andrea not sure which one to choose
both have given me good times
one more than the other
it's like ice cream
sometimes i want chocolate
and others i want vanilla
is it possible to get the
best of both worlds?

copyright 1999
setsuna meiou it is possible... but you have to ask 000103
jay gordon i love women, but i think in order to get women you have to be a gay man - is it the shopping thing or what - someone enlighten me 000103
Ren I see your words all over spread like my wants for the both of you, come close to me and us feel togethr there is no question what way to be 000124
misstree "twice the chance of a date on a friday night," Woody Allen said...

"everybody loves you when you're bi," Living Colour said,

but me,
i'd kinda like to be either straight or gay, i think, if i could... all the confusion, getting treated by girls the way i treat guys (she gave me a bunk phone number!), being called indecisive, assumed to be promiscuous, the knowing leers that say that guys want to see me with the object of my desires...

it did help when i finally had a few chances to bring bi boys home to play... i didn't feel like an accessory in those menages, something to keep the guy entertained, or an experiment for the other girl (who was almost always straight or bi-curious)... it filled in the balance...

i finally now realize that attraction is unrelated to biological sex, or cultural gender... it's a sensuality in the individual... a friend describes this view as meta-sensuality. yum.
Wiley Coyote I get to live with my wife and my boyfriend. Try as I might, I can't think of a better situation. 010105
misstree *grin*
neither can i.
j_blue lucky you 010106
Chrystila J, you asked for enlightenment, of why gay men can get girls. no it's not the shopping thing. It's beauty. Women are beautiful - you will agree. Women think that women are beautiful too. They look for that beauty subconciously, when they look for men.
Some men, who have the beauty, aren't man enough to carry it off. Those are just your girly guys. Guys that aren't really bi or gay, just trying to be pretty. I sympathize.
You are beautiful, and you can carry if off. That's why half the world thinks you're bi.
That's why I believe that you're not.
Chrystila are you asking me? I'm straight...nothing has proved me wrong yet. No woman I've met has had enough beauty to prove me wrong. 010430
lost i just couldnt be with another guy it is disgusting to me. My girlfreind is bi tho. i have nothing wrong with it. it just isnt my thing. all tho my girlfreind and i have engaged in threesomes with me her and another female. i dunno it was nice but i dont really like the idea of sharing either. 010501
Shugarhi I don't see the problems with me being bi. I get guys and I get girls, but my mom does... 010521
yummychuckle "bi's are greedy"
he said.
"yeah...I suppose I am"
i replied.
he started laughing and said, "you sound like my girlfriend."
shugarhi- i thought you were my friend Erica for a while...
uhm.. me.. yup Sometimes I'm pretty sure I might be.. but then again.. maybe I'm not. Confused I guess.... women.. strange strange creatures.. I'm not sure what it is.. I'm not really "turned on: per se.. but it's minorly intriguing.. maybe someday.. just to try.. But I think i might just be straight.. Don't know.. 011018
SonyaKitty Curiosity will not kill this kitty. I've been wondering about this for awhile now, I guess you never know until you try. *shrug* Such possibilities...double the choices, quadruple the fun. It is very flattering to be hitted on by girls because to me they seem to have a certain sense of dignity about them. Okay in truth they're not slobs like a lot of guys. :) 011018
ClairE ::sigh::

piercedjenny I like boys, i like girls. it doesn't make me a whore.
i laugh when people think because i have more options it means i am less likely to settle down.
i don't stay with one person because they don't keep my attention long enough.
ladybird God if I'd known how much one little word would affect my life..but then I didn't really have a choice in the matter did I?

I wouldn't change my sexuality for the world.
wolfspeaker He doesn't want a girl who likes girls, too. He's too insecure to see I just want him. 020217
unhinged i've heard a lot of criticisms about being bisexual. a lot of people assume that you are a nympho or a slut if you are a bisexual girl. i don't understand that either. monogamy_is_dead for the bisexual? i think not. i have seen people use bisexuality as an excuse to be slutty though. 'what are you attracted to in a girl?' mmmm...i don't know; the same thing i am attracted to in a guy. but i am supposedly a bad lesbian. *shrugs* just because i am saving my female virginity because i couldn't save my male virginity doesn't mean i don't like girls. and i have noticed that ever since i was a small child i always checked out other girls' asses and when i got a little older, chests. honestly, i don't know what i am looking for, but when i allowed myself to think about girls i realized that it was more than the seemingly inherent ability to admit when another girl is attractive or compare myself to other girls because society tells me to. i thought about it a lot when i realized that i liked holding her in my bed. i thought about it a lot when he asked me if anything was going on between us. he made me realize 'hey...there isn't, but maybe there could be' and sometimes i wish to god that i wasn't attracted to girls because that would be half of my heartbreak gone into thin air. to me, love is love. sex really doesn't have that much to do with it...most of the time. 'bisexuality is a curse' 020217
Freak curious

I have never been with another female but I am definately intrigued by the female body and am attracted to it.
The female body is beautiful and I think is more attractive than a male body. Im not interested in a relationship with a female and don't think I could have those kind of feelings with one but to (for lack of a better word) "mess around" with another female doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. It would be more of a "wanting to explore and experience the female body" than just "im horny lets do this" kind of thing. Does this make me bi?!
TK if it does than I'm bi too
you pretty much said what I've always thought just never had the guts to say
unhinged i guess it depends on your definition of 'sexuality.' if it includes relationships then i would say you are just curious. if sexuality is nothing more than sex, which is why i guess i hate the word in the first place, then i guess you are bi. words never really fit the whole picture do they? 020522
me "what's the most beautiful word in the american language?"

I'll be a lesbian someday.
but I'll be bi until I get over Robert Downey Jr.
p2 ddammitt
why do all the cokeheads
get all the chicks?
unhinged i don't know. i find all that sniffling pretty unattractive. 021206
Church Lady What does bisexual mean? means you reach down the front of someone's pants and are happy with whatever you find! 021206
p2 "Hi.
I'm coming out.
Call me.



"You're coming out?
Call you bi?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

celestias shadow I must admit, it was weird hanging out with my two bi friends. I gave them time on their own. I tried. Actually, I gave them about 20 minutes, so that was good. Almost made me wish I was bi. Not quite. Not these two people. I've seen people before that have made me wish I was. What the hell, maybe I am and just don't know yet. I'll find out. I won't disregard the possibility yet. On the other hand, I KNOW I'm not a lesbian. If you so much as say 'Johnny Depp' or 'Colin Farrell' to me, I will just roll my eyes back and happily and sit there with a goofy smile on my face. Oh, they're so yummy.....and there are many hot girls in the world, too. So there you go. 030629
Paranoid_Kittie i've never had a problem with homosexuality. it just the people that have been around me my whole like do. im bisexual and no one in my family knows except one of my brothers who is also bisexual. i think it also brought us closer than we already were. people are ignorant. rumors spreading around about me and the things that i do. i dislike Soledad very much as well as other small town, which by my experiences usually consist of mostly ignorant people who refuse to expand their ways of thinking. i though i had a friend, but when she saw me kiss my girlfriend, she now refuses to speak to me. Oh well, i say. She was never my friend on the first place if she refuses to accept who i am, so no big loss. I just wish that one day people can learn to be more open minded and stop being so scared of change and differences in where they live. 030630
ShilohLives My best firend is bi... I have allot of friends who are bi come to think of it and it seems to me that...well...Even though I don't necessarily agree with it...They are still people... and they feel what they feel... If I suddenly decided I was bi (which I don't think I'd do, because I haven't had sex with a guy not to mention a girl, so I cannot actually say that I prefer one over another sexually.) I would expect my friends and family to love me and care for me in the same way. I love all of my friends and eventhough i may not agree everything they do. I do not have the right to deny them my love. I will always stand by and be there for my friends and family. And to you sweetie (you know who you are!) I will always love you and be here for you and I just wanted to tell you that again. If you decided that you were straigt tomorrow or if you decided that you are solidly lesbian I would still be by your side there holding your hand and ready to give you help and advice no matter what. What I say is controversial but I have not said anything against my beliefs, I have however said that I will not treat a person any different because of their sexual preferance no matter how I feel about it..what I believe may not agree with it, but what I believe also says to love. 030630
chickadee why yes i am 031211
hyena at this point, i'm pretty solidly convinced that there are no bisexual women or lesbians left in the world. getting really sick of straight chicks. it's like someone hosed me down with les-bi-gone or something. 040220
.fallen oh , hyena, dear.....I understand your frustration.....grrrrrr 040220
awesomeaardvark when i came out, i got beat up like 20 times in that same week 040410
ambermoon iv never been with a woman before
though i think i would given the right one.
i guess im to picky.
i love men but i cant help it i find girls to be sexy.
with there curves and all
mmmmmmmm....yum yum
Syrope she doesn't use the word "bye"...she types "bi"
and it glares at me from the screen.
i think she's trying to say she's better than me because she's admitted it. but i can't help how i don't feel.
misstree Syrope, i lurve you all the more for not trying. 040410
Syrope thanks hun 040411
love & hate I have been with both men and women.
Women are alot more sensual.
Particularly one, every time i think of her i cant stop myself.
That is why i used to be a whore with guys.
I used to think of her and need something to calm my cravings.
I had her, she was fantastic.
I would have her again if i could.
Unfortunately those cravings came when i was drunk and didnt know what i was doing.
She wasnt there, but a man was.
Biggest mistake of my life.
Now she is gone forever.
Exxon I'm bi... but I'm also a greedy whore so... what you gonna do? Gotta play the cards you're dealt. 050221
. 2, double, thins, bicycle-two wheels 061115
Isaou Being bi has possibly been the worst and most complicating thing in my life!
I 3 her
I 3 him
she 3 him
he 3 her...
unhinged 'when i want to get off i don't think of boys' (well i didn't used to anyways)

'well you are more gay than just on tuesdays'

'no for sure i am more gay than that. that's just what i say to make a joke out of it.'
what's it to you?
who go