alex311swim troubled, pensative, falling for the wrong person who doesnt share the same turf as he does. 010204
alex311swim I dont know who I am,
I dont know who I want to be,
I'm everything to everyone,
I'm anyone but me...
Kristina For four years we have seen each other and passed on by, and now we have come to find ourselves... And I will love just as I had four years ago in Washington... And I still do, and even if we break up or we die.. our love you's I won't forget and I will love you forever 010411
all of the above No Alex lovers/haters/dreamers yet? 010613
distorted tendencies .. is perfect, at least for me.

how did i ever fall in love with you, eh? what a crazy wonderful thing. i remember that year ago when i was dating john and i would notice you looking at me, oh my how beautifully the sun reflected off your golden eyes... i think that was /the/ moment i came to realize..
marissa my name is marissa, and i once knew a boy who liked to jump into trees and twirl flowers along the breeze. he sang the cure songs, and danced about the backyard of weeds and insects. 010903
distorted tendencies It feels like he's slowly fading away. I don't want John again..Make him fade.. 010904
tears in the sky I can't stop my heart from racing, when i see you. I love you more and more everyday that i see you. How I want to hug you every day. How i want to kiss you when we are so close. Every momement I am with you I can't stop smiling. I love you more then you will ever know. The only problem is that you don't love me. But every time i see you i fall more in love with you. I want to be the best friend but i don't know if i can while i love you this much. and i don't know how to stop loving you 010909
tears in the night I love you 010909
translucent Being Alex is the awful... and yet awesome. 010916
distorted tendencies You are really sexy, can we do it?
How about now?
You're tired, WHAT?

Just a little....
A You make me so mad... i can't even take it sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to me. why do things change? i am glad they do though. i am glad that things aren't what they were because... the past is ugly and stale and makes me nauseous sometimes, so i have to turn away. the future is like pretty christmas lights.

i guess i don't understand what is in your head.
Rael One Cloud I knew an Alex. He was my roommate for awhile in Olympia Washington. He had this great sexy voice, & would read me poetry. But eventually he left... he gave me lice before he did, tho.
I missed him for like two years. I'd hear from him sporadically, & I sent him books while he was in jail.
One day he came back...
He had a girlfriend with him now named January, but she was nice, so I was fine with it. They stayed at my house...
But then, Alex went & slept with my friend Anni's sister. My roommates hated him & I kicked him out.
Now Anni's sister's boyfriend Curtis blames me. Why? I still don't get the twisted logic of it. He's dumb enough or crazy tot hink somehow I have these magick powers I used to throw these two together to mess up his, Curtis's life. Go figure! Even if I did have magick powers, why would I waste them to mess up someone else? Wouldn't I use them for myself? And I once loved Alex- wouldn't I charm him to love me?
Now I no longer have these two friends, Alex got mad I kicked him out, & my friend's sister can't talk to me because her boyfriend won't let her. All because Alex had to be a slut. What a drag.
Mateo No just one, so many, so so many. 020216
apathetic alex i am an alex, although i wish i werent.

i am a self-loathing, miserable teenager hung up on a past i wont soon forget. abused i became lost in a world of darkness, drugs and found myself on the street. broken i found solace and relief in self-injury. confused i managed to find the one for me. her suicide brought two years of heaven to a screeching stop. nearly a year later i am still healing from the collision.

i spend far to much time thinking, it will be my demise.

i am an alex, yes i am.
reitoei alyxx. a rather interesting person. a gothic seductress. my friend sees something in her. i dont know what. he has this crazy idea that she could be his girlfriend. sure she could. she has 7 boyfriends and a fiance. always room for one more. he thinks he loves her.she has an effect on him. he stopped eating and sleeping. wake up commie!!! 020227
good people fuck me. fuck you. fuck this. alex says hi, but he's hiding. he says he has been smoking too much pot lately, and needs to pass his classes. oh, and he says hi distorted tendencies. oh, hes back. that was weird... 020314
benvolio haha...


it'd be crazy if all these comments were about the very same alex
tiffany It's too bad it didn't work out, but the fun times we had were really fun, and I'm so glad we had them. The first day, when we went and got bubble tea, and I fell asleep in your bed. Well, that's going down in my book as one of the best days ever. So, thank you.

Something I wrote after we broke up:
I can feel you crying now.
I can feel you dying now.
What's the point in trying now?
I don't know what to do.

I thought that was pretty.

Take care of Johnny Cash. =)
reitoei the ring!! damn her and that ring!! 020330
AluminumPlate I totally hated this one girl named Alex, she sort of stole my boyfriend from me, except he wasn't my boyfriend.
She never told me she was with him and for years she was my best friend. It wasn't until I realized he wasn't my boyfriend that i realized I didn't hate her, I hated him.
things_have_to_get_better_right? The name means protector of mankind. 020815
WiseMeLoN an aporia is alex. alex is an aporia. he hates, he loves. He wants to go against his bad habbits. What a bad habbit. Talks till he can't go on. living vengeful. Fun, and Boring. Loved - hates - hated. good times. 021023
gollum impersonator it's habit, not habbit, you silly hobbit. 021023
beth my protector.. you are mankind. there is no other man like you. there will never be another man like you. i love you. 021119
my birdmad has a first name i still wish this was my name instead of what my parents stuck me with, i'd change it, but at my age, who the hell would bother acknowledging it anyway 021119
Kate Thank you for your accompaniment, to reference sections of libraries and to instrument storage rooms where we discuss the evils of governmental assistance and Egyptian religions and you read me socialist speeches from Chapter 21 of "The Jungle" and we'll discuss predestination. Thank you for believing in me but yet questioning every necessitating questionable thought I have. I'm glad that you like "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and are a twin and are very very cool. 021120
alex Well, it's my name! I have a thing for a girl called Alex. How fucked up man! whatever. Peace people! :) 021122
VICIOUS WEASEL RAINRYE i think hes a god lord of the vicious weasles he is a noble and enigmatic leader. And kagan is his bitch. 021219
121 potential the word plagues his existance. He was born gifted athletically, intellectually and metally. All his life he has been cursed by his own procrastination. If he could put all of his gifts together he might be able to bend the computer of the being 021229
yuy7 he is 030109
Alex I am an Alex and i like it. Itīs sexy and very simple. 030224
Alex in wonderland I am a female Alex (well,Alexandra actually...but dont tell anybody)lol
I like being me sometimes and sometimes not;cause I look good (not trying to brag, really) all these guys lie to me and just try to have sex with me none really seem too care about ME.
oh well *sigh*
E-mail me! i love getting e-mails
erincore i am madly in love with alex vernon. 030913
Alex I am king of the world! 031125
fetal_musings is me.

is also very bothered by the world
me mwaha 031127
Alejandro his name is my name too, much as that of john jacob jingleheimer schmidt.

I have a wart on my foot as well as hairy legs.

mj don't you get tired of chasing?

the greater the man
the higher the fall

don't you get tired of chasing?
invisible believer i'm a female alex...well yeah, alexandra, but only my mother calls me that.
i should have been called caroline parents tossed a coin to decide and my dad lied about the outcome.
oh well. i like alex.
Blahhhhh firm cock. 040226
Blahhhhh firm cock. 040226
hyena alec is alex.
alex is alex.

alec is alex!
alex is alex!


I hate you so very very much, tess of the d'ubervilles...
hyena even more than i hate stupid typos.
i'm glad your baby went to hell.
taffy i love you
but you dont love me
i mean nothing and thats ok
ill still love you
and care about you
and live for you
promises never last forever
Ezra Alex Ray is a horrible, horrible person. 040523
taffy kiss my ass
because i dont need you
sucks doesnt it?
well suck on that for a while
i wont be there for you ne more when you come crawling back
you lost the right and privledge tothat
so heres my final word
and last laugh in your face
Alexandra the Great Well, I'm Alexandra. And I'm a gamer girl. And I'm independent. I hang out with guys. I'm a guy's girl and a geek, proudly admitted. But I'm a sexy gamer & geek. I'm not conceited, I promise -- it's just told to me by my guy friends all the time.

I love being an Alex. It's unique, yet there -are- a lot of Alex's, but sexy and feminine when it wants to be. :)
E Roc from Annas to what do i owe this pleasure? surely there is a debt for im not worthy of your company. Passing the time in your presence is a momentary escape from the grey and blackness filling my cranium. Temporary bliss, regardless of circumstance always comes with a price.

so many signals thick, abundant
i personally think our eyes meet more often then regular
and thats fine by me

you do dance, it was cute and silly
you've got this aura
i dont really take you seriously
an air that glows confidence
hinting subtle fear

your message is my joke,
i think you sound sweet in it, genuinely
can u tell i work hard at hiding this
i dont want to fuck this up

id like to see something happen
something like one day youd txt
and this time ud mean what ud say
and maybe have butterflys like mine
i think i need to borrow another blunt
sing another song, i lost your lighter

be more truthful, dont get me wrong
im not too good for you
but your definatly out of my league
i kno my place, and when to leave
as long as i keep my cool
youll never know and ill realize im nuts.

till then ill be E roc
just some burnt girl from annas.
LessonsFromAngels "You make me so mad... i can't even take it sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to me. why do things change? i am glad they do though. i am glad that things aren't what they were because... the past is ugly and stale and makes me nauseous sometimes, so i have to turn away. the future is like pretty christmas lights.

i guess i don't understand what is in your head." -A

This quote is something someone else posted, and I only include it because it inspires me to write about this word.

Alex. Alex is my angel and my devil. He was my everything. He depressed me and gave me a sense of comfort. He gripped on to me and held me in a false world of forever.
But I have Alex to thank for who I am. Although our relationship was rocky, always on and off dating, and fights were what made us realize we cared about each other, I miss him. He showed me what not to be, and after the summer, I finally let go of him. If I hadn't been able to hold on to someone so tightly, and then let go of them, I do not think I would be so happy for what I have today.

I still love my best friend. He taught me...everything.
sab i watch her growing up
from afar
Asylum Bound Alex, I love you. You are the first man I have ever said that too. I have yet to meet someone else that has the heart and soul that you do. You have welcomed me into your family and I will be forever grateful.. Thank you for loving me and meaning it. I don't want us to ever part... but once again it will be me who ruins it. Why aren't we meant to be together? 110627
an old friend came back from her travels yesterday, which is where I have seen this pop up. blather_imitating_life eh?

she used to post on here, for a brief time, before she flitted away, attracted to the next shiny thing.... :)
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