amy drops from my wet hair trickle down my back 980907
Rainer Don't miss the rainbow. 990419
amy i'm going to take my last shower of the millennium now! 991231
andrea open up to a new me
shower me with
all your beauty
place warmth on
my chilled skin
take away the
shadows that
haunt my
sleepless nights

copyright 2000
Q Come one, let's distinguish our adverbs from our nouns! Otherwise it will be the demise of romance. Surely you mean "the right person to shower with affectionately"? 000203
lotusflower a place to think. 000306
emily a place to sing 000605
wingedserpent i feel so dirty
on the inside
silvre cleanses everything inside and out. makes the tears seem frivolous in comparison. there's too much water around you for the tears to compete. so it ends those strong emotions. it cleanses. 000709
The Schleiffen Man my place to be calm and relaxed. no hurries in the shower (unless a suitemate just HAS to go pee)... no worries in the shower... can't remember if you washed your hair? wash it again! homework frazzled your brain? pens don't work in constantly running water! class? like that many people could fit in that tiny room! it's my escape.... 000709
Legion Nothing will ever make me clean again.

Sanitary maybe
Hygienic for sure

but the dirt has crossed from the physical to the metaphysical
and no amount of pop_psychology and no amout of hippy_crap or religion can scrape it off of the layers of my corrosive soul

because i've been there
and i've done that
Amy Wish I had a shower, instead of a stupid bathtub. Well, I can't complain too much at least I have somewhere to clean my koochie:) 000727
sarpedon The one excuse to be alone in your thoughts, in such a pleasant enviornment. Just you, only you, thinking about whatever means the most to you. Time may pass, but it is unimportant, for the mind is at peace with itself, and the world can't disturb it.

But then comes that sudden epiphany, that your skin is getting wrinkled and maybe fifteen minutes is too long for a shower. Back out into the cold world, looking forward to the next time.
the boy with the thorn in his side Mmm. I'm a kid again. 010307
Aimee The water rolls down my body, washing my anger and fear away with the soap, and for 15 minutes to an hour out of every day, I am at peace with who I am. But the moment that curtain is moved aside I'm confronted by the cold air and attitudes of the world, but in my shower, I am safe within my cloud of steam. 010307
sabbie something i wrote years ago:

i crouch in the shower
letting the hot water scald my skin
great red welts creep across my body
as the water gets hotter and hotter.
And even through the pain
it seems
like i am just a spectator
that this body is not mine
that this pain is happening to someone else.
i often experience this
i watch as if from a great distance
while my body slowly gets covered in scars
cuts, bruises, scratches
and stained forever.
It would sadden me, i think,
If i could get close enough to feel.
me i turn the h four times to the left
quickly add two turns of c
she steps in behind me noiselessly
soft fingers run down my back
i know it will be
a good shower
Toxic_Kisses Yea, you know that sounds like a good idea right now, I love taking showers w/ my cinnamon shampoo and coconut conditioner, I Love singing off key @ the top of my lungs to the Classic Rock station playing on the radio ("Feel Like Makin Love!") While I soap up and wash off under the showerhead.... not only that but I really Really Really can't wait to put on my new ruby silk nightshirt, mmmmmm silllllk... 011010
distorted tendencies I like taking showers with other people. 011010
the indulgent ascetic ...she clung to his neck and he pressed one hand against the wall and wrapped the other around her waist as her legs were around his

the shower window looked out on a lush green enclosure and the early afternoon sun shone in upon them

she bit his shoulder as she as the wave of pleasure overtook her, and as she bit him, she felt his muscles lock for a moment before relaxing and knew he had reached the same conclusion

clouds of steam swirled around them
Effingham Fish I get all my best ideas in the shower. So much so, that I often forget to actually shower when I'm in the shower. It doesn't work in other showers, though, like hotel showers, only my shower. Sometimes, someone asks me a difficult question, and I'll say, "Hmmm, I'll have to shower on that", and then they look at me funny. 011110
silly boy me time. 020327
clyde c'mon april 020328
blue star I'm going to miss showers... dorm showers are probably only half as good. 020713
interactive hashbrowns there was this one time, when I didn't shower for a whole 3 months and there were constantly suspicious characters crawling out of my hair. They would sometimes stop and say hello, and then crawl back into the putrid, sticky abiss they came from. Someday you should see the movie 'Storytellers.' It's good times. 030101
that girl over there with my eyes closed, and my head tilted back, i clear my mind and think of nothing but the warm water enveloping me and the sensation of it sliding down into every imaginable crevice on my body. i raise my hands to my hair, and run my fingers through the wet strands.

i slowly open my eyes, and see you standing there before me...the water gently spraying off of your bare skin. as my eyes slowly travel downward over your body, i reach behind me, grab the bar of soap, and place it into your open hand. You gently place the bar against my skin and begin to slide it over my body. the bar falls from your hand, and makes a resounding thud as it hits the shower floor. the blanket of bubbles that you have created over my skin does nothing to hide my physical attributes. in fact, it only proves to entice you further, as your hands begin to wander...stroking every bare inch.

meanwhile, i place one of my hands flat against your chest for a brief moment, before i begin to slide it downward. the tiny wet hairs on your abdomen tickle my palm, forcing me to smile. then i feel your body contract, as you react to the mere inches separating my hand and your hard...

ummmmm, you get the idea. ;) i really got into that...forgot where i was.
phil the sh hour 030207
ferret i sleep in the shower, sometimes think up good lyrics, then fall asleep and forget them, i get mad when i do that. 030207
screwing for virginity 15 mins in a cold shower = 3 hours of missed sleep 030208
minnesota_chris on a good day, I have two showers and a bath. Today was one of those days! 030308
megan showerime football!
explanation: our girls' swim team's favorite pastime after a hard grueling practice. much fun
love you girls :-)
WIDE reciever forever
endless desire the best shower i ever had
was when i showered with you.
and when you washed my hair.
i loved it when you washed my hair.
and it was funny to realize
that you had never had to wash long hair. . .
something i do everyday.
but you did your best
in washing my hair.
but it wasn't about the hair.
it was the thought.
and the fact that my hair had never been so happy
and neither had i.
and then your grandpa came home.
and i had to be very quiet.
and i was scared.
and i had to sneak out.
and it was very exciting
and it turned me on.
Flowers from Safeway It make my hair tingle just hearing about it! 030605
endless desire my hair's still tingling! :) 030605
Rowbes Thank you for the inspiration. I tried the shampoo thing yesterday.

Wow. Let me tell you. Wow. It was just as you described. (without grandpa)

I thank you and she thanks you.

was here.
endless desire oh wonderful!
((yes i suppose the grandpa would not be in the picture in your case))
i am glad others are beginning to EnJoy the Joy of showers
and Hair Washing. . .
it certainly brings me Joy.
continue on!
there is a whole world out their of conditioners and soaps waiting to be used!
Flowers from Safeway Fresh and clean!
Didn't want to get out.
Felt so good
singing "paper doll"
at the top of my lungs
in the rising steam.
endless desire it happened. . .
opens. . .
HighYield after a shower and a cup of coffee, i'm all set for a productive day at the firm. strange, but i make money from making money... 030823
dani warm indoor rain 031201
pezlets im hot wet and naked in the shower 031203
devalis isn't everyone? 031203
Death of a Rose not if its a cold shower.

.doing some stalking of you now devalis.
... mindshower 040418
Syrope i lose myself. most days i couldn't tell you if i conditioned my hair or not, or even if i rinsed out all the shampoo. or remembered to use shampoo. tonight is bubblebath time. i always remember the baths 040919
lifay cold 040920
apocalynx there is nothing better in the world than a nice long hot shower and a fresh towel in a clean bathroom.

today, there was no hot water. i had a short cold shower with a slightly used towel in a crappy malfunctioning apartment bathroom.

one of these days i am going to have a house with this huge bathroom. walk-in shower with six showerheads, white marble interior, silver and chrome fixtures, and an endless supply of clean fluffy towels. and i will clean it every week, furreal. man, that'd be pretty sweet.
silentbob Sometimes, in the shower, I think of the first night I kissed you on that beach in the dark and the way that it felt to press against you and put my hands up your skirt. 130210
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