Nathan88 a kid at work...hes just weird..i dont like him cuz hes just an ass not cuz he is weird...hes prolly an ass cuz he sick of being made fun of ya know...i know what hes feelin, it sux...he could get so much respect if he just would stick up for himself instead of hiding his anger and pain in his laugh
even customers see him as free pickin even if they dont know him...the call him the weasel or squirlley lookin on "you know the ugly little skinny kid" u say that shit at your work place? fuckin ignorant bastards
it may be hard to realize but to first not like someone u have to get to know them first
the hogfather i agree. theres a kid in my class who we all make fun of. but he can be seriously annoying.
but we can be nice to him sometimes. you just have to get him alone, otherwise you just wanna kill him.
birdmad the best example i can think of was from my high school days, his name is keith.

just when you'd build up some sense of good-will toward him, he would do some stupid shit to remind you of why nobody liked him.

at one point, he pulled the most "stalker"-like move i think i have ever seen anyone pull... he had studied a bunch of old yearbooks and wenmt around introducing himself to a bunch of the alumni at the homecoming game, talking to these people as if their memories were his and not understanding why they were looking at him like he was deranged.

and you were in the percussion section of our band, you never lent him a pair of drum sticks unless you wanted to get them back throughly chewed on

he'd hit on girls at school with the tenacity of a dog trying to hump your leg

he once tried to convince everyone he was a blackbelt in karate at which point i told him that since i had only ever taken a couple of months worth and was just a lowly beginner, he should have no trouble kicking my ass -- he through a sloppy roundhouse kick which i caught without blinking and spun him to the ground leaving him on his ass

he disappeared from our group duiring a band field trip to ASU and when we found him, he was hiding between cars in a parking lot... taking a trip to the self-service aisle

he was the loudest most obsnoxious little fucker i think i have ever run actross in my life

it wasn't really his fault he was such an ass though... i met his parents and there ws no way that they could have produced anything but him... those two fucked that boy up something fierce
steph i always feel sorry for that guy that gets picked on and try my hardest to be nice to him. i could really care less if other people think less of me for doing it but at least it makes me feel good and im helping someone else too. 021221
She Alright,
so what happens when you /are/
that person that everyone makes fun of?

Except it's not because
of how you were raised,
or where you come from,
what you look like,
or the obnoxious asinine
things you might do.

Raised in the same nieghborhood,
same tax bracket,
same ethnic origin,
same religion.

Instead it's because
you're the easiest person to get along with,
have never said a negative word about anyone,
and it's always behind your back?

They just need someone to make fun of.
Since you are not a bitcher,
you are a bitchee.

One day you find out,
and it just shatters your (albeit naive) perceptions.
Which in turn changes your
personality and contentedness
of life.

How would you feel then?

Why must you be a bitcher?
Does it make you feel cool?
One of the crowd?

I hope not.
Eowithien Me and behind my back too. I've heard them when they think I'm not listening. 030307
niska he's very nice, and very sincere. but the things people don't like about him are valid, whether they're his own fault or not - he is actually the result of someone else's terrible mistake and it's taken out on him.

i feel guilty that he's shunned, and ridiculed behind his back, because i try to be understanding and he's not a bad person. i pretend to be personable because honesty here would be brutal, at best.

i just put up with him, and roll my eyes later. that's really the only way to survive time with this individual. is this decent of me, or is it misleading? either way, we're all bad for mocking him.
Freak I saw him today for the first time in forever. He finally gave up on school after someone shaved his head while he was asleep (he always had long hair) he wasn't a bad person or gross or anything that people would commonly be made fun of for. I never understood it and I sometimes felt that I was the only person who treated him like a human. I wonder if he even remembers me. 030310
Toxic_Kisses No matter how many times I moved 92% of the time I'd find a group of guys like that and we always ended up being best friends, even though they always wanted to take it further than that but I was usually afraid that if I chose one over the others that would split the group up, and az much az I truly hate to admit it the attention and infatuation of a group of guys feels so much better than that of just one. 030311
this is me now my heart goes out to them. we had them or were them. i always look back and wish i hadnt done or said some things. how can one person be so mean and cruel to someone else? even if they are ultimatley annoying. its so easy to be nice even if you dont feel like being nice to them.

the fact of the matter is...being nice to them could change their life, could influence them greatly...and what a better way to live your life?
phil nobody talks to him, just about him. 030326
pipedream they're usually the smartest ones, the ones with the funniest one-liners and purveyors of obscure details you thought nobody would know, like where 'move it! move it!' came from (the police academy movies). 030326
minnesota_chris I was him, or else he was my lab partner. 030326
DevilsLyric He is Anthony everyone hates him. He can be annoying but he can be nice. Our group makes him hated even omong his only group of friends. Which is... us.
I do it too though. It's hard not to and I feel horrible for it. I try not to.

Chris is the same way. No one likes him I haven't ever seen him have a friend. It must be so hard. I know how it is to be made fun of but I always had friends to back me up. He has no one. He is alone.

Tom is totally obvilious. Everyone taunts him too but always behind his back, and he never knew so naive. he is so nice too never did anything to deserve this but dress different.

Its fucking horrible. These kids suffer every day because of this and no one will do anything to stop it. Not before something drastic happens.

blather spell check among
TK Typo 9%
But thats enough seeing as how I've went to 15 (almost 16) schools in my life
white_wave is a nerd me

but i'm not a guy....
white_wave that was me who just wrote that. i am that just wrote that. i am the first to admit that i am a total dork. 040321
freedom why feel bad, doea it make you feel good to feel bad? you stick up for the poor guy so you feel better, it's all about you, why not stop it.. stop the gossip.. you know you've laughed before.. you've found it funny when they all did it.. but then you felt bad.. and you said stop it.. and you felt good..

he may be skinny,
or tries to hard,
or does stupid things
whether to fit in.. or not to fit in..
it's all because he's seen people do it before and it was acceptable from them.. but not from him.. there is always that guy.. always had been always will be.. people suck.. sorry guy.. I feel bad too.. but I've also laughed..
and been.....
minnesota_chris most of the guys who were REALLY popular in high school became losers afterward. Many high school dorks really shine in college. They find out that life is what you make of it, and not dating the right person or wearing the right clothes. 040322
flowerbed on a cloud =) 061114
my name it means nothin it's hard to know what to do when they ARE in fact annoying, when you want to like them, but the truth is you honestly can't connect.
But, I've realized I should just be nice to him, because it's not like he knows that he's naively different. I don't think. For all I know I'm like that too. Maybe I say things just slightly off. I know I dress just slightly off. Maybe everyone who's nice to me is just putting ME on. So I gotta be nice to him. There's not really anything to lose.

and just because it makes someone feel good to me nice to the "poor guy" doesn't mean they shouldn't be nice. Most altruism is self-centered, and all the power to that egotism. It makes the world better sometimes.
daf was one of the very few things ive done in this life that i truly regret.

i dont know what his name was.

when i was about 10..right after my father took me from the orphanage, i was going to a sort of group play therapy to acclimate me to social interaction with other children. (severe attachment disorder would cause me to act out aggressively when bonds threatened to form. it was a defensive reaction brought on by multiple abandonments through the 6 years between the time i was 4 and the time i was 10.)

in the group, was this really chubby kid. he was nice and friendly and we got along just fine.

several years later (about 4).some friends and i were at a Scout Jamboree..walking through the wooded trails looking for trouble to get into.

just then, another group of scouts came through. who should be in that group..but the chubby kid from the play group.

at the time, i was a teen..worried more about fitting into my group of friends than about the feelings of some outcast of society as it were..sigh

he said "Hey!" to me..and i was mortified. i ignored him. "He said it's me! Remember?"

i said, "are you talking to me?"

"you dont remember me?"

"no...i really don't know you. sorry."

He started to explain..I yelled..talking down to the "chubby reject"..trying to shut him up before he spilled the beans about my therapy.

"Listen! I Don't know you fat boy! Now leave me alone!"

I knew him.

A tear welled up in his eyes. The other scouts in his group looked at me apologetically..and at him shaking their heads.

it was perhaps the most heinous thing i have ever done to anyone.

some days i wish that i knew where he that i could apologize to him..maybe let him get off of his chest what he had, if anything, left over from that incident.

i'm sorry chubby_kid..i didn't mean to hurt you, man.
chubby man Thanks, I got over it and now have my
own chubby kids. They're happy.
daf i'm so glad. thanks for getting back to me so quickly. best of luck you you chubby_do0d. tell the family i said hey! 080601
unhinged when i was in the fifth grade my 'best_friend' turned against me when i was home sick seemingly unprovoked. my mom brought home a note along with all my homework from her saying that she didn't think we should be friends anymore. i don't remember why. but then she also proceeded to make sure none of the girls in either fifth grade class would talk to me except for the other girl she didn't like because we were both chubby dorks. for a long while, maybe for the rest of the year, me and becky tried to ignore them at recess when they said mean shit to us. three years later me and this girl had all our eighth grade classes together and wrote each other notes. then once again, on our class trip to d.c. she fucked me over by deciding she didn't want anything to do with me on the trip even though we had talked about it for months.

why are kids SO mean to each other?

most of my life i've been the fat kid clinging to any scrap that people would throw me for friendship or sex. never know when someone will decide to turn on you for no reason. hey hey....i think i just had a breakthrough. i guess that's why i spend a lot of my life alone. just cutting the assholes off at the pass.
sameolme Congrats! Now to construct an asshole filter that lets the human wholes through. 080601
unhinged that would be a neat trick indeed; like i've said before i'm kinda an all or nothing girl

it would also help if i didn't manage to fall in_love with every human whole that i meet


tell at least one of them that i'm in_love with them
sameolme I think it was 1st grade. It was spring and muddy.
Michael's family had just moved into town.
We were all outside for recess.
Michael stepped into something and us kids started screaming Dog dooty! Michael flipped. He was yelling and crying at the same time, trying to defend himself from the merciless chanting which soon morphed into
"Dooty head!" It was getting ugly.
I backed off and just watched this kid get tortured. It came to me that the reason it got so ugly was Michael's
dramatic reaction to the teasing. Anyway it was so muddy,who knew what he stepped in. The nickname "Dooty head" stuck. Through the years of grammar school I occasionally tried to be friendly with him, but he had grown accustomed to being a reject who rejected all. Even in 5th grade the horror of that day cast a shadow on him. Maybe he was oversensitive and something like the dooty incident was bound to happen sooner or latter. Well ,I still think about it and wonder how he is now.
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