lion Yes...
...a woman can give you wings...
But to discover love within is to fly winglessly.

"And in tears he now found lessons of pure gold...and from a light that now shone just within the citadel of hearts, he learned to fly....
without wings."

-"An angel without wings"
marjorie My wings were left behind
when they told me they wouldn't fit through the school doors
I sulked, of course
I sat. I fumed.
I thought of things that I could do.
But sadly, seeing my demise,
I sat and knew no one could save my pretty wings
And wrapped in heavy thoughts
My mind could never fly
Shar menstruation would be hell without them 000325
Splinken he says my shoulderblades are where my wings ought to be.

i know a girl who has wings tattooed on her shoulder blades.
venimeux halfway across an ocean is someone who has me designing a pair of wings to tattoo on her shoulderblades.

i've worked up about 12 different designs
netcowboy your queen has wings, little red and black ones, but that's nothing because my mind has wings! 000701
Aaron where her wings once were, my angel, she wants to have scars placed there with ink and pain. man made scars. and i say she would still fly high above me on the winds of my love. rinne i miss you. 000805
rkb hide your wings in a ghost tower. 001126
danielle mine are broken... 010124
sabbie you may not be able to see my wings, but i earned them long ago. after my trial, i was forced into a dark cave filled with mercury rivers and blue shadows. there, in the darkest corner, she was waiting for me. in her hand was a pair of black feathered wings. she smiled wryly as she lovingly smoothed down the feathers and told me that they were only a little used. she held them out to me, without another word. i noticed that the feathers themselves were dripping a little blood. i took them without speaking. nothing i could say was adiquate. she needed nothing from me, anything i could offer her, including speech, was laughable. she lovingly ran her hand down my cheek, where her fingers had touched she had drawn my blood. sliver ran down my face and dripped off my chin. as i reached towards her, there was suddenly a blinding light, and when i could see again, she was gone. where she had sat by the wall was now a jagged hole to the outside. my escape. i hugged the wings close as i pushed my way through the rocky tunnel to the outside world.

although, as i said, you cannot see them, they nestle under my shirt and awaken in my imagination when i need them most.

i dont need you, or indeed anyone to acknowledge them. my ordeal was enough. i need nothing else.
harbinger of flight 010305
dB When you were young and packed off to school, and taught how not to play the game, your wings were removed forcibly, so that you would never be free.
With their god tucked underneath your arm, you grew the winges of cynicism. Those cynical wings allowed you to soar over others with the knowledge that you were better, smarter, than they were.
Then you left school. And saw the so called "real world", and no amount of cynicism could have prepared you for that. Now, those fragile wings are all you have left to cling to. Aside from the futile fiscal policies of man, and this linear existance (if you call it existance), that drags rather than passes by.
And there is no escape. Might as well swallow your pride and go join the human race.
alkalinepixie id have wings if i was meant to fly. 010305
unhinged the crows...those stupid things, black things, with huge wings. they were calling to each other across my path. that ominous agitating sound. my day has been a little off ever since. i even remembered the dream i had when i was napping. if i had wings, i would live in a cage. 010305
elisabeth I wish i had wings so i could fly away. Fly away everytime something goes wrong. I would fly to you no matter where you are so you can help 010411
KammeO I like'm with Hot Sauce! 011106
an alkaline bird i've been told to take mine outside

(I can't fly them in here)
ClairE are somewhat scary.

they are connected all wrong
and yet right

like withered arms.
tricky my angel wings were bruised and restrained 020211
Syrope "Would you give up your arms for wings? that's what the birds have done.."

i think i saw this somewhere else on blather...or maybe in someone's IM profile...
brandi I wish I had wings and a tail....
Trance on Andromeda had a tail and she was purple too....:(
I want.
Kate "If I made you wings would you wear them?"

I would. I want to be gauzy and light and free. My shoulders are tan now because I'm out in the sun, out of the house, and I would like to have wings to adorn them. Would it mean more if someone else made them, or is it a self-ritual of sorts?
silent storm In my dreams
you have angel wings.
Come to me. Take me away.
Lead me to your heaven.
Boymansonbowie My friend told me that he could see my wings, but I'm sure that if they were really there, I wouldn't be around here anymore. 020811
zander I once had wings... I could fly, soar through the sky, flock with the birds and drift among clouds. slowly my wings began to shirvel and I could no longer fly... I realizied my wings were just a dream, I awoke into reality. reality had crushed my wings... 030101
Laura Wings would never want me,
they would long for someone who would have the courage, splendor and ability to fly.
If I had wings my fear would be too heavy for them to matter, too heavy to fly away from that which makes them heavy.
Once you learn to handle your life without putting up much fuss, you forget how to fight.
nothaiku mother's wings
fly away, feed me
give to me
i.n.f.i.n.i.t.e. at night she spreads her wings
she dreams of bigger things
she floats above the town
she sings without a sound
she can be anywere at all
she can be anyone at all
a glow and then a shine
what she hopes she will find
tonight, tonight
she's got a picture in her mind
she can be anyone at all
at night she changed her mind

she left the world behind...
pink lemonade i need wings to be free. they're there, i can feel them, waiting, just under my skin, waiting to blossom once i've found the perfect design. i ache for the day when i do, i've waited so long for my wings, i've waited so long for this freedom. once they're here in body, not just in spirit, there will be no stopping me. 031002
blue winged phoenix "Before their eyes Viswakarman changed again. He became all-seeing and had on every side eyes and faces and arms. From his back came the two great wide wings by which he fashions all forms and shapes, fanning the air and blowing them into life. 031024
phil Looking up I flew. Around, the growing horizon was empty. And nothing could be seen in the sky, but looking back down I saw the people.
I was tired of dreaming, shooting down infinite tunnels of illusion sickened monotony, and I found myself again sitting in bed deciding not to think like that again. Normal, nothing to do.
Held down.
just me i wish dat i cud jus take off n fly to a place nobody noes.dat'd be da greatest pleasure of lyfe rite now. 040720
Judy I was born with wings. I just haven't learned how to fly yet. 050702
CT is what you shall be given if you where to drink a red bull, although the only place they will be taking you is the toilet... 070328
twisted_existence when i was born i fell from the stars, encased in heavy wings of stone, charcoal black and gray slate, cracked and jagged and ugly. before i was old enough to understand, they told me that wings of rock are given to those who will never be able to fly. why waste weightless feathers on a creature forever bound to the earth, they said. and i could only lower my head in acceptance of the chains they wrapped around me. cold steel bites into my ankles and wrists where shackles hug my limbs in a painful embrace, and the soft tinkle of the silver links is a constant note surrounding me, scratching on my soul like diamond nails on an endless chalkboard of regret. they put me here, in this place, in this prison, when they decided that i was not meant to lift from the ground into the infinite sky. i fled to this hidden cave and i closed up the doorway with a granite slab, and then i asked the rough stone never to move from its spot. and now i lie shivvering in quiet darkness, nursing my wounds as i bleed silently into a pool of stagnant water. i clawed and ripped and tore at my shoulder blades until my wings crumbled to the floor in bits of rock and dirt, and i picked up a few of the pieces and flung them as far as i could. then i sat down and pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my trembling arms around them. i burried my face in my knees and wept, and cold salty tears slid down my thighs. i was enraged and terrified to find that the stumps that were once wings are bleeding too. who knew that life could flow through stone? 070530
white circle well it's a beautiful flowing expression...

you need to add something happy next.
it's a ying yang - balance it out.

you are not supposed to be imbalanced forever - work it out! come out of the dark side and into the light.
oren Won the Oscar for Best_Picture in 1929. 080901
ode_to_a_hummingbird Wings are delicate gifts
Our bodies still unsure and clumsy
We try we fly we believe
It can't always last and the Earth loves to gloat
When we've fallen helpless on our backs Kicking up in defiant sweat
Refusing to forget the taste of altitude
what's it to you?
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