roxy on a diet of coffee and cigarettes.

will i make it through the day on my feet or will my knees buckle...

maybe in the lift or exiting the comp lab i will crumble into dust...

at last tiny.
MollyGoLightly heh.

why've i got to be so tired all the time. jesus.
WingedSerpent A steady diet of clove cigarettes and herbally infused juice drinks and forgone conclusions and stupid questions and a bit of misdirected bile rising at the back of my throat and cheap but tasty japanese food and the occasional ice-cream sandwich.

and every so often, as a rare treat, a taste of the blood from the spot on my wrist that i can't seem to leave alone.
guitar_freak crash again
no food
painful hunger
the price of being thin
argo Coma-like diet: Sleep for a long time. Whenever bored and tempted to rejoin the world, drink more sleepy cough syrup (sugar free?)
Incidentally, I just dropped out of school and have 12 days to try this out.
lafur E My sister is putting my mother on a diet
They are going to run circles in the neighbourhood
Going from 67 to 63 kilos
Tonight they are having popcorn
and my sister is looking for a microphone
to sing a song
translucent i try to lose weight, but it wont go away. my mom calls me skinny, anorexic, but i know im not either. she just doesnt know. if i was skinny, i would eat normally, not once a week. i would be more confident, friendlier, sexier.... 010820
The Truth You are what you eat.

Our society has horribly botched this word. A DIET is everything you eat. Your diet consists of everything you've eaten for the past several years, and the next several years. It doesn't change, it slowly adapts if you change your habits.

Many people incorrectly think that a DIET is a temporary change in what you eat, or how often you eat, in order to lose weight.

It doesn't work though does it?
"What? For some people it works!" You say.

"NO!" "Diets work for Nobody"
But, I've said that to many people before and they don't get it, so I doubt you people will either.


What would you say if I told you I could tell you exactly how to lose weight, and look great, feel better, more confident, sexier? You will have better performance in athletics and sexual activities. You will even be smarter because you are delivering more precious oxygen to your brain.

Just send $29.99 to this address! NO!
I will tell you for FREE! Even though this violates the standards of capitalism, you should know the truth.

Step # 1. Drink lots of water. You are what you Eat (and drink). Water is the source of all life.
Eliminate pop, gatorade, beer, etc. Drink mostly, only water. Your body is composed of 70% water. We are liquid beings and we need to keep hydrated. Gatorade's marketing ploys have fooled a lot of people. 33% more carbs? That means it has 33% more sugar because glucose is a simple carbohydrate! Drink water...3-4 liters a day. You will feel better in one week if you cut out that crap like pop. pop is horrible for you it adds fat cells.

Step # 2. EXERCISE!

You could ignore every other step if you would just get enough exercise. You could eat whatever you wanted if you used it all up. The reason we eat is because that's how our body get's the fuel it needs to function. If your body doesn't burn it, it stores it.

Weight Training is crucial, well, it is the best way to transform your body into supermodel shape. When you lift weights, your body builds muscle tissue. When you have a lot of muscle, your body needs to burn more calories just to keep that extra mass functioning. Even when you are sitting idle your body burns more calories. You don't need to join a gym or spend a lot of money. Lift milk jugs full of water, or buckets of creative.

Just make sure you use proper lifting form. Check out a library book to tell you how to properly exercise the various muscle groups. This way you will avoid injury.

The key is... get 48 hours of rest in between working out the same muscle group. Divide your body in half and work out each half per work out. A & B.

A = [Chest, triceps, Quads, Hams, Gluts]
B = [Lats, Shoulders, Biceps, Calves, Abs]

M- A
T- B
W- X
Th- A
F- B
Sa- X
Su- Cheating day.

The X days above are for a different kind of work out. Cardiovascular. This is running, basketball, raquetball, biking, swimming, or aerobics or stairs or rowing. This helps melt the fat away from your body, and increases your endurance and stamina. It may be difficult when you first start, but it will get easier and easier (and fun too!)

You'll be amazed at how much more energy you have... and a cool part is...when your gluteous maximus sheds all that extra fat, it wont have anything for a soft cusion, meaning, you won't want to sit on your ass all day anymore. You'll get out there and experience life.

The seventh day...Cheat... don't exercise if you don't want to. Only if you

Step # 3. Eat more. (Do it right)
Eat more protien and fewer carbs.
Drink Protien shakes, I recommend "100% whey protien" by Optimum Nutrition. It is the best quality for the lowest price. Make sure it doesn't contain fillers like maltodextrin.
Protien is the building block of bones, muscles, skin, life. You need lot's of it. Your body is also less likely to store protien as fat, compared to carbs.
[Beware of "protien only" diets like Atkins, etc. Your body needs more than just protien.]
Eat more fruit and less junk food.
Eat more vegetables and less fat.
Eat more baked and less fried.
Eat more chicken and less bacon.
Eat more yogurt and less cheese
Eat more Tabasco and less Crisco
Eat more lean Steak and less hamburger.

Step # 4. Cheat.

IF you suddenly stop eating, your body goes into famine mode, thinking that food may be scarce, so that everything you eat will be stored as fat. So on your day of rest, do not starve yourself, eat whatever you want. If you have been faithful to your diet for the duration of the week, have a pizza and mountain_dew on the 7th day. Eat a twinkie and ice cream for breakfast. Cheat your day away so your body knows there is plenty of food to burn away.

Step # 5. Use your imagination.

You can literally "Think yourself Thin."
Close your eyes, relax. Breathe. Imagine you are watching yourself on a movie screen. What do you look like?

Toned, defined. Are your abs sculpted or flat? Is your chest massive, or just well defined? Are you sleek and slender or Buff and bulky? See it.
Watch it.
Imagine exactly what you want to look like, and your subconscious mind will know what to do with the excess fat, and the incoming protien.

Step # 6. Breathe.
Do you know why smokers feel relaxed after a cigarette? IT's not from the nicotine, which is a stimulant, nor from the 400+ toxins in the smoke. It is because they are taking slower, deeper breaths. They are taking a break and breathing.
But do breathe. This is a crucial step that delivers precious, oxygen filled, red blood cells to our muscles and minds. Take a few deep breaths now to get that blood circulating. Flow. You'll be smarter, faster, better, cooler if you breathe more.

Step # 7. Sleep.

Even God rested after creating the universe. Human's too, need their rest. It is just as important as all of the other steps.

The beauty is this... When you do all of the other six steps (# 5,6 can be done in bed) Then the 7th step will come naturally. Glorious sleep will be automatic. But just in case you are trying to avoid sleep in order to have more time during the day, be warned that it never works out, your body will get the sleep it needs with or without your consent.

You'll feel better tomorrow if you sleep well tonight.

That's it! No special tricks, or gimmics, lotions or creams.

Just good wholesome natural living is all you need. (Except for the protien shakes, but that's just you don't need to eat 24 egg whites and 6 chicken breasts every day)

Who knew it was so easy. IT's NOT A DIET!!!

IT's a way of life. You are Choosing to be healthy and young and active for the rest of your life. This is how to do it.
distorted tendencies Anorexic. Not happy with myself. 010823
Dafremen Mine's working...from 210 to 170 and still going. Destination: 165.

I rock!! Way to go me!!!
Teenage Jesus Hey Daf, we weigh the same! (But I'm 6'2") I've weighed as much as 205 (not drinking so much beer seems to have a positive ((or I suppose negative would be the correct choice of word)) effect on one's weight.) Still not smoking? It sure feels great when the first few months are behind you. (The first weeks are REALLY hard!) 010824
Teenage Jesus ...and CONGRATS!! 010824
Katie Rose I drink my diet coke, in my diet clothes, with my diet boyfriend in my diet existence 011102
silentbob die



Casey what color? haha, little stupid joke 011102
Dafremen TJ, I know this is way late...but thanks do0d!

Ohh and I'm at 165 and have been holding now for about 2 months.
Prue Yep so true whenever i stop eating so many carbs, i can see a dramatic difference! i look slim again! put on too much weight recently! binge eater :( i knew a girl who lived on skim lattes and cigs, she looked awesome, so thin she had so much energy was so happy - i'm trying it, it's going well! i've never felt better! 030828
etoiles diet coke - n - something (asides the soda) that is verifiably existant but is intellectually or
mentally substanceless. From: Diet coke is a drink, but contains zero calories.
It is definitely a soda and may definitely be consumed. However, it does not have
any "substance". Ex: "That book was a real diet coke; the plot was virtually
- adj - used to describe or denote something that has little or no substance. From:
(See above entry). Ex: "It's a diet coke movie - a lot of action but on real
scorpion heart diet coke used to have real cocain in it, in the 1920s. 031116
falling_alone i think my diet already went downhill...i just started this morning.

i posted posted phrases on my fridge like: "A COOKIE WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL" and "WATER IS YOUR FRIEND"...

but there are others things than a cookie that tempt me... *evil grin*
falling_alone see: adipocyte 031208
falling_alone erm...apdipocytes...yea with an s* 031210
falling_alone and without the other p...

SEE: adipocytes

yea...well now i just feel stupid
Mandijabster good job spelling adipocytes! go you! and your on a diet? this is news to me...dont touch my fries anymore! there mine! im on a diet too...a fry and coke diet :) and turkey sandwhiches and spaghettios..of course. dieting sucks...blahness! damn adipocytes!!!! 031217
zoe i actually hope noone reads this because its the most (negatively) gay thing in the world, but here's what my diet consists of at the moment...
1) cigarettes (20-30 a day. which isn't that much until you consider that im fifteen)
2) diet coke, which did NOT used to contain cocaine. i think this is an urban myth.
3) painkillers (including codeine which is an appetite suppressant, i have discovered, but unfortunately makes me very constipated), taken for no reason other than for the hell of it
4) the occasional pint or four of gin, which is how i think my body is getting enough calories to keep mobile. hmmm. maybe i'll stop having that part then.
anyway. sorry for any offence this has caused to those of you who hate teenagers.
hyena i love teenagers. it sounds like your innards will be properly spiced and liquified by the time i get around to devouring you. keep up the good work. 040211
just me coke 050817
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