typhoid the zone throbs.
am i to be chosen too?
frippy As in "I pity the" 000511
joker It was once an enviable position, As a Fool you could speak the horrible truths, and the King would laugh at you,instead of having you put to death.
You also got to wear that snazzy little outfit.
tourist Strangely enough this is the Moon I was born under. 001113
Agent008 as in MrT "shutup fool" 010118
like rain. and i raise my hand. 010423
darkened heavens was i a fool to think? the way you looked at me, i swear you did, but you looked away too quick..was i a fool? was i a fool to think? 010507
nocturnal dave matthews. I saw him saturday at jazz fest. paul simon joined him on stage as did lenny kravitz. not a big lenny fan, though. paul simon sang me and julio. I was so excited I almost crapped my pants. 010507
aramis a madcap act on checkered cloth
a stroke of genius in ink
foolscap scraps and tattered love
a pint of guinness to drink

she hates poetry.

god stryper t-shirt... check!

gauze... check!

shower curtain rings... check!

one true grail... check!

let's go to the beach
natureboy fool me once. shame on you. fool me twice. shame on me. 011128
ClairE Yes, it's all about Mr_T. 011128
phil 020127
*nat* If you're trying to turn me into someone else its easy to see im not down with that, coz im nobodys fool.
If you're trying to turn me into something else, ive seen it enough and im over that coz im nobodys fool.
If you want to bring me down, then go ahead and try, go ahead and try
girl_jane Perhaps I am a fool, but I'm ok with that...I'll be ok with you. 030524
Staind_And_Souless You think I think you a fool. I try, oh god I try. Please, please believe that. i try so fucking hard it hurts. I TRY so hard. You want me to be over you, so i am. you want me to forget you, so I do. I write about other people. I Tell them I love them. I try and try and try and after it all, I fail.

Because we both know. You know, though you won't admit it. We both know that I'm never going to get over you. We both know I cannot forget you. We both know that I cry every single fucking day because I don't even know your number anymore.

I know, I know, you hate me. I know that no matter what, you'll never forgive me. i know that that fact hurts me more than anything else. I know , I KNOW that even if I did come to you on your 16th, that you'd be playing a game. 'fucking with the whore'. I know all of that. Yet I can't forget. She knows that. She won't be with me, because of you. I haven't held you in a year, and she still knows.

I know, I KNOW that you hate me. That fact burns me. Remember when I said ever tear of your is like acid on my skin? Well, i know that ever tear of mine isn't on yours. Because if it was, you'd be a burn victim. You know what? I love you. I want you.

Can't you hear me? I'm screaming your name, right now. Right now, it rips from my throat like the cry of a dying animal. Why can't you hear me any more?

I love you.

I wish like hell I didn't. I try like hell not to. but I cna't help it. It's like breathing. I cna't stand this. I love you.

Oh dear god.

Keli, I love you
Lemon_Soda Staind_and_Souless:What is love? 050502
andru235 the luckiest card in the tarot deck, it is said 050502
snarl i love to be a fool.
and just do whateveer.
when laughing is the best thing you can do
cailjey living space
for my closest fears
just like your anger
on my soul
it's those ways you push and shove
that make me want
to pretend I'm a fool
so you'd be laughing
at all these nameless things
when they fall
down below

sometimes love
just ain't enough
and I fear
mine won't last
through all this flak
masmn12325 "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" -Mark Twain 061129
f shhhh... whisper....

i try to protect myself from bad egocentric people, a reason why i refuse to work in an office.. the power struggle.. it deadens me.

i honestly would prefer to be poor than work for people that have got their own heads up their own arses.

avoiding control freaks and egomaniacs, is not always easy, neither is avoiding adverts that try to tempt you to buy everything you effing don't need.

I spent two years in a place where nothing is available and it felt so good not to want and hardly need anything. However that world is not perfect either, theres struggle and corruption everywhere in the world.

its awful that the "power freaks" run the world isn't it... the energy grabbing bastards, what you gunna do with it? take it to your grave?

i'm learning how to become a mirror....
my energy will not be stolen by anyone...
i don't care what their beliefs are...
or what they consider "intellegence" is...
not reading a newspaper is choise... the negativity of this world burns me down.

what people think intellegence is !
meeeerrrrr.... (i'm a sheep)
they think it is knowing lots of facts, long words, figures and being up to date with general affairs...

to me that is tunnel vision it is also very judgemental,
yes it is good to know what is going on in society...
but you don't have to read hundreds of books and newpapers to understand it, to get so tangled up in it not to realise that there are simple answers.

basically the world is in a negative cycle which needs to be broken...

i was with a sucessful business man at the weekend, although it got me down... i am glad for the experience and time i spent with him... it just enhanced my beliefs, it was pure example of sickness.

I couldn't trace one bit of love or care in his heart... consumed by himself... his work and nothing else... not to share anything..- nothing,
-completely another reality altogether.. me and him - we couldn't be anymore opposite.

A couple of hours with him was agonizing.. he was basically talking to himself... i was a punch bag if i said anything... but he didn't like it when he discovered i was a mirror... i ain't gunna make your ego bigger darlin ! yes, yes, yes
you are always right you see ! (no facial experessions... no gold star, no smile - just yes yes yes - me ain't gunna fight you for what you want ! i'm just going to say YES... with no feeling at all)

He FUCKING doesn't wash one single plate up in his own home!

he waits for his fucking female cleaner that comes three times a week. i wonder if he knows who the fuck he is ? work harder boy - money is what you need... its the only thing that will make you happy!

forget the birds in the sky.

One way of controling the public is by selling newspapers that provoke fear, sadness and hatred... it is a way of control... very funny why people buy them then!

whether they would buy a more positive newspaper is another question....

i believe it is a conditioning not a psychology to choose to buy bad news, what a shame.
.. whos going to change it ?
.. not the man that wants to buy another tank that's for sure ! power you see !

my ! what a long gun you have ! your amazing AND intellegent! 2 in 1 WOW !

i only need lovely peoples company, simple food and drink and shelter.. you think thats funny !
the only thing i don't want is to be lonely in a world that is full of struggle.

i don't stuggle with who i am inside... i stuggle to face the outside world... because i don't know how to make a difference... how to live without contributing to a negative consumer cycle that is very me, my and i.
"don't eat me" (don't eat my energy)
someone send me some good vibes.. without any judgement please... if anyone ever reads this.
Pooooooooooojjjjjjjiiiiiiiaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaaaa so hows sick going? 070530
pma Nic
I will
You til
the day I die
I miss
You in a way you may never know
You are
true beauty to me



in action
IGG ahhhh
The Fool.
my favourite character from the Robin Hobb series.

how i wish the Fool was real.
Ouroboros how could I forget- I'm damaged goods, now and forever- rejection is to be expected- silly girl, your life is a nightmare of chaos- and no amount of repenting will change that- give up now, squash your hopes and dreams now- because you will be rejected and it will hurt and there is no reward for trying hard. Don't step off the cliff, like the fool, but crush that flower under your feet as you slink back home. Hide your passion, your flame, your body, your sexuality, because your needs will never be met and you will grow cold and empty. So be empty now, be dead now. It's all a big fucking cosmic joke, an absurd play, where you are the punchline and no one is laughing. 100916
Ouroboros or I'm a fool to feel so hurt over being rejected because of an sti. We had one amazing night, remember it, and move on 100918
unhinged oh fuck me; i fell for your shit AGAIN. and once again, i'm left with nothing but frustration and empty pockets to show for it.

fucking fuck fuck. i am such a fucking idiot.
snook Not a fool but a fucking idiot. 100919
Ouroboros getting drunk is a terrible idea. my body paid for that foolish thought all day today. 110328
Asylum Bound you told me you loved me... then you made a fool of me... 190711
unhinged you never told me you loved me; together for eight months and no feelings beyond a vague nagging that something was missing. my expectations perceived something totally different until the end. so i ricocheted from you to a situation that would clearly make me feel like shit...better that it was up front. who's fooling who?

my work with the tarot keeps pulling the fool card
what's it to you?
who go