silentbob This is something i've been pondering for the last few minutes.

Why can't sad people get over themselves enough to recognize that there really isn't room for an elite on blather? It's almost like they go out of their way to accuse people of being elitest on blather as if to feel better about themselves rejecting the so-called elite and being stronger on their own.

I want to know if people consider me to be part of this elite. Because i certainly don't even see one. When people use blather as a chatroom and have certain conversations with a few people, THAT DOESNT MAKE IT ELITE IF SOMEONE ISNT INCLUDED IN THE SAD AND PATHETIC LITTLE CONVERSATION.

People aren't excluding other people because they don't like them. Sometimes things just dont get responded to.

On annies blathe about leaving blather where she basically said, "Blah blah blah, what do you say to that?" she talks about popular people. Or maybe she didnt, but someone else did.

Am I considered one of the stuck-up popular kids?

I barely read what people write back to me, not because i'm a snob or i'm an elitest but because it doesn't really affect me outside of blather.
I don't read the conversations people have with each other. I read stuff that sticks out to me and contribute when i have something to say.

THAT is what blather is, at least to me in some sense.
And if you don't feel welcome here, jesus christ...
Its a fucking web page.
Don't melodramatically leave and accuse us of hating you.

I am not a community.

You shouldn't be either.

I am an army of one. I speak for myself, and try to call you on your shit, please call me on mine.
We can work together, make this shit planet fucking better in time.
consider someone else, stop preaching about elitism.

Just because millions of people don't respond to your blathes, that doesn't mean they are any less valuable in the big picture. Because blather is being deleted and the words will mean nothing when they are gone.

Do you understand this?

Someone tell me something. Anything. Am I wrong about this? Am I right about this?

For those of you who participate in blather_conversations do you feel to be part of a clique that excludes other people? OR don't you care? Because why would you care?
wondering ...if you say it doesn't matter if people respond to other people's blathes, why are you asking for responses to yours? 020301
silentbob thank you for asking.

WHat i meant was i usually type something and then dont even realize if someone says anything about it til like months later.
This time i was bringing up a topic and wondering if what i was saying was full of shit or if what i was saying had some truth to it.
And then you might be wondering... didnt you say conversations on blather were pathetic and sad? Yes. I did say that. And yes. they are. As is this one. I'm not denying that.
silentbob basically what i'm saying is, every one of you is cool with me, so don't ever feel like i'm leaving you out of anything 020301
yummyC E
sarcasticbob as if we're the only ones who can appreciate the world the way we do, and see what we see when we look at the stars. we reject those who don't understand, and mock those that try. 020308
little wonder l33t 020308
phil well, as far as your excuse goes, it's as good as any for ignoring stuff that just about everybody else notices and responds too. And as far as an elite group is concerned, I would certainly say you are somewhere on the map. I know I have tried to destroy you in the past, but you're like that damn deathstar. As far as what does catche your dreary eyes: I believe that it doesn't affect your life outside of blather, because you don't have one.
just being mean, Love
silentbob fuck you phil. fuck you in your donkey ass where it will feel the best 020308
minnesota_chris where's the love? where's the love?

I think that Blather, like most of the Internet, isn't a conversation. It's people just sounding off, not caring what anyone else thinks.

If it does occasionally wind up being a conversation, well, conversations are naturally exclusive -- they only happen between two people. If you're called elitist, it just means that you are connecting with some people. Which is nice. And you can't connect with everyone, can you?


ps Not all posts, or posters, are equal. I looked at the first one on this forum and said "oh god, another insane rambler". Until I saw that you were the author. Then I thought it was worth reading.
misstree The only time that elitism comes into play is when one considers themselves better than another.

I lurk a helluva lot more than I post, though I've been posting more lately. I have seen damn little elitism on this site, except when someone goes off and attacks another person who didn't attack them. Hell, on occasion, opinions will be thrown around pretty heavily, but that's debate, not attack, and no hard feelings are incurred. In *theory*, everyone here is intelligent enough to realize that we all have different opinions, and this is where we share them, often with the emphasis of the feeling behind them.

If someone were to ask you a direct question and you ignored it, that would be elitism.

If you directly said, "I am better than Johnny Blatherface," that would be elitism (my apologies if there actually is a Johnny Blatherface present ;).

If you jump on someone's ass with insults when they're trying to express a viewpoint, well, that's not elitism, that's just stupidity.

I've seen a decent amount of stupidity (not just in this thread, but plenty in other places, from a variety of people), but, imho, very little elitism. I haven't seen anyone specifically excluded or insulted with any intelligent, and though I have seen a good number of compliments, well, hell, if one blatherskite can't pay another a compliment, then the blather "community" has nothing to stand on.

So, be garrolous if you want, or lurk, or be opinionated, or be nonsensical, or conversational, in other words, continue.

*waves hand in an elitist manner, dismissing all from her blathe* ;)
Angelwings without at least an aspiration to be elite, there is little incentive to add your piece.

But most of the charm of the mystique inherent in this site is the anonymity it allows. Who knows who says what? Who reads what is said?

Well, you do, evidently.
silentbob i just don't want people to feel left out.
and if they do, that must say something about them. they must have insecurities of some kind.
People don't leave people out intentionally, and then people throw this fit so they can get attention. but i think that a lot of people here have a lot in common. we are all searching for similar things, and we come to blather with similar desires. then theres this stupid fight about elitism or something and its just annoying.
just a suggestion get a life people...this is a website put things in perspective and spend your time worrying about something that matters 020331
bespeckled Snobby nose up,
keep on walking
past me, through me, away, away.
You despise me
I want to be you.
We hate each other equally.
Keep on walking,
heels keep clicking,
we'll forget each other soon enough.
misstree with your nose up in the air,
it's easier to tear out your throat.
Syrope i mostly lurk, if something inspires me i might comment on it. and use the person as a reference... 020401
sphinxradio i don't know about elitism. i just think it would be cool if we could build up blather to the point where every word is underlined.
then, the blather mothership will come and take us all away to language land.
or maybe just the cool ones. if they exist, that is.
no reason the cool ones? aren't classifications like that what this whole page is going against? 020403
iheartyou Silent Bob-
I enjoy what you have to say and I don't think you're elitist cause you post it up for EVERYONE to see, that's letting everyone into your world. and I just found the site a few days ago.
sphinxradio oops.
clarification: sarcasm all the way.

must go hide face in response to being incomprehensible.
tonya proving why cats dont write poetry the sugar was bitter
and the vinegar sweet
i walked a mile without no feet
(damn that Pete, he stole my feet)
through the snow the hail and sleet

i will crawl and i will creep
i'll go home and go to sleep
while androids dream of electric sheep
Jacer i'm l337 sux0r 020527
- mostly marked 031228
celestias shadow there should not be an elitist attirude here on blather. obviously we aren't all on the same level in any sense. but, even age differences shouldn't be a problem. my favorite blatherskite/best friend on blather is exactly like me- she just happens to be 5 years older. so what? i still think she rocks, and i'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. there really isn't much age discrimination here, which i think is a beautiful thing to see, especially considering how many people there are on blather.

in a perfect world, we wouldn't know anything about each other besides our thoughts on these pages.

so some people choose not to share any personal information. power to them. here, it's better to be a name, not a face. that way, there's no elitism. that way, we're all equal.
smurfus rex after spending some time in the community, as it were, I put what little suspicions I had about elitism on blather aside. now it seems rather like a study group...everybody knows, more or less, who they want to sit next to and go over notes with.

I used to think that I had passed my "probation period" when someone finally posted a response that referenced one of my responses AND included my name. I remember thinking that I had "made it", in the sense that I was no longer in the invisible background.

Now I realize that that was just leftovers from high school and that blather is not high school. If someone accuses you of elitism, then I would suspect that it's more because he or she doesn't know (or doesn't want to know) how to connect with certain people, rather than an actual elitist tendency.
misstree indeed, smurfus! very apt with the study group analogy. now i have no words. you stole them. some security person you are... if you say the words "cavity search" i'm filing charges...

for a while when i first started blathering i was a bit in awe, everyone seemed to write such incredible stuff, and so many people knew eachother (i especially remember my first skite email, from silentbob)... but i came here to write, and i just kept writing... and now i keep writing with as little concern for others as i can muster... many affections hereabouts, and the occasional flash of enimity, but who cares? it's all words, we each get 26 letters and a handful of characters to work with, even steven. the only people with an advantage are the ones who are notlazy enough to throw in the odd characters.
User24 without reading anything above, beyond silentbob's request, here I go (and I know it's an old question, but you know blather, it's here till it all goes)

at first, yeah, you seemed more prolific than a lot of others, a few names stuck out to me as being.. not an elite, but a core of blatheskites who knew the lingo, were able to cross reference other blathes, and even knew the personalities of other blatherskites. I may as well list the people that I saw as being this core, when I first arrived; nocturnal, dafremen, black_dyed_gel_product, kx21, silentbob, unhinged, daxle, yummychuckle, birdmad, and a few others (I can't be bothered to list everyone and there's no heirarchy intended in that list)

After a while, I realised that anyone can join the invisible elite, simply by being here, I sometimes wonder, like you do, silentbob, if I'm perceived by newcomers with the same awe as I perceived most of you when I first arrived.. it's like entering a nightclub, all the regulars are here, and it can be a bit daunting, but I think that (and now I'm rambling off point) I realised that this isn't a social club, that quite often responses are left unread, and comments are often left un-responded to, and that you're not here to be read, or accepted, but to contribute meaningfully, once you've been here a while, people start to notice you, not because it takes time to be noticed, but because it takes time for your words to be discovered by someone who they connect to.

yeah. anyway.

No, there is no elite, there's no secret place where a small core of blatherskites hang out, talking about the rest of us, if you have words, you are a blatherskite, if not, a reader. it's as simple as that. As soon as the people start to matter more than their words, you've come too deep, and need to pause for a while.

Oh, except that, those who use the purple_door could -possibly- be classed differently to the rest of us, as, well, it's a different place. No judgement intended, I was brought up in blue, and I'll probally stay here, though the purple_door does beckon sometimes... people say it's calmer.

yeah, anyway, it's nearly 4 in the morning, love you all, blah blah take care

smurfus rex (pulling on the gloves) cavity search! 031229
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