niska you know, i come here less and less because i'm finding nothing i used to. i'm also finding when i do come, i rarely write about me, the things that interest me or my thoughts, like i used to.

i am contesting a lot of things here that i usually just ignore and scroll past, and i really don't like that. there is just so much useless banter, then petting, then scrapping going on, and if everyone just took a breath and read it over twice, we'd see we are all seeking one basic thing: the right to express ourselves.

i'm a reasoner and can't stand when people are unreasonable.

so, this page is for all the shit you want to say - about anything at all.

this is a suggestion box, for everyone to drop in their ideas, criticism, questions or comments about anything they like, or don't like, whether it's about a person here, or in your life, the poems you hate, the religions you disagree with.

if you don't know how a suggestion box works, (how could you not?) i'll explain: you leave your opinion, and you should feel confident no one is going to argue with you.

don't attack the PERSON who wrote something you disagree with. you don't know them. you're jumping to your own conclusions. if you read something you just HAVE to disagree with, ignore it. you won't change anyone's mind, least of all by name-calling. make a new page and argue there.

i just want one page where people can actually say what they really want to, without the blatherfriends ganging up on them, the poetry club feeling abused or the christians getting slammed for their love of their faith.

please, leave a comment here about anything, EXCEPT whatever you read on this page. because a suggestion box has a lock on it, and you never really know what's inside - all you know is what YOU put in it.

you don't have to be argument free if you want to be that much of an asshole, but i don't think it's so unreasonable to have one page where blather can go back to being a place where you can say what you want without someone trying to be your best friend, pick a fight or ask you stupid questions about what you meant.

before you go on about 'no one can tell any of you what to do', i'm only asking you try to let everyone have their opinion without dissing them for it. i'm not saying you have to.

leaving your opinion is wonderful.

coming back here to tell someone they're stupid for it is ignorant. after all, if they don't agree with you, yours is just as dumb.
splat If no one responds, then what's the point of taking suggestions?

I suggest we form a blather CEO who reads all the suggests, then proceeds to stamp them with either "Disapprove" or "Disapprove Later."

At least we will have hope that our suggestions will be heard, and very carefully weighed and considered before they are rejected.

Otherwise this company loses morale.
niska since i refuse to argue on this page, i'll say this, and you don't have to like it, but it's my opinion:

i think the 'superfriends' are annoying.

PHEW! i feel so clean and relieved now...

though i don't dislike any of them, it's just that they seems to rally too quick without thinking. there's nothing wrong with sticking to your own convictions and being real.

i don't want any of them to feel hurt by that, so if any of them do that's unfortunate. i mean it's nice that people get along. there are people i find pretty cool here too, but there's enough sunshine going up everyone's ass here to light up their eyes.

i'm just dead sick and tired of the clique. to be brutally honest, that's exactly what i meant when i agreed with Innocent Bystander. but i don't feel like having an argument with any of them, because it's like having one with ALL of them. it's ridiculous!

plus, even if you do spend days in a blather argument with them, it's littered with love/hate and mad/not really mad/ bitter/sweet and 'you're mean and poor me, but i still think you're special'.

do what you like. like i said, i'm glad people actually get a long, but i find the unified care bear stare approach to any individual here with any opinion that isn't all puppies/kittens/rainbows is really getting tired.
niska ***helpful information***

a suggestion box has a lock on it, and you never really know what's inside - all you know is what YOU put in it.

someone may read the suggestions once in a blue moon, but the box is really just there to allow dissatisfied customers and employees a place to voice ideas, without causing a scene, or actually dealing with the hassle of fixing their problems or having them cause a scene.

like at McDonald's. i leave plenty of comments there, but i've never recieved a reply. i'm also quite sure no one takes my suggestions seriously. i AM quite sure they prefer i leave my comments in the box, and not with the cashier at the drive-thru window. and i feel good saying what i need to, without ruinging someone else's day.

blather is unique, because we can actually see what everyone put in the box. but the fact that it IS a place for people to vent freely, let's just pretend we don't.

i'm asking for a place where we're concerned about our OWN voices.

perhas i should have called it 'comment drop-off box'

the intent i meant was to just put into the little slot and then walk away... and put as many in as you like, because that's what the box is for. if you want to reach into the box and read what anyone else wrote, you can, but confronting them for it is like degrading your own purpose.

hope this clears up what i was going for on this page, in case anyone missed it.
joda Anything at all?

Hmmm. People are going to agree and disagree, but I suppose since we have a free forum here... Canada has legalized Gay/Lesbian marriage.

First of all, why it needs to be 'legal' for people to vow their hearts to each other is beyond me. But, I can see that somewhere down the road we'll witness the first Gay/Lesbian divorce. My only hope then is someone is responsible for alimony, child-support, and any other restitution owed when that 'legal' contract is broken.

Already, since it's been 'legalized' (I just shake my head at that term) they are asking that certain things straight couples must share, be exempt, because they are 'different'. I say, if we're all the same inside, and that's your motivation for pushing for the right for a marriage license, you can't start creating new conditions that only apply to Gays/Lesbians, just in case you get a divorce down the road. If that's a concern, why the hell are you getting married!?. Either be careful what you wish for, or draft a pre-nump.

Equality means we are EQUAL. Meaning we all follow the same rules, with no exemptions or allowances. Gay or straight, pay the damn alimony if you commit adultery, and for god sakes, enter a marriage expecting it to last. It just goes to show, no matter who you are, there is no more sanctity in this commitment anyway. Fighting for it seems a superficial battle in our time.
Mahayana Perhaps, it is beyond you due to the fact that you have been given rights that perhaps you and most others in this world take for granted each and everyday.

I'll tell you why it needs to be legalized- it goes far beyond just a commitment in ones heart, because for citizens (especially in america) who are supposed to [all] have freedoms and rights, we all don’t. Which is absolutely pathetic, we can go off and obliterate other countries, under the guise of conveying freedom, yet we cant even introduce ALL US citizens to freedom in our own backyard, on a multitude of levels, not just regarding GLBTQ individuals.

I cannot speak on behalf of Canada’s social climate, b/c my existence has only been within the states.

"one nation under [GOD]? ... with justice and liberty for [all]?"
A nation built upon rapes, massacres, and raidings… so that these underprivileged individuals could implement & practice their own religious beliefs… yet ironically murdered and cut out the tongues of those that didn’t subscribe to their own religion... a nation that didnt/doesnt respect the native inhabitants... I could go on but that’s another related tangent.... point is ... in a country that is supposed to be free, it sure the hell isn’t as free as they'd like us to believe.

Ill tell you why its needed to be legalized so that when somebody I care and love as a partner ends up in the hospital and may die, Id like to have the entitlement to visit and be with them, without having to confront the choice of pretending to be ones sister. Id like the right to have insurance offered to myself through my partners work or vice versa, I'd like to be able to know that if I die my partner doesn’t have to fight to keep our family, house, and other whatnots together when she is grieving the loss of her soul mate, …because if I’m paying freaking taxes I ought to have tax breaks as well not just heterosexuals... really I could go on and on and on ... b/c there are so many reasons why GLBTQ people fight everyday for these rights that sadly enough most take for granted.

How about for the fact that I have been in relationships way longer than any of my heterosexual friends I know and have known, and if someone who just met someone of the opp. sex a week ago can go off and marry each other why cant someone who had been in a committed loving relationship with someone for over 7 years, not?

And so what if somewhere down the road you or I observe a divorce, we are not claiming to be holier or more superior than our heterosexual counterparts- that has never been the main contention, we just want equivalent rights & freedoms. If divorce was such an issue than I’m sorry to say [nobody] should be permitted to marry then. But it hasn’t been a foremost issue until GLBTQ people wanna marry, if it was an issue previously there would have been an uproar about it before now, but since there hasn’t been this position truly is moot.

Responsible individuals are already answerable for child-support
and other financial obligations to each other and have been without laws having to enforce these issues.

What is wrong with the term "legalized", since up until this point they have been deemed illegal and unapproved by any laws.

Id be interested in knowing exactly what "exemptions" you are referring to, since I am not educated about these inferences.

Having the legal right to marry as a law biding citizen has nothing to do with being the same "inside" it has everything to do with if I’m paying my taxes, and I’m a law biding citizen why do I not have the identical legal rights and privileges as a heterosexual would? If criminals who rape, murder, and commit other heinously atrocious crimes against individuals AND society as a whole are allowed to marry and consumate that relationship WHILE in prison [which is suppossed to be a punishment] why can not GLBTQ citizens of america?

And divorce is a concern b/c it would be irrational to presume one would always be together, to look after ones self and their family’s best interest is not only logical but expected, we should be applauding the detail with which people are glancing ahead and planning contingency strategies "in case" things don’t work out... Even if that's peoples concern, what really is the big deal ... are you cognizant of the statistics regarding how many heterosexual marriages end in divorce?

If "Equality means we are EQUAL" and you truly believe that, where were you to fight for the entitlement of everyone being able to marry? I’m assuming based upon your comments here that you have not been one whom has advocated for such laws to be enacted... if you truly believed in equal rightsyou would have fought for GLBTQ’s rights and furthermore you’d not be here making such major issues out of incidences that already occur rather frequently within the heterosexual world...

Yes, it would be nice if we all follow the same rules, with no exemptions or allowances, but has it been that way thus far for a huge majority of the And, ill be the first to admit that I do not need a piece of paper to confess my love for my partnerbut that piece of paper sure brings about with it many many constitutional rights and civil liberties, that each person ought to have a stake in, not just certain selected americans.

Expecting a marriage to last, is wonderful in a Utopian society or in our own little heads, however, that just is not a certainty in this day and age, nor is it statistically realistic... Id much rather see individuals taking marriage seriously and discussing the ramifications of it, rather than just running off to vegas to get "hitched".

It just goes to show, that if you are not GLBTQ, no matter who you are, there is no or very little accurate realization nor understanding of the issues at hand, but simply putyou don’t have to live it and be discriminated against for it each and everyday of your life. Oh, of course fighting for what you have or probably will take for granted may come into view as a superficial battle but that is only because you almost certainly are ahave”, shaking your head at thehave nots”.

Much easier to query, to assert that we shouldn’t be wanting this or doing that or thinking of this, when you are sitting within the comforts of your privileges and constitutional rights.

Just goes to demonstrate the major ramifications and ignorance of heterosexism's existence.
Flowers from Safeway I hate mayonaise. 030711
ferret GLBTQ, what DOES that stand for? 030712
Flowers from Safeway If I'm not mistaken, it's Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transexual or Queer. 030712
Dafremen I'm just glad she meant something else when she said she didn't like the "superfriends". I mean who doesn't like the friggin superfriends? Zan, Jana..Gleek? Aquaman, Wonderwoman, Superman, Batman and of course their nemesis: Karl The WEED!

(The Marvel thing fell through kid, DC bl0ze, but they're still taking my calls. It's that or a comic strip in Despertad! magazine. That's the Spanish version of the Jehovah's Witness periodical. They didn't think you'd play well in English-speaking markets. I tend to agree with them.)
smurfus rex this "do not call" list for telemarketers needs to be adapted for my front door. we need a "do not knock" list for all the people who don't want to be bothered by salesman, evangelists, surveyors, magazine people, candy people, and political campaigners. This list is not all-inclusive and may be modified and expanded at any time.

Just deliver my FedEx and my UPS please thank you good bye.
Mahayana GLBTQ - Gay Lesbian Bisexual [Transgendered and Questioning] 030713
Dafremen It's funny the number of ways they've come up with to get us to divulge our private information. Go ahead me. 030713
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