tarin divine sage


naturally a goddess
she bring out the lover-of-goddess in me

i dream of many lives
and live in many dreams
she is with me in all of them


she's the nurturing one, the quiet one, the one with a subtle smile that is both weary and refreshed, she is the everything you could want out of existence perfectly reflected in the essence of green life light love

it overwhelms everything without muting it out, i can hear my entire emotional spectrum shimmering within it.

she is the feeling you get when you're finally home from a journey so long that you'd lost sight of where it is you were going and what it is you were doing and you had gotten so lost that all that you knew of home was through fleeting glimpses of fragmented memories that came to you in dreams and moments of deja vu, hinting at that something that you could never quite put your finger on, but it was always there in the back of your mind, just out of reach, and almost, but not completely, forgotten.

she is what its like to finally be home and realize that you've been there all along, that thats where your heart is was and has always been.
amorfus I was wearing my ska maria pastora t-shirt at a party, and someone recognized it. "That drug is going to change the way everyone thinks about reality", and I never saw him again.

rushing on some weird inner plane, and twisting to the left. And then?
tarin im wearing that shirt right now..

but what was that that was rushing?

first encounter was high desert with an archetypal friend and thinking that i'd messed up by coughing too quickly i reached for it again, but what i reached for was a something else and i was a someone else and my archetypal friend wore the same grin, with another mouth.

but also, i reached for it and it the same it, and i was the same i, and my archetypal friend was the same guy.

like two different illusions that had the same reality, superimposed, between each other.
amorfus High Weirdness on the psychic seas. I've grown her for a few months now, maybe I can start getting to know her?

She once made all the furniture in the kitchen shift around, and everyone gave me this odd stare...

In sync with ganja. I could *see* thick hazy blue energy lines connecting the three salvia plants in different corners of my room. There are things going on here that I cannot even begin to comprehend.

"an infinite plane sort of tilted down, and I was rushing at incredibly high speeds with things flying by me. This music was playing..."

"okay, my turn to smoke. Wow, this hurts a lot. My body is screaming at me to stop, should I listen?"
"No, keep smoking!"

Sort of an implicit ferris wheel ride in the mind's eye. Geometry collapsing in on itself and folding...

A thousand voices talking all at once, and suddenly silenced. Something approaching quickly from the forest, much fear and anxiety.

An encounter on the hill, still in the outer realms outside the castle gates, but conscious of what may lie inside. A glimpse of the Presence. Two stray raccoons sent to snap me out of reverie.

mary the sheperdess, the virgin, the moon. Goddess.

And lastly, riding the robitussin-ganja carrier wave. It made me a religious man. Since when is salvia *visual*? I always delegated that honor to the mushrooms, the Sun, jesus, los_hijos..

"Remember: more bitter, more better!"
amorfus Sitting in a car, looking at the moon. I couldn't stop myself. "Who are you???!? I've seen you before!!!" The other person in the car looked at me. "Did I say something? Whoa..."

Got out of the car. The top of my head split open and this lucidity just flowed right in, poured from some unseen celestial source. Ran around on the front lawn. *WOw*

And my friend: "My arms are falling off. I better take my shirt off to make sure they're still there."
maruku "My advice is to make friends with the plant. If you want to socialize, consider smoking cannabis; if you want to get high, try nitrous oxide or smoking DMT. Only if you are ready to walk with an ally should you attempt the Path of Leaves or cross the Bridge of Smoke. Just don't blame me if the green beings recruityou, and you become a plant disguised with legs instead of a person." 001231
burden I've never done the stuff. I bought a live plant today. It's shipping soon. Oh, the future, the future! Legality's a beautiful thing... I'm going to keep the sucker in my dorm room, for chrissakes. $31.30; well-spent? We'll see.

My odyssey continues.
Reverend Lough Prying open my third eye. 021223
blather bitch hahaha, oh dear...
assuming you're talking about salvia divinorum... you got royally ripped off for $31!
User24 well, burden?

worth it?
unhinged they smoked too much of it. he was in a strange place which didn't help. he said all he could see of the others were their heads and limbs; their bodies just disappeared.

he liked to do shrooms and acid; a lot. he went to the north shore and smoked some salvia on the beach. he said it was like falling down a black hole; like he lived his entire life in five minutes. all these memories flashed before his eyes. his sense of time became completely distorted. it was the most intense trip of his life and he had tripped many many many times before. he told me i should never try it. he knew me better than anyone, so i believed him.

he did some research after his run_in with it and found out they were really close to overdosing. but, he did some more research and found a website that sold the plants. he bought some salvia and wormwood. he kept trying to convince me to do it with him. when he planted it, he planted it in a windowbox five times too big for the plant and didn't break up the rootball at all. his attic apartment didn't get much sunlight and he kept forgetting to water it. he wasn't too sad that he killed it. i could tell his near_overdose experience had scared him off even though in the same breath he kept convincing me to try it. i had been forewarned by someone who knew me much better; and besides the general rule of hallucinogens is to do them with people you trust and i had lost all trust in him awhile before. i was afraid it would just be another way for him to get me to say things i didn't want to say.

the poor plant withered and turned from yellow to brown to dry to dust. he abandoned it when he moved out.
0_0_0_0 and to think I'm the first to bring it up here... 060605
crateeeeeeeer salvia_overdose? 060605
Roaul Duke it made gravity change directions once and i flew into the refrigerator, i jumped up laughing my ass off. 060605
... oh yes, my children, you shall live on after dying... 071110
wawa wha 081008
wawa be afraid be very very afraid

it will erase you
erase you
extract you
reset you
shove you back in different

it will shatter you
it will take you out and leave you
it is the eraser
say goodnight and say goodbye
you wont be back where you came in
it will take you to the replication

you will see reality as a flat cartoon
when you return you wont ever really be back

dis associative
de personalizer

makes ketamine look like a party drug

just fine for people living in huts and wearing grass skirts 1000 years ago
in Oaxaca

but thats a long way from New Jersey

or Western and Pulaski
and it's gonna be a log way to Tipperary

and to find your own butthole

if you smoke that awful shit

Be Afraid be very afraid
unhinged we bought some of one of the weaker concentrations before it was illegal and sat at the bar in the basement. i only got sucked down the hole once (maybe because i refused to take the first hit), but i watched him trip. i saw him run into the wall suddenly and his hands went up next to his face, flat, palms up.

'i'm a counter. you can put stuff on me.'

i lost it. sputtering at first, then all out laughing, my head on the bar, staring at my feet dangling from the stool.

literally two minutes later, he came back to my dimension 'what just happened?'
twig This will likely reveal absolutely nothing to you, or, in any sense practical in a typical life, nothing to anyone.Clinically speaking, and more to the oint, further scholasticism on your part will reveal Salvinorum A's unique affinity with Dynorphin, a molecular configuration precursive in acute schizoid cases.
These researches suggests that Salvinorum A is much more then a 'mere' pschotomimetis hallucinogen like the trytomines and synthetic psychoactives, It suggest it actually causes acute shizophrenia during active phase, to say nothing of it's tardive

But again, what will this mean in terms of your usage, If you are with a group of friends merrily driving to Taco Bell when one of them produces a delightfully colored bubbler?
ling twimp 081104
ergo I was dissolved into the roiling
ocean of existence. I disappeared.
Nothing... nothing like that, has ever happened. I may now know what it is like to die.
unhinged we still talk about it, the night he turned into a counter in the basement on s kansas. it was supposedly illegalized here, but he said you can still get it in the same place near my old house.

there is something about hallucinogens that has always scared me. i spend enough time in alternate dimensions without them.
jane on the nature walk through the herb farm in costa rica, she invited us to each take a leaf and feel free to eat it when we had some time to ourselves, to help guide us all on our journey as women.

unable to find the proper moment, mine shriveled up dry and unloved. now i feel i missed out on desired guidance and insight...
unhinged salvia never guided me on a journey, it just sucked me into a black hole. and i only ever mildly tripped from it. maybe it's different when you eat the leaves. not as mind blowing. 090505
j so i was told. they sold the 20x stuff in the head shop in san pedro, but eating the leaves is far different than smoking the 20x. 090505
. melatonin brings you there 100821
tail-devouring snake full circle 141011
unhinged . 141012
unhinged his band came back to seattle right after the first recreational pot store opened. they were all excited about legal pot.

he looked around and said 'does anyone know where i can get some salvia?'

we talked about the night we all smoked salvia together.

i miss that basement on s kansas
unhinged (i would love to try it now. i think i might love where it would take me) 141012
flowerock Some times it is intense and informational, other times you just wait I'm th e cosmic lunch line for a few eternity rs and are bored out of your Mind, literally. 141012
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