silentbob ladies and gentelmen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, i just had a very strange and somewhat self satisfying experience.
in the beginning as i blathered i wrote about a girl named alicia. she has blathered here before...her name is rummy.
we went out for a time of about 5 months. then i stopped feeling love for her, and was just somewhat indifferent towards her, and noticed her stop talking as much as she used to...she was distant. we rarely talked and tonight.....we had a mutual break up. it was completely understood, no hard feelings, no scars, no negativity, just Time To Move On, Lets Stay Friends. We both knew it. we both are living by so happy, i cant even describe......
We were both so worried that the other would feel painful rejection, but we now have had a completely understood break up....
how can t his be? how can something that has given me such stomache pains be over and positive? such insanity, i tell you.
silentbob and now i feel those hormones bleeding out my heart and making physical pain for something i would usualy toss aside. some kind of chemical physical desire to see this girl again...
it feels all cold and i move much slower...i havent asked her out yet, and i'm already depressed at the thought of her saying no.
guitar_freak my friend, true love never stops hurting 001012
silentbob No sarah
the second one freewrite was not about the same girl as the first
guitar_freak Ahh, sorry!
Sounded as if it were,
But my words still stand!!
psycho babe hey bob, ya know this is katie, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt??????????????? 001103
chanaka ah silentbob.......isn't love a bitch? but we all must love. it is the Law. one of the most primal drives in every human is the search for someone to love, someone to share yourself, someone who will accept your warts and nose picking unconditionally (and still sleep with you) i think in order to love you must hurt. and damn, it does hurt, doesn't it? 001103
psycho babe love does hurt.
Whats up with that?
tourist Naked to the Soul of you
At first it is all so fasinating
The way you see, the things you do.
Till you one day can second guess
The next word that is spoken.
And what was once so dear and fresh
Becomes just irritating.
If lasting Love is what you want
Then it is through the Fire
That you must pass
On leaden feet that hold the path
While holding out forgivness.
To realise you both will change.
If given time and patience
You'll find the Soul that drew you in
Will always hold its sweetness.
I speak this from a distant place,
Where time has led me long on grace.
I once was sure I'd find no Love
to tolerate my oddness.
I now am on my second Wife
Having out lived my first One.
Who I still Love and always will.
But It's my current Love I now hold Dear
And though I Know her well now,
I still look past any short commings
and Know She'll do the same for Me.
For Love is in the test of Time
And is not a passing fancy.
Though the Fire that Once burned so Hot.
Is still easy to Kindle.
fairydust Develop a fetish and throw jars of jelly at the wall. Just don't let your self be somone else's fetish. nener submit. 001107
klairchen hey I can I ask you for a favour bobby? 001107
silentbob Yes you can ask me for a flavor 001107
klairchen ok i think that i'll e-mail my question to you.

is that ok?
silentbob that is ok
im sorry klairchen
last night my computer died shortly after i posted that last blathe
so i'll have to check my email later, i cant now, not while im at school. but after my interview at the theater after school i'll get to my mail.
Sorry for whatever inconvenience this may have caused.
klairchen it's ok bobby.

i haven't written the e-mail yet.

i'll get to it shortly in a bit later during this day.

psycho babe Do you guys ever get up in the morning and absolutly have no motivation to get up? I'v has that alot lately, kinda suxs, I need some input on this.... 001109

motivation to go through the motions?

gods its tough but do what i do-coffee
and a good healthy scream into the pillow

my neighbors hate me-wonder why??
seriously-when you wake
and feel you cannot take
another f$%&^^g day
and your breath sticks to your eyes
find your strength
its hiding beneath
your sleepy suneyes

hey psycho babe-is any babe not psycho??

disenchanted w/women right now
psycho babe Oh Scott I love ya!
That says so much, and its cool. I wake up and everything is all such a figment of my imagination. I try and have motivation but everyday seems like nothing to me. I dont see why people cant get it, in the ways that I say it. I really dont think that there is a babe out there, who isn't a psycho! All the babes that I know are psychos and that pretty cool. Do you know any SCOTT?
SCOTT hell, every woman i like is psycho
i did date the black angel of death
you did not know that satan has a sister? trust me, he does

motivation-i am trying to break into comedy and i sometimes wonder is there a point?
something ryhming w/point right about now-psycho babe at least you're true!
god joint? 001121
Barrett spark it up. 001121
psychobabe Oh bad boy-bad boys, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you 001121
lovers lament love and hurt as much as you possibly can. try to forget neither. we are blessed to have such emotions.

and, by jesus, it does hurt like a bitch.
SCOTT time breathes
seething w/desire
stalking your day/night
frozen minds

he was in search of an answer
the nature of what we are

lost in the deepest enigma

now a comedian
trying out for it tonight
does anyone care
i'm not sure that i do
psychobabe Silentbob, can you help me with this? I have had this thing on my mind for a while, if people say, why aren't you normal, how can they define it? I take normal as nothing, no one is normal, yet everyone refers to it. I on the other hand, am different, and I can define that, but what about normal? 001122
lovers lament i'm not silent bob, but i think that question is ludicrous! normal doesn't have a definition because everyone's opinion of "normal" differs. "normal" to me is sitting at denny's every night, "normal" for someone else is getting trashed. Am i ab"normal" for sitting at denny's all the time. are they ab"normal" for getting trashed.

sorry, just had to throw my two cents in.
tourist Normal is a localized phenomena, To a crack head stealing a smoking rock is normal. To an amish person living without electricity or automobiles is normal. If you think about it too much,
then you probably aren't.
SCOTT i am not silent bob either, but normal? never, i have been refered to as a wierdo, a trip and a half, in touch w/my dark side, too happy, freak, crazy, they are all just labels, labels that i can do w/out. i am scott, and that is all that matters. you are katie, and thats all that matters, any labels that others throw upon you, in their ignorance are unimportant.

you/we are the truly special ones, the seekers. w/out us, humanity would become stagnant, and advance no further. we question the nature of existance, knowing there is no answer, only the question. we are not afraid to question the universe.

most people are. they go about their lives w/blinders on. most people are dead zone zombies, w/dread deep inside. they go through the motions. aquiring objects, and little knowledge. they have little or no chance of finding their truth-we, we are STARRIDERS! we are the truth, wrapped in the illusion of self, seeking, yearning, dreaming-WE ARE TRULY ALIVE W/A MYRIAD OF PASSIONS!!!!!

these passions threaten to tear us apart, but they are a gift/curse-that many could not even begin to imagine.

gotta go now-i am hideosly depressed-HOPE THIS HELPS KID
psychobabe scott why you depressed???
you have people who love you! Me!!!!
And everyone else here in blather
chanaka an insidious sickness, eh? but we do all love in blather......and any form of love is better than none at all. trust me. :) 001127
SCOTT depressed no more-just bipolar b.s.

ya know?

love ya to kid!!!!
Love Questioner Is there really true love or are we all just wraped up in our hormones begging for the sex and comfort? How many of us really can say, "I completely love this man/woman, and while ive been with him/her, I haven't looked at another person, and i never will. 001206
feelings man Tell me your feelings 001206
constella what can be said
for all has been said
what can be done
for all has been done
what can i do
for if all is said and done,
why do i still feel unfinished?
Dafremen Sorry I'm so late getting here, but traffic was a bitch.

Normal DOES have a definition. It is a fairly simple, fairly consistent definition that can take forever to find if you're not looking for it because you figure there IS no definition of normal.

Normal is:
Whatever is accepted as the standard expectation by the CURRENT LOCAL MAJORITY at any given time.

This means that:
A) What is normal can change depending upon where you are. Cowboy hats in Oklahoma, Air Jordans in Chicago. But it is STILL normal even if it's not the same.

B) Normal can change depending upon how many people there are. If it's just you and you don't think it's particularly unexpected or strange...then it's normal...til two or more people show up who think it's not.

C) Normal can change depending upon the time of day, or the time of year or the time in history. We NORMALLY eat breakfast in the morning. Eating oatmeal for dinner is NOT normal.(But recall, that if you're alone...f*ck's normal.)

D) Normal can be dependent on any number of things, but the majority STILL decides what is normal and what is not. Why? Because the majority of the stupid is INVINCIBLE and guaranteed for all time. So majority rules. Sto0pid rulez...worse things have happened I'm sure and if you annoy the majority too much they just might happen again.

Normal can be good, normal can be bad, normal can be aggravating, normal can be comforting. Normal can be many things, but one thing it definitely is without a definition.
silentbob three years later and i agree with daf 040903
what's it to you?
who go