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carne de metal Why are there no posts here?
I find this very suspicious.
carne de metal oh! aaaaaa! crash.
dot, dot dot.
swarm anyone and everyone is entitled to their own conspiracy theories but if they start causing trouble like convincing mass groups of people that its true well this could result in them being taken away, especially if their conspiracy theory is actually true, maybe they are the people that appear in the papers and on the news classed as killers or sect leaders, theres some fucked up shit out there that keeps us locked into our own little worlds and maybe its just to keep us from going mad. 020724
reitoei i believe gravity is scheming to make my life as an acrobat hell.... 020724
phil today 020729
p2 dafremen
is suicide snowman
is [.:..the seer..:.]
is ???????
is the spork

i know it's probably not true
but it would be funny
if it was

let the pseudo-indignations
??????? I am Dafremen. The Seer = The Truth = Pythagoras = The Spork = Chrity = A bunch of other people. Dot = Suicide Snowman. Stork Daddy = Lycanthrope. Phil = KX21 = Mahayana. SilentBob = God. P2 = Paste! Pat Buchanan = Deep Throat. X = one of the Blather Spell Checkers = the guy who signs his name with "just..." every time = the Blah guy. Squint = Teenage Jesus. Oh, and I'm also KingSuperSpecial (but not KSS). 021218
kss great, and I'm a little tea pot.


I'm the little engine that could.
oh, can I every, baby. yow.
fuck! can I *ever*. damnit. 021218
screwing for virginity the only major concpericy theory i believe in is the microsoft update conspericy. you know, where everytime you download an important file from microsoft they implant a small part of a virus to screw over you computer so that you have to buy a new one sooner.

i have never downloaded directly from microsoft and my computer is old, and still in great shape.
what I wish I = mahayana 030418
Jackie McCracken Wake up people there's no strange things going on here what's the anti-matter with you......"did you hear that"? 030605
jackie "black helicopters" mc cracken if i'm you and you're me, then there's more going on here than you're letting on 030605
think um, have you even _begun_ to look at all of the inconsistencies in the story the government is flowing upon us?


there is no greater priority.
. blather_children_tell_me_about_the_war



we're on the case
smurfus rex I have one...


not as good as Mel Gibson's tho. :)
stork daddy the last words he ever heard were, you're about to have an accident. they were from inside of his head. but it wasn't just himself who was out to get him...everyone was. the sirens rang a comin for him before anybody called on them. 050927
Twitch i cant think about his stuff...

Not for too long anyways.

I know that after a while my mind might seriously start to believe it.

and for now...its a bit too much to take in.
andru235 in modern times, we roll our eyes
at those 'conspiracy theory' guys
yet the societies that we supplanted
took conspiracies for granted

go ahead, wave it by with disdain
surely it shall keep you fain.
ignore the chip; the thirty-three
"move it along! there's nothing to see!"
z it's a spaghetti monster (flying) 050928
f there's this theory that i love you,
it wasn't too hard to work out.
Osama is ? 051003
Bush ? 051003
smurfus rex I have a new one that I'm researching...

Alien research laboratories in the abandoned mines of Twentynine Palms, CA. Campers at Joshua Tree have reported strange things flying around the mountains at night and one guy claims to have been taken to an autopsy room under one of the ranges...
Death Clenching His Buttocks I'll believe it when I feel the anal probe.....hmmm...maybe that wasn't an alien. 060621
. . 070605
Kuffed and Cooped I just want to know, without attacking or naming anyone, why somone would want to kill themselves in order to kill others for the sake of their belief ?

I don't know any religion that states you should kill yourself or others, in fact almost every religion says the exact opposite.

What are suicide bombers actually achieving apart from causing more hurt, pain and anger, do these people actually question what they are doing ?
or has it got nothing to do with religion ?

Ethanic cleansing? what the hell is wrong? I don't know many people that liked what Hitler did, why are people still copying it? where the FUCK is the problem? are you fighting over land or what? what is it you are fighting over? there is enough land to go round isn't there? if we just simply knock the walls down.

Most people are tolerant towards each others beliefs and religions however they are not tolerant towards violence. So I still have no conclusion as to why all the suicide bombs and what the achievment is, i mean killing people has never made a positive change, it has only made matters worse.

What was going on in Lebanon recently? where is the sence in that? i didn't make any sence of it. They want to kill hundreds of innocent people for the sake of a small number of prisoners? i don't know maybe i got that wrong, was it tit for tat government stuff then, what was it? if it was about the prisoners then just give them back, it is better than killing so many people that have nothing to do with it. Fucking insane, who give the orders to fight, thats what i want to know. I do not know enough, maybe because i don't want to, it is sick.

A lot of people want to go into the complexities of each situation, to sit for hours in debate, but often they come out back where they started, there are simple answers, there always have been.

If you simply dissect each religion, I can guarantee you will come out with the same word, it's a shame some people have forgotten or were never shown what that word is.

There might just be a new conspiracy_theory, check it out, and pass it on.
dos Bah. You don't even have to look that far, or hard. Christianity. KJV, Leviticus 20.

08 And ye shall keep my statutes, and do them: I am the LORD which sanctify you.

09 For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.

10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

11 And the man that lieth with his father's wife hath uncovered his father's nakedness: both of them shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

12 And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.

13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

14 And if a man take a wife and her mother, it is wickedness: they shall be burnt with fire, both he and they; that there be no wickedness among you.

15 And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.
dos I particularly like how banging mother_in_law gets you, your wife, and MIL burned at the stake.

Oh, and 20:15. I wonder what the biblical equivalent of a West Virginia joke is?
fuck you get a life, write your own book, stop living in the past. 070816
dos What's your problem? Fuck you, too. I'm not living anywhere except where I am.

I don't believe any of that shit, I'm only pointing out that it is there, in direct response to Kuff's statement that "I don't know any religion that states you should kill yourself or others, in fact almost every religion says the exact opposite."

EVERY religion has this crap in it. That's why I DON'T subscribe to such. I'm just pointing it out because I have this crazy notion that people shouldn't go forward with false assumptions if they don't need to.
Kuffed and Cooped dos, you take things too literal, that is the whole problem with religion, people interpret it wrong.

For this reason, religion seems to have made such a mess of the world.

if you seriously think you are supposed to kill or punish people for doing wrong then how can you explain the other stuff in the book which says the exact opposite like "turn the other cheek"?
it is very contraditcory don't you think ?

but you decide only to take that section which is an example of bias tunnel vision, an example of you taking some text and making it want you want it to be.

I asume you don't know what Love is then, if you want to dissect it in the wrong way.
dos *sigh*

What part of "I don't believe any of that shit" was unclear?

Let's get this straight - my relationship with God is fine. I do not need nor want to be "saved". I do not need my beliefs validated or dissected. You know, just so we're clear. Mkay? Good. Moving on...

Faith and religion are NOT the same thing. Faith is your relationship with God. Religion is your relationship with somebody telling you about THEIR relationship with God. Faith is fine. Religion tends to cause Very Bad Things.

My relationship with organized religion is pretty much toasted. Organized religion gives you this book, see, and they tell you that it's the word of God. Forever true, unwavering, not to be revised, reinterpreted, or taken in convenient pieces. The Bible says you believe the whole thing with equal fervor, or you're damned. It says this almost literally.

The Bible says thou shalt not kill. Then it says what I quoted above. This is but one of I don't know how many places where it directly contradicts itself.

My problem with religion is that it is the "word of God" as edited, reorganized, rewritten, transcribed, translated, revised, so on and so forth, by MAN for MAN's purposes, in spite of the word saying no such things are to be done (as I said a paragaph ago). My problem with religion is that it preaches "brotherly love", but only for the cherry picked "brothers". If you worship God in a different way from me, you're out.

Every religion has words for those on the outside. Infidel. Heretic. Goy. Blasphemer. Pagan.

This is "us" and "them". This is poison. This, not love, is the bitter pill at the center of all religion. Oh, sure, it has that sweet love candy coating to make it go down easier, but still, poison it is. Go on. Take your medicine. Our community is closer, tighter, stronger, when we have a common enemy to rally against. That keeps us from fighting amongst ourselves, you see. This is solid psychology, BTW. Most of human history is made up of tribalism and clan mentality for a reason. It's how we're wired.

Burn the witches, praise God! Death to the infidels, glory to Allah! Whatever.

Even minor differences within the same major branches can't get along. Look how long and viciously the Catholics and Protestants have been fighting in Ireland. Shias and Sunnis. Look at the good Christian love that's handed down by the spiritual leaders in the US - Falwell, Sharpton, Jackson, Robertson.

More hate has been spewed, more blood has been spilled, in the name of God than for any other reason in the history of man. Because, why? God says so? If we are all God's children, why would he ever say such things? No, because you go to church that your parents picked, that their parents picked, and somebody in a garish robe tells you that God demands the blood of that church over there. And in that other church, the same message with fingers pointing at you. That's Love, brother!

Not for me. I'll have no more religious poison, thank you very much. I am filled with the peace that comes from actually loving my fellow man. No agendas. I'm not trying to save anybody. No sacred tomes. Those are all packaged lies and poison pills. No holy cows. This is all God's work, all equally holy. No pristine shrines. The whole world, the whole universe, is my temple.

I have shed the lies. I carry only the true words - love, and be loved.

You may do as you wish, but please, can the "fuck you's" and the "you must not know love" trips. I'm not preaching. I'm only pointing out truth. It's there for anyone to see. Open your eyes.
? well, at the end of the day, who created religion but human beings themselves, it is just "US" trying to work out why we are here and how we should or shouldn't live. is there no conclusion yet ? 070817
somebody I am not an adherent of a religion, and my spirituality is of a very individualistic bent, but I must observe that one does great discredit to many, many, MANY people when one collectively demotes their belief systems to the status of "poison". I agree with some of what "Dos" wrote, but with such vitriol it becomes every bit as poisonous as those whom Dos assails. 070817
( plus it sounds jaded and embittered) 070817
!!! Can you really say you are loving your fellow man while simultaneously disdaining their beliefs as false, the mere symptoms of poisoning?!? I think I'm just as scared of you!!! 070817
dos Scaring the wildlife - just another fine service we provide! 070817
dos OK, OK, flippancy might not be the best answer there.

Let me try to clear the air again.

Humanity is an organism. We are its cells. An organism does best when all of its cells work in harmony.

Humanity, the organism, all people everywhere, benefit when we work together. Building one another up is Good. I do something to help you, and either directly or indirectly, eventually that helps me, too. Some call it karma. Call it whatever you wish.

Anything that seeks to divide us, to take away this helping of one another, is Bad. It slows, and perhaps stops, the progress and benefits we could gain by working together. This is illness. The organism Humanity is sick.

Anything that seeks to raise aggressions, to actively set us one upon another, to tear each other down, is actively harming the organism Humanity. It sets the organism in upon itself, and if left unchecked, threatens death.

To the extent that organized religion builds community, it belongs to the first category. To the extent that it inspires holy wars (crusades, inquisition, turmoil in the middle east, holocaust, catholic/protestant war in ireland, so on so forth) it belongs to the third category.

To the extent that ANYTHING seeks to set us upon one another, tearing each other down rather than building one another up, that thing belongs to the third category. I say the same of political parties, national boundaries, churches, cults, militarily governed countries, those who keep racial tensions alive, so on and so forth). Anything that sets up an "us" and a "them", and sets us upon one another, is not a good thing.

I said poison. This seems to be a catching point. Please, I invite you to substitute a word that you don't find as emotionally charged. I intended no malice, certainly not to scare you.
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