petey if it weren't for diversity on the web my garden wouldn't have such a crazy array of weeds 980916
isabel food = my enemy. 990531
twocents Isabel, I hope you can befriend your enemy because food is so delicious and nutritious and necessary! 990610
Zed Can I have those french fries if you're not going to eat them? 990611
donaldson i'm going to eat them 990611
David Do you remember the food chain? Remember kiddies, you too will become a hamburger in time. Eat wisely. 990923
Doc The thing you eat when you are hungry 991015
jennifer as I was scrounging around my fridge the other day, I was really craving some cube steak with noodles (a family favourite of mine) but, instead, I made myself spaghettios. Because I didn't want to wait very long to eat, and because I didn't want a committment to the food (if I lost interest while making it, I would have to eat it anyway).

And I mused to myself about love.
and I wondered aloud if Mark is my spaghettios.

If I "love" him because I am too lazy or too afraid to make a real committment. If I go for him because he is convenient and quick and no real relationship. If I'm too afraid of losing interest in real love, that I use things that are quick, painless, and non-committal.
andrea lately the smell of anything
makes me extremely
i'm not sure what is making my
think the way it is
isn't touching me
what's going on?
Biddy Baloney i know my favorite restaurant is "Hiney's." Because they have parking in the rear, butt, the food stinks. 000121
erin the psycho jipsy peanut butter and spaghetti sauce
tampons and a feather boa
camille to a hungry spirit the foodless scent is food 000128
Shar Nutella.
Orange Juice.
Froot Loops.
More rice.
Broccoli Omelets.

How my mommy says she loves me.
amy does me good... for a little while. it has to be slightly more nourishing than hot dog buns, however. the doc says that everybody goes through periods of utter exhaustion... i know, but why? 000229
valis oughta be a scale
seeing that what you toss
don't outweigh what
you eat
fairydust what is the last link in the food chain?
why i am, of course.
who would want to eat me?
not even the atoms of the microscopic disease-that-cannot-be-cured, that feeds off of your life.
and here is why,
for the feet are clay,
the clay of the artist,
who in desperation,
aispiring for greatness,
in his search for the perfect arm,
his failed attempts to mold it,
found it,
by cutting the arm off the boy
who scoopes ice cream at the ice cream parlor.
what to do with the rest of the remains?
why, freeze them for later masterpeices, of course.
the feet lead to the knees,
that are kneeled upon,
whenn a spell has started,
on the carpet floor,
and in the shower,
when calling upon the devil for help,
"fix it, fix it, fix it please!"
who always comes with warmth,reassurance, and truth.
these knees lead upwards to the vagina,
a fish suffocating in the thick mud,
on the off-beaten path,
made by the local natives,
who are being eaten alive,
by their own fleas.
on to the liver!
what creature would want to eat this hole of a rat?
upward to the heart!
network of veins, hard thickned flesh, nothing more,
except bored.
and above, the head is tired,
is tired of thinking,
of feeling,
of living,
in a box with a human lock, and a purple door.
down to the elbows,
shaped like eggs, and eggs to this creature are only deformed,
like eating an animal's un-fertilized reproductive glands.
would you eat a human egg?
down to the figers...
the fingers are..fingers,
just normal fingers.
fairydust hmmm... 000331
silentbob the so called civilized countries are the only ones where we have diseises that deal with eating too much. we have too much food in america. i dont eat a lot of foods. what a greedy money grubbing mother fucker i am.
i must smell bad too
Zoe yeah but in america we also have deseases that deal with eating too less. fuji about 5 years had almost no outbrakes of anerexia or bulemia, then they bought some t.v. shows from the us like bay watch and melrose place. as a result they now have the fifth highest persentage of people with anerexia or bulemia. makes you feel all patriotic doesn't it? 000717
startfires i like food
food is good
i like food
food taste good!
tourist IN THE END IT`S ALL SHIT 001018
startfires i found out yesterday that on average it would take 2.5 acres of land to sustain my diet for one year. if everyone in the world had the same diet as i did the planet would have overpopulated itself ten years ago because it didn't have enough land to feed everyone. the population is speculated to double by the year 2035. we are going to run out of space. how old will you be in 2035? 001018
j_blue food is good, but oh so bad.

apparently we know how many acres of land it takes, but how much ocean does it take to feed a person??

plus the beauty of transgenics will be applied to reduce the necessary space to sustain an individual...

its kinda cool
like rain. my gut is empty and protesting, but as long as i don't eat, it means that things have not changed. 010427
clearblaze like rain, u gotta change buddy 010428
like rain. empty for so long, and now it's a deluge...

celery sticks and juice boxes and hash browns and bean salad and salt and vinegar chips and root beer and chocolate chip cookies and

feeding strawberries to you in the back of my mind
Tybay a escuela food is good 010511
me yummi 010721
notjim it's my job to feed everyone? when did it become my job to feed everyone? don't get me wrong, i'd be glad to feed everyone. just as soon as they clanging of church bells resonates no more in this confused man's (yes, man's) aching ears. when the praying stops, the feeding starts. and i will feed everyone. gladly. 010924
Jenna I have no control over it. Dammit. 011114
ClairE Funny how it makes everything better.

Hungry Claire = rawr = outburst of bitter and lazy selfishness.

Full Claire = comfortable = want_to_lay_with_you_for_hours.

Tame as a dandelion.

Mahayana: Zakah: dandelion pancakes
are both
visually pleasing
as well as

[great in salads as well]

layla its scary and i hate it. its evil! it should be a crime to eat it. gross, gross, gross! 020429
lali hehe 020527
phil the governemnt controls your taste buds.
When you use a microwave, your food is not actually heated but instead the microwave studies the molecular structure of the object ( larger objects sometimes take longer) and a heated replica is teleported in it's place.
The toothpaste you buy is regulated also, and if you stop using it, dog shit is placed in the food you are eating to dematerialize your teeth.
You see our bodies have no natural defecincies, we are in essence perfect bodies, but what you don't know can hurt all of us. Stay informed, listen to your sofa.
This has been a conspiracy theory update #4897490
over and out.
~gez~ my third favourite thing 020830
somebody i dont understand what sdgeg means 021014
pp i dont understand what sdgeg means 021014
you when i was walking down the street yesterday I noticed a restrant that hadn't been there before and I took a step back to look at it. 021121
you I was walking down the street yesterday and I noticed an restraunt that wasn't there before and I took a step back to lok at it. 021121
amy i hate you...
i need you...
i eat you...
god damn fucking food.
it hurts me.
you make me hate me.
i dont love you.
i dont love me.
it's not fair.
my enemy is food.
or my enemy is me.
IWishICouldEatDavid Someone really should say something like this to me: "The foods you are eating have no nutritional value." Mostly though, they just smile and nod a lot. 030220
minnesota_chris I say that to my roommate a lot. Some of my friends too. I say "Cheetos are NOT food." But I think my critical side isn't the reason I get invited to parties, so I try to keep quiet. 030220
phil seems so common place, but it is a powerful thing, food. I think I'm going to go have some right now. 030710
lovely attraction how does something so small
haunt me so greatly?
shadows on my walls
of a person i never wished to be.
i step into the light
and gasp because it seems my shadow
has run from me as well.
i don't mind being alone.
more time to think and breathe.
i've never held this opinion before.
solitude is not a disease, as a i once thought it was.
but food is certainly a polution.
i refuse to polute my body.
please remove this burden from me. . .
i'm starting to give under the pressure.

such a simple thing.
never created to harm,
only to help.
how did i turn this into my monster?
liz i hate food. i eat one bite and i feel so guilty. i gain like 3 lbs. each meal. i wish i had the will to be anorexic. i admire people who can win against food. if anyone can give me advice, i'd really appreciate it. email 031027
RoXXXie 040110
gwyllynne gluttony 040110
lali im so hungryyyy 040119
MMmm Saucey Sweet Spicey Crunchy Soft Just Right 040123
Dimorph mmmmmmm fooooood 040207
zoe man. 'llow food. 040211
dr. gonzo why the hell is it that whenever you go on a diet all you can think about is food. i haven't eaten now for three days. and yet my stomach is still covered in all this fat that, whenever i see it, makes me want to cry. and you just know that if you tell anyone you know this, they'll just be all like- "shut up. stop being such a teenage drama queen." i don't have an eating disorder but sometimes i really wish i did becuase then i might be less fat. you get all of these skinny pretty girls telling you to eat when you know that the only times they eat is when they know there's a toilet nearby so they can go make themselves puke afterwards. 040211
aimee why do we have to eat this stuff to live? For people like me it makes life a misery, a battle, i have to say i hate it. I have this dream that in many years to come no one will have to worry about food and no one will ever be fat because,because there will be no food. when people are hungry all they will have to do is take a tastless pill , and thats where they'll get their energy. 040405
syniana food is the enemy, the cause of all my misery 040405
jolie laide You want an eating disorder?
You admire anorexia?
Try living through hell.
Try staring at yourself at 75lbs,
still thinking you're fat.
Try feeling like you've binged,
after eating half a biscuit,
never going out in case of meals,
putting sheets over your mirrors,
feeling so fucking alone.
You don't want this.
Not even a little bit of it.
hsgatincamail chores 040701
Syrope i told myself i have to eat before i go to bed
but pushing the microwave buttons was a lot of effort. i settled for pushing the "add 30 seconds" a bunch of times instead of reaching for the higher, quicker, buttons

then it was annoying that some of the corn was in the mashed potatoes, so i just finished dumping them all together & ate them like that

i brought bread to sop in the gravy, but i accidentally ate it before i got to the gravy

i wasn't even hungry
whatever for thought? 050817
Piso Mojado better this than drugs better this than cutting better this than slow starvation better this than alcohol better this 050817
Piso Mojado there are worse addictions 050817
pete "full-blown aids can be delayed for a significant amount of time in the presence of nutritious foods..."

massey lecture
devilbunny I like ice cream. I like pie. 061110
krupt is better with a drink... 080128
In_Bloom Music
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