. here 050714
IGG lol damn just as i tried to fix the other thing.

could i BE any more embarrassed
IGG so after that slight blip, i think we should talk about something controversial and attention-drawing.

how about abortion, religion, numerology, the neverending battle of the sexes, masochism....?

or a topic of your choice?
critic how about get aim and leave the rest of us alone? you're like a billboard on the freeway. 050715
a little more helpful project_blather_chat 050715
Lemon_Soda I thought i gave you my chldhood, but that might have been in a different blath... 050716
minnesota_chris I think it's more fun to impersonate them... something I normally hate, but vapidity brings out the vileness in me. 050716
Lemon_Soda All subjects are controvesial by nature of audience and discussion.

I think we should discuss pie.

Or maybe training rats to pilfer national secrets.

Or what about YOUR childhood?

Lets just get one thing out of the way ahead of time so I know where your at: do you smile or frown more?
am i try to smile more
but is hard to smile
when your hitting me
Lemon_Soda Me, personnally? Lord, I hope not. I always wondered if I got up in my sleep and terrorized the night as the mad slapper. Strange that my subconcious would accidently steer me to attack a fellow blatherer...

Anywho, I like pie. Not all kinds, mind you, but alot of them. Mostly pizza, but cherry chocolate peach is a good combo.

anonymous fan have you ever had pistachio pie? 050718
Lemon_Soda Oh, my, was it fabulous. I really liked the color more than the taste, but almost all of my senses were pleased so i really can't complain. They served it will vanilla wafers, an excellent choice if you ask me.

I believe I had pistachio icecream once, as well, and decided I liked it.
Lemon_Soda Um...though I've held some really great conversations with just myself before, wouldn't it kind of defeat the purpose of this blath for me to be the only one posting between us? 050722
Lemon_Soda Just so you have something to talk about my "childhood" is under randomramblingstaketwo 050722
anonymous fan igg, you're in england, ya?
what are your observations thereof, for all us yanks out here?
and ls, paint us a piccyture of your home...
anonymous fan (and canucks and kangaroos and miscellaneous... sorry guys, forgot about you, not being in the center for the universe and all... *grin*) 050722
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl *nervous laughter*
hi yes im here, talking now.
i got scared of all the people who got mad at this post but im over that now. im brave, yeah. *pulls out rubber knife* ha!

i don't see you making cutting comments now! (thats not a cue)

so anyway, back to the real purpose.
yes i saw the post, and.........


i, for once in my short but talkwative life, am speechless.
what a very fascinating childhood to be sure! i swear i haven't heard anything as interesting and full of randomness since....... actually that tops the scale. congratulations! you get a twinkie, courtesy of mr. rex's gift to me.

i have never had pistachio pie. is it nice? i've had cherry pie. i like cherries, and as a matter of fact a friend (flexible) and i were going to have a joint cherry themed birthday party this year, with cherries, cherry liqueur (sp?), red clothes, cherry coloured decorations, cherryade to mix with vodka, etc.
we never did do that.
i think cherry choc pie sounds fab.
hey i think we should have a blather_party or a blather_pissup, don't you think? that would be a great way to get to know everyone else!

i've never had a twinkie bar either.
damn. i need to become more cultured.

about the rats, i think we should train them to not only pilfer the secrets, but to steal the declaration of independance, just like in national_treasure. Then we can see if there really is a map on the back.

what about spying on people?
we should recruit the only [people] that go into EVERYONE'S (or almost everyones) homes.


the tooth fairy's a bitch.
she slapped me because i said i wanted to keep a gold tooth.

the greedy mare stole it from me.

last time i saw her, she'd melted the gold out and made herself some dangly earrings.

to anonymous fan, you want me to describe england? sorry, im a bit pissed right now, so i dont know if you want my opinions on the USA or the people or england or the people?

i should try rereading the question but the words look so much prettier as shimmering blurrs.

so lemon soda, if you havent grown really old and died from the time it took for me to keep retyping all my typos, what is your opinion on jigsaws?

dont you think they are evil biddybogglers sent to destroy the old people? wouldnt it be great if they couldnt do the jigsaw and ended up being liquidised and made into food for the survivors.
*quietly puts down the copy of soylent green*
i am so original.
Lemon_Soda Jigsaw puzzles are fun because you know what you'll get if you give it enough time and effort. A real sense of accomplishment. Old people are just like young people. Think they know whats going on and will do as they please. I have no interest in the declaration of Independance as it is more of a piece of artwork than a anything else for us now, and I highly doubt it has any value as a treasure map unless people start reading it over again and get back to the point of this country.

By the way, the next time you have strawberry tea, tap a drop or two of gold schlauger(sp?) in it. Good stuff.
IGG i shall bear that in mind, intriguing indeed.

so considering i havent been on this page for a gizillion years (it is, trust me), i think i shall ask something i am interested to know.

what drugs have you taken in your current lifetime? (no sneaking into previous lives now)!

(excluding caffeine and paracetamol)
Lemon_Soda Please bear in mind that though I have taken these, I do not still take nor have for a while the vast majority:

More pot

and alchohol, though I guess thats more of a poison than a drug...

I didn't include people that have had drug like effects on me.

DISCLAIMER!!!:I do not advocate or endorse the use of any of the above! It has taken several years of building self confidence and freindly support to quit most of these things... I still drink and if someone offered me shroomz I wouldn't say no(unless i had to pay for it). The truth is , these chemicals and my own failing willpower are the reason my life stopped short and got stuck around 16. My maturity, view on life, and attitude stayed in my mid teens for 7 years because of the damage and distraction these drugs gave me. Thanks to martial arts, church, pursuing a career, and becoming a father I have dropped them one by one and finally have my life where it should have been years ago.

DISCLAIMER 2!!!! I do not condemn, judge, or generally look down upon anyone who does any of the above. You answer to yourself and are responsible for yourself. If you can handle any combination of the above and still live a healthy,happy life, props to you. I simply state that for me, in the long run, these things have done more harm then good.

And you, ICG?
IGG i have taken very little, although recently i've debated about taking more.

mostly alcohol, if counting that
and poppers
and weed

not much.
but i recently debated about taking ecstasy, cocaine and maybe lsd.

however, i had a really bad allergic? reaction to poppers, and considering they're a soft drug i decided not to take the other stuff.

my friends are getting into the drug scene, and i'm being left behind.

peer pressure indeed.
but i feel so accepted.
it's not fair it should come to this.
they don't ask/persuade/tell me to take drugs
but they can be in the same room as me, and not be in the same world.
i hate that.
i can't be round them like that.

you've taken drugs, you've had the negative effects. (and probably the positive ones.)

so to make this a letstalkaboutme blathe, what do you think i should do?

is stressing

Peer pressure will get you in the end. You'll either break down and ask or they'll offer it one to many times and you'll except. The hardest part is they think their showing you a good time, giving you an experience that is fantastic and shouldn't be missed. This is what makes saying No so hard. When this happens, you have to be very careful, because most of the time, all of this stuff feels really good, and its very hard to argue with you body when it likes something. A person without a strong sense of identity can easily substitute one of these substances as a distraction from their own incomplete personna.

You decide if you like it on your own. Gets some and take it with a sober friend to watch out for you. Ask them later how you acted and see whether thats the type of person you want to be. Doing it with just a sober freind is important, too. A happy crowd of people doing the same thing can fool you into enjoying something you don't. After you've decided which ones you like, dislike, do research. Find the negative effects of each and really consider if you want to pay those prices, physically, materially, and spiritually.

Finally, remember that the majority of these things are controlled substances and just one mistake can land you in jail, whether your guilty or not. Police don't care if your a nice person.
Doar good answer L_S 051025
Lemon_Soda I try. 051027
IGG thanks....

but about the sober friend thing...
i don't think it's fair to inflict that on someone else and give them the responsibility of looking after you, i sure as hell didn't like it.
plus there is nobody that i can think of who fits that category.

thanks again, i shall think about what you said.
Lemon_Soda Normally, I would agree with you. Getting doped up and then dragging a "dry" friend along for the ride is an asshole thing to do. But if you explain what your trying to do ahead of time, get their opinion and consent, I'd say its exactly what a good friend would want to do for you. 051027
snow_ninja did I miss smooth buddy week again? 051108
IGG howdy LS long time no speak!
hows tricks?
Lemon_Soda Howdy howdy howdy!

Haven't heard from you and your haven't heard from me so here we are not hearing anything at all(because we're reading it)

Silly girl, tricks are for kids.

I can't complain. Things are going as well as I can expect them too, though i really shouldn't be expecting anything.

lets just leave it at I miss our little chats.
IGG good good i'm glad! i'm just tackling writing my application for university, it's all fun here.
i've heard tricks are all the rage for rabbits.
i was recently in the USA, twas most good. would like to go back.

i think you should expect a wave off me every so often! expect something, then you have something to wait for.

'they were beautiful,
the most beautiful skies as a matter of fact...purple and red....
you don't see that
you might still see them in the desert.'
Lemon_Soda I look forward to it. 061121
Lemon_Soda Dear IGG,

Miss your words.

IGG hey Lemon_Soda,

what are you up to these days? i apologise for my absence from the great blue, i'm at uni atm coming to the end of the first semester, though i know that's not really any kind of excuse!

it would be good to chat again.
Lemon_Soda Ofcourse.

I had wondered where you went.
cunt up your arse. 071206
Lemon_Soda Having a bad day? 071207
what's it to you?
who go