The Schleiffen Man i wash my hands of thee again, hopeful that the stains remain gone

so long and thanks for all the.... words.
frankenfistkitten spoken like a true junkie

the blue words on the monitor are your opiate

besides, what will me and a small horde of bored fist_kittens do now, without our favourite nemesis
daxle I accept that things change and no one has control over blather. However, the changes it's undergone now have made it a waste of my time. [insert all the typed of entries that make me want to puke or at least sigh]
Goodbye blather.
Thyartshallshant *biting tongue* 010121
heel turn Dear daxle.

well, if all you were going to do was bemoan the state of things and make no real constructive effort to stem the tide of the inane and the banal, then fare-thee-well, dear child. I hope you find some happier nest to brighten with your acid wit and observant eye.

I for one will ride this ship til she sinks.

and i'll enjoy where she takes me in the meantime, for good or for ill.

c'est la vie
god (*gurgle* *gurgle*)

((just kidding))
peyton Daxle spoke it well. After reading on dB's page about how all the newbie blatherers claimed making blather this awesome pinnacle of philosophy, well, I just couldn't not wretch.

Blather has become a message board, and since I know that no one person can decide what blather is exactly, I'm leaving. It's not worth my time to hear how petty you've made my once beautiful blather. So you kids have fun, ranting about the little things in life, picking at each other.. fighting over what people say, etc..etc..

My last words: You're killing blather. You know who you are.

Goodbye Blather. I hope time heals you.
frAnk things die because people give up. instead of being a coward and leaving, why don't you fight to make it something worth dying for? 010321
fyn gula how can anyone define something? you have your opinion and that's all. you are a fucking speck of dust like i am.

blather exists because someone has taken their time to give you a space to freely express yourself. what right do you have to criticize the direction it has taken?

blather is like a stream to the ocean. if it has impurity, it will eventually clean itself.

many people have little or no outlet to get the crap out of their soul. they can do it here. some people have incredible talent and fortunately they write and we get to read it. some are contemplating suicide and receive counsel. some are just whacked.

but others are disillusioned, and if you leave because it's not going the way you think it should go, then try to start your own site and see what happens. i guarantee the same deal will occur.

this is fucking humanity. there's angels, saints, good people, lukewarm, wishy fucking washy, bad, insane, and cowards. which one are you? i'm a little of all of them. and i'll keep writing. i won't leave.

and thank you to you who created this site. you rock. you shine like a fucking star.
the spork this, from the guy who used blather as a personal ad.

it just doesn't wash

all of the cutesy exchanges

no disrespect,
but hepburn and tracy you ain't

and that's the bottom line
Aimee :::sings:::
It's the end of Peyton and we know it. It's the end of Peyton and we know it. It's the end of Peyton and we know it and I feel fine.
No more judgement, no more rule books no more peyton's dirty looks. School's out forever...
wait.. n/m
I must say after all the attacks he's had towards me, I'm not too sad to see him go... maybe I just missed something in his judgemental personality that matched that of a 8 year old... but oh well he's gone.
mikey blather = To talk nonsensically.
nonsensically = Lacking intelligible meaning: a nonsensical jumble of words.
Foolish; absurd: nonsensical ideas

any questions? wheres the "defined" rules? seems to me it means ..random.

whats on YOUR Mind? it.

life changes and keeps moving. only the foolish think otherwise. adjust and learn and live with change. or die in your own past.

those of you who just said bye BASED on why you said bye. contradict yourselves so fully its not even remotely funny. blather is freedom to me. freedom of expression....on some nights i use it like a help me. like in "goodnight" on red. every single night i type there before bed and say night. on some i love sharing my poems. on others i LOVE reaching out trying to help someone so their life doesnt have the pain and suffereing ive felt in my 28 yrs walking this earth.

if you leave i bow to you and respect that as your choice and will welcome you back with open arms if you come back.

if you stay use blather for whatever YOU wish and i hope it helps you in any way it might.

may your path be well lit with bright lights...or dark as the darkest starless sky...whatever you choose.

Dear Blue World,
It is time for me to wish you well, and say goodbye... Thank you for giving me inspiration to babble, and thank you for 'listening' to me. I'm not always an easy person to absorb. I'm not leaving you with troubled heart, as you did nothing wrong, nor did I. I'm as spirited as ever......just moving in a different direction now. Anyway, please accept my sincerest thank you, dear Blather, for pulling me up and out of the gamut, time and time again.

Also, How can I possibly find the words to thank you, for giving me, my Peyton. He is my soulmate, but of course, I don't have to tell you this. How did you do it? You allowed us entrance into this world, and taught us how to fly. Our souls were given the opportunity to spread their wings - to be what they wanted to be, and in return, we were rewarded with the most amazing gift = Us!!! So, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Sage & Dallas,
Thank you for giving birth to Blather! What a wonderful gift you have given to those like me, who need(ed) a place to give 'voice' to their souls!

Dear Blatherskites,
Boy! You are quite a spirited bunch aren't you... :-) Thank you for all of the smiles & tears, and even the pain (at least I have the ability to feel). I pray that each and every one of you find what it is that you are searching for. ('Spork', I believe you are right. Peyton and I are nothing like 'Hepburn and Tracy'. They don't even really compare. We are more like Pygmalion & Galatea.)

Dear Peyton,
......and here we are! Oh baby, I love you so very much. Thank you for finding me! I can't imagine my life, without you in it. I know, without a doubt, that you are in love with me Peyton. I will never tire of hearing you tell me though, so please say it once again......
unbitten dust and a silent "amen" resonates 010402
peyton I love you Rhinna.. as I always will. 010406
psychobabe hell yea love is all we need 010429
dB Dah Dah! There go the happy couple. :-)
Good on ya, guys.

Much peace
psychobabe this is the end
and this time i mean it.
all i have done
is let you just see it

my mind is filled with pain
of memories what wont go away
why cant i be happier?
todays a brand new day?

my body aches
it reaks of grief,
i cant even look at myself
not even in the face.

the gun is pointed at my heart,
it will only hurt a bit,
the blow i am about the recieve
will be my last in wit.

the puncture is in my chest now,
the blood oh how it runs
a pool that lays beneath me,
a yet but half the fun.

its growing darker now,
my time it does seem short
i look back and see
of all my pain and retort.

why did i do this?
i've left them all behind
will the wonder about where i am going?
will they even try to cry?

My pain is about over now
the light i can see is coming
my life was sheerly ended
all my pain is finally numbing

goodbye my friends,
goodbye my life
it didnt seem to last,
i tried with all my might.

farewell this hellish world,
which is so full of hate and fear
i'm am much happier now,
now that i can show my truthfull tears.

but what if i am to young still?
not old enough to die?
what if i want to wait till,
i've expierienced life to say...
MollyGoLightly i'd never read this entry before.


this place is whacked.
The Truth Wow, I've felt like leaving blather for the past couple of days now.

I need to spend more time reading,
and less time writing.
kingsuperspecial I wasn't going to mention it, but...

daxle there's no real end to the blathering once you've started 010726
god in transit jesus christ. welcome back? 010728
psychobabe did you guys really like my entry? 010816
Gollum I have returned to fuck shit up! "end?" this place is home. all of us sorry fucks will return as long as there is a home to come back to. Pathetic? yes precious, we are. atleast we have enough thought to speak, and ramble on without embarrettassment. Fuck everyone else! let the_blue_tree grow! 010816
that mad bird over there as long as god doesnt let tonya eat me i might be back soon. 010817
tonya (drools) 010817
User24 psychobabe, you almost made me col. 030426
niska then quit standing there, looking at me all goofy-like. 030426
smurfus rex i'd rather folx ramble and blather on about anything and nothing, philosophy and drivel, in a place set up specifically for it instead of chasing them out of my mall for expending their surpluses of energy by being rowdy and loud.

and if you all were in my mall, i know exactly where you'd be: parked in front of Hot Topic with an Orange Julius in one hand and a parmesan-and-garlic pretzel in the other. and don't say you wouldn't.
fds AIM 030821
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meta meta 060117
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