amy enough is a half-empty kind of word 981030
OTK one egg 990321
ceorl an overflowing, a loss of interest, a distraction, a surfeit of suffering. 990418
emsie enough of these horrible feelings.
enough of my sadness.
enough of them.
enough of all this.
enough is my life...
Heidi75 eight is 990622
miniver Never so much as enough. 990629
king kai i can't seem to be
big enough
cute enough
tough enough
funny enough
talented enough
smart enough
i can't seem to be enough
spikey-ho Enough is when something has been achieved to the maximum. In whoevers opinion. I've had enough-enough is not quite too much and not quite too little-enough is a satisfactory amount that I don't have. And I can't find. 991231
briana. [so now I've made the decision to walk behind you in the dark for the rest of my life and i'll never show my face again because it's too scarred and bloody to be enough and i don't have the right stuff.
all i have are the empty boxes to carry away your heart and i think that tonight i will sneak into your house and i'll sing songs and wake you up and i'll take you blindfolded dancing onto bridges.
and you'll say you don't to be with me. no one ever does and no one ever thinks of me that way but i will even drive you home if you never let me forget about you and if you promise me that i'm good enough for someone cause i've got to be good enough for you and someday soon i'll get it right and then you'll see just how good i can be.
so don't ask me about forever because right now i'm feeling lost.
but there's got to be some place for me because if there isn't where will i go?
will there be some place for me and will you be waiting there for me?
if and when we get there please catch me before i crawl all the way home but i won't stop until you do.] -saves the day

what a good, good song.
birdmad it's never enough 000511
neville I think I've about had it.
waitingis impossible with a body full
of running lights.
Nothing to do and nothing to possibly ever pretend
dropped my Kafka back at camp

I need a sleeping pill.
misstree barely enough to make it,
but enough to pull through

good enough for now--
almost everything i ever wanted

is it enough?
no. there's always a need for more.

enough is enough!
this has got to end
Q oh, but there will always be those salving flashes of excitingly soothing inspiration 000725
seven inch nails Missedenough! 001230
desparately wanting it's never enough-won't stop 'till i'm dead. will i miss this life or just what killed me? 010112
Sol when is enough? can enough be identified? have you had enough? is this enough? is it full enough, Big enough, small enough, long enough, short enough, warm enough, cold enough, soft enough, rough enough, loud enough, quiet enough, sweet enough, sour enough,
I have had enough
Chrity go to:
ladybird I think the hardest enoughs to figure out sometimes are drink and talk.

After a few beers you've had quite enough but you forget. Tomorrow doesn't seem to matter very much. So samboukas with ice and jelly beans and even a tequila or two. And then you're reduced to drinking other peoples lefovers. Surely by then you should have figured that you have had enough but still you end the night with your head in the toilet, sobbing and hating yourself, and your ex-boyfriend panicking and knocking frantically on the door.

Why do it to yourself??

Then there's talking. You've said the wrong thing, okay? You've opened an old wound. So apologise, and leave it at that. But you can't. You have to keep at it, trying to cover up but really making it worse and worse and worse.

You have said ENOUGH.
You have drunk ENOUGH.

Why do I never listen to my own advice?
Pink Paint enough is enough,
this this is bloody adictive.
ladybird stoppit now you've had enough 010518
NinNy Nu Nu oh shit,
this is getting kinda serious
for fucks sake,
The Truth Enough of this underscore_connected_phrase blathering. 010810
papabear It seems that enough is synonymous with too much. People don't usually stop eating until they feel sick, then they say they have had enough. When a person tells another that they have had enough, by that point they have usually had way too much. I wonder if it is like that everywhere, or if people are bred to be that way only here in America, Land of excess. Do third world countries even have a word that means enough? Possibly so. They probably use it like," I think we have enough sand," or," I think I have suffered enough." Maybe someday people can realize that they have more than enough, and give the excess to someone who needs it. 011114
girl_jane I've had enough of this. Is it time to go home yet? 020225
Mahayana ::i hope i am:: 020225
Syrope am i ever enough for you? the plaguing shadows of inadequacy are driving me crazy...

i have enough money to live comfortably the rest of my life...if i die tomorrow before noon.
Freak Im never fucking good enough for you. Why can't you just be happy with me? Why can't I just be me? Why can't I be vulnerable to one person without being hurt for giving that person my vulnerability. Why am I never good enough? 020605
kmontso I think that I have suffered enough already, and this is my only comfort. 021001
catherine this word reeks of "sufficient" and "satisfactory"

at the same time, it means more than that.
i want to be enough. enough for him, and enough for me.
niska of you? never. 030301
If I gave a name what would be the point? Where do we go from here? I finally have you in my arms and now I don't know what to do, afraid of what to say, afraid I'll fuck this up; something that I've searched for all my life. You now must know I'd give it all to you, do anything for you but I don't want to seem over bearing on you. If I crowd or push let me know...maybe I'm to concerned about everything, but after reading what you have writen and thinking about what has been spoken what do I do? The worst is not knowing what you can't trust me with. You say I have done nothing to make you not trust me, but there has to be something or you would have your trust in me as I have with you. My past now may be coming back to haunt me as I have always feared....Sometimes, even now in my happiest hours the familiar feelings come back to me...even the thought of the tearing and dripping, the sudden rush of adrenaline...it would be so easy to do, but maybe I'll go to far this time which holds me back because not seeing you again...would kill me. I just want to know where everything is going and where I stand because for the first time I do not have control.Your always on my mind and I can't talk to you for hours like I want and not being able to call you last night makes me feel even worse. See how my life is all around you?I can't imagine the pressure on you, but also remeber it's not all on you. I'm just scared....I don't want to be alone, and your the only light in my world of pain and darkness.....I even think of the day I will propose and smile on it....can you do the same? 030408
Josh I am saying Enough to everything I guess and just don't care about your past and what happenend, if it was such a small thing why did I care? It's in the past and now just looking on to the future lets not fill it with the bad times or thoughts we'd rather forget....even though one will forever haunt me I will forever remeber...It's not your fault it's mine for not understanding....but theres feeling or there was you even if you say no I know there had to be, something other than your "safety zone" that made you feel safe and now I'm afraid I can't make you feel safe or give you what you need/want. Now I feel second best...now you know are you happy? 030408
joda Wow.

Sure are some broken hearts here.

Whatever I have to say apparently isn't enough.
Lindsey and i'm popping metabolife like candy because when i take my clothes off in front of him for the first time, i want him to think i'm beautiful. i don't want him to think i'm fat, and he says he hates fat people while saying that i'm thin, but i think he's just blinded and as soon as that wears off, he is going to look at me, at my hips and belly and arms, and say, "you are not the girl i am in love with. you're fat." 030716
elsa something that i never am 031207
*silent screams Remeber this? We can run away together and get hitched...then we can live happily ever after...

...just like in the movies

Or how bout this? thanks for giving me things that I've never dreamed of...and I wish you could say the same.

I will always, no matter what, even if u ripped me apart inside and stomped all over me a million times, I would still love you.
Thanks for showing me how it really feels to be happy...I appreciate everything that you've given to me, I just hope that you know that.

I wrote on your name hoping you'd read this. Things like these that were said is what makes this hurt. You once told me you'd give me a lifetime of chances.....a lifetime of you making up your mistakes, and me mine, I'd do the same. I was out with joel at cato bowling to get my mind of you, every person I saw, every kiss, every hug I wanted you there. Then he brought some friends up, didn't make things better. Now I can let go after you said that though. I still cry over you....still hurt....I will bring you your things....I didn't mean to loose my temper but.....it hurts worse than you can believe because your null
falling_alone my 7th grade teacher was very scary.

she would get mad for little reason and then say we were on the verge of driving up the wall. then she would actually pretend to climb up the blackboard.

other times when she was really pissed she'd yell out E-N-O-U-G-H or pray 'jesus mary and joseph give me strength'

she could also get into your face at times and start screaming. i really hated her.

she yelled at me a couple time and almost brought me to tears. i cant stand being yelled at by teachers, i dont think anyone does though.

one time i remember was because we were supposed to make up these psalms (i went to a catholic school) and i didnt write it into my copybook...i had to read mine to some of my classmates and i thought it was really good instead she started yelling at me what was wrong with it and was pissed off again becuase it was written on index cards. *sigh* i dont mind constructive criticism but yell at me and i'm going to ignore you.

another time she went through my desk and copybooks while i was absent, that was a mistake. I dont think she was too happy with my copybooks for they were full of doodles and i had ripped out these squares in the corners of the book for passing notes. she ended up ripping like 10 pages out of MY copybooks. they were mine. she had no right to do that and i had notes for class on those pages too.
*sniff* but i thought it was really sweet that the kid next to me who i had a crush on told me he tried to stop her and said he was sorry...

aw bless him.
comforting lie even when you've decided that you've had enough, it's not always your decision. run through the mess and shout out enough! 040315
minnesota_chris that blathe could use a detail or two 040315
Ladee D Teetering between too little
and too much
and the fat kid is sitting on your enough again.
Ladee D Teetering between too little
and too much
and the fat kid is sitting on your enough again.
lou_la_belle 26 days...
doesn't seem like a long time
doesn't seem like Enough time

i don't want you to fly away
and forget i ever exsisted

twenty-six days
isn't nearly
enough time
to fall in love
but i hope
it's enough time
to make a friend
insert name here one is too many.
amillion is not enough.
its never enough.
mysticlove i've had enough. 041010
mysticlove i've had enough. 041010
the fire inside enough of this. i won't take it....really.

from now on i live.
i won't let myself down again.

not just go with the flow. disrupt the flow, dam the flow, dig canals and channels and fuck with the flow in any goddamn way i like. these ignorant people won't know what hit em.
z no more 050217
.nom galore is plenty enough 050218
erazure god please no more 050411
andru235 "too much is never enough"
--M.Jagger (?)
nom "the world is not enough"

yay for family mottos
fix ....

Why don't you put prisoners in 5 star hotels ?

Obviously these people need help and therapy.
There should be more qualified psychologists.

If you don't get to the route cause of the problem then what hope do you have ?

If you put criminals in dark holes and chuck away the key it is called punishment, isn't that what the devil does, punish ?

If you decide to let them out after their sentence, well of course they are going to commit the same crimes again.... because you made them worse.

slowly slowly - love - and forgive.



PUNISHMENT - meaning - see below.

informal rough treatment or handling inflicted on or suffered by a person or thing : your machine can take a fair amount of punishment before falling to pieces

THERAPY - meaning - see below.....

treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder : a course of antibiotic therapy | cancer therapies. the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means : he is currently in therapy | [as adj. ] therapy sessions.

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