Quintessensual is all you can do when you provide no way for a contact, even if not a connection, to be forged.

So you must want to wait, you must be afraid of any contact, you must deeply fear there will be no connection.

For the fearful and self-loathing, there is satisfaction in confirmation. So you deliberately leave contact impossible, you are actually satisfied by the wait!
deb i hold it, i fold it, i throw it on the floor
i wrote it, but maybe i'm afraid
that you'll be bored
it's very real and true and sad
and hopeful, just like me
it's one of those things i'll never tell
i'll carve it in a tree
i follow you, i watch you, i thank God you're in my class
i picture us in a schoolbus and we're holding each other's hands

i need a plan for you to fall in love with me and then, i'll make you marry me
i'll wait

i never wear my glasses when i know that you can see me
you act as if i'm not around but deep down you must need me
i draw you, every singel feature in my head
i try to do my homework, but i dream of you instead

i need a plan for you to fall in love with me and then i'll make you marry me...

(sarah and gert bettens)
(you know, k's choice)
hahaha and see. You don't know who I am. Fig or tree. Lex or superman. 000106
valis wait for me
i'll be there
in the tree of kali
sober and brightly
bringing you dimples
to try on
singing the songs
of the spaces between
hai if you wait long enough it will all be over.

...All of it.
Taina there might be something better out there, I might see it right now,but I'll have to wait, maybe it's just a hallusination...maybe it blows away when I touch it... So I won't I just keep on hanging here like a little bird in a tiny jail... 000503
lotusflower i am usually patient. but this time around, i am not. and the days pass by like mud through a sieve. my heart beats in extreme anticipation for that moment of pure pleasure. 000607
gigaphairy NO DAMMIT I WON'T!
NOW DAMMIT...*ahem*
Meara The more you wait, the less you have to wait for. Don't ever wait for life to happen, because you can see where that will lead you... 001120
amalthea if i told you my heart hurt, i mean really hurt, each time you send me love notes via email what would you say?

it would be so much easier to love another than you.
THAT'S why i 'banged other people' while i was away.

you hurt me, you are the flame and fire, i am mesmorized by you, by the warmth i feel when around you, i am learning to walk on coals but i am still scarred from burnings left by you.

is this what an 'adjustment disorder' is? can i blame my self to this? you tell me i am beautiful, that so many people want to stick it in me, and the only way i can think of myself is

as a colt (i could never be a filly), i am awkward on my uncoordinated hoofs, i am beautiful only in a carnal and callow light.

you are the sagacious rider who tames, and i can only see my self as wary

i shy away when you reach to touch me, i cannot let you kiss me yet. you have the bridle on but i will run away while i still can.

phew much longer and worse than necessary.
PiRho for nothing. Unless it's worth missing out on something else.

Go out and get it. It's not worth waiting.

(think greek)
rascal boo. i can't see nothing. hold the line steady? dream a lot? whatever works, you know? wait till you get a good idea? although, i really really don't know. 001228
ade i'm sitting here
just waiting for the little noise to go off,
and that image flash in my eyes.
why can't i wait for the engine of a car,
or the ringing...

instead i sit here, waste these little precious minutes away.
only 5 more, then i'm going to bed, but i won't be able to sleep soundly, because i'll be thinking of you.
josh why do we always have to be waiting for something? Cant we be thankful for the things we have now? Try not to take things that are important to you for granted, you never know when they or u will be gone. Why wait? Life is short. why should we waste all our time waiting? You never know what your gonna miss if ur only focused on one thing. Keep your eyes open, and dont be scared of something new. email me anytime-- 010618
yea sure huh? 010618
Sheena ahh....well...wait--sometimes waiting is a good thing. i mean u dont always need to wait on everything that comes in contact with u but u dont always need to rush into it all. life might be short and u might not have awhile to the thing ur wanting but waiting makes it even more special when u finally get it. wait on somethings...the ones u know u should wait on! 010618
youknowme dont! 010618
axf adsfg 010622
kuleilani "i am a patient boy, i wait i wait i wait i wait, my time is water down the drain."

i have been sitting around all damn day waiting for this guy to call me about my howse. house on the lake with a dock and a patio and wood floors. *sigh*. i will wait some more.

what if he doesnt call until tomorrow? eek.
marjorie ...for my signal.
It is a pink hanky waving twice in the wind then a small chicken thrown in the air whilst simultaneously laying an egg... It just MIGHT be a hen.
Effingham Fish Too late. I'm already gone. 011210
ClairE I usually don't, but everyone tells me I need to.
I've seen myself in action.

Some things take time in the unfolding. In these cases, waiting is an action.
listless i've waited for a whole week. what makes you think that i'd be annoyed for waiting 10 more minutes?

i would wait my life away for you..

i'd wait, even knowing that you would never come back. just in case.. i'd be there. as always.
Bizzar Is what I do when you say youll call... and dont. I throw my days away waiting for you, and it feels like you dont even care anymore. Why must I care so much? 020530
blown cherry What else can I do?
You need time to think,
space away from me,
space away from what has been one of the most wonderful weeks of my life.

So here I sit and wait,
believe it or not.
And not a word,
not a word,
do I send to you.

I hope against hope for a yes,
thought at times I am certain of a no,
and what if I get a maybe?
Well, I guess I'll wait some more.
phil today 020729
morphine. maybe it matters
but i dont know
at all
Chilly D I hate doing so, but it's like growing out your hair ... it takes so much waiting. I don't know if anyone thinks about it, but people with long hair are either lazy or very patient. No? Maybe I'm just stereotyping... 030110
it's been a long time
now i'm
coming back home
i've been away now
oh, how
i've been alone

you know, i'd wait forever for you
and that's the beauty of this..
...it's that i am yours forever
in my mind, anyway
[as a friend, if nothing more]
and that's dangerous because
i think you know this

i think you realize that long after
the curtain closes and the lights go off
i think you realize i'll wait for you
in the dark for as long as it takes
[because of that which remains unsaid]
to drive you home, if need be
or carry your things back to the car outside

and yes
so i wait
and i will continue to wait
until you walk out to me

[ p.s., ]

(( does patience ever pay off? ))
magurk patience delial, or procrastination?

'Trouble that can't be named, tigers waiting to be tamed...'

your wait only prolongs your lonliness. that's sad.
magurk i'm also curious as to how what 'remanins UNsaid' could possibly someone's indicator that you are waiting for them.
say something to them. what kind of 'friend' waits in the dark in silence? that's sort of creepy.
Bizzar Once again Ill just sit here and wait. It makes me sad to think about how much time of my life has been wasted waiting. For anything. I tend to wait alot. 030331
blown cherry I keep telling myself.
Just another 10 minutes, just a couple more hours, a few more weeks, just til the end of the year.
Just wait.
Then things will be better,
more time for him,
more time for me,
better living conditions,
better job prospects,
better life.

How long can this waiting go on?
I can't wait for the rest of my life.
But I have to wait a few weeks to get my credit cards paid off, I have to finish my degree before I can do something else. I'm dying not to procrastinate, but I'm trapped in here, with the slowest of all time delay locks in use.
Glory Box if you wait
i will come for you
if you wait
if you wait
if you wait
drinman Do not wait
Until you have the clothes
Or the cash
Or the confidence
To approach someone
Because the wait will be
noname why are we waiting?
what are we waiting for?
why is it so important anyway?

there is no time to wait in life. life moves fast and it doesn't wait. if you miss life, it is your loss.

There is so much it can offer you, but you must cooperate if you want to gat the most out of it.

Life waits for nobody.
You must not wait for life.
Lint Lover I wait for Love
I wait for understanding
I wait for the phone to ring
I wait until 'they' finally 'get it'
I wait in tears
I wait alone
I have to wait here for you
I am stuck in a wait holding pattern
This wait is a weight on my heart
This wait weights heavily on my mind
I can't keep waiting
Lint Lover Life Won't Wait
cpgurrl for me!!! (u ABs walk so fast.) 040828
Andrew Wait.

For me to catch up with you. Don't go one ahead like that. Go on atail. Go on aleg. go on anarm. don't go on ahead like that.

STOP. wait. pots.
sin is alive! evil a sin is!
sin is alive! evil a sin is!
get it? like stop pots. palindrome. drome on and on and on and on but wait!


let it all come to you. take in everything around you. smell the roses. look at the world. What's it to you?

i can't wait.
i just can't wait.
i simply cannot wait for it.
"wait wait wait wait wait."
"can't can't can't can't must."
time happens, i guess. if i look back, i guess it does. steps along the way. steps along the wait. i've stepped quite a few, if you take my meaning. but the big step. the finish line. that one remains. wait wait wait. okay. okay. okay. it was just a joke. all of it. just a joke...
or was it?
rose I'm always waiting for the sun it seems, then the rain, then the fog...
when night creeps upon me and if I feel a deep gnawing pain... I have to listen to what my soul tells me. I have to follow where the pain leads in order to find relief.
mo pain is calling me to face some other direction 040909
ofsuch dont do it 041006
god wait for it... wait for it... i don't think it's coming, WHAM! 041006
dunk five more minutes.

five more minutes with you

five more minutes

to do, what we do
Asylum Bound I find myself waiting. For what?

I wait for you to call. I wait to see you again. I wait to laugh with you again. I wait for a turning point. I wait for a solution. I wait for your kiss. I wait for your smile. I wait for YOU. But why? You dont seem to wait for me.
TransientX I still remember August 2005 like it was yesterday. That was more than 2 years ago. I wonder if the next 2 will go by as fast. I wish they had already past.

I thought about asking you to wait, but how selfish would that be? Would you even want me to?

I don't know how I'll feel knowing that you've found someone (else). I want you to be happy, and I should be content with the fact that someone else can make you happier than I could (right now).

You (too) deserve someone that treats you well. But you deserve someone that is here and not always moving, someone that will be there for you physically.

In a few years all this will be sweet memories but right now it's all I can think about.
unhinged patience comes from the belief that there is something better 080628
danny patience comes from not wanting to make matters worse either. a paralysis passivity. a tight stasis that drifts with the world change. we wait but there's no constancy. 090226
Asylum Bound WAIT!! Life is passing me by too fast! I just can't get out of this cage, my arms are bound, my mouth is taped shut, I'm screaming inside so loud but it won't stop!

Slow down please...
toedoe I wish i could make guys wait for sex. that's what you're supposed to do, right? make them crave it. Hold out for as long as possible until one day they just jump on you and rip all of your clothes off. no, thats rape.i guess im just easy. but i do love sex, as much as kell liked orange soda. 091113
hsg I think using sex that way is cruel. It's been my experience that that causes confusion and hurt. 091114
In_Bloom I do
I wait for my hours to feel permission to touch you
Anxiously and never feeling sure
I wait
For you to want to touch me
It makes me sick to my stomach
I can't cry
My frustrations escape my lips with a laugh but it's not funny how I feel
I just don't know what else to do
You hold me- you don't hold me
You say you want me- you ignore me when I'm right in front of you
You say I'm so important to you
I wait
To feel it and see it enough to believe in you
I wait
spoken Wait for me
with baited breath
I will be back again
close you eyes and
miss me much
slowly count to 10
open wide
and glimpse my face
your wishes have come true
i have returned to your embrace
to dream again with you
past now that all the deadlines have passed. 130201
what's it to you?
who go