Rainer Is this real? What if your entire world was just a conceit? And what would be real if your reality wasn't real? Is my reality just an imagination? But how could I get along with my life if I wouldn't make assumptions?

What is real? Maybe something you can touch is real. Maybe something you can feel with your fingers is real. Maybe the sticky table is real. Maybe the sour-sweet sauce is real which made my table sticky. Maybe the chinese food was real that came with the sauce, making me feel well-fed and thick and round.

But are emotions real? How can you touch somebody else's emotions?

Am I asking too much? If not, why do I get no answers?
ceorl is a convenience, what works for the moment. Real today, gone tomorrow. 990418
mareberry reality is not something we can see or touch. it lies beneath the immense mask we place before it. i cannot tell what is real anymore, it all seems so wrong, yet so right. is this feeling real? could it be love? all i see is the blindness of my own ambition, the false love i have created. it is too far for me to reach. it is nothing more than a lie. 990507
emily Its something you hold inside of you to be true without question. 990611
spikey-ho second thoughts maybe it's better to be unreal...istic? Umm yeah, that's what I meant. 991214
amy try to make it real but compared to what? 991215
andrea wish i could make you a world
where real made you happy
wish i could paint the sky
a color to fit your insides
wish i could fill the room
with sounds meant for your ears only
wish i could make my words
make more sense than me
wish i could take your worries
and resolve them inside myself
wish i could read your mind
to hear the thoughts you are silent with
wish i could be real to you
in a way only you understand
wish i could make you a world
where real made you happy

copyright 1999
filia what is real? i says to my friends, is a plastic fork a real fork, and they say, no, its plastic, real forks are supposed to be stainless steel or silver or something. so i says but yeah, of course a plastic fork is real. i mean, its real, right? its solid matter, right? and its a fork right? the pointy things and everything? so its a real fork. of course. so they say girl, you need to get a life, and i laugh. 000907
guitar_freak Reality is what you percieve it to be. It is different for everyone. What if your dreams were real and your life was a dream? Wouldn't that be a cool twist? What if we are all figments of someone else's imagination? What if we are some toy that god invented? Wouldn't that be neat? Our own morality and such high stakes that one life has to us, would mean nothing. 001109
blue333 it makes me feel real 010324
mmm is any thing real, its all just electricall impulses in your brain 010324
vampers why cant i be real.......why must i hide from myself 010324
Chrity go to:
erin no imitations pure you

its ok to be different today

and everyday
Becky There is no one way to express "real". It is a very elusive word. One can define real in scientific terms, as being something tangible or living. Something you can see or touch.. But really.. anything can be real. It depends on the person. some people believe god is real. Some people do not... so how can you define "real" when it is merely just opinion? 010704
dB Real: That which is physical and true and self-evident.
It's best just to think of it as that only. If you look into it too much all you do is give yourself a headache.
Looks like Becky needs some asprin.
Alexa All the Velveteen Rabbit wanted was to be real...but he was real the whole time? 010715
Aimee opposite of fake.

Thank you captain obvious!
Lindsey my hand in yuor hand in the mall. heels clicking on the tiles, and i'm smiling. how did we lose this? 010729
kx21 Man with no masks? 010729
god fork 011020
bloodjetpoetry what the FUCK is it? tell me and i'll be impressed. 011119
phil real imagination 020110
Mahayana ... smart ass

real + e=mc² + (_|_)
real smart ass
cube Finally! Someone who understands Einstein's Theory of Relativity - and he was a smart-ass :-)
ClairE It's_been_real.

Maybe people don't want reality. Look at how small this blather is.

I'll stick with the definition given in The_Velveteen_Rabbit.
pushpins all a matter of perspective.

i try not to think about this too much. makes everything else so small.
rachael reality..reality is only what you perceive to be reality might be different from somebody can someone say someone else needs to get in touch with reality? maybe they are in touch with their own reality and just maybe not yours..i would like to meet someone that exists in my reality..someone i share the same reality with..some might say i live in a fake world but to me its real, nothing is real in this world..its all fake material things..the reai life is somewhere else, we can't even fathom it 020316
rachael i wish i knew what was real 020316
Billia just tear down your facade and look in the glass. 020323
Johnny i want something real. so real, i cant understand it. 020421
Random Dan. The only thing you can be sure is real is yourself, the whole 'I think therefore I am philosophy'. You are real, somewhere, in some form. Of course, you cant be sure about anyone else. Which means to me, you're not definitely real. But then if anyone else is real, which i have been conditioned to believe is highly probable by the experiences i've percieved, then that could mean that i'm not definitely real, to them at least. Who knows. Who cares, just live whatever reality your experiencing. 020421
kx21 Nothing? 020422
devalis it is good, made of mountains, gold anr burning wood

Matt real is what escapes most teenagers. they live their lives for another, yet never REALLY find out who they are. it's fucked up, people think that they gotta make someone else like em, before they like themselves... 021013
lyrical reference system the real

I've found perfection
I've found the perfect thing
Took a walking nightmare
turned it into
a floating dream

who drank your holy water
and who felt
the cold against your skin
I am a true believer
I am the one who knows
the way into your great divide
into your mind and silent vibe

on and on and on we go
where we hit the ground well
no one knows
the game, the rules have changed
and everyone is on their own

i've seen the real and it is good
it's made of mountains
gold and burning wood
the time is right for you
to open up
and come inside the door

i felt you up and down
i felt you up and down the wall
saw your spirit growing
felt you getting up and
going down

i drank your holy water
and i felt the cold against your skin
i am a true believer
i am the one who knows
the way into your great divide
into your mind and silent vibe

i shout in harmony
you do the dance of the free
this is so fucking good
it's hard to see
it hurts to be
Aelwryn nothing is real. perceptions shift from person to person. What one person saw, another one thought they only dreamed. Actually, there is one thing real. Dreams are real. Not in the sense that they could possibly happen in our awake state, but the fact that they just exist. That we see them and they belong solely to one person. Dreams are real. Dreams are the essence of existence. 030225
Andrewski I don't care if it's real, even fake sex feels good. 030420
Ambience Its a wonder to me... after a year of dating him, he can still give me butterflies with a glance, or even with a few simple words such as "I love the way you touch me."

He is the only one I fantasize about, he is the only one I dream of... Could it truly mean that I have not loved before? For none of these things ever were true for me with anyone Ive dated.

This is real. And Im not scared.
Bizzar Opposite of fake.

Too many people these days are fake.
queen of darkness reality is whatever you make it
make it something worthwhile, because your reality is who you are.
minnesota_chris that sounds like a truck commercial 030825
ni everything?
or nothing?
is it real because you can touch it?
see it?
feel it?
or are all these things illusions?
tricks played on our minds and senses
are we living in a dream world?
(perhaps the matrix :P)
are we living at all?
is life real? what is life? but thats off the topic...
perhaps real is a state of mind?
a way of perceiving things?
perhaps we will know what real is someday
perhaps we will never know
perhaps we already know
ferret this is the real me now. or at least, half of it.... 030921
Priscilla love is real. 031004
axe i'm tired of reality
it serves no purpose
except to take you down a notch
realistic optimist "if a tree falls on schroedinger's cat, should we call animal control?"
- realistic optimist

"reality is what you can get away with."
- robert anton wilson

"fo reals"
- random wigger

real brand cheese

"objective reality? of course it objects, everyone always tries to tell it what it is, but it just is. objection sustained!"
- judge realistic optimist

i am really really tired of blathing now, i think my fingers have fallen off for real.
Death of a Rose I'm inviting 'real' over for tea, and maybe some tiny bits them...yum......

Jesus, Mary and donkey who kicked Joseph in the shins......that was real.
once again I am real. And you are real. And no I cannot prove it nor do I need to. Reality is what you make it... they say perception isn't reality, but can they prove otherwise?

We will be real together, we will ache with laughter and smile with tears and we will live one glorious day at a time, being real and human, because that is all we know.

And when I say I love you. I make love, create it out of nothingness, because before I loved you, love wasn't real.
nomatter who is who
what is what
ferret maybe 031011
taintedluv i give up on real, use plastic, everyone else is 040127
Alice The concept of 'real' isn't even real in itself. Life is just one long elaborate hallucination compliments of acid. 040128
trippin doesn't exist. how can it? can you define it? everyone has their own and everyone else is invented from their psyche to stop them going mad. nothing exists when you close your eyes. 040317
kaseyrenae adj 1: producing distorted sensory perceptions and feelings or altered states of awareness or sometimes states resembling psychosis; "psychedelic drugs like psilocybin and mescaline" 2: having the vivid colors and bizarre patterns associated with psychedelic states; "a psychedelic painting" 3: of a mental state characterized by intense and distorted perceptions and hallucinations and feelings of euphoria or sometimes despair; "a psychedelic experience" 050607
kaseyrenae nothing exists at all. 050607
kaseyrenae stop

Its not
camille 051022
QuietChaos So much thought,
These things I feel;
And all this time,
They weren't real...
fuffle maybe it's all real, including your dreams, maybe your imagination is just a solid as anything else.

maybe, Reality and Maya are the same god damn thing !

maybe just maybe you need to do another sit up.
kuffsleeve keep looking !
you might find it one day !

what a shame it took all this time,
whilst people fight for what they already have.

why is that women so stressed with her marketing job whilst that baby has no one to care for him? he only eats bread, he will become ill, what will his attitude on life be when he sees a western world with a few small things that that would have made a difference to his whole life.

go to football, NOT war.

why does my chest hurt i wonder ?
ioata 3_angry_duffles 070630
wanted love is a lie.
lies are reality.
reality was never there...
kuffsleeve what the ducking fucking nuts are you on?

love is a lie!
if love is a lie then so is my life.

if you think that the truth and a lie are the same thing then why don't you try meditation before you say it is crap? why don't you berry all your shit and get on with life like nothing effects you, why don't you keep lieing to people because its the same as lieing to yourself. why don't you stop pretending you know everything. i don't know everything and its not a lie.
sssssssssssssssssssss you had better learn how swim at the same time. 071111
Light feeling emotional attachment memory hole but touch! ah, touch! a real sense. 080709
pen *me





bon jovi
real spon·ta·ne·ous
performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.
what's it to you?
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