here kitty kitty kitty this is being provided as a public service and as a companion piece to dick_sucking_101

FACT: only about a third of women can regularly have a vaginal / g_spot orgasm (orgasm achieved through penetrative intercourse)

the most commonly achieved orgasm in women is the clitoral orgasm (orgasm derived -obviously- through stimulation of the clitoris)

Now, students...let us begin

Unlike those of us in the male sector of the poplulace who can achieve an ideal state of arousal with very little in the way of provocation, the female sexual response generally requires a tiny bit more time and (worthwhile) effort to achieve an optimal state of arousal and physical readiness for any form of intensive stimulation

foreplay is (generally, though it does vary from woman to woman) essential. Touching her, kissing her, generally providing her with whatever erotic stimulation seems to get her in the right frame of mind and body
watch her mouth and her nipples to get a good feel for her level of arousal if she is not already completely nude (sometimes the slow undressing thing can be an invaluable way of increasing that vital element of sexual tension - which can be quite invaluable at heightening orgasmic sensitivity)

her face will be warmer and her color will be up, her nipples amd areolae will be, in a certai manner, erect and there may even appear to be some slight enlargement of her breasts, proceed with whatever course of action seems to work as you venture toward the target zone

take the time to tease her once you have exposed her. kiss her thighs starting with a few little flicks of your tongue, play a little while with her pubes, let them tickle the tip of your nose, kiss her slowly from her bellybutton down to the very edge of her lips, trace your fingertips lightly over her skin, you should see and feel moisture, you may now truly begin

[[Two notes here - One an issue of manners and the other an issue of safety--- for manners, do not go stampeding straight to her clit, if you can't wait proceed, but proceed slowly and remember, where her own natural lubricant might be lacking, you have saliva to elp you ------ and now for the most important word of caution: NEVER (and i cannot stress that enough) NEVER EVER EVER blow air or exhale too forcibly ino or near a woman's genitals as there are very thin walled bloodvessels and skin in that area and there is a risk of the lethal introduction of air to the bloodstream]]

meanwhile, if you are good and attentive to what she wants (ask questions for god's sake, she'll tell you what she likes, let her guide you if you're not sure yet) by now the lady has reached a state where she is the equivalent of a good summer storm, Loud and Wet

lick your fingertips and stroke the outer edges of her lips, not quite spreading them open, if necessary, wet your fingers a little more deeply and slide your index finger into her, slowly now

with your finger(s) still inside her, gently run a fingertip (from your previously free hand unless you are a mutant of some sort) over the hood of her clit and touch it with the tip of your tongue

tease her clit a little and you may feel her fingers twirling around in your hair (grabbing your head)

find a basic rhythm in which to work the combination of your fingers and your tongue, using that outide finger to gently cause the hood of her clit to draw back enough to expose it

remember to vary both the rhythm and direction of your tongue movements and your finger strokes and also remember to make sure that all contact between you and that potent little bundle of nerves should always be buffered by some degree of moisture (again, saliva is you friend here, as well as her juices) --dry friction will only cause numbness and annoyance and may result in the withdrawal of your invitation to play

remember, when possible, to gauge the quality of your performance and the specifics of what she wants, ask question

to keep things interesting, you can vary your technique, by doing such things as tongue_fucking her (using your tongue like a phallus to penetrate her)

do your best to make and maintain some level of eye contact and occasionally stop to suck your fingers appreciatively to tell her how good she tastes

let your own mouth explore her depths and let your hands explore as much of her body as they can get to, stopping to hold her hips as you lick, suck and kiss all the nice, sensitive areas of her sexual anatomy (this is the part where the caution about how you breathe comes into play, you may now test the comedian's theory about "tongueing the alhabet" and doing whatever bits of lingual acrobatics you can make your tongue perform

if she grabs your head midway through, don't resist, let her guide you let her convey to you the direction and intensity of motion she wants from you, her hands in your hair as you perform is just as intimate a thing as your presence between her thighs, because in this way she is showing you the most successful means of pleasing her the way she would please herself, if she knows her own body well

follow the physical cues and whatever she tells you to determine your next move, as she may either begin to demand penetration by cock or she may let you pleasure her all the way to orgasm

the signs of orgasm are among (but not limited to) the following; deepening of the body_blush response, vocalizations (but if she's only making noise she might be faking it) quickening pulse and breathing rate and contractions and spasms of various muscle groups, most notably the ones in the pelvic floor (although it helps to be inside her in some capacity to detect that one)

stay tuned for practical_lab_69 in which students may attempt to cooperatively practice their techniques as learned in the 101 series
distorted tendencies -cries- .
I want!!
unhinged while i appreciate this blathe more than most people, i could find one, revision might be the word, to append to it. the blathe opens with the fact that most women do not have an orgasm due to intercourse. i myself am one of those women who have to date not experienced an orgasm due to intercourse. i think many men operate under the misconception that to satisfy a woman they have to stick something in the hole. leave the hole alone for once. your woman will appreciate it. 021012
here kitty kitty kitty good point, hence my implication that the best courses of action were subjective and situational,

but yes, sometimes we need only paint the house and not always rush blindly off to rearrange the furniture

(if you take my meaning - wink_wink_nudge_nudge_say_no_more)
jane are you kidding? i would rather have something "in the hole" than some crazy over-rubbing of the clitoris! over-stimulation can exceed to a point where it is almost painful, whereas the constant search for a g-spot is quite a turn-on 021012
x I don't go for one over the other... it's like red vs black for me... sometimes one seems better, sometimes they other, sometimes both at the same time.
However...boys who don't ask if they're doing ok and girls who won't say can involve in activities ranging from annoying to painful. It's not a penis! It's not a genie lamp! Play nice, kids.
girl_jane FACT: only about a third of women can regularly have a vaginal / g_spot orgasm (orgasm achieved through penetrative intercourse)

I am a lucky girl, I am. I am part of that one third-

Between the two types, either one is fine with me-it all ends the same joyous and near-fainting way.

It's been awhile for me-this blathe didn't help any. Perhaps tonight will be bubble bath night...
unhinged well of course anything can suck if it's not done right. hence my initial appreciation of this blathe. i agree about the over stimulation thing. it can be very painful. maybe i haven't been sleeping with the right men, but all i know is if you are going to do something, do one thing at a time and do that one thing right. slow and gentle would usually help out most situations exponentially. and i guess the only way to get good at anything is to practice. 021012
a girl who endlessly desires more thank you thank you thank you
i would like to express my appreciation
to the teacher.
i sent this to my someone.
and boy did i have a wonderful afternoon.
and when we had to go, i begged him not to leave.
dear god, you don't understand.
the most pleasurous experience of all time
the only frustrating part
was there was a time
when i was nearly at the top
nothing could have felt better
and everything was coming together perfectly
and there was a slight change and it kind of fell and never had time to build back up.
what a teasing experience.
but it only left me desperately wanting more.
though, i never thought i was one of those people who enjoyed the repition of one thing.
it seems you never know yourself until you are properly eaten out.
i will be sure to study dick_sucking_101.
i just wanted to let you know that your services to the world were much appreciated.
little wishes actually, i have only one thing to object to in this, and its not the hole thing.
how can one not want fisting, i dont know.

however, that aside, the only thing i want to say is cock? COCK? come now, youre trying to tell me that only men go down on women?

or is it more that only men need this kind of advice?

women know how to fuck women.
Bloodhound Gang Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

You came twice last year like a Sears catalog
Cause your last boyfriend makes love like Boss Hogg
Well now you're seeing me but soon I'll have you seeing God
Cause' girl I'll get you panting like you're Pavlov's dog
Like a DC-10 I'm guaranteed to go down
But baby your black box is the one that I found
I'll give you the gift that keeps on givin' it won't cost you any money
Then she grabbed me by the ears and said kiss me where it smells funny

So down I go like I'm 2000 Flushes
I can tell I'm doing something right by the way that she blushes
She's one that's speechless but I'm the one that's tongue tied
She's thinking holy mackerel I'm thinking tuna on the side
There must be something wrong with Al Pacino's nose
Cause the scent of a woman is like rotten tomatoes
Yea I'm snorkeling for clams and it doesn't matter if I wanna be
Don't come up for air until you kiss me where it smells funny

Drop my face below her waist and stay on third base
I can tell that the cherry's ripe by the way it tastes
Yeah I could make a lot of wine with the yeast I find inside her panties
And then drink it while eating out down at the Seafood Shanty
carlita umm.... practical_lab_69

i'm waiting, kitty!! :)
lilac_air read up guys and i am waiting.
Those are facts that makes the world a happier place
. much appreciation to all the felines of the world, for i have read and reread and studied and drank coffee and popped pills to this advice.

i shall ask, will she reply?
mathmatiks ahh, my favorite hobby
i enjoy going down
more than regualar sex.
just something about getting
a girl off turns me on

i drop like a hat
and i've been complimented on
my ahh, "abilities"

however i would suggest
appending this document to
include a section on
"hygiene and maintenance"
as it were

i'm not saying everygirl has
to shave/wax and douche everyday
(in fact, evidence suggest that
douching everyday hampers the bodys
natural cleaning process making
things much worse)

it doesn't have to be prefectly sculpted
but a little pruning goes a long way
and try to keep it clean, please!
its not even the smell thats that
bad. the smells good. it smell like
pussy should smell. musky
but if things are dirty i simply
refuse to work.
mt very very good point. a quick hippie shower (a swipe with a wet washcloth) can go a long way towards refreshing the environment. 031116
mt that goes for both boys and girls. 031116
Xeneth Sparda I was a natural......no REALLY I'm not lying! I was!

I just wanted to see if this thing was right and it preety much is from the looks of it.
Xeneth Sparda Hmmm, I wonder if dick_sucking_101 is right. I'm gonna go check. 040912
andru235 wow, i ...

... wow ...

what's it to you?
who go