Q And in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make.

The Beattles, 1969, at the end of "The End" on Abbey Road, their last album together

Joana. A very nice song, too... ;-) 001010
grendel no safety or surprise
the end
i'll never look
into your eyes again
Barrett Father?
Yes, son?
I want to kill you.
Mother? I want to...
Rhin "...and in The End, the love
you take is equal to the
love you make."
(John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
Rhin This was so weird! That quote just popped into my head, and I thought I would write on it, not knowing if the title had already been previously used. Come to find out, Q started it, and with the quote I was going to use! To top it off, the Presydent is on top of me again! *smile* 001213
daxle everything I fought for and had won
my life
I ruined everything
I wish I was dead
silentbob the end.........the end......the end of a story 001217
kx21 the_end of one story is the_start of another story.

When is the_end of all stories?
a) the_end of Life
b) the_end of Soul
c) ?
Thyartshallshant This is where beatles and doors collide. 001229
girl presence nener.
I win.

(don't let it happen again)
Photophobe Love's gone away
and we sit in a daze
watching conifers list in the sun.
I become grave
as I watch you fall away.
The sights and the sounds that we shared.

Love's gone away
as we pass by the days
missing memories we've bound.
Chill sets in
as an ache forms within.
How we grow weary in the end.

The end?
It depends.
Will we live again?
How we grow weary in the end.

Love's not a gmae
that we toy with today;
you know lonliness finally.
Now we're alone,
all the emptines you've shown:
Oh, how it haunts you in the end.

The end?
It depends.
Will we live again?
How we all grow weary in the end.
freakizh this is it.
close your eyes.

fallenhero and now i've lost my faith, lost my security, lost my hope that there is possibly a good person out there. now i'm just ugly like the rest. now i'm just worn out and searching and anxious for the end. 010717
phil the one true end? I suppose it is much like the begining. And after the end it will be like before the begining. It's amusing to think about the middle, is there a fold there? Or does no real middle excist until the end has come. The end is the begining of the middle? 010719
Aimee This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
In a...desperate land

Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the King's highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby

Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
The snake is long, seven miles
Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold

The west is the best
The west is the best
Get here, and we'll do the rest

The blue bus is callin' us
The blue bus is callin' us
Driver, where you taken' us

The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall
He went into the room where his sister lived, and...then he
Paid a visit to his brother, and then he
He walked on down the hall, and
And he came to a door...and he looked inside
Father, yes son, I want to kill you
Mother...I want to...fuck you

C'mon baby, take a chance with us
C'mon baby, take a chance with us
C'mon baby, take a chance with us
And meet me at the back of the blue bus
Doin' a blue rock
On a blue bus
Doin' a blue rock
C'mon, yeah

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end

----The Doors
phil I have never heard the words to that song 8{ 010720
people I know, places I go
make me feel tongue-tied
I can see how people look down
they're on the inside

here's where the story ends

people I see, weary of me
showing my good side
I can see how people look down
I'm on the outside

here's where the story ends
ooh here's where the story ends

it's that little souvenir of a terrible year
which makes my eyes feel sore
oh I never should have said
the books that you read
were all I loved you for

it's that little souvenir of a terrible year
which makes me wonder why
and it's the memories of your shed that make me turn red
surprise, surprise, surprise

crazy I know, places I go
make me feel so tired
I can see how people look down
I'm on the outside

oh here's where the story ends
ooh here's where the story ends

it's that little souvenir of a terrible year
which makes my eyes feel sore
and who ever would've thought the books that you brought
were all I loved you for

oh the devil in me said, go down to the shed
I know where I belong
but the only thing I ever really wanted to say
was wrong, was wrong, was wrong

it's that little souvenir of a colourful year
which makes me smile inside
so I cynically, cynically say, the world is that way
surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise

here's where the story ends
ooh here's where the story ends
josie It was haunting me till the end,
(as i push myself outside the walls of this house).
~gez~ i can walk through walls 020826
josie really? do you have a secret for me as to how to do it? is it as easy as it seems? 020827
jane fin 030527
REAListic optimIST why do you tremble when i come near?
am i the cause of so much fear?
how could i harm thee when my love
resembles the whiteness of a dove?
vast as civilization's spread,
my love paints pictures in my head.
of you and i in forever's pose:
hands locked, eyes locked, nose to nose.
seeing our future in each other's eyes
just your closeness makes my temperature rise.
and yet you shake as i draw nigh
and from you escapes a tearful sigh
i rush to dry your glistening face
but then you rise with lovely grace
to speak your mind and ease your heart:
"my love, i fear i must thee part."

spring, 1992
J.L. I cried. 040127
jenny enny dots The end of the internet is located at
Strideo go back . . . now.
Staind_And_Souless She hurt me so badly today. i now know it is the end. I know she hates me, more than ever. All i wanted was always. She threw me away. I cna't stop crying. I cna't stop dying. 041229
zedel the room is empty of people
but full of their stuff

books in uncomfortable piles on the floor
and on the chairs

an old television and lots of new dvds
a pile of clothes - clean, dirty, folded, discarded

photos on the wall, faces which know each other
and which share private jokes

a note stuck to the fridge
"no. it's your turn, so you do it."

a window slightly open
a plant growing wild
a set of keys and some used tissues on the table

it's quiet,
three words give_up_break_down the_end audible_sigh 140213
oren ... of_the world as_we know_it. 140213
unhinged it has been a long time coming. i vacillate. sometimes i am strong; sometimes i am weak. for years now, i hide the fact that we still have some kind of relationship from most of my friends and the family that knew about you. that alone should be enough to keep me strong.

i remember that day; i've already written about it here. maybe it's ironic. maybe i just have nothing left for you. another failed suicide attempt, just one more drop in the bucket of the ocean of misery between us. something else took ahold of me that day. one of those voices in my head 'you know he will call you tomorrow to apologize. as if words can erase the selfish terror you feel every time he does this.' or maybe primal terror. or fear. some thick cloud or blanket insulating me from any compassion, protecting me from anymore residual pain.


i stopped answering your calls but of course continued to listen to the guilt_ridden voicemails. i convinced myself that even if i tried to talk to you about it, you would just argue with me. that my silence actually had less to do with the fact that you called but the fact that i didn't like the person i had become, the person that felt nothing when i listened to that first voicemail. that i needed to protect myself for once from the emotional infections you sent my way. that if after all those years, you still didn't get it, i obviously couldn't open your eyes.


so for nine months, i was quiet. like radio waves sent into space, you flung words at me and i didn't respond. sometimes i even deleted voicemails without listening, sure it would be the same tired old story. like clockwork, every three weeks you tried again.

then you broke me with a text message 'i just wanted you to know i care' at a time when i felt like no one cared. i know how hollow your words are but they hit me in the gut. so it started all over again for the countless time.

your insurance settlement finally got cashed out. you came to seattle. i told next to no one. i went to dinner with you. you were obviously not sober, not that i expected you to be, but...i am willing to bet benzos were the culprit yet again. you went outside to smoke while we were eating and couldn't find the restaurant. i was openly hostile towards you about your behavior at the table. you fell asleep on the curb in front of the bar we went to after dinner. i put you on the train to your cousins and didn't see you again. your cousin eventually got sick of you and kicked you out. i stopped answering your calls. i told myself i was too busy working but the real reason was after all these years you still haven't learned how to help yourself and i've abandoned the need to take care of every stray dog that comes my way.

you went back home and got in another accident, broke your leg. i haven't heard from you in other a month. maybe you are in prison for driving without a license. maybe you decided i'm not worth your time anymore. i keep thinking i should at least say i'm sorry for the mean things i said when we were at dinner. i keep deciding not to apologize. i keep thinking maybe i should take the quiet where i can get it.
what's it to you?
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