissfully unaware that she owns me. 060130
tony she broke my heart into a million pieces 060311
tony yet she expects me to still be friends with her 060311
Tony I don't know who she is anymore, yet I also don't know who she thinks she is. 060312
L Lauren wears lots of shirts at a time and likes to dance at concerts and wishes she knew what people really think of her. 060312
ivyducktwilightseto you asked me to walk you down my driveway because you didn't think you could do it on your own. you kept hugging up against me as we stumbled all the way down the hill. When we got to the bottom your sister still wasn't there so we talked for a while. Then you stood up on your tiptoes and I realized you were trying to reach up to me, but you're just so short (lol.) So yeah... we kissed. Really bad drunk kissing on my part. Lasted about twenty seconds and then your phone rang. When I came back to the party it came to me how much of a mistake this was because not only had a few other guys been kissing on you that night, but my friend likes you. And I also realized that if I'm going to kiss you, I want it to actually mean something. Because so many guys want to have you and so many think you're theirs, but no guy ever really gets you. and sometimes when we sit around and talk it just seems like maybe there could be something real between us. but now the barrier keeping us at a distance has been broken... and now it's just kind of fucked up. Oh well, maybe we can get trashed again in this short time we're away from the bullshit called our lives and forget about it all. 060328
tony saw her online before, was tempted to message her. 060416
tony for some reason, me having too much to drink that one night, turned her off. 060416
tony this is lauren velleaux I'm talking about. I'm not ashamed to say I still think about her on here. I just don't want to know what she's doing with the new prick she's with 060416
Tony she's dead to me 060420
Tony she's still on my mind. Still eating away at me. 060423
Tony She betrayed my trust. Plus she still has some of my stuff. 060423
. wish she would come back 060430
tony forgive me 060506
Tony Actually, you know what? Fuck her! 060530
me is a cunt who can't keep her legs closed 060903
. he plays for Arsenal...... 060904
... thank god
i dont know what i would do without her
actually i do
i'd continue cutting
deep red lines
oozing darkness
staining whatever they come in contact with
but she is here,
to catch me,
break my fall
to stop this pain
end this cold day
fix what was wrong,
make everything right
fix it all,
things done,
are in the past.
she's saving me,
from this hell,
all this pain
not all from the outside,
much of it self inflicted
but it helps, the pain
helps me forget, what i lost
what i cant have anymore.
then lauren comes along,
picks me up from the gutter,
shows me life,
takes the pain away
Lauren J My name is Lauren. and i dont wish i could change it like the rest of you. My name may not have character but i make up for it in the way all Lauren's are not short i am 5'8.5" I play volleyball and i absolutely love the sport. For you people to say that all Lauren's are the same is dissapointing and just like saying all Tony's are pigs who are going to sleep with you and leave you for your best friend. its just not true!we all make mistakes but the question is how we deal with those mistakes and if we stand up to them or just go home and cry about it. and this Lauren V. chick sounds like she is just trying to put up a front..usually when someone breaks up and quickly goes to someone else its bullshit to pretend she is happy should never say such horrible things about someone you say you cared about so much just bc of their mistakes.give people a second chance..i have to thank those who have given me a second chance very much :)
thank you
... Truly everyone deserves at least a second chance. I missed you so much I almost died 070114
Lauren Dont do that.i would have to kick your ass and really it would start to look like i am an abusive person...with all my recent boxing and 070114
... haha well, I cant really see you doing that, unless I deserve it, then, at least drive me to the hospital first, so i can just walk into the emergency room when you're done... 070114
Lauren haha i dont think i could even imagine myself hitting you..and i have been hitting several things lately...which is bad and im bruised (grr) from it haha ill show u tomorrow...:D i get to see u tomorrow 070114
yeah me ha right 070205
nocturnal she has GOT to go. (referring to a different lauren from the one about whom I wrote last year) 070205
jane she's a monster 070605
nocturnal curiously in no rush. hmmmmm 070715
kuffed don't be late you might get heart disease. 070716
higmanschmidt I was lost, and lonely
wandering endlessly on an empty plain.
My thoughts barren and desolate.
I didn't even notice your presence in the room.
You saw me though, through the shadows you came.
An angel of grace and light gliding effortlessly to me.
As if sent by a god to bring me out of this inferno.
I was awakened by your touch.
My eyes beheld a world of light.
Such beauty in it I had never seen before.
I saw you then, clinging to me.
The same heart lost long before.
secretary she's an enigma.

she gets frustrated with me.

she's short in more ways than one.

all of them good.

i'm disinclined to puzzle her out.

i like her mystery.

her violent serenity.

unsettling calm.
... Some people just dont deserve the trust you've given them 080114
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