jennifer to be closer to you
so that if I really want to talk
I can just come over
spur of the moment
and if things got bad at my house
I know I can stay with you
because you will protect me

I wish my dreams could come true
jennifer that you would be in my arms when I wake tomorrow 001111
silentbob I wish that i had a secret teleportation machine and i could visit all of you and that very special person any time i wanted and no one could use it but me. 001112
Barrett O.K. Bobby, but please call first. 001112
startfires i were an oscar meyer wiener 001113
silentbob but...but..but! *splurge!!*
i aint gotcha numba
lizard that intensity and desire still burned in his eyes when they meet mine. 001115
misstree home. 001116
Rhin 'How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, year after year, running over the same old ground. What have you found? The same old fears. Wish you were here." 001201
Barrett so you think you can tell...
did they get you to trade
your heros for ghosts?
hot ashes for trees?
hot air for a cool breeze?
daxle G C D Am G D C Am 001201
god did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? 001202
daxle we sat in the sand under the charming glow of sodium lamps, salty humidity making clammy coldness
"I have to do this, I have to do this"
and at the most random and strange moment I broke into song, my voice wavering so pathetically by the time I got to "two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl"
but that was 3 years ago and he's still with me now, and says he enjoyed it immensely, so...
daxle I wish that my biggest worry in life was that I can't have candy even though I already ate breakfast because it's now lunch time.
I have not eaten since yesterday and only once during that day because of the real problems in my life.
cali j YOU WERE HERE....MATT 010512
nocturnal I wish I had something at all to do right now. goddamn boredom'll kill me I'm sure. 010622
silentbob i wish i had a light switch to turn off my emotions. they get too overheated sometimes. 010625
Casey I wish I wasnt alone with just this keyboard 010625
yummychuckle i am not alone YET, but I wish i was.
just for a moment.
in fact, who needs sex?

hahahahahahaha yeah i know, funny. I do. but this isn't worth all the emotion.

I wish Logan or whoever is on the phone at his house would HANG UP so I can call, so I can be alone.
black-dyed gel product I wish for world peace. No that's stupid; I wish for a hover car!! 010625
blue_ash http://ruhigeren_platze.tripod.com 010719
Aimee I wish people wouldn't look at me like that.... I wish they wouldn't just touch me.... I wish I could hide myself from the world 010719
Mulder but speaking of wishes, and fishes in dishes, and elders who are frequently very malicious. it just seems these days that to "be" is a haze that clears only when one is surrounded by the presence of soulmates (or soulmate, depending on luckiness of those out there). I've got one, and i guess it occurs to me that maybe not everyone does, which is sad. Maybe it should be like the tooth fairy... everyone knows of its/their existence at least for a while, and that whe nwe stop being young at heart and believing in things like love, and music, and a constitutional amendment banning the designated hitter... maybe things just start to fade away... like old neil said, "it's better to burn out, than to fade away..." and if i'm gonna burn, I'm going down fighting. Strange how believing in something can stir up feelings and ramblings about everything and nothing... isn't it? oh well... 010719
knight31 I wish we didn't need to wish.

I wish we were already there.

I wish I knew.
Toxic_Kisses ...Giraffes had wings, and communicate telepathically. 011013
Sonya the sullen feline That the grief that eats away at everyone's dreams would fade into oblivion.

I wish that "brokenhearted" wasn't a reality of life.

I wish that we could all feel a sense of importance and maybe feel like our actions matter in a world ruled by money.

I wish that love wasn't so blind because so many of us get caught up in it and miss it terribly when it's gone.
distorted tendencies I wish I was not such a weak soul. 011013
ilovepatsajak Skee-lo!!!!!! i wish i waz a little bit talla i wish i waz a balla i wish i had a girl wit a fone, i would call her. word. 011013
ilovepatsajak i wish for a place where the earth doesn't shake and if the earth won't be still, then you and i will. 011029
whoknows i had a river i could skate away on 011201
ClairE more than anything...more than life...i wish to go the festival


I prod him to sing it.

Ant is the best.

knight31, I was struck by what you wrote. how_true!
ClairE you would write for me. 020206
sabbie ...i wish the goblins would come and take you away...

right now.
searching i could see you again and finally have the guts to say what I never could 020207
Toxic_Kisses I could give every one in blather a great big bear hug so yall could share in my happiness!!! 020207
iheartyou ...there was some way...
... to take away
things that are past
that inhibit the future
...to make sense out of
things that are past
that slow down the present
...to unscramble
things that are past
that knot our time
...to erase the mess I made
...to erase the mess She made

... or just to clear away the fog
so we can see where we're going
but then i think that maybe (just maybe)
that's why we ended up here...

...to unwrap the bandages you've hidden your heart in.
because God exposed His Child to us
to know His Love...

you timidly test the waters
I've always plunged in.
but that doesn't equate
to much besides
my wet hair dripping on your shirt

more than anything... I wish i could
run a world around your shoulders
with my arms
and, without pressure
show you how to take that risk
to jump
to let go
and free fall
without anything but gravity
leading you
in this dance.
Photophobe loves Thom Yorke Lying on my side with a drip feed on, talking to my girlfrieend, wating for something to happen.

I wish it was the 60's; I wish we could be happy; I wish ... I wish ... That something would happen!
no reason i could
be truer
to myself
Ahmad I wish, what shal i wish 4?
i could have anything in the world, anything at all (cliche)

i wish for - nothing, if 1 wants, then they should seek. go forth, and seek for your destiny.
Bizzar I could turn my ears off.
I could tell you how I feel.
I could fly.
You werent so difficult to read.
I knew what you were thinking.
it was me who could make you happy.
silent storm sometimes i wish people would stop falling in love with her. stop writing poetry to her or about her. stop calling her cute little pet names. and i feel bad for wanting them to stop. how can they help it? shes a wonderful person. and i know that it makes me seem as though i am threatened by these other women. but its just as well being that i AM threatened by them. not because i think she would cheat on me or leave me, but because i do not feel as though i deserve her love. im such a fuck sometimes. how can someone as pure and perfect as she be so in love with me? im just so afraid of losing her to someone better. 030527
pat sajak is a great fucking stevie wonder song 030527
jane i was a little bit taller 030527
User24 there was a 'go' link that took you to un-blathed words 030822
nomme kinda like meeting something unborn 030822
Sparticus your room had a window on the street.

that way, i could look in, and you could look out of you little yellow house, and i could see that perfect face with the beautiful hazel eyes

whispered secrets in the darkness
mon this just appeared in three_words 030829
Alain Resnais I wish you had joined me on my oasis and simply let me drift to sleep while protected by your arms. I'm sorry I feel so confortable at your place and have problems leaving it. 040317
Death of a Rose i wasn't so damn greedy about wanting to hear her voice. oh and to not be damn emotional. maybe a slinky might help. 040318
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i wish you were here tonight with me to see the northern lights
i wish you were here tonight with me
i wish i could have you by my side tonight when the sky is burning
i wish i could have you by my side

- The Rasmus

i really like this bit of the song
brings back nice memories.
love & hate i wish....
i wish i had you again,
i wish i could hold you again,
i wish i could kiss you again,
i wish i could touch you again,
i wish i could talk to you again,
i wish i could smell you again,
i wish i could lie next to you again,
i wish i could hold your hand again,
i wish the situation was reversed,
that you were the drunk one who did something that they didnt want to do,
that you betrayed me,
because then,
i would do what you wont do right now,
i would forgive you,
i would take you back,
i would trust you like you ask me to,
i would tell you there was hope,
i would tell you not to give up,
i would tell you that i am yours,
i would tell you that you are mine,
i would tell you that i still love you,
i would tell you to come home to me,
i would tell you that i would have you back,
i would tell you all the things that i want to hear from you.
I would tell you that mistakes happen,
i would tell you i forgive you,
i would tell you what you wont say to me.
I wish you would say the same.
I wish you would tell me you love me,
that there is hope, that i shouldnt give up and that we will be together always my precious angel.
nonlucid so many wishes, faeries are made of wishes, wings, one day all_your_dreams_will_come_true, becase your dreams will fit the day as the day fits the dreams.

it takes time
JdAwG that I was a cat, so that you'd notice me the way I wish you would. Not just acknowledge my presence, but welcome it. 041024
snow i knew how to say.. I_love_you 050323
kyree that I could tell you...

That I want to exist with you, even for a little while.
a chaotic gift to idealism i could relive my life after it ends.

It has been such a wonderful road I've travelled down. I have experienced so many fruits of the world and they have been all of the emotions described by man, and all of those never described before, the words that cant be found for a proper description.
a chaotic gift to idealism I could live my life again after it ends.

It has been a horrifying experience. I have experienced so many pains. Feeling all that the 'Xion'ists hell would have to offer. The pains that mold us into what good we are. The distress that teaches us and makes us appreciate.
no reason you had more words 050809
pete kyree, sometimes wishes come true, for better or worse, though the sun still shines in the end, and the moon fades behind clouds. 050809
no reason people understood what is important and what isn't 071219
hsg infected_mushroom

I wish to_give, to_take, to_make, to_check,
I_want_to_see, to_be, the_one that plays_the_game
without no_fears and regrets
I_want_to_feel the_end
and to enjoy_the_consequence

I'm playing_the_game
the one that will take me to my end
I'm_waiting for the_rain
to wash, who I_am (x2)

I_want_to_move, to_loose, to take the grooves
and to_give_it_all_back
I want to take the time rewind
and to kick it right_from_the_start
to_be_unknown and all_alone,
lose the kind that are behind
to start a new play by myself
and to give_the_best I_have

I'm playing the game
the one that will take me to my end
I'm waiting_for_the_rain
to_wash, who_I_am (times_four)
Dozyn2 That my mind wouldn't take control
That I could love without condition
That you were me and see what I see
That I wasn't as perfect as you think I am
You could live without me
Everything was the way it could be
I wasn't here anymore
what's it to you?
who go