Syrope dorm showers just can't do it for me. the hot water doesn't usually run out here, but i always feel rushed. before i come back, i'm going to buy the most ridiculously yummy smelling bubblebath gel i can find, and soak until the skin of my fingers hurts. 021212
girl_jane We have a bathtub in each of the bathrooms here actually... However, nobody trusts them enough to actually sit in them.

They're all nasty and rusty and gross and disgusting looking...I wouldn't be able to relax in one of those.

So, I wait until Thanksgiving break.

*le sigh*
pipedream ahh...*gets a glazed look in her eyes*

i don't have a bathtub :P
Syrope aw, sorry to hear that

i have a bathtub now *grins*

i still need bath toys though...
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