silentbob The Impossibles - Eightball No. 2
I hold the future in my fingertips my destination races across her lips it's no suprise it's just what it predicts my fate is sealed shut by the dice it picks so I shook my magic eightball and I posed an inquiry and my future began to surface: "outlook not so good", "most likely not", "my souces say no" it is without a doubt hard to figure out this magic ball what gives it it's mojo powers, and makes it so mystical? is it the faith of over a million kids who find it believable? or is it a bunch of four sided dice trapped in a black plastic ball?
silentbob The Hippos - Diane

I've been in this bind for a while, I can't find a girl who's quite my style, ever since you walked out on me. You were the one for me, we'd sit and watch our MTV, why'd you have to walk out on me? I'm reaching insanity. Diane, come back to me. I can be anything that he can be! Please tell me what wasn't right. "Two star crossed lovers" in the night, why'd you have to walk our on me? (Chorus)
silentbob Ann Beretta - Bottle Caps - No. 1

I twist off bottle caps
broken all my teeth again
im tried and the toll is on you
im 6_feet_under but trippin
on my soul again
im twisted and im broken and bruised
Jump back, stuck in the middle, lost track
Dont know what we're gonna do
I'm stoned and..?? and?? save myself
my best bet is looking on you
step outside you know ?? My mind I'm twisted and I'm broken in 2
Jump back, stuck in the middle lost track, dont know what we're gonna do
silentbob Sarge - Beguiling - No. 7
And I tried to pin you down at 3am by 5 looks like you've won me over again I've spent the last year watching you deteriorate you're a likable bully all along it's been my mistake cause all these nuanced conversations that cried for quiet consolations were affectations of affection that stemmed from suggestive rejections and still I loved your lilting anger dissected every word you sang there now I know every loaded line I've heard them all too many times but I don't believe you anymore this insincerity is starting to bore me and I can't figure out what's wrong with you when these indiscretions start anew and I'm torn I thought I'd gotten through to you but then next day looked like you'd one-upped me again your machinations leave me speechless and resigned and while I won't deny your talent I'm gonna quit wasting my time note all these ripped-off observations encasing sly retaliations they're declarations of defection from your beguiling new deceptions but I still love the way you eye me you gauge my temper satisfy me and you're so quick to realign but I've heard that song too many times so why'd you have to change? or have you always been this way? I miss the way you were before you figured out that I'm not yours and at every show I'm just another face in your front row but now I know you're so alone so why'd you have to change? do you ever miss me the same way? I miss our long talks on the porch with shifting eyes and sweet retorts and it's been so long I can't remember what went wrong I miss you but I'm giving up
silentbob Empire State Games - dialogue (from a movie) No. 9

bear with me, i beg you. i’m prone to change. bear with me, please. a new day, a new way for something done before. what if i said nothing’s what it seems? you’d shrug me off, ‘cause that’s not true. watch him, he knows more than you ever could. just look around, his face is everywhere. it’s not as easy as it seems to place the blame where it belongs. i can’t help thinking; if you changed your mind, would i still even care? honest thoughts become obstructions, and warped intentions drive us.
silentbob The Impossibles - Plan B No. 12

push-pinned my picture to your wall, framed it in pieces of argyle. there's a thread for every minute I missed my chance to begin it. I could feel the pressure building up as I cram it to the top, a coffee can filled with letters. my ears begin to pop as the tension drops. we've fallen down, someday you won't be around for me to fall back on. it's so akward to say goodbye to you, the tensest moment when I fail to follow through, I'm all wound up and then you tighten the screws, my want turns to need as you slip on the noose. As I push my pen across the page casting my spell like a first level mage, my epic battle between love and rage/ a melodramatic mess not fit for my age we've fallen down, all my innocence has drowned since you've gone she says I'm changing everyday, she wants to know how, why, and who with. she says there's still good left in me like I'm the dark lord of the sith. I write this every single winter, and now I'm writing it again: I shed my common sense in exchange for newer skin. the good news is that I've finally learned to appreciate my friends, the bad news is that I havent got any left, the good news is that I dream about it almost every night, the bad news is that when I wake up you're not there.
silentbob Limp - EXIT No. 6
seen it all before not like this not my trip this is what i saw saw the lot of you doing things saying things and in front of me you didn't seem to care who was there what was heard it affected me wash my hands of you over this this is through this is what i mean by now you've moved on i assume still alone with that attitude now you find yourself by yourself, on your own with a big ego no one there to feed what you need give you peace and or anything i need something good something else this is through this is what i mean it pours out of you and into me
silentbob Animal Chin - tell me what it means No. 5

wanna hold on to this moment wanna picture for my stare yeah loosen up i won't leave i won't go anywhere without you now your past is filled with problems and people that you use to know but this is now and he's not me so quit acting like you pose a threat to me why do we play the victim tell me what it means why are we so fixed on problems we just don't need i wanna hold on to this moment and make a plan to take a stand yeah you're not giving up please don't no just hang in there you wanna be strong instead of weak you wanna brick wall so i can't see you build up a good defense now remember just one thing you can always count on me.
silentbob Animal Chin - seven No. 15

(a) the job is someone else's (b) they'll be laughing at me with a big fat grin yeah (c) so i won't give you two minutes or two seconds (d) you're a little old to be at the movies the more you will the more you won't a first handshake a goodbye note you're wasting time why can't you see there's nothing left here it's just me the rainy day for what you saved has now cleared itself up and gone away the day will come and you won't know which way is up which way to go you're wasting time when will you choose there's nothing left here it's just you whoah it's the season of friendship treason now you've made it so complicated.
silentbob Discount - Accidents Waiting to Happen - No. 4
I've always been impressed with a girl
Who could sing for her supper and get breakfast as well
That's the way I am, heaven help me
He said, "We don't like peace camapigners 'round here"
As he nailed another one to the wall
And that's what gets me in trouble, heaven help me

Goodbye and good luck to all the rubbish that you've spoken
Goodbye and good luck to all the promises
you've broken
Your life has lost its dignity, its beauty and its passion
You're an accident waiting to happen

There you are standing at the bar
And you're giving me grief about the DDR
And that chip on your choulder gets bigger as you
get older
One of these night you're gonna get caught,
It'll give you a pregnant pause for thought
You're a dedicated swallower of fascism

Time up and time out
For all the liberties you've taken
Time up and time out for all the friends that
you've foresaken
If you choose to waste away like death is back in fashion
You're an accident waiting to happen

And my sins are so unoriginal
I have all the self-loathing of a wolf in sheep's clothing
In this carnival of carnivores,
Heaven help me
silentbob Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven No 13

The first star i see may not be a star. can't do a thing but wait so let's wait for one more. the time such clumsy time in deciding if it's time. I'm careful but not sure how it goes. You can lose yourself in your courage. The mindless comfort grows when i'm alone with my 'great' plans. This is what she said gets her through it: If i don't let myself be happy now then when? If not now, when? When the time we have now ends. when the big hand goes round again.
Can you still feel the butterflies? Can you still hear the last goodnight? I close my eyes and believe wherever you are an angel for me.
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