rubydee with spending time productively.
provocative perusing of blather counts..
this week.
yummychuckle i am infatuated with you
blonde dredlocks
pierced nipples, tongue, and ears
raver skater sophmore
you are so interesting
and great.
(not to mention you kiss very well among other things)
it was so fun to fool around with you
almost caught by my boyfriend who was five feet away, asleep.
but were drunk
and I wasn't thinking straight.

but all i can think of is that kiss, and how we fell asleep together.

and poor Logan doesn't understand.
because Logan is my boyfriend.
not jason.
Logan saw me first.
Logan unfortunatly for me. 010628
confabulation dumb thing to die over im crazy im crazy im fucking nuts

but its ok because I'm going to get some help.
me The way his eyes light up when he sees her. Those eyes...
The way he smiles just from the sight of her...that smile
Jealousy. Always her, never me. Even when I thought I did that same sort of thing for someone...I didn't. He never loved me like he loves her. But I sure loved him...or perhaps I was just infatuated with him. There's a fine, yet very distinct line dividing the two.
god it hurts so good, i don't understand 011223
Grievance ! 011223
ClairE What can we call it? Total infatuation?

Words always leave a taste behind. Don't get too caught up in naming, I want to tell you.

But look at who's talking.
velvetdesire i'm in love
with the idea of love
i'm so infatuated with you.
werewolf how can the same eyes i'd seen so many time now seem so different. As if some wall i passed by each day suddenly opened into a beckoning swelling portal with shadowy boundries, like the adventure books we believed in once, dimissed more recently. how can the same laugh be so much more meaningful now that i know she is interested in my life like i am in hers? how can even her body take on new dimensions? 020319
yummyC OoOoOh...not to call attention to this page...

*ahem* yes it has happened again. Silly boys, its never really love, its infatuation or lust.

and *he* is infatuated with me.

ahhhhh yes, but... youhaveagirlfriend
cheer-up-emo-kid dear infatuation, you do not see me.
die here beside you in see-through obscurtiy.
pushpins hfkre 020608
girl_jane This is never healthy. 020609
poetic_onslaught ive been infatuated before and it hurt like hell when i couldnt have her back. i thought that was love. she was beuatiful on the outside and i also 'loved' her personality. everyone told me that i was too young to know what love is and that i was just infatuated. well if i was JUST infatuated, how is love? love is stronger still? they told me that when your in love, you just know it. they said it has nothing to do with her physical features and that i was infatuated because i had to know her longer than 3 months to really know her and be in love with her. so i was convinced that it was 'just' infatuation. i met this other girl that i didnt think was attractive but she was always there for me. she became like one of my best friends but i never hooked up with her because i didnt think she was attractive. she always told me she loved me and told her i loved her too. i was told that once you know a person on the inside (and i knew her for about 3 years) and you think that your in love then you are. i thought i was in love but then again there were other days that i wasnt so sure. i noticed that this 'love' wasnt as strong as my infatuation for that other girl. so have i ever been in love? can there be love without infatuation? this girl that i didnt find attractive became attractive to me after a while. after i saw how much i loved her on the inside she became pretty on the outside too. but this still wasnt as strong as my infatuation. maybe i shouldnt have listened to those older people. so really my question is this. can there be love without infatuation? or is infatuation actually stronger than love? if there can be love without infatuation then this love thing is one hard and scary muthafucker to find. 020610
pralines&cream I think that infatuation always precedes romantic love. And infatuation seems stronger than love because it's so much more intense and heart-wrenchingly good or bad. But I think that once infatuation turns to love, the intensity is muted somewhat, and instead of a brief, loud beating, it becomes a subtle, reverberating tone that seems to go on forever. 020610
bethant i met this guy at a diner about 2 weeks ago and declined numbers, didn't give mine, and i think i lost him
i've been to that diner every night save two in the past 2 weeks
i have gone crazy and i'm not ready to give up
jg I'm happy for you, and I'm not hurt at all. This will be good for you, and even better for me. I need to learn not to get this way. It was just infatuation and lust-not love-and I wish you the best. Now I'll find another star to wish on. 020716
anon she is my undying yearn for the opposite sex. she is everything that is pretty and sweet and beautiful and soft. she is better than the interest because she wants to be, because i want her to be. she is great and nice and soft. i would smile at her from afar and she would blow a kiss and i would catch it with pure infatuation. she is mine and i am hers. she is what i want always and she is what i yearn for. i am to her what she is to me. she i wat i could love and what i want to need. 031029
girl_jane I've only known you since Saturday...why do I keep doing this? 031030
Doar yep....definitely infatuated with pvcpillow 031031
a boy and obsession. but love? keep trying.

just never again with me.
witchesreqiem POETIC..
There is a fine line, infatuation tends to fade after a 6 months tops...
love comes in many forms, friends, siblings ect... even if you don't know why you care!
Being in love is less noticeable, then all..
If they piss you off and you can over look habbits or looks that you would never sad as it sounds you might be there...!
Unfortunetly we can't always WILL who we love, or figure out why we must have this person, why they haunt or minds...
Only the Universe or self exploration can explain it...and sometimes we still find ourselves stuck in awwwwwwwe!

Sorry I'm not really much help, but I have figured out the diffrence between infatuation (aka lust),love and in love.

Only after seeing hell and heartbreak first...
ahundredvisions some call it simple infatuation that i'm attracted to a man 19 years older than me. i nod my head in agreement, so as to not stand out and make a scene, because i just can't tell them that it's not simple infatuation any more, i think it's full blown love. and it makes me sick to my stomache. 040321
time_warp love in the way that most people see it is simply romantic infatuation.

Love is not the thing that makes you want to bump uglies

Love is what makes your heart swell and your breath catch and you want to lick every molecule of everything in the world.
Anitsirk I'm so infatuated with you that I can't stop thinking about you and I can't get away from you. Everything reminds me of you. Talking to you is so painful that I have you blocked. But even so, I still look for you to message me and ask me how my day is and comment on how long its been since you've talked to me. I miss our conversations that go on for hours on end and range all over. I miss analyzing everything you say, hoping that you feel for me what i feel for you. Yet talking to you does nothing but cause my heart to ache. You talk about her and how happy you are that things with her are working out. And I can't get away from it no matter how hard I try. Infatuation has grown into love and now I'm sitting here with this love and infuation and unable to do anything about it. 040321
bruised and broken and you dont even realize it don't i deserve love to? i guess just.. not from you.

you came in with the breeze.. i wasn't ready to fall in love again. but, you didn't give me much of a choice in the matter. you swept me off my feet.. and dropped me. i wasn't worth it to you. i wasn't worth the comittment. and all you wanted to do was have every single one night stand you could.. and all i ever wanted was for you to notice me. even when i had something so wonderful by my side... all i could see is you. all i could think is you. my infatuation turned to complication until my focus came secure. and then i was sure... that i have fallen in love once again.

i pick the wrong ones to fall in love with. it's the truth. but you weren't the one for me.. with your cold, cold heart.. the one that i would never be able to melt. i accepted that i was not good enough for you. i accepted that i couldn't bring you down from that cold, cold cloud. i was too sensitive. i was too loving... the problem was i cared... and even more so that you knew it. i knew it was best to distance myself. though the love remained in my heart. and so i did.

and now, the phone still rings in the middle of the night.... and i still pick up, knowing you will be on the other end. knowing you'll have some kind of petty problem... that you're only using as conversation... with nothing better to do. this time it's different. this night you called.. i'm shattered, but numb.

finally, you're ready to be opened up. finally, you're ready to release all those emotions. finally, you're ready to fall in love.... and it's not with me. she didn't even try, she doesn't see you like i see you. she doesn't even have to look at you... but now she has your heart. all i ever did was try. i guess i tried too hard. i wanted you to notice me... and even when i didn't try, you still didn't. i longed for your acknowledgement... i longed for you to want to be proud of me. i longed for you to care... though i knew you didn't... and i knew you wouldn't.. and i know i shouldn't be stressing over this.

but now, why now? why not seven months ago when i fell so fucking hard. why now? i don't understand you... why didn't i rock your world? why didn't you fall head over heels for me? what is it about me... that will never be good enough.

they tell me you are so far below me.. they don't even know how you came into sight for me. you're the piece of shit... and you're not good enough for me. to just.. forget you. but it's not true. i'm the one not good enough for you. i'm not even good enough for a "piece of shit". the most wonderful person i've ever met.

you, you fucking you...

are the most amazing creature i have ever come into contact with. and they don't see it... they'll never see it... she'll never fucking see it. she doesn't see you like i see you... she doesn't watch you like i watch you... study you like i study you....

need you... like i needed you... she never will... you're just exciting... you're just new.... you're just the side project until she can have what she thinks she really wants...

and as hard as i fucking worked just to have you talk to me every once in a while over the phone in the middle of the night... it'll never matter as much as the way she ignores you while checking out other guys...

whatever though. the letter E never meant that much to me until i knew you. your name is the most beautiful name i have ever loved. you aren't a waste of time to me... you are still as fucking beautiful inside as i thought you were the first time our lips met...

everything about you, it's love... i know it. not infatuation.. though it should be.

god, i care so much... and now that you're ready .. you want your fucking foundation... it's too late for me... and you don't want it from me anymore

i was 7 months too early...

you'll never be 7 months too late

i'm in love with something that should be worth nothing but the only thing that is... is me.
The Dr. Of course its not love! Its more like an infatuation. A passion, not toward him, but for observing him. A bit of an obsession maybe, but nothing harmful. I could watch him for hours, memorizing his little mannerisms, taking every move to heart. I watch him, hoping to comprehend his every quirk and absorb every bit of his aura. He just doesn't seem to realize how captivating I find him.... 040504
Asylum Bound I see it now. I've confused infatuation with love. That's it. Period. We had fun. We had a few laughs. Now we don't even talk. Why? It was just a period of infatuation.

I'm confused, lonely, yet I would take a lifetime of love over an amazing summer of infatuated fun.

I guess in a way i'm saying thanks. But I sill wonder do you still think of me?
In_Bloom It is an abomination but sometimes we embrace it, convinced we can steer it, reign it at our will
The abomination makes fools of us all
what's it to you?
who go