lizard she says she forgave me. i never even wondered once if that was a possibility; i never thought it could be.
i don't know whether i cry knowing that i don't deserve this, or whether i cry because it is so beautiful that there must be something else out there.
no matter what you say, no matter what i do, i will never, ever be able to repay you for giving me back the world, for filling me with hope.
lizard am i ungrateful because i still feel empty inside? 010116
deb i know this guy who has
an ashley fettish-
he's dating ashliegh,
trying to cheat on her with
and his most recent ex
who he still wants to
is ashley

poor nate- won't you
and realize you're
better off with a
sarah or katie?
Morelen oh, sweet sweet Ashley, how I crave 010201
Shiva mmm 010425
nocturnal bitch that I used to make cry for fun. she turned out to be totally fucked up, all sorts of eating disorders. now she can't even stand still. last time I talked to her, she stood hunched-over and she was shaking. it wasn't cold. her entire personality revolves around making fun of everyone else for any reason she can possibly find. she is the shallowest person I have ever met in my life. 010425
babybat i'm going to see her this summer.
that's what i visit them. not anymore though. i finally finished living there, finally realized i don't live there and i'm never going to again.
so won't this visit be counterproductive to that? or will it just be a visit?
i'm finally ready to deal with things here. something woke me up, and i'm not going back to sleep.
jess ash n i have been friends since we were 4 years old she knows all my secrets and dont hold em against me. i havent talked to her in awhile, i hope were not drifting like most people do 010614
Powder* I hate my name 010714
silentbob saw her mom in emmetsburg at the Alco parking lot. she was so excited to meet me, said she heeard so much about me, how kind i was and how it meant so much. flattery and modesty are selfloathing 010714
Casey She's cute and nice, but doesn't like to talk to me. 010714
nanny bright blue eyes, and soft brown hair. although she is only 6, she has the world wraped around her little finger. you can't stay mad at her no matter how hard you try. and if she sheds one tear, you melt into a puddle of goo and hold her to make it all better. 010909
monadh the best damn fiddler i have ever heard 010909
squigglybee is such a common name. it's MY name. there's always at least one other girl named ashley in a classroom. then they start with the labels: ashley b...ashley c...ashley m.... i'm so sick of being a name with an initial!

dont ever have kids and name them ashley. name them marjorie or ethel or mabel or something less common....
Someone Else right now my life hinges upon him. waiting, waiting, waiting... 030304
ethereal my love.


moosically inclined.

vertically challenged.

sitting beside my on the other computer.

she's purdy.

smells good too.

she's one of my best friends.

super important to me.

where would i go without my shwee?

we have a cool shforest where we like to sit and shramble.

shwee and shmeg.

we're going to have a cool house one day.

a library.

a piano room.

an eggplant room.. the colour not the vegetable, mind you that would be cool too.

i lobe her.

i can't wait to get jynx and blix. they're so purdy.

im going to buy george.

then we can join aurora and zen and george and proceed to create our mass cat farm.

i love cats.

almost as much as ashley.

but not quite.

she's right up there with music.
Borealis I hate my name.

apparently its perfect. that, in and of itself, frightens me.
fine. I'm getting over myself. and changing my name. to....Borealis

there we go. no
at a later date.

love you too meg. couldn't live without you. except..
none of that
you smell good too
Expand ah little ashley, who i'm so glad i have met. and i can't wait to get to know better before our awesome night in May...
I love her hair, and her eyebrow raise, and her hot smile. what's not to love?
MrPete My roomate.......beatiful with her red hair, and her golden heart 040227
beaver I feel a firm strike, from the side or to the head,
who else in the world could it be?
Funny that I predicted it to be,
from the one and only, meg's little schwee.
All of that talent, in such a small package,
quite the wonder, amazing to see.

What would I do without her,
a bassoon without an oboe? an atrocity!
a fellow double reed.
But her musical talent, doesn't stop there,
how she get's this so called harmony,
that is beyond me.

She makes me stop.
Again and again, think so hard I feel as old as a tree.

I think the rhyming must stop now,
there is little connection between ashley and a bee,
As I see not the resemblance of an insect within those deep gazing eyes.

Ahh the eyes, a whole new topic,
cold hard staring
but with a warmth that glows within,
try to make sense of the myriad of stares and glares,
one would go crazy, and beging to plee.

A good friend
Strong and noble
in her own right
and always entertaining, that much is for sure

If a frown falls across your face, often all you need is ashley.
Even if all she does is turn that frown into a grimace....

A year from now, far from this Scarlett,
she probably won't even remember me.
But it would be hard for any guy to forget,
this tiny wonder so graceful and lithe,
silly funny CUTE gorgeous ashley
beaver smells good too.... 040303
Zoe my best friend at college. she's nice and funny. not like kids i used to hang out with. she doesn't drink or smoke, and always speaks her mind. doesn't really care if it hurts others feelings, but it's kind of refreshing. growing up in the deep south will get you used to skirting around the issues. ash is from chicago... 040303
$enorita $exy shes stupid frontin shedeviled person
as icut her up in words she scowers at me dates my brother shes a she devil like no ohther
$enorita $exy shes a bitch shes a snich her name is ashley what a witch she thinks shes thinks she s cute ill give her the boot she thinks shes fine she knows she lying
she dates my brother like i said a bitch like no ohther !
alana shes a bitch shes a snich her name is ashley what a witch she thinks shes thinks she s cute ill give her the boot she thinks shes fine she knows she lying
she dates my brother like i said a bitch like no ohther !
alana shes a bitch shes a snich her name is ashley what a witch she thinks shes thinks she s cute ill give her the boot she thinks shes fine she knows she lying
she dates my brother like i said a bitch like no ohther !
alana shes a bitch shes a snich her name is ashley what a witch she thinks shes thinks she s cute ill give her the boot she thinks shes fine she knows she lying
she dates my brother like i said a bitch like no ohther !
Borealis I'm a bitch..
but I'm not dating your brother.
aj i hate it when they call me ash-tray or ashes. the vietnamese ladies who do my nails call me ass-ley. 041112
pete i found my dreams, sighed, and slept...

the letter is still being written, though not yet in words.. the mind aches as the slow formation freezes in midword, decided the worth and value of all, uncontrollably
once again She'd tall and she's blond and dramatic... in ways and places that I cannot be, nor ever go.

And she reminds me. Of things that I've left. Of people I've broken. And she makes me feel better for all the wrongs I've done.

At once a punishment and a forgiveness. And I'm not sure how this could be so.
monee macisaac

for you I don't miss you.

I miss you.
i missed the lesson though this one time, long time ago actually, friends and myself went out for glow in the dark bowling. on our way home, it must have been 1am or so, while we waited for the bus, we started shouting "ashley!!!!!" at all the cars driving by. the one car passed by on the opposite direction, made a u-turn and stopped right in front of us, the man, a big biker guy-look-a-like said to us: you think it's fucking funny shouting like that, do you see me laughing? i'm going to fucking kill you all". the man got out of the car, he was a really big guy. luckily for us the bus was there so we got on it and left. 051011
some random girl may or may not be pretty
but is quiet and possibly nice

and probably thinks i'm an idiot

i should fall in love with her accidentally
before realising i'm supposed to fall in love with silly boys
yoink pompous bitch 071023
? what does pompus mean ? 071023
critic get a fucking dictionary. 071023
ha ha ohhhhh
your all grown up now !
yoink wow...9 months later and i still feel like shit...fuck you...i hope you catch herpes and end up as a pediatrician for af brats in arkansas. yeah im spiteful....and your sister is hotter than you

im probably only saying this because i lose
yoink i love you 080627
yoink to complete the record, over you as of several months ago

no hard feelings
yoink actually the best part is she's so jealous of this shit 090824
in a silent way putting aside everything else, i loved watching her sleep. it was fascinating. one arm would shoot straight up in the air, grasping for something that wasn't there. the other arm would be bent at an angle, her hand massaging her temple in slow circles.

sometimes she would whimper like she was in pain, and it made me want to hold her close to me. but given her standoffish ways, i wouldn't have put it past her to elbow me in the face out of spite, asleep or not. so i kept my distance.

she would murmur a lot. sometimes the gibberish would mutate into coherent words without warning.

"i'm up before ten, and usually in bed by then. do the stars scare you?"

and sometimes she would let out this small but wonderfully uninhibited laugh.

in some ways i guess i felt closer to her when she was sleeping than i did when she was awake. funny.
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