Kung Fu i would just like to know what made "America" so despirate to be so self harming to themselves, what kind of a despirate financial state they really were in to invent tactics like that ?

EVIL might be a word, THICK might be another...
the best word would have to be PATRIOTIC.


Thank god i'm not American thats all i can say.
ANGRY yeah, i'm a raciest against Patriotic people, what you gunna do about it?

build a brick wall around me?

just look at all the people in prison for crap reasons then, if anyones a murderer it's the president of the United States of Arses.
Lemon_Soda *sigh* 070905
. it's not too late to make a bigger difference. 070905
Strideo "raciest against Patriotic people"

And you call Americans thick. Oh that's rich. I don't even know where to begin.

Let's see . . .

1. Patriotism isn't a race. It has nothing to do with ethnicity.
2. Racism is the belief in the inherent superiority of one race over another so you can't be racist against someone. The word "racist" is a noun so you can't even use it in such a capacity. Perhaps the word you were thinking of was bigoted, biased, or maybe prejudiced?

Maybe you were trying to express some form of deep hatred for something and somewhere in your little head you think that the word "racist" is one of the most hateful and spiteful expressions there is so you thought you might use it to convey your feelings but you should at least learn how to use it. Perhaps a simile would do the job, "I hate patriotism as much as a white racist hates Latinos!"

Rage on ANGRY! Rage on!

I am Luddite against technology!
*dies laughing*
kuffsleeve Excuse me, but i do not and have never though that a racist is just being bitch against someones colour. Am i looking confused? well maybe i got pretty disturbed by someone picking out someone for what they look like. What is more disturbing to me is flying a flag that only says the word "SELFISH".

Give it what ever name you want, i don't blame anyone for the past, i blame people for walking around with no heart in the present now. So tell me what is racist then?

It always seemed that Black Americans were prowd of their roots however the Black Afrians always wanted a better life. I think neither of them work out when you have selfish wankers that just want to spend the publics taxes on killing people rather than helping people that do not have the right soil to grow things on.
{jane} ah yes, our president's a murderer, let's look at the facts...

{mr. mao is held responsible for the deaths of 20 to 67 Million of his countrymen}{he is also a recognized poet & calligrapher}

{pol pot killed approximately 1/3 of his entire nation, more than the black death - bubonic plague - killed in europe - that would be like killing 101 Million united states citizens}

{11 million died in hitler's death camps}{hitler was an artist, vegetarian, and animal lover}

{stalin is responsible for the deaths of 20-43 million}{he sang in his university choir}

{etc etc etc}
critic What's a Black Afrian? 070905
jane bush is not my favorite person, i'll be the first to admit that - but hey, we live in a democracy, and we decided to elect him. twice. and it will be over january 19, 2009. i don't think he's inherently evil, i think he's a greedy ignorant moron. and i think state laws should supercede federal laws. because each state has it's own culture. if our founding fathers had any idea how expansive and populated the united states would be, they would probably have written it very differently . i dont even want to type about this anymore. bleh. 070905
fuffle An African, that has black skin. Why do you have to make me explain, yes there is a distiction between people that have more or less and sadly most people measure that by skin colour in Africa or should i shut my fucking mouth. an exception would be the people any person of any colour that gets into power and fucking keeps all the money to themselves.

I am a raciest against power people of any colour, power people that are selfish that is.
You can laugh all you want maybe because i don't know what that word even means maybe beacause i wouldn't understand even if you tried to explain it to me.
kuffsleeve Jane, you sound oh so Patriotic, do you wear it as a fashion accessory ?

To be quite honest i don't care who killed whom and how many, ONE is enough is it not ?

It could have been YOU. life is too precious to kill and fight and that is not me being all poetic, do you not value your own life or your brothers ?

If you think that simply ticking a box is something called democracy then i really wonder what school you went to.

Forgiveness goes a long way, yes it does if people do not repeat the same shit again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.... where does it stop i ask you ?
f i have already said that George Bush speaks back to front, maybe he doesn't know what he is saying ?
plus he is the crappest actor i have ever seen, go to acting class boy, it's not your fault they made you stand at the front. i prefer to be quiet too cos i'm at the bottom of the class. read me a storwy.

what ever happened 911 who else had to suffer for it ?
is it about oil money or is it about killing people or is it about encouraging a back fire ?

Nostrodamus seemed to be troubled by it that's for sure.

i don't want to go out drinking every night in Bali, life is not just about getting pissed up and shagging someone you don't know, excuse me i am trying to sleep you perverted weirdo.
You are not a meow, don't sell your soul for temporary pleasure. i'm going to the beach to build sand castles with mushrooms and transvestites!

and anyway my conspiracy theory is better than yours..

that was a terrible come up.
Strideo "Excuse me, but i do not and have never though that a racist is just being bitch against someones colour."

Well racism isn't based purely on color it's based on race or ethnicity. There are various ethnic groups that are the same color but it doesn't make them the same "race" necessarily.

The word racism has the word "race" as it's root. If you want to talk about other forms of discrimination then maybe you should just use the word discrimination or one of the other words I suggested above but don't expect people to take you seriously when you call other stupid or ignorant while you mangle and misuse the English language.

Don't get me wrong. I'm far from perfect but if someone points out my mistakes I try to learn from them rather than telling everyone that that's just how I do things.

I agree with Jane about the federal government having disproportionate power versus the state governments. Random thoughts on this: The state governments represent local control at a level closer to the citizens. If a state passes bad laws then I can move to another state. If the federal government passes bad laws I'd have to leave the country to escape. If a state wishes to allow it's citizens to use medical marijuana then the feds shouldn't be able to go in and override it for example. The federal government has just been growing and growing and I think the Bush administration certainly been a part of that problem.

Speaking of Bush, I don't have a seething hatred of him but I'm not a real fan either. I am rather sick of a lot of the more irrational attacks on him just for the sake of expressing hatred and advancing the other side's political cause using any means necessary. I mean there are plenty of people who are perfectly willing to lie if they think it'll make Bush look bad and that's simply sickening.

So what are some of my Bush criticisms?

He wanted to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Not only does this exhibit a prejudiced view against homosexuality but I don't believe there should EVER be a constitutional amendment telling the citizens of the U.S. what they can not do. To my knowledge there has never been an amendment to specifically restrict any citizen's freedom.

Bush is supposedly supported by a conservative base but he has never even tried to reduce the size of the federal government or lower spending. This is supposed to be a big tenant of conservatism but the mostly republican led senate and congress increased spending like mad. What a disappointment.

Bush's impotence on illegal immigration. Bush wanted to address the problem in one huge bloated "comprehensive" bill that would solve all the issues. There's no logical reason separate issues related to the subject couldn't be resolved one at a time.

The detainment of Jose Pedia without due process. I don't know who made the initial decision for this but as chief executive officer Bush should have put an end to it.

The McCain-Feingold-Cochran Campaign Reform Bill. Bush says he thinks it may be unconstitutional. Then he signs it into law! WTF?!

Ugh. Anyways . . .

Kung Fu Wow, thats all a bit over my head, i will have to study it.

Why is Bush so against immigration? he should be all for it especially if you can use hard working people as slaves !

Cheap labour, i don't agree with it simply because physical labour is regarded as the best job you could possibly have, according to communism that is.

The pleasure you get out of planting flowers, building cool shelters knocking down crap ones and buliding cool water features for drinking and showering in. Plus you don't have to worry about doing homework at the end of the day, you get your workout and work done at the same time and you might even get a cool sound system to help you enjoy the job even more.

Paperwork is for boring people stuck in an office deprived of Vitamin D.
Bea this is paper work maybe, it has to be done sometimes, but we don't have to cut down trees for it when we have something called technology.

why do i have to pay for a phone line rental when it is alraedy installed? why do i have to pay for a TV liecence when most people in TV production enjoy their jobs? why do i have to pay for a computer progam when it has already been designed ?

why ?

why is that man black ?
i don't know, ask your Silver cleaning lady that prefers to pinch your cheak and make you laugh !

chocolate face pack, see - i told you.
he's a rascal. and i'm a spoon.
what's it to you?
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